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Monday, September 1, 2003
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   Aug 2002
August 30, 2002 11:27 pm ET - research by s1011112
Episode Zero #17
Episode Zero #17 - p.1 [JPG format]
Episode Zero #17 - p.2 [JPG format]
Episode Zero #17 - p.3 [JPG format]
Only JPG format.
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August 30, 2002 06:33 pm ET - research by Margarita, Vicodin, XaViEr
Death Match - continued
The first round of the death match on the US Test server occurred at about 5 PM ET today. (The results are in a post below). I talked to a few people who were there to get an idea of how it works so that we can all begin strategizing and planning pledge involvement.

You purchase a ticket for 1000 adena from the Coliseum Manager. Ticket sales cease at 5 minutes before the arena start time. After ticket sales have ceased, you can be teleported in. One note about the start time. You'll notice that the NPC says something like "the next round starts in 23:00". This is in your local time zone. I am in Eastern, and it told me the next round was at 23:00. Margarita was in Pacific and it told him the next round was at 20:00. So, don't be confused, don't second guess it like the siege times. It's in the time your computer is set to. (Thanks NC ^^)

Anyway, you get inside the arena and nothing is there. You wait until the time stated (on the hour) and the first "group" starts to arrive. Estimates were that around 30 monsters spawn every 10-20 seconds for 4 minutes. The first group is the easiest monsters. These monsters will stay in the arena until they are killed. After the 4 minutes are up (and note, in the screenshot, the Colosseum Manager give you minute-by-minute time information), a bunch of random drops appear. There is then a 1 minute break where you can finish off as many monsters as possible and collect drops.

Then, group 2 starts arriving. They also come every 10-20 seconds, they are harder. The old ones are still there if they lived (normally there is no way to finish them all off). After 4 minutes, better drops fall. Then a one minute pause to collect yourself (and the drops). Then, same thing for group 3 and 4. Group 4 is the hardest group and you get a 3 minute pause to try to prepare yourself. It has ended with 2 Baphomets and 2 Beleths in one case. In other case, the last monster was Demon.

At the end of the 4 minutes of group 4, all monsters and drops disappear immediately. If you are still alive, you are scored (Melantus is going to get back to us on what the score is) and ranked accordingly. I'm going to assume that the top 10 is top 10 of all time (not cumulative), so if you can get your name up there, it stays there until someone beats you ;)

Currently, the monsters don't drop anything. They only give you experience. This may be a bug, as the arena is still in testing. We'll see. I think this will be very fun - both to participate and to watch.

The next one is set to 11PM Eastern today. If you want to get a look at this, make yourself a test server account, scrounge up 100 adena (don't beg - just pick up stuff off the floor and sell it, most people on test can't be bothered to sell a pair of low boots to the store, so they drop it) and go to the arena and buy yourself a viewing ticket from the Assistant Manager of the Colosseum (to the left of the Manager/Ticket Booth) and check it out - 11PM ET today. (That's 10PM on the top clock on the left)

Credit for the screenshot goes to Ruben - thanks!

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August 30, 2002 04:23 pm ET - research by amer
Deathmatch Scoring!
Looks like US Test server now has scoring activated on the Death Match. My guess is that the score refers to experience gained during the match, but hopefully NC will clarify what the rules/scoring is.

Mmmm Competition.

Looks alot like Cray's test except (1) anyone can enter (no rare item requirement) and (2) no prize.

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August 30, 2002 03:28 pm ET - research by Heart
Ogre Belt found on US Test server
Looks like Ogre Belt is now available on the US Test server.

Tus found the Ogre belt from an Ogre. It reduces your encumberance (more commonly known as your weight bar) by 20%. There is no speed penalty, etc.

As far as I know, Titan Belt and Troll Belt are not found yet, but we'll see what happens. ;)

[update]: Heart emailed me to give some more information on the belt. She loaded herself up to 100% and then used the belt. It lowered her to 68%! That's a significant reduction! Based on her CON/STR, her max carrying capacity is 2100. With the belt, if 68% is 2100 that means 100% is around 3100. In other words, the ogre belt is actually expanding her capacity +50%

We don't know if the weight increase is constant (+1000 units) or relative (+50% of your max), more info will be posted here as it is discovered.

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August 30, 2002 12:26 pm ET - research by amer
Bookmark Colors
Not really news here (since it's not new), but I was talking to someone who said it was impossible to use colors in your bookmarks. Well that's incorrect, and I thought I'd post up a quick note just in case people don't know how. The problem is that the colors are different codes.

You can mix colors too.

/bookmark \fRMulti\fScolor!!

On a related note, if you use those letters to title yourself/pledge members, it also shows up in the /who:

But it only works for the letters above. I'll put a guide up on this later. :)

[update]: For more tips like this check out Lineage: The Player's Guide -- - seems like recamelf suggested this tip three days ago! A strange coincidence.

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August 30, 2002 10:57 am ET - research by NCSoft
NCSoft purchases rights to Shining Lore
A while ago, I stumbled across an interesting banner ad on Lineage Playforum for a new MMORPG called Shining Lore which was beginning an Open Beta service. It looked kind of cool (it's 3D like Zelda 64 and cutesy like Ragnarok) I signed up and got accepted, but they haven't started the English Open Beta yet.

Anyway, today NCSoft announced that it purchased the rights to publish Shining Lore and collect royalties upon commercialization for 2.5 billion Won. I think they're following me. ;)

Check it out:

Shining Lore - English

(Image from

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August 29, 2002 11:49 pm ET - research by amer
DREAMWORKS reaches 52 and has a fun toy..
This week, DREAMWORKS reached level 52 (again, after a delevel). He's the 14th Dep player to reach level 52. He had some pretty amazing items if you recall from our last visit with him:

However, hold on to your hat.

+5 is expected from Dragon Scale Mail. +6 is risky! But +7?!

Now here's the most interesting part. DREAMWORKS made this item by using a b-zel at +3 to get it to +5. He then used *another bzel* and it went from +5 to +7. What is curious about this is that Melantus told us that bzel does not give you +2 when you use it past safe. DREAMWORKS pointed out that he has noticed that bdai doesn't give you +2 past safe, but for some reason bzel does work.

Hopefully we can get a response from NC on what is going on here. :)

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August 29, 2002 10:55 pm ET - research by NC - Austin
The Latest Lineage Story: Morph Day (When Death Knights or Dark Elves roamed the lands)

We are calling forth to all citizens of Lineage, to share their stories of adventure and travel throughout Aden! Once per week, we will post a topic for the stories. Players will be able to submit stories focused on this topic and based upon their in-game adventures. One story will be selected from the weeks submissions, and posted on our web site.

Only stories based on the general topic will be posted for that week.

The topic will be posted into the News section. Submissions for the stories should be sent via our new Support tool. Visit our Support tool at This location and click on Ask a Question. Entering your story here in the text box (or by attaching the text file), be sure to select Screenshots and Player Stories in the Department window.

Please be sure to include your real name and a character name and server to which the story may be credited. All submissions become the property of NCsoft and may be used for advertising or promotional purposes. NOTE: Please include a screenshot to go along with the story. The screenshot should relate to the story in some manner, or can be a picture of your main Lineage character.

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August 29, 2002 03:29 pm ET - research by EdgyAsHell
Startsnow hits 52
When did we go from everyone on Dep hitting 50 to everyone on Dep hitting 52? Times sure have changed.

Startsnow, who you may remember from earlier this year when he was the first US player to make a +9 blessed Tsurugi (, has reached 52. (He snuck by us on 50 and 51, but finally confessed).

Amazingly, he's the 13th 52+ character in the US (all are on Dep).

Congratulations Startsnow!

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August 29, 2002 02:05 pm ET - research by Clash, Altarth, guttermouth, Margarita
08/29 - Test Server observations
  • Looks like Red Knight's Hood can be obtained, however, the Turtle Dragons in Heine 4f are the ones you seek. (The NPC erroneously directs you to the land Turtle Dragons when you need to find the sea Turtle Dragons). On test server, I killed 4 Turtle Dragons. The first 2 gave me nothing of interest, the next gave me 2 skins and the last one gave me one skin. The Red Knight's Hood can be safely enchanted to +6, making it equivalent to the +5 Knight Visor, but only half the weight.
  • Orange potions now cost 200 adena (up from 125). Mayer, the Giran NPC just north of the dwarves, has started selling clears too. There may be other changes throughout Aden to the basic NPCs.
  • I may have missed when this went in (Test server peeps correct me), but the new Talking Island graphics and monsters are there. I got killed by a Lycanthrope when checking out if the Staff of Mana quest was *really* gone. T_T
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August 29, 2002 06:05 am ET - research by recamel
Facade hits 50!
Facade has reached level 50 on Ken server. Facade is a CON knight. He is the 12th Ken player to reach 50 and the 6th Ken knight to do so. Congratulations Facade!

Facade spends his time hunting Fire Valley and DV Beach with HERC, fellow level 50 player (#11 on Ken, interview coming soon I hope).

Facade says his AC is just normal (-58 is normal?) and his best item is a +7 Tsurugi which he uses to inflict some serious pain. He has 662 HP (uses Belt of Body) and 54 MP.

Shout outs to:

Congratulations Facade and good luck on the way to 51!

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August 29, 2002 04:58 am ET - research by Rhayde
September #lineage House of Commons
The next #lineage House of Commons chat on is tenatively scheduled for September 4th at 5PM CST. Stay tuned for more info!
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August 29, 2002 03:49 am ET - research by amer
Fan Contributions
I added a new section - lots of people have been sending me stories, art, articles and such and I have nowhere to put them. This is one of two new user contribution sections that I've been planning for LC. Check it out:

Fan Contributions

I even added the familiar LC comments section so you guys can give feedback to our budding artists and writers. I'll be adding stuff all week to this section.

The other user section I'm adding is for the newly selected reporters. I haven't responded to any of the applications yet (haven't had a chance to yet :( but I will soon. Let's set a deadline of September 1 for all reporter applications and I'll make my decisions by September 8. :)

And yes, all the old sections from LC will be migrated over. I've made a copy of the site on my local drive, so I won't forget anything, don't worry.

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August 29, 2002 02:31 am ET - research by amer
US Test Server
I went around exploring the US Test server and it seems that there are some unpublished updates and a few test server bugs.
  1. First of all, all of the new quests are up. In addition, all of the old quests are *gone*. No Silver Knight's Shield, no Red Knight's Cloak, no Red Knight's Sword, no Elven Short Sword of Magic Power, no Elven Short Sword of Constitution, no Elven Bow of Dexterity. Particularly noticable is the lack of the Staff of Mana quest. It's just flat out gone. I asked around - to see if it has become a drop instead of a quest, but no one has received it as a drop. My hope is that it has gone the way of the Staff of Force - a rare drop from a weak monster (making it a total pain to hunt), but who knows. I just cannot fathom why NC would make it disappear - so it's gotta be a drop. *crosses fingers*
  2. The Knight quest has an issue. You can get the "Knight's Hood" - a -1 AC helm - easily. Just kill a Black Knight to get the appropriate item. However, step 2 (to get the -2 AC item), you need to get an Old Trade Document (which I got when killing the first Black Knight) *and* a Turtle Dragon Skin. This Turtle Dragon Skin currently does not drop at all.
  3. BigPope tried to use n-zel on the Knight's Hood. You can't at all. It's stuck at +0. He tried to drop it. You can't do that either - it's like the Valley/Island Certification. DECOONE tried to use n-zel on the Cursed Scroll (the AC -1 shield from the Mage Quest). That is stuck on +0 too. (Nice replacement from Staff of Mana -.- If any level 15 player doesn't have a -1 AC shield then there's something very wrong with them.) If anyone tried to drop/zel the other new quest items, please send us an email ;) D
  4. Equal reported that the skeleton polymorphs are broken. When you try to morph into a skeleton, it says it is not allowed.
  5. Margarita reported that there is a new Black Knight pack of 2 "Black Knight Scout". I couldn't find them though, they must be more rare than the regular Black Knights.
  6. Radiation reports that Randal, an NPC which sells potions in Giran, can be moved around using a wand of blink.
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August 29, 2002 01:19 am ET - research by s1011112
Episode Zero #16
Episode Zero #16 - p.1 [JPG format]
Episode Zero #16 - p.2 [JPG format]
Episode Zero #16 - p.3 [JPG format]
Only JPG formation again.
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August 28, 2002 05:59 pm ET - research by amer
Arena First Look
When the first death match started, there was Valakas, a ton of monsters and drops in the arena. (Noone was allowed in, we just got to see). Valakas was killing everyone and he has learned a new spell, Firewall, which he was casting in many directions.

After some fun, they cleared the entire arena and began what I'll assume is how the death match will work. Remember, this is all assumption based on what we saw on US Test server (and some info from how it works on Korean Test server).

Basically, everyone gets in the arena and waves of monsters come one-at-a-time. For example, the first wave was giant ants. Approximately 20 giant ants appeared randomly throughout the arena. Presumably it is our job to slaughter the ants. Soon after, the second wave started: this time orc wizards.

The number of monsters per wave was between 10-20 (seemingly based on the strength of the monsters). I tried to get the sequence of spawns. It may have some order errors, but we won't have the official Lineage Compendium sequence until it comes to Live servers anyway. View this as a tenative preview:

Round 1: (remember, a group of 10 monsters spawned at a time, so it would be like 20 giant ants -- some time passes - 20 orc wizards -- some time passes, etc.)
giant ant, orc wizard, vakuuk, golem, skeleton archer, skeleton axeman, skeleton soldier, arachnevil, spartoi, rova orc, lizardman, crabman, lycanthrope, giant soldier ant, ratman, elder, bugbear, undead elmore soldier, undead elmore mage, undead elmore general, cerberus, scorpion, drops (whetstones, 3k adena, cyan potions, 3 clears, oranges, blank scrolls)

Note that at the end of what I am calling "a round", the arena just randomly distributed piles of drops to the arena. For example, one pile may be 3000 adena, another may be 5 cyans, another pile may be 3000 more adena.

Then, once all the monsters were killed, Round 2 began:

Round 2:
black knight, kurtz, bomb flower, skeleton fighter, snow tiger, ogre, troll, dark elf, fire warrior, king bugbear, muryans, yeti, living armor, salamander, drops (5k adena, cyan potions, 5 clears, oranges, blank scrolls)

And finally, if you're still alive:

Round 3:
ghast lord, dark elder, astagio, ettin, lava golem, iron golem, succubus, taurverus, cyclops, drops (whetstones, 10k adena, cyan potions, 10 clears, 20 oranges, blank scrolls)

Screenshots coming soon! and more details as we learn em. ;)

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August 28, 2002 05:48 pm ET - research by Melantus
Arena Bugs.
The Arena changes are now on Test Server, but there appears to be a few problems with the time it starts, as opposed to the time the ticket NPC says.

More then likely, the monsters will spawn at a different time then the Ticket NPC says, and he most likely will not let you in at the proper time.

We know about this, and are working on it. It's a test, after all, and we are working on getting it functional. We will not publish this to the other servers until players have had a chance to test it properly, with the ticket and Arena times working as they should.

Please be patient here on this. It wont be long before the Arena tickets and times are all working correctly. The Test Server might be taken offline for a moment today/tomorrow as we work on this. Be prepared to get disconnected a couple of times.


There is a small problem we are working on with the times the Arena starts. Right now the text will say it starts at 5. It actually starts at 4, so if you buy a ticket for 5 then be there early before 4. We are working on this.

Community Coordinator - Lineage
NCInteractive - Austin
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August 28, 2002 03:17 pm ET - research by NC - Austin
08/28 - US Test Server publishes
The following will be published to the US Test Server on August 28 (at 2:45pm CT):
  • Fixed issues with the Bless of Elm, Helm of Dexterity and Helm of Constitution incorrectly displaying AC.
  • Fixed an issue with the Helm of Magic (STR/DEX/HEAL) not showing its given spells when worn by a prince or princess.
  • Fixed an issue with teleportation from Hidden Valley to Talking Island.
  • Fixed a trade issue between players and some NPCs.
  • Fixed an issue with monster items dropping within walls.

Arena Deathmatch

  • Players will be able to use the Giran Arena for battles against Adens monsters. The monster spawn will be controlled by the arena, and could increase in difficulty as time passes. There is a level 40 minimum for characters to participate and monsters will be appropriate for this level.
  • Admission fee is 1,000 adena.
  • Players will be able to purchase an entry ticket up to 5 minutes before the session starts. Players will be teleported outside of the arena 5 minutes after the last monster has spawned. Player self-teleportation will NOT be disabled during this, so do not leave the arena unless necessary as you will be unable to return.
  • Twice per day, the arena will be ready. (Times to be adjusted during the testing process)
  • Spectator tickets will be sold to allow viewing the battles, for 100 adena.
  • Resurrection is prohibited inside of the Arena. Potion usage is allowed inside of the Arena.
  • Hit point and mana points will not regenerate inside of the arena. Healing and mana potions are allowed. Mana potions used in the arena will cause mana to be regenerated at a normal rate instead of at the increased rate found outside the arena.
  • Players may use summoned or tamed monsters inside of the Arena.
  • Player versus player combat is allowed inside of the Arena.
  • Players will lose experience if killed by a monster when inside of the arena. However they will not lose experience if killed by another player in the Arena. Players will gain experience and loot in the arena from the combating monsters.
  • Players can lose items upon death in the Arena.
  • The entire Arena area is set to a "combat zone"
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August 28, 2002 02:03 pm ET - research by amateras
Counter Magic
Some people may not be fully taking advantage of the new spells. (Maybe I'll make a weekly series on the spells). Lineage Playforum ( offers a tip on Counter Magic:

You may not realize that Counter Magic not only works for PvP, but it can also block the Cockatrize Gaze, the Ifrit ranged attack, Death Knight's Earthquake and even Fafurion and Antharas's magic attacks!

Yes, Counter Magic has been used to deflect the attacks of Dragons. For only 30 MP, 10 HP and 1 magic gem, you can counter the opening shot of the Dragon. Which is a great new way to approach the first wave of death during a dragon hunt.

(For those of you who have never hunted a dragon, the first thing you have to do is surround the dragon and keep it busy by sacrificing knights to it while your artillery fires away from a distance. However, getting enough knights near it in the first place is pretty hard since the dragons ranged attacks are their strongest)

Mages are now the first wave when fighting dragons, thanks to Counter Magic. Mages just cast it (each incantation of Counter Magic will absorb exactly one magic attack) then draw the dragons attacks. The dragon will hit you, but if it does, it will be for 0 HP.

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August 27, 2002 06:17 pm ET - research by s1011112
Episode Zero #15
Episode Zero #15 - p.1 [JPG format]
Episode Zero #15 - p.2 [JPG format]
Only Jpg format this time. We owe a special thanks to s1011112 for taking time out of his life to translate this comic for us, so we didnt have to wait 6 more days to see it. ^_^
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August 27, 2002 12:32 pm ET - research by NC - Austin
Patch Announcement
We will be deploying a single new file to the US Main Server at 11:30 AM Central US Time on Tuesday, August 27th. This update is to correct an issue with the Dark Elf polymorph option that kept level 52 players from being able to access that polymorph option.

This will be a patch server reset only, taking just a few moments. It should not affect any players in game

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August 26, 2002 11:47 pm ET - research by NCsoft
Episode Zero #14

Episode Zero #14 [PDF format]
Episode Zero #14 [JPG format]
(if you have problems seeing the PDF version, try the JPG version)

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August 26, 2002 11:49 am ET - research by NC - Austin
News Announcement
There is an issue with players using Mac OS 10.2 while in windowed mode. If you start in windowed mode, the keyboard may not respond and will not let you switch to full-screen mode.

The solution at this time is to delete the configuration file:

rm /Applications/

This will force the application to start up in full-screen mode.

Once the client starts in full-screen mode, you should be able to play normally and return to windowed mode if you desire. Our QA staff will continue to investigate this situation. Once a solution has been found we will announce it in this section of the website.

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August 26, 2002 12:35 am ET - research by Ik
Multiplayer Online Game History
Online World Timeline is a huge timeline full of information on the history of online gaming. Its full of weird tidbits like in 1985 GEnie launches at $6 an hour. The average player paid around $156 a month to play it. While some hardcore gamers paid $1000+ a month. And you guys whine about having to pay 15$.

The timeline starts in 1937 with the publising of The Hobbit. And ends with in 2002, who woulda thunk it, with Mythic getting sued by Blacksnow Interactive over Mythic damaging their business by preventing the sale of in-gmae items via online auction sites.

I only have had a quick glace at this so far but it looks like Nexon's Kingdom of the Wind was the frist Graphical MPORPG. Started in 1994 and launched in 1996. With 1 year later Diablo, UO and Lineage getting launched. It also says that Jake Song Frist started working on lineage in 1995, 2 years before he joined up with ncsoft and launched the game.

Anyways this site is one of the best timelines i have seen on Online gaming, and longest too. I recommend you take a glance at it if your bored.
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August 23, 2002 10:55 am ET - research by NC - Austin
Episode Zero #13

Episode Zero #13 [PDF format]
Episode Zero #13 - p.1 [JPG format]
Episode Zero #13 - p.2 [JPG format]
Episode Zero #13 - p.3 [JPG format]
(if you have problems seeing the PDF version, try the JPG version)

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August 23, 2002 10:51 am ET - research by NC - Austin
Server Reset
The US Lineage servers will be reset for a brief time at 10:00am Central US time on Friday August 23, and again at 10:00am central US time on Monday August 26. Players will be unable to connect to the US servers during this brief time.

And thus begins 72 hours of dark elf and demon morph for all.

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August 22, 2002 04:20 pm ET - research by OldMan
Can a MMOG Charge $25+ per month and survive?
Its Over Now Read the transcript: is doing a developer chat about how much can a mmog cost a month and still have enough people to play. Lineage's Melantus will be part of this chat. Thank you to Oldman for pointing this out.

Now for their announcement:

Its late so this will be quick. Today at 3 P.M. Pacific, we will be having a Dev Chat. The topic this week will be: Can a MMOG Charge $25+ per month and survive?

So far we have confirmed the following developers:

Mark Jacobs, Mythic Entertainment
Paul Philleo, Nexon
Dwight "Melantus" Spaulding, NC Soft
Scott Brown, NetDevil

If you would like to attend please fire up your IRC client and connect to Irc.Sorcery.Net then join OR you can click here for our java chat client.

See you there,
Unknown Player

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August 22, 2002 01:46 am ET - research by NCSoft - Austin
ISP Maintenance
The Exodus Internet Service Provider will be conducting maintenance on their network between 1:00 am and 3:00 am Central US time on Thursday, August 22. As a result, players on the North American Lineage servers may experience intermittent latency or brief disconnects during this time.
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August 21, 2002 03:49 pm ET - research by amer
Bandwidth Capital of the World
When I was on the plane back from Cancun two weeks ago, I was reading Wired magazine, and I turn the page and freaked out because *the entire page* was a screenshot of Lineage -- I hadn't seen Lineage for a whole 7 days - not even Compendium, and while not playing isn't so big a deal, no playing and no Compendium is.

Anyway, it was this great (and long) article about Korea, why Lineage works so well there and why Americans just are not warming up to it as quickly (my take: our broadband technology sucks and Koreans use gaming as a social occasion, whereas we don't)

Check out the article:

The Bandwidth Capital of the World

You should buy the August 2002 issue of Wired. *Huge* picture. Very cool.

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August 21, 2002 03:44 pm ET - research by NCSoft
Korea's National Pastime
Lineage was the topic of a sidebar in the August 2002 issue of Business 2.0 magazine. Have a read:

Korea's National Pastime

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August 21, 2002 03:22 pm ET - research by NC - Austin
Fire in the Sky, Shadows in the Trees
And you thought the fun was over!

Looks like Elindare and Paagrio are jealous of Gran Kain's little incident last week:

Test server players will notice that Dark Elf and Demon morph are now available to all levels. :) See elves? I told you that you would get the hook up ^^ -amer
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August 21, 2002 03:08 pm ET - research by amateras
Forgotten Island is a very scary place..
Lineage Playforum ( has some more hunting reports from Forgotten Island:
  • If you are in Forgotten Island and your party is fighting an Ettin and Cyclops together, that is about as difficult as the Ant Queen.
  • They move like they are hasted. If Ettin hastes himself, it is like he has braves too. They also can use their condensed clears.
  • The starting area is just to the left of Lucky, one of the teleport NPCs. However, you have to be lucky to find Lucky, as he disappears every once in awhile and you need to wait around 20 minutes for his return. You also have to be careful, as there are Cyclops spawns near him.
  • Alternatively, the other NPC (at the opposite end of the island) does not disappear. She is always there. However, you have to cross 2 Drake zones to get there.
  • If you go there by yourself, you don't last very long.
  • The lower level monsters (relatively speaking) are located on the right half of the island: Shelob, Ramia, Werewolf, Lizardman, Ungoliant, Crocodile, Alligator. However, if you are fighting these and an Ettin happens to show up, you're screwed.
  • The "left half" monsters: Ettin, Cyclops, Troll, King Bugbear, Harpy, Drake can all see through COI. The right half (list above) cannot.
  • There are also two kinds of Minotaurs: Mace and Axe. Axe Minotaur cannot see COI, while Mace Minotaur can.
  • These monsters are not bound to zones when they chase you. So, they will follow you until you somehow manage to escape.
  • There is no profit in adena here. You get potions, blank scrolls and sealed items. Experience isn't that great either: A partied level 47 knight makes about 2.5% per hour.
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August 21, 2002 03:00 pm ET - research by amateras
8/21 Korean Test server updates
NC - Korea announces the following publishes to the Korean Test server on 8/21 (
  1. The "Grand Illusion" event has been added.
  2. Prince bug with Helm of Magic has been fixed.
  3. Tamed monsters/tamed dogs (no mention of summons) are not allowed on Forgotten Island.
  4. Talking Island map bug fixes.
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August 21, 2002 02:54 pm ET - research by amateras
8/21 - Publish to Korean Live servers
NC - Korea announces the following publishes being made to the live Korean servers on 8/21 (
  1. The new quests have been introduced and the old quests have been completely removed. Quest intermediates are non-transferrable, but they can be sold to the store.
  2. Talking Island graphics and map have been updated and the monsters of Talking Island have been strengthened.
  3. Giran coliseum hourly battle system introduced.
  4. Polymorph level requirements are in effect.
  5. Hidden Valley/Singing Island monster levels have been decreased.
  6. Bug fixed for Prince class with Helms of Magic.

Lineage Playforum also had the following observations (
  • The new DEX helmet from the Elven Quest has been decreased from -2 AC to -1 AC.
  • The Knight/Elven quest items can be enchanted to +6 safely, while the Prince/Mage quest items can be enchanted to +4 safely.
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August 21, 2002 02:09 pm ET - research by amateras
Ancient Sword of Arse Kicking
I'll just post a picture of the unsealed Ancient Sword from Lineage Playforum (

Damage: 30/20
1 handed
+5 to hit
can be used by Prince, Elf, Knight
Material: Iron
Weight 40.

Also, I don't know if I mentioned this earlier, but all Ancient items are 45+ to use.

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August 20, 2002 11:33 pm ET - research by SoulScream
Pepper hits 50!
At the same time that NEO, the first level 52 mage, and DonQuichotte, the first level 50 elf on Dep reached those goals, Pepper, the first level 50 princess was also born on Dep. (August 19 - important day in Dep history!)

Below is SoulScream's interview:

SoulScream: What ac and weapon do you use?
Pepper: I use a +8 Katana, and my ac is pathetic due to the armor restrictions =).
SoulScream: How long did it take for you to level from lvl 49 to 50?
Pepper: About 4 months. I wasn't really lvling until late July and August.
SoulScream: And have you died any time on lvl 49?
Pepper: Yes, but that was during the XP loss reduction, so I only lost 1% ^^.
SoulScream: Lvling to 50 isn't a small task, so how many hours do you usually play?
Pepper: When I was lvling to 50 I usually played 12 - 15 hours a day. Before I really started lvling I had exams and other IRL stuff to attend to.
SoulScream: Are there any people you would like to thank?

SoulScream: And finally, is there something you'd like to tell everyone?

Pepper: That is all, thanks for your time =)

As you can see, she has a valid point. Make life for Princes/ses easier NC!

Note: Her pledge seems like a nice bunch of people, albeit a bit wild =P.

That's all for now, and CONGRATULATIONS Pepper!

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August 20, 2002 05:46 pm ET - research by amer
NEO first mage in US to hit level 52; DonQuichotte first elf on Dep to 50
A few days ago, NEO hit level 52 just about the same time that his pledgemate, DonQuichotte hit level 50. They are in the FreeUrMind pledge, a pretty chill pledge from what I can tell and it looks like almost everyone is approaching, at or above 50. (This was PR0FESSI0NAL's pledge too).

NEO picked +1 to CHA at level 51 and 52, giving him 12 CHA with CHA ammy and RKC (which he puts on just to summon). He gets 3 Ettins. Summoned Ettins don't have as many HP as monster Ettins. In fact, they have about 120 HP less. However, even the Ettin-lite is better than a King BugBear based on NEO's experience with them. The Ettin appears to be same hitting speed, but hits more often. (Perhaps Ettin can actually take on the Ant Queen which everyone complains that King BugBear and Skeleton Guard can't hit at all).

Strangely, the Ettins appears to haste itself when another player hits it, but *not* when another monster does. It also uses its own mana (70 MP) to do so). This must be some kind of bug, as the Ettin's self haste seems very inconsistent. Clearly, if Ettins self-haste when being hit, they should do it at all times.

NEO's MP appears to be a bit low he admits, but hey - he gets Ettins. I'm certainly jealous! Check out that AC! That's a +5 Blue Dragon Armor!

DonQuichotte is a CON elf and the first level 50 Depardieu elf to appear on Lineage Compendium. He is brother of C3P0, which we interviewed earlier for reaching level 50 on Dep. DonQuichotte fights with a damascus, a rapier and a bow, depending on his mood. He mentioned that the bow is primarly for killing players during siege. He's an Earth elf (he cast Iron Skin, which was very neat).

DonQuichotte did have a complaint about elven ROTC. He said it's pretty much garbage. So, he did a little demonstration. We were standing by the Druid in Giran which cancels you. He bookmarked that spot. Then he cast random teleport. He selected his bookmark and he ended up by the lumber guy. After a couple of retries, he kept flying around and at some points he even had no idea where he was. Once, he says, he bookmarked Weldern and ended up in Oren. Doesn't sound very useful. T_T

And where the heck is mage level 50 bonus?!

Congratulations NEO and DonQuichotte!

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August 20, 2002 04:17 pm ET - research by LC Staff
Forgotten Island info
We've compiled a basic overview of Forgotten Island based on information from Korean Test server. presented some maps on their site which we translated for you. We all owe them one -- commented that the mapping character (which is level 46+) died many times trying to get a complete map since the monsters are so tough.

Thanks daphne!

Forgotten Island Overview

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August 20, 2002 03:03 pm ET - research by amateras
Korean Server Event looks suspiciously familiar
I will spare you the details of this Korean Event as it has no bearing on us, but does anyone recognize this: ^^

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August 20, 2002 02:45 pm ET - research by amateras
8/7 Korean Test server publishes
Better late than never:

The following publishes ( have been made to Korean Test servers on 8/7:

  1. A bug where castle-owning pledge members restarted in the castle and ended up in town has been fixed.
  2. The price of the boat ticket to return from Forgotten Island has been lowered from 10,000 to 1,000.
  3. Skeleton/Skeleton Axeman/Skeleton Pike/Skeleton Archer/Spartoi walk and attack speed has been "adjusted". (We don't know if it is faster or slower -am)
  4. A bug where users firing Sayha's bow would cause others to random teleport has been fixed.
  5. Meditation now increases MP regeneration by 5 MP per tick.
  6. Maximum magic level changed from 10 to 13 and spell power will now increase at levels 44, 48 and 52.
  7. Added graphics for Counter Magic so you can tell when it has successfully countered magic.
  8. Party magic fixed so that it only affects members of your party that are on the same screen as you.
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August 20, 2002 02:40 pm ET - research by amateras
8/7 Korean Live server publish
This news is a bit late (still catching up!) but for completeness sake, we post it:

The following publishes ( were made to Korean live servers on 8/7 (and subsequently on live US servers one week later on 8/14):

  1. A bug where skeleton axeman and skeleton archer could wear all armor has been fixed.
  2. Scroll of Escape to Singing Island and Hidden Valley will only be dropped by monsters of that given region. Example: Singing Island monsters will only drop Scrolls of Return Singing Island?and not Scrolls of Return Hidden Valley?
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August 20, 2002 02:34 pm ET - research by amateras
more Forgotten Island drops reports ( a few new drops discovered on Forgotten Island:
  • New Ring (+5% MR, weight 3) came from Minotaur
  • New Ring (+10% MR, weight 3) came from Forgotten Island Ettin
  • Sealed Leather Armor (elves only) came from Forgotten Island Arachnevil Elder
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August 20, 2002 12:44 pm ET - research by NC - Austin
Publish Announcement
The US Lineage servers will be unavailable during their weekly maintenance reset on Wednesday August 21 at 10:00am Central US time, for a brief time. The reset will not include the publish of new data.
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August 20, 2002 12:44 pm ET - research by NC - Austin
Announcing the Q and A With NCSoft!

Introducing Q&A (Question and Answer) with NCsoft your opportunity to get to know the NCsoft Austin staff a bit better by submitting your questions for answer!

Heres how it works:

  • Questions are taken from the players, via the Lineage message boards
  • Questions should focus on the particular NCsoft member that will be the subject of that sessions discussion. Examples of questions might focus on that NCsoft employees job, their duties and functions, or the future of their particular area of responsiblity.
  • This is not similar to the Veteran Questions, in that the questions should not focus on gameplay questions or issues.
  • The questions will be gathered after one week, and the subject of the Q & A will review the questions.
  • Roughly 10-15 questions will be selected to answer.
  • The questions, and their corresponding answers, will be posted on the Lineage website.

Each Q & A session will focus on a different NCsoft team member, and will be announced within our News section and on the Discussions boards. For the first installment, we invite you to visit the message boards to ask questions of Lance CaptSturm Stites, US Lineage Live Team Producer.

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August 19, 2002 09:44 pm ET - research by NC - Austin
Q & A with CaptSturm
Just saw this post by Melantus on the forums:
We are beginning a new program meant to replace the "Comments From The Team" posts. This new format is called a Q & A (Question and Answer). The way it works is we take questions from the players here. We select roughly a dozen of the questions, and post their answers to the web site.

The guidelines to remember before starting:

  1. post only two questions. There are bound to be repeats, and we are only taking about a dozen or so.
  2. The questions need to be directed toward the subject person and their duties. This isn't the same as the Veteran Questions, since it is not to answer specific gameplay questions. It is a chance for you to interact with this particular person and ask them something about their duties / position / department.

The question taking will be stopped at the end of the week. Remember, this is meant to be a more interactive way of doing the Comments From The Team.

This session's subject is the US Live Team Producer of Lineage, CaptSturm.

Community Coordinator - Lineage
NCInteractive - Austin

To ask your two questions, head on over to:
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August 19, 2002 04:26 pm ET - research by NC - Korea
8/19 - Korean Test server updates
The following updates are being made to the Korean Test server on 8/19:

  1. The Oren event is over, so the NPCs which would polymorph/enchant/etc near the Ivory Tower have been removed.
  2. No experience can be gained from PKing players that are level 10 or less.
  3. If you die, you will lose exactly 10% if you are level 44 or below. Every level higher than 44, you will lose 1 less percent until level 49+, where you will lose 5% no matter what. So, level 45, you will lose 9% and level 46 you will lose 8%, etc.
  4. Miscellaneous bug fixes:
    • Chaotic characters will not start in Orc Town when they die any more.
    • If you attack or kill anyone without a weapon, you will now go pink.
    • When you PKed someone, a guard would come after you. If they killed you, they still would come after you. This has been fixed.
    • Cancel no longer breaks summons and tames.
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August 19, 2002 04:05 pm ET - research by amateras
Ancient Items unsealed
Lineage Playforum has a few reports (,,, on unsealed items!

The Sealed Ancient Great Sword was dropped by Cyclops on Forgotten Island. When unsealed, the Ancient Great Sword is two-handed, 20/35, +3 to hit, Knight/Prince only, weight 80. They tried to use ndai on it, but it didn't work. That doesn't mean that n-dai is impossible, but it is certainly strange.

The Ancient Scale Mail is -14 AC, Prince only, weight 270. Attempts to zel did not work. It didn't blow, it just didn't zel. The same goes for the Ancient Plate Mail (-15 AC, Knight only, weight 280), which we reported earlier.

The Ancient Crossbow, on the other hand, was successfully dai'd up to +7. (That could just mean that safe was +6 and they used a b-zel to get from +5 to +7). The items is 3/3, Elf only, +2 to hit, weight 50. And here's the key: it is *one handed*.

One other piece of info that we saw was that with the introduction of the new level 15 quests, the old ones disappeared. Mages are pretty much going crazy on Korean Test with the question "How exactly are mages supposed to hunt without SOM?!". Of course, this is on Korean Test, so we can't make any conclusions, but it's an interesting bug :)

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August 19, 2002 04:48 am ET - research by Axo
DK Event Ends
The DK event is nearing a close (it's over for me at least, I'm going to bed now). Lots of people had lots of fun. Sorry to all the bow users, I'm sure you'll get yours one day ;)

Hopefully everybody had some fun and learned a good lesson about what a difference morph can make in your hunting success.

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August 17, 2002 11:23 pm ET - research by NC - Austin
ISP Maintenance Reminder
Don't forget that Lineage's ISP, Exodus, is having maintenance tonight and tomorrow night. During the time of the maintenance , you can get disconnected from the Lineage server and possibly die. Play during this time at your own risk.

The Exodus Internet Service Provider will be conducting maintenance on their network between 11:00 pm and 5:00 am Central US time on Saturday August 17 and potentially on Sunday August 18. This maintenance may affect the connectivity and latency for players on the North American Lineage servers.
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August 16, 2002 03:59 pm ET - research by amateras
New Ring from Forgotten Island
Lineage Playforum ( reports:

A new ring was dropped from a Forgotten Island Bugbear. The ring gives you +10% to MR.

Also, it appears that some monsters on Forgotten Island cannot see through COI. Good news for COI owners.

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August 16, 2002 03:30 pm ET - research by amateras
True Target
Lineage PlayForum ( has discovered an additional feature of True Target: labelling.

Apparently, if you type in some text, and don't hit Enter, then cast True Target, you can put a little label up on the target for everyone to see. That should make it much easier to specify certain points to your pledge. ^^

Also mentioned in this article was that the TI 2f "Shelob Room" which stands between the Skeleton Room and Baphomet (named since it was filled with Shelobs aka Arachnevils) is now filled with Ungoliants aka Arachnevil Elders.

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August 16, 2002 03:25 pm ET - research by amateras
Mage Quest details did an article ( on the new Mage Quest.

It looks like the items to collect are actually ghoul fingernails, ghoul teeth and skeleton skull (not ghoul toenails). These items are frequently dropped and can also be sold back to the store (as well as the Search Paper you get when you undertake the quest) for 10 adena each.

The scrollbook can be safely enchanted to +4 and is -2 AC with +1 INT. It's not quite an elven shield, but you'll have to make the decision between an additional -2 AC or +1 INT. (Also, don't forget that it's almost twice as easy to make a +4 item into +5 than it is to make a +6 item to +7.)

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August 16, 2002 11:34 am ET - research by ricky
ZDTV Screen Savers
I don't know if anyone saw this, but Richard Garriott was on the TechTV program "Screen Savers" on Tuesday (Aug 13). He was addressing "Good Game Design Essentials" -- have a read:,24330,3395557,00.html

They even have a link to Free Download of the Day: Ultima IV. (That was the first Ultima I played ^^ -amer)

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August 15, 2002 04:08 pm ET - research by NC - Austin
ISP Maintenance
The Exodus Internet Service Provider will be conducting maintenance on their network between 11:00 pm and 5:00 am Central US time on Saturday August 17 and potentially on Sunday August 18. This maintenance may affect the connectivity and latency for players on the North American Lineage servers.
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August 15, 2002 03:49 pm ET - research by amateras
True Target quest
Lineage PlayForum reports ( that a Prince is currently able to learn True Target on the test server.

Once a prince has completed the Red Cloak quest in Kent, he can go to Gunter in Talking Island and take a new quest.

This quest requires you to hunt Golems for "Life's Secret", a new scroll.

Once you take this to Gunter, he will trade you for a True Target book. This is the spell we mentioned in the previous post that lets you set a nice, visible target. As you can see, the princess in the screenshot below has targetted Gunter. You may remember back in December 2001 when we discovered the icon to the right. (We sure didn't expect prince spells!)

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August 15, 2002 03:36 pm ET - research by amateras
Prince Spell Help info
Lineage PlayForum reports ( that the help information is now appearing for Prince spells on the Korean test server.

Currently, the only reported two spells:

  • Glowing Aura (10/0): Lawful - for 5 minutes, all pledge members receive +1 to hit, -2 AC and +5% MR.
  • True Target (1/0): Lawful - a prince can designate a person or spot on the ground as the "target" with a visible icon in order to coordinate attacks or meeting points.
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August 15, 2002 03:32 pm ET - research by amateras
Forgotten Island drops
Lineage Playforum ( has some more drop info for Forgotten Island (currently only on Korean Test server):

Forgotten Island Ettin drops Sealed Ancient Plate Mail.

A player using pets/summons received a Sealed Ancient Robe when collecting from pets/summons after a hunt of Forgotten Island Bugbears, Ramia and Owlbears.

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August 15, 2002 12:33 pm ET - research by NC - Austin
Server Reset
The US Lineage servers will be reset for a brief time at 10:00am Central US time on Friday August 16, and again at 10:00am central US time on Monday August 19. Players will be unable to connect to the US servers during this brief time.

Looks like the Death Knight event is this weekend. This event is already on test. All levels are able to morph to Death Knight (not Dark Elf)

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August 15, 2002 02:17 am ET - research by Traen
Bomelith hits 50

Sometime while I was on vacation, Bomelith hits 50. Traen reports:

Congratulations to Bomelith! Bomelith is the second elf and the second Con-elf on the Ken Rauhel server to reach level 50 (can we get a Dex-elf please!?). Not to take away from his great accomplishment, Bom started Lineage just this past February. Being a Constitution elf at level 50, Bomelith has an outrageous 608hp as well as a strong 210mp. His element of choice is Wind; and being now level 50, Bom has learned Storm shot, a level 5 spirit magic spell. His good friend Sabrine had this to say relating to this topic:

After a misfortunate explosion with his +8 Rapier, he is now armed only with his +8 Yumi (a Con-elf using a bow). He mentioned also that he could do anywhere from 24-35 damage on a knight when after casting Storm Shot on himself. Bomelith hunted alone mainly in FV (Fire Valley) and in Oren at level 49; he gained 60% in FV and roughly 40% in Oren. But before leveling to 50, Bomelith trekked back to FV and finished his level up there--for sentimental reasons, he quoted. Bomelith did have 3 unfortunate deaths during his level 49 hunting due to disconnects, two of which were in the same day at 21% (Ill be sure to thank Exodus for him). Though he hunted alone, he still had a few people to thank:

His only major complaint about Lineage is that the ROTC (Ring of Teleport Control) is still buggy in certain areas. When asked how he feels about being the second level 50 elf on the Ken Rauhel server, he humbly replied, "...umm, kinda strange." Once again, congratulations to Bomelith and good luck with level 51!

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August 15, 2002 02:04 am ET - research by amer
Forums powered by Templar Gaming
Since we don't offer free topic forums at LC, instead of reinventing the wheel, we've partnered up with a cool forum site called Templar Gaming. They have a nice active Lineage section and a developer even worked with me to integrate his database with our site! (Hint, hint NC). ^^

So, check out their forums. And let me know if there aren't enough "latest posts" on the right. ^^

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August 14, 2002 07:11 pm ET - research by NC - Austin
US Servers - Death Knight Unleashed event
What could it be? ;)

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August 14, 2002 03:51 pm ET - research by amateras
The New Talking Island
Now that we have Singing Island and Hidden Valley, Talking Island seems kind of pointless. NC sensed this and revamped it. Talking Island now has some updated graphics and harder monsters making it a potential hunting spot for newbie/midbie players. Lineage Playforum has some info on Talking Island: (,

To start with, some monsters have set up shop in TI. The new monsters are: Lycanthrope, Arachnevil Elder, Dwarf Warrior, Gnoll, Ghoul and Hobgoblin. In addition TI 1f now has Ghouls, TI 2f has Ghoul, Arachevil Elder and Lycanthrope and the TI->ML tunnel has Ghouls too.

Some screenshots:

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August 14, 2002 03:45 pm ET - research by amateras
Exploring Forgotten Island
Lineage Playforum has learned a few things (, about Forgotten Island:

  • There are 4 drake spawns. The fastest respawn they have seen is 5 minutes. Drake is much harder than the normal drake, but seems to be slower.
  • In terms of strength: Forgotten Island Werewolf = King Bugbear, Forgotten Island Ramia = 2 Taurverus, Forgotten Island Bugbear = Troll. Forgotten Island Cyclops can hit a -58 AC elf for about 50 HP per hit.
  • The monsters drop amulets, rings, wafers, condensed potions, the sealed armor and weapons, but no adena.
  • 70% of the monsters are big, so katana is a good weapon for this area.
  • For specific drops, Ettin and Owlbear gave new rings (never heard of them before), Drake dropped the Sealed Ancient Short Sword. Ramia dropped Underwater Boots.
  • There appear to be multiple vendor NPCs wandering around. The prices for one of them: Red Potion 80a, Orange Potion 400a, Clear Potion 1000a, Greater Haste Potion 3300a, Haste Potion 440a. However, the prices might vary between vendors as one vendor sold Red Potion for 70a.
  • There are monster zones - if you try to lead a monster away from their zone, they will teleport away.
  • There are Minotaurs on Forgotten Island. A mage tamed two of them - they are level 41, 430 HP, 30 MP.
  • The cost doesn't seem to be worth the experience gain alone.
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August 14, 2002 03:34 pm ET - research by amateras
New Level 15+ Quests
Lineage Playforum did a report ( on the new level 15+ quests that have recently appeared on the Korean Test servers.

Knight Quest
A new NPC called Ricky is in Silver Knight's Town located behind the hotel. The quest is to kill a pack of Black Knight's alone. The prize is a Red Knight's Bandana. This item is AC -2.

Elf Quest
In orc town, an NPC, Osu, will ask you to collect Magic Books from Tribal Orcs. The prize is either a CON helmet (+1 CON, -2 AC, safely enchanted to +6) or a DEX helment (+1 DEX, -2 AC, safely enchanted to +6)
CON Helmet DEX Helmet

Prince Quest
The NPC, Zero, will give you a Red Cloak (+1 CHA, -2 AC) for killing Black Knights.

Mage Quest
Located in Talking Island, next to the Inn, an NPC Jem, will ask you to collect Ghoul Fingernails, Ghoul Toenails and Skeleton Skull, in exchange for a scrollbook which can be used as a shield (+1 INT, -2 AC) The Playforum reporter successfully zel'd this item to +5, but suspects luck and that it's safe enchant is actually +4

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August 14, 2002 02:37 pm ET - research by NC - Korea
8/14 - Korean Test server update
The following publishes have been made to the Korean Test servers ( :
  • Four new level 15 quests (one for every class) have been added.
  • Significant changes to the graphics of Talking Island, in addition to the removal of the scarecrows and training area of the island.
  • Silver Knight's Town and Talking Island monsters have been strengthened.
  • New NPC has been placed in Ivory Tower for events: this NPC can cast Bless Weapon, Iron Skin, Greater Haste and Shapechange on you for 200a. (A current event on test server allows you to morph into Minotaur, Death, Succubus, Giant, Black Knight or Minotaur)
  • Adjusted the death penalty so it is always 10%. (Note that it may appear to be greater when you delevel since each level has a different total XP, but it is actually 10% of the experience of the level you died on).
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August 13, 2002 06:28 pm ET - research by NC - US
Publish Announcement
The following changes will be implemented during the Wednesday August 14 10:00am Central US time maintenance period. This publish will patch approximately 16 megabytes of files due to pre-patching of Forgotten Island content.
  1. Some graphics/tile issues have been corrected and map and tile content for the Forgotten Island expansion will be updated, but not activated.
  2. Polymorph level requirements are changed. As players advance, they gain more polymorph options. This change will not add in new polymorphs, it simply restructures the existing polymorphs based upon level.
  3. The New Player polymorph NPC now has a different list of polymorph options.
  4. Scroll of Escape to Singing Island and Hidden Valley will only be dropped by monsters of that given region. Example: Singing Island monsters will only drop Scrolls of Return Singing Island and not Scrolls of Return Hidden Valley.
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August 13, 2002 05:02 pm ET - research by NC - Korea
1st Half Report - 2002
NC - Korea has released to investors it's quarterly report ( Looks like some bad news for Lineage in the US, as the user base has declined almost by half. Anyway, look at the report and draw your own conclusions, don't let people think for you!

Interesting bullets for the lazy:

  • Lineage II beta and EverQuest beta starts in 2nd half of 2002.
  • NC net profit for 2002 expected to be 4x greater than 2001.
  • Server load peaks for June 2002:
    • Korea: 155,016 (38 servers)
    • Taiwan: 149,876 (30 servers)
    • USA: 1,613 (2 servers)
    • Hong Kong: 3,086 (2 servers)
    • Japan: 12,826 (4 servers)
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August 13, 2002 04:32 pm ET - research by amateras
Unsealing items
Lineage Playforum had some observations ( about the Ancient Scroll, used to unseal sealed items from Forgotten Island. It is rare even on the Korean Test server (which is approximately equal in drop rate to the US Test Server).

Buyers are willing to pay around 8M for one of these things and sellers are willing to sell for 10M. So, it's expensive.

Lineage Playforum also reported ( that someone actually decided to take the bait and use one of the scrolls to unseal an armor with the NPC. Rumor has it that the scroll came from a Forgotten Island Drake and the armor came from a Forgotten Island Minotaur, but that is unconfirmed.

The result? Ancient Plate Mail. Knight only, base AC: -15. In addition, the weight of the unsealed armor (280) is less than the weight of the sealed armor (300).

This is indeed the ultimate Knight armor. Exciting to imagine what the other unsealed items are like!

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August 13, 2002 04:08 pm ET - research by amateras
Details on Sealed Items
Lineage Playforum posted a scanned copy of the Lineage Newsletter #8 on their site, and there was some interesting information revealed about the sealed items of Forgotten Island and two new items.

It appears that there are 7 sealed items (below). In order to unseal the item and see what the item actually is, you have to take the item and a special scroll found on the Forgotten Island to an NPC in the Ivory Tower. This NPC will reveal the item to you. And this isn't like Studded Leather Armor we're talking about here. We mean *good* items. However, when sealed, they are pretty mediocre.
3/2, +5 to hit, Prince, Knight, Elf, level 45+ 2/3, +3 to hit, Prince, Knight, level 45+ 1/1, Elf, level 45+ -1 AC, Knight, level 45+
-1 AC, Elf, level 45+ -1 AC, Elf, level 45+ -1 AC, Mage, level 45+

In addition, the newsletter mentioned two new helmets. The Wind Helm and the Old Wind Helm.
Wind Helm, -2 AC, allows you to cast Greater Haste, level 45+ Old Wind Helm, -1 AC, allows you to cast Haste for reduced mana cost, level 30+

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August 12, 2002 05:29 pm ET - research by NC - Austin
Episode Zero #12

Episode Zero #12 [PDF format]
Episode Zero #12 - p.1 [JPG format]
Episode Zero #12 - p.2 [JPG format]
(if you have problems seeing the PDF version, try the JPG version)

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August 12, 2002 05:04 pm ET - research by amer
Want to join us?
We're looking for reporters. We've always wanted to write articles just in general about Lineage. Also, lots of visitors have commented how the miss our siege reports. In addition, with the increasing number of 50+ characters, we just cannot keep up with doing an interview for each one. There just simply are not enough of us to do all the things we want to do.

So as a solution to this, we are starting an articles section and we are recruiting reporters. However, we have some rules. We realize they are pretty strict, so we don't expect to find more than 3-5 people. If no one meets the criteria, then we'll just keep looking for reporters until we find the right one. The last thing we'd want to do is jeopardize the LC feel with crappy articles.

So here goes:

  1. You must commit to a 1-3 articles (500-1000 words) per week. If you think that is alot, then this is not for you. :)
  2. You have to have decent command of English. This means that (1) you understood what I just said (2) you are capable of speaking without swearing and (3) you can't send in articles like "ZplayerZ jst hit lv 50. he play with -6x AC, 520HP. 3 hr/day. hsi friend he thanks. go team!" (If you can't see what's wrong with that, don't bother applying ;)
  3. You must be "In the Know". This means you have to play Lineage enough to know what's going on (at least daily!). This means you must play every day and talk to people. If you know who's level 50 on your server that we haven't put on the Hall of Fame, that means you are "In the Know".
  4. You have to be able to take criticism. We may send back what you wrote with a ton of comments and corrections. You should be able to deal with this and not start crying. If you're not mature enough to take constructive criticism, then reporting is not for you.
  5. You have to make us proud. :) Think of it like a pledge of it's own. You can't make up lies, you can't trick or scam people, you have to represent LC as if it was your own website. Also, getting banned by NC is not allowed. :)

What you get:

  1. You'll be part of the team! As well as included on the staff page, because after all, you're staff.
  2. You get to (with proofreading/editing by us) write an article on whatever you want! Don't like a PK? Write an article. Have something to say to NC? Write an article. It's like your own little soapbox to thousands of Lineage players across the world!
  3. You'll be first in line to interview level 50+ people or anyone that you want to write an article on. Make people famous!
  4. You can be part of our experiments. Find out first hand which monsters are big and small, how much damage DEX does and if SP really affects spell damage.
  5. You could earn higher privileges on LC like moderator rights, posting news or even working with ;)

So, if you think you are up to it, here's how to apply:

  1. Introduce yourself. Make sure you include your name, main email address, server you play on, characters you play, how long you have played Lineage, AIM screen name to
  2. Write an article on one of the following: Interview with one of your friends, siege report or description of how to hunt in a certain area and send it in. Must be 500-1000 words.

I hope we find the right people. I know you're out there!

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August 10, 2002 08:50 pm ET - research by amer
New Morphs
Many people have been curious about the newest modifications to the scroll of shape change: the introduction of the Orc Scout and the upgrade of the Lycanthrope.

The Lycanthrope is pretty much an upgraded skeleton. It appears to be targetted at mages. A hasted lycanthrope can walk and swing sword at the same speed as a hasted skeleton. However, it casts magic 10% faster. One could consider it a cross between the popular Rova Orc morph (fast magic) and the skeleton morph (fast swing). [update]: FlyZ pointed out that lycanthrope and orc fighter are the same in armor and speed. So, all the above points have been true about orc fighter for some time. :)

The Orc Scout seems to be the answer to the concern that elves could not benefit from the "invisibility" of morphing. Until Orc Scout, if an elf did morph, they had to sacrifice both AC and speed, which is quite unreasonable.
Correction: (Man, I really screwed up these tests - I'll do magic tests over again as well). After a retest as suggested by theperv on the forums, we have to change our statements about the elves bow speed a little. In fact, there is no difference between a hasted elf bow speed and a hasted orc scout. Thanks, theperv. ^^

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August 10, 2002 04:47 pm ET - research by theFrodo
White Dragon Scales
There has been a lot of confusion about the existence and location of the White Dragon Scales. Is Lindvior (the White Dragon) in the game? If so, where? If not, how can there be scales?

For those of you who do not remember, NC said that Dragon Scales would randomly (and rarely) spawn near Dragon's Lairs. However, since Lindvior's lair is currently unknown, it appears that his scales spawn randomly throughout Aden. We talked to theFrodo, an elf on Ken server. He has purchased White Dragon Scales as well as found two of them. He said he found one in Oren and another in Elven Forest.

So, these scales do drop. There is no dragon to kill, you just have to be lucky enough to find them. If you have any Silver Serpent Scales left over, drop one on the ground. That's what they look like. Good luck!

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August 08, 2002 06:19 am ET - research by NCsoft - Austin
Maintenance Update
As a reminder, the Exodus ISP in Austin will be conducting a scheduled maintenance on Thursday August 8th, from 1:00 AM to 3:00 AM Central Daylight Time. This maintenance may cause brief disruption or connectivity issues for Lineage customers. We strongly recommend that players exercise caution when choosing to play during this time period.
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August 06, 2002 10:57 pm ET - research by NC Austin
Publish Announcement

The following items will be published during the Wednesday morning server maintenance at 10:00am US Central time on August 7:

  1. Fixed a message with Holy Weapon.
  2. Old Scroll can now be usable at Road of Pain (Gerards Quest) Cave.
  3. Abilities of Sayhas bow are increased.
  4. Removed the restriction on wearing items from lycanthrope morphs.
  5. Removed haste potions from some new player area monsters.
  6. Summoned or tamed monsters and dogs will show a necklace icon at the end of their names. This will make them look distinct from anyone who gets polymorphed into similar creatures.
  7. Some magical helmets can now be used by the Prince/Princess. The helmets are Helm of Magic: Heal, Helm of Magic: Speed. Helm of Magic: Power.
  8. Orc scout polymorph has been added to the morph list. This morph is limited to players level 14 and above.
  9. Experience is now displayed down to the second decimal place. (example: 4.15 %)
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August 06, 2002 12:34 pm ET - research by NCsoft - Austin
ISP Maintenance
The Exodus ISP in Austin will be conducting a scheduled maintenance on Thursday August 8, from 01:00am to 03:00am Central Daylight Time. This maintenance may cause brief disruption or connectivity issues for Lineage customers. We will monitor the situation during this time.
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August 05, 2002 02:45 pm ET - research by linspatz
Episode Zero #11

Episode Zero #11 [PDF format]
Episode Zero #11 - p.1 [JPG format]
Episode Zero #11 - p.2 [JPG format]
Episode Zero #11 - p.3 [JPG format]
(if you have problems seeing the PDF version, try the JPG version)

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August 04, 2002 03:45 pm ET - research by
Vet Questions
Update: The Vet questions has now be closed. You can read all questions that were asked here.

Veteran Questions: The Sequel is now closed. I will start compiling these questions and have answers to some of them soon. Soon might be a few weeks, but be patient please. :) Thanks.

Community Coordinator - Lineage
NCInteractive - Austin

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August 04, 2002 08:33 am ET - research by linspatz
Ep. 11 CD

The outside of the CD case

A Guide book

The inside of the CD case

The CD

I got my Lineage CD in the mail yesterday. Can you believe it? Its only a little late. I decided since you might have not asked to get you one delivered to you I would post some images of it. :) The guide book is a funny thing that is for first time lineage users. Its full of useless info like telling you to equip your dagger and leather vest but not really telling you how to.

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August 04, 2002 07:13 am ET - research by Nue
New Item Pictures

Nue from Nue's Lineage Posted these images of new items a few days ago. They are rather pretty. Enjoy.

Old Wind Helm
Wind Helm
Dexterity Helm
Constitution Helm
Ghost Leather Armor
Kurtz Armor
Necromancer Robe
Dominator Scale Mail
Red Cloak
Ring of Summon Control
Knight Scarf
Red Knight Scarf
Forgotten Island Plate Mail
Forgotten Island Leather Armor
Forgotten Island Robe
Forgotten Island Scale Mail
Forgotten Island Great Sword
Forgotten Island Sword
Forgotten Island Crossbow
Knife of Soul
Storm Sword
Storm Crossbow
???? Potions
Claw of Ghoul
Fang of Ghoul
Shell of Turtle Dragon
Skull of Skeleton
Old Transaction Document
Discussion Letter
Certificate of Oth
Search Document
Form Zero Introductions
Letter of Jam Introduction
Written Oath of Black Knight
Secret Scroll
Cursed Spellbook
Duda-Mara Orc Spellbook
Atuba Orc Spellbook
Neruga Orc Spellbook
Gandi Orc Spellbook
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August 02, 2002 11:49 pm ET - research by FluidG
Test Lottery!?!

Do you play on test server? Would you like to get a quick 20 mil in adena? Well FluidG is quitting Lineage and is giving all his adena away in a lottery. All you have to do is go to the 20 million lottery post on the official forums and pick a number in between 1 - 99999. If you want in Act soon because it all ends on wednesday :) Click here to go to his post

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August 02, 2002 08:19 pm ET - research by Jude1004
Forgotten Island Pictures

I took some pictures from Judes site and because no one could seem to see them. I hope you enjoy them. Sorry if page loads a little slow. I don't have the ability to host the pictures on lineage compendium so I am hosting them on Tonks webserver.

Pictures were taken from from the posts at

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August 02, 2002 07:39 pm ET - research by NC - Austin
Currently In Testing

Currently in Testing

They testing these new things on the test server:)
  • Light levels in the Arena have been fixed for spectators, to allow full visibility at night.
  • Fixed a message with Holy Weapon.
  • Old Scroll can now be usable at Road of Pain (Gerards Quest) Cave.
  • Fixed a graphical issue with the goblin morph attack.
  • Bow of Sayha abilities are increased.
  • Low level morphs are limited to specific levels.
  • Removed the restriction on wearing items from Skeleton Axeman, Skeleton Pikeman, and Lycanthrope morphs.
  • Removed haste potions from some new player area monsters.
  • Summoned or tamed monsters and dogs will show a necklace icon at the end of their names. This will make them look distinct from anyone who gets polymorphed into similar creatures.
  • Some magical helmets can now be used by the Prince/Princess. The helmets are Helm of Magic: Heal, Helm of Magic: Celetiry. Helm of Magic: Power.
  • Orc Scout polymorph has been added to the morph list. This morph is limited to players level 14 and above.
  • Experience is now displayed down to the second decimal place. (example: 4.15 %)
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August 02, 2002 01:31 pm ET - research by Alpha2002
Forgotten Island

Their is a post about the Forgotten Island, A new high level hunting area, on the official Korean site. Alpha2002 was nice enough to translate some of it and post it in IRC. h
Update details.:
1. Level 46 or higher player can purchase a boat ticket at the Heine's wharf for 10,000 adena. This boat will go to a small island locate midway to Forgotten Island. This island has portal that will lead you to the Forgotten Island.
2. In Forgotten Island, it is prohibited to use random teleport, teleport, bookmark, scroll of return home, or resurrection.
3. In Forgotten Island, all areas except for starting location will be COMBAT ZONE.
4. All monsters on Forgotten Island are about 15 levels higher than the monster in main land. The do not drop adena. They do drop condensed potions and other hunting supplies as well as sealed armor and weapons.
5. If you die or restart in Forgotten Island, you will be start at the island shore. You can only escape island through the NPC locate in northwest of island or teleporter which will randomly spawn in the house located at middle of the island.
6. There is a merchant NPC, northwest of the island and will sell limited items for double the price. Also a merchant NPC will randomly spawn.
7. Forgotten Island's weapon and armor are sealed. You can unseal them by bringing them with specific item to NPC who will unseal.
8. And other bug fixes.

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August 02, 2002 05:11 am ET - research by amer
Vacation (again)
So I don't go on vacation for like 3 years, and now two in two months! Woohoo!

Both amateras and I will be chillin' in Mexico until 8/9. I leave the site with LinSpatz. His email is if there's something urgent that cannot wait until 8/9. Everyone be good and amateras and I will drink a Corona and smoke a Cohiba while thinking about you guys ;).

And now I present... the LinSpatz show!

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August 02, 2002 01:01 am ET - research by LinSpatz
New Monster Info
Gamania, The providers of Taiwanese Lineage has released info on the new episode 11 monsters. We now have Str/Dex/Con/Int/Wiz/MR stats for all monsters that were updated with Ep 11. You can look at the new monster info at our Monsters Page. Its kind of nice to see the MR of Demon and Ice Queen. :) You must remember that the stats are most likely the same as our server, but they might not be.
Image Name Level HP MP AC Align Element XP
Ice Queen 55 1800 400 -50 -120 Water 3190
30 20 18 18 18 60%

Aggressive? YES (to SOSC? YES to COI? YES)

Dungeons: Crystal Caves3f ,
Drops: Spellbook (Darkness),Spellbook (Counter Magic),Spirit Crystal (Nature's Blessing),Crystal Gloves,Spellbook (Silence),Spellbook (invisibility),scroll of resurrection,Belt of Mind,scroll of enchant weapon,blessed scroll of enchant weapon,scroll of enchant armor,blessed scroll of enchant armor,Katana,Plate Mail,Chain Mail of Magic Resistance,Helm of Magic: Power,Magic Gem,Potion of Bravery,Potion of Wisdom,Haste Potion,Greater Haste Potion,Potion of Mana Regeneration,ruby,high quality ruby,emerald,High Quality Emerald,Amulet of Wisdom,Amulet of Intelligence,diamond,high quality diamond,Spirit Gem,blessed scroll of teleportation,blessed Plate Mail,Belt of Body,blessed Katana,highest quality ruby,highest quality emerald,highest quality diamond,
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August 01, 2002 04:48 pm ET - research by WaterElf
FrozenSoul hits 50
Frozensoul is the 32nd level 50 player to be announced to Lineage Compendium. He is the 27th knight in the USA and the 4th knight on Ken to reach this level.

Frozensoul hit level 50 on Ken on July 31. He is a CON knight, with a +8 tsurugi and -6x ac. He hunts FV and plays about 6 hours a day. He has played Lineage for about 1 1/2 years and took him from March to level from 49-50, not to mention he died 9 times in 49-50. He also likes to say that its not impossible to goto level 50 with lag. As part of the celebration, he blew up 2 +7 b-tsus just before the interview.

Congrats Frozen ^^

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August 01, 2002 02:45 pm ET - research by amer
Veteran Questions: The Sequel
For those of you that don't visit the forums, Melantus has opened up a thread called "Veteran Questions: The Sequel". He is collecting questions about game mechanics and specific things you have been wondering. If you remember from April, he did a 5-part series of some really good answers to questions that we have always wondered about.

So, anyway, think up 5 good questions (there have been 11 pages of them asked already, so read them first and make sure you're not asking a repeat question) and post them to:

Veteran Questions: The Sequel.

This thread is open until Monday, after which it will be locked and he will start his compilation and research -- and be patient: Last time, it took about 3 weeks for Melantus to collect the best information for us and ensure it's accuracy.

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August 01, 2002 02:16 pm ET - research by Nue
8/1 - Korean Test server new files.
Nue of Nue's Lineage was able to get the names of some new items that went up on the Korean Test server on 8/1. (Images are from

Old Wind Helmet Wind Helmet Ruler Scale Mail Storm Crossbow Necromancer Robe Some kind of healing potion

Storm Sword Kurtz Armor Ring of Summon Control Ghost Leather Armor Knife of Soul

Notice a pattern? Wind armor, wind weapons. Episode 12 will have a wind dragon? Looks like we'll see these in 3-4 months. :)

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