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Monday, September 1, 2003
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August 17, 2003 06:43 pm ET - research by amer
So long and thanks for all the cheese..
Hello Everyone..

This is likely one of the last posts that will be on LC/L2C. Running this fansite has had fun moments but at some point (long ago) turned from a project for fun to a daily chore lasting into the late hours of the night just doing daily maintenance. The Lineage world just changes too fast for me to keep up with! I foolishly let this site consume my life - I don't do anything fun any more and I've neglected my friends and family, which are the most important things to me. So, I have to go rescue myself.

The bills are paid until the end of the month and I've told my ISP to disconnect service per their policy. (By the way, this has NOTHING to do with money). To everyone who has sent me emails that I have not responded to, I just want to say that I've read them all and I seriously have emails from May 2002 that I was "going to get to". 499 sitting in my inbox that I hoped to one day reply to. My plan is to remove the database and site from the Internet on August 31, so if there is anything you see that you like, you better save it to your HD now :)

Maybe one day in the future, I'll see you all in Aden. Good luck everyone, please support the other fansites (it's alot of thankless work and some of you guys are complete assholes ;) and please remember to enjoy games, not live them. :)

For the curious, I posted the to-do list I was once working on (for LC). Hopefully one or more sites will now take all these ideas and implement them ^^

LC Wish List

I'd also like to thank amateras for translating for LC every single day for I don't even know how long, BigPope for all the ideas and information he has brought to us and all the reporters - you guys really did an awesome job and I was honored to post your articles on the site ^^

August 14, 2003 06:06 pm ET - research by Lineage - US
NPC Server Reset 8/15
All US Lineage NPC servers will be reset at 10:00 AM CDT on Friday, August 15th to increase drop probabilities for the Beat the Heat event. Players will not have to log out of the game for this reset, but are cautioned to kennel their dogs and dismiss all tames and summons prior to this time. Additionally, the drop portion of the Beat the Heat event will be extended to end on Wednesday, August 27th; the polymorph portion of the event will still end with the regular weekly maintenance period on Wednesday, August 20th.

August 14, 2003 03:19 pm ET - research by Lineage - US
Combat Craft of the Dark Elf
Shhh… listen now; if you’re to survive as a Dark Elf, you must learn your weapon craft well. The Dark Elf is a master of assassination, with a basic dexterity and magical powers similar to Elves, and attack strength greater than many Knights. However, the Dark Elf defensive capabilities are only somewhat higher than a Mage, and they are incapable of wielding many commonly-known two-handed weapons, instead specializing mainly in an arsenal known only to their own kind.

  • Edoryu. A set of swords used with both hands. The nimble Dark Elf who wields the edoryu can execute lightning-quick attacks with the double-blades and has a chance to inflict a critical attack on their target.
  • Throwing Knife. A small and deadly dagger used with a special gauntlet for throwing. The dexterous Dark Elf who wields these knives does so at a closer range than their bow-wielding brethren.
  • Claw. A set of hooked gloves used with both hands. The skilled Dark Elf who wields these claws has a chance to inflict a critical attack on their target.

Both Elves and Dark Elves share the bow-crafting lore and often use crossbows when other weapons are unavailable. Dark Elves are more adept at the bow-skill than Knights, but are slower than the Elves of Einhasad.

Go now, in stealth and silence, young one; use this knowledge to prepare yourself, for perilous times are at hand for the Dark Elves.

Episode 1: Light and Shadow ushers in a new era of Lineage. The first of six new episodes covering the time of Dark Conquest introduces many new weapons and items, including a unique dual-weapon system for the Dark Elves.


August 14, 2003 03:17 pm ET - research by Lineage - US
Player Story Winner
The latest winner of the Player Story Submissions has been chosen – CobraCmmndr’s submission of “The Death Below”. Well done, CobraCmmndr!

You can read CobraCmmndr’s winning submission here.

Thank you to everyone who has submitted a player story! If you have submitted a story in the past, it will be automatically included in the entries when we select our next player story.


August 13, 2003 01:23 am ET - research by Briel
STR 36 damage bonus
Lineage: The Fact ( recently posted an article about a mage who seems to have "broken" Lineage.

As many people already know, for each additional point in STR you can add, you get a damage bonus. (See STR explanation for a refresher).

A STR mage on the Taiwanese servers recently hit level 55. He has added all his points to STR, giving him a base of 25 (the maximum base). Throw in his Power Gloves (+2 STR), Amulet of Strength (+1 STR), Staff of Force (+3 STR), STR spell (+5 STR) and you have a total of 36 STR. (If he had an Ancient Giant Ring, he would have 37 STR, the theoretical maximum possible).

However, it seems he has stumbled across somewhere that the original Lineage programs never expected. When he did his damage tests, he noticed this pattern:


That's right, at STR 36, there is no damage bonus! Looks like the NC devs didn't expect 36 STR. Hopefully this little quirk will be fixed soon. Until then, I'm sure that he won't be equipping his STR amulet. :)


August 13, 2003 01:15 am ET - research by Dlirk
FieldsofLove Becomes 4th Royal On Dep To Make 50, First Prince

Wow, sometimes we think something will never happen. When it's just too hard. Those times call for great determination and a boatload of hope to go on. However my friends, sometimes dreams do come true, and on August 3, 2003 it did for one lucky prince by the name of FieldsOfLove. With 650+ hp and a host of +6-9 items FieldsOfLove is the first level 50 prince on the Depardieu server.

FieldsOfLove, or Fields as we call him is from Katy, Texas and has been 49 for almost a year. Hell I remember when me and him were both racing to 50. We at Lineage Compendium (maybe just me) would like to shower you with embarressment.

So don't blush, and get ready, you got another two years to Death Knight. Good luck, and remember, you too can level up, even if it takes you a year with 20+ deaths. Good luck Fields!


August 12, 2003 05:45 pm ET - research by Lineage - US
Server Publish 8/13
The US Lineage servers will be brought down for a brief maintenance and publish on Wednesday, August 13th at 10:00 AM CDT. The content of this publish will include the following:

All servers:

  • Join us for Beat the Heat Week! All players will have access to the additional polymorph options of Demon, Death Knight, Succubus, Baphomet, Beleth, Minotaur, Black Knight, Yeti, and Dark Elf and monsters throughout the entirety of Aden will have a greater chance to carry adena and loot in their pockets, just waiting for the skilled adventurer to claim! The event will end with the regular weekly maintenance period on Wednesday, August 20th.
  • Village tax has been modified.
  • The spell “Curse: Poison” has been modified; “Curse: Poison” will now cause damage to players based on a defined amount.
  • The spell “Nature’s Touch” will now perform a range check and only work within range of the spell target.
  • The spell “Weapon Break” will now affect bow-type weapons.

Lands of Aden server:

  • All classes will now be ejected from Turtle Island to Talking Island.

Additionally, the Knowledge Base and Support section of the Lineage website will be undergoing maintenance during this time and may be unavailable for a brief period of time; customers will still be able to contact the Support Team via e-mail to during the maintenance period.


August 12, 2003 02:33 pm ET - research by Lineage - US
Exodus: A New Home
Among the Dark Elves, there was one wise and 'progressive' thinker. This lone Dark Elf urged his people to rid themselves of their hate and opposition to the creatures and races of the world. He proposed embracing radical change and taking the first steps towards a new, peaceful history. Not everyone accepted these ideas and the Elder Dark Elves decreed his words to be the mark of heresy. They banished the wise and outspoken Dark Elf.

Those who followed this Dark Elf in his exile left their hometown and, after fighting through unknown terrain and dangerous beasts, ended up in a remote land, far on the other side of the continent.

Episode 1: Light and Shadow ushers in a new era of Lineage. The first of six new episodes covering the time of Dark Conquest introduces a new land for the exiled Dark Elves.


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Quick News
08-22-03 12:25 [13 comments]
Kyoshiro, knight on Ken, has reached level 50! Congrats WaterElf, our wonderful LC Reporter! I'm Sorry but this will be the last post to the hof on LC. Maybe it will pop up somewhere else.
08-22-03 12:23 [11 comments]
SaphireBlue, elf on Ken, has reached level 50! Congrats!
08-15-03 00:54 [7 comments]
ZEOUS, ASSA knight on Dep, reached level 52 on 8/7! Congrats!
08-15-03 00:52 [3 comments]
ZTeruZ, Delta knight on Ken, reached level 51 on 8/6! Congrats!
08-15-03 00:51 [15 comments]
SexGodess, CON 18/STR 18 LEGEND knight on Ken, reached level 52 on 8/5 and can hurt you with a +9 Katana! Congrats!
08-15-03 00:47 [10 comments]
Slatter, a +9 b-kat wieldin' VFW CON elf on Dep, reached level 50 on 8/5! Congrats!
08-15-03 00:44 [7 comments]
Rakhasa, Dragons0fMight elf on LoA, reached level 51 on 8/4! Congrats!
08-15-03 00:43 [7 comments]
CainnaTwo, ElvenBloodOrder elf on Ken, reached level 50 on 8/3! Congrats!
08-15-03 00:42 [7 comments]
Aristegui, BeyondThePale knight on Ken, reached level 50 on 8/3! Congrats!
08-15-03 00:42 [7 comments]
VoLTaGE, Peace knight on LoA, reached level 50 on 8/3. This is his second level 50 character, first was VoLT of Dep. Congrats!

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08-27-03 08:28 [7 comments]
One More Thing o.0
08-18-03 00:13 [23 comments]
Game makers to shorten free service
08-17-03 15:43 [502 comments]
So long and thanks for all the cheese..
08-14-03 19:56 [7 comments]
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08-14-03 19:02 [3 comments]
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