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   May 2002
May 31, 2002 05:09 pm ET - research by NC - USA
Banning & Billing Changes
NCsoft Customer Service has implemented a change to the current chat ban tool, enabling Customer Service to ban a player from global chat without affecting their ability to chat locally, whisper, or chat with pledgemates or hunting party members. Additionally, there is a new address to send Lineage money order payments.

Chat Banning Tool
A change has been implemented that allows us to ban players using offensive language and phrasing in the global chat system. A player that has been banned from global chat may continue playing Lineage and is still able to chat locally and with party and pledge members. This tool has been introduced to prevent customers from affecting all players online should they choose to use inappropriate language in global chat. Chat bans last:

  • 1st offense – 3 days
  • 2nd offense – 7 days
  • 3rd offense – permanent
It is still possible for players who abuse other modes of chat to be banned from using all chat forms. However, we believe that the new system is more appropriate for our customer base.

Billing Information
For those who wish to pay for their subscriptions with a money order, please note the new address to send your monthly payment:

6801 N Capital of Texas Hwy
Bldg. 1, Ste. 102
Austin, TX 78731

You can find our address, and answers to most billing questions, on our website in our new Billing FAQ!

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May 31, 2002 03:49 pm ET - research by amateras
Oren items
Reported by Lineage Playforum (

Here are some interesting findings about episode 11:

Snowman Gloves: AC 0, Weight 20, dropped by Yeti.

Crystal Gloves: AC -3, Weight 20, dropped by Ice Golem, Ice Queen.

Great Sword: 14/12, 2-handed, sells in store for 40k, dropped by Elmore General.

Nature's Blessing: 5th Circle Elven Magic, dropped by Succubus.

New spells sold by Gereng in Talking Island (from top to bottom: Holy Weapon, Decrease Weight, Weak Element)


Can you buy Berserker Axe in Oren?
They cannot be purchased, but the general store in Oren will buy them from you for 500 adena.

How hard are the monsters in Episode 11?
According to reports by players, it is approximately the difficult of MLC 7f or DV.

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May 31, 2002 03:29 pm ET - research by amateras
How do blank scrolls work?
Reported by Lineage Playforum, ( It appears that it's not for Level 50 mages only.

Basically, you can purchase a blank scroll at Oren (levels 1-3). You can then assign this scroll to be any level 1-3 spell, at the cost of the spells HP/MP when you create the scroll. The scroll can then be used by anyone, with no HP/MP cost whenever they want. For example, in the image above, a mage created a scroll of Blessed Armor at a cost of 20 MP to the mage. She then handed it to the knight, which used it at a cost of nothing.

The only restriction is that the mage must be Spell Level x 8, as you can see in the chart below.

Spell Level How to Obtain Level to Create
1 100a to NPC 8
2 400a to NPC 16
3 1000a to NPC 24
4 Monster drop 32
5 Monster drop 40

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May 31, 2002 03:23 pm ET - research by amateras
5/31 update to Korean Test server
Lineage Playforum ( reports the following publishes being made to the Korean Test server on 5/31:
  1. No teleport of any kind allowed in boss or dragon areas. No rotc, No blessed scroll of teleport, no teleport home, no mass teleport, nothing at all. If you want to leave, you either walk out or die and restart.
  2. Ivory Tower Inn bug fixed (you couldn't use it until now)
  3. Blank Scroll use levels changed to spell level x 8.
  4. Oren town sells map (previously unavailable)
  5. Boss monster strength and drops adjusted. (Baphomet, Dragons, Phoenix, Death Knight and others are stronger now).
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May 31, 2002 01:51 pm ET - research by Nue
Where is Oren?
And now, from Nue (, the map of Oren. It appears to be located just NE of Weldern Town.

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May 31, 2002 11:36 am ET - research by amer
Is Ant Queen working out?
Sounds like Ant Queen got much stronger. If NC posts any confirmation of this, I will append to this post. Here are three accounts of Ant Queen attacks I got in my email this morning:

Cant00n: Me and about 25 other BB summon mages when down to have a nice little duel with ant queen. We all summon, put our BBs on her and expect her only to last about 10min like normal all hoping we'll get the good drop. That was 6 hours ago, we're still at it while I write this and frankly where going nowhere. If BBs could attack dragons I'm sure the damage we've done to Ant Queen is enough to kill... 5 fafu... that how long and how hard we've been hitting her. After 3 hours we came to the concusion that maybe it was just our BBs that didn't do damage. Still having hope for the b-zel we all e-bolt like mad... many of us fall as she turns her attention from our BBs to us. After 1 hour of e-bolting still nothin. Theres like 50 summon mages here. BBs are running all over the place. And still she is killing us. Just wondering is this normal? Cuz I killed her wit 5 other summon mages in 2 min before dex/ac update... Just though i should send this to Lineage Comp. I must go back now ;) I still have hope.

Scaleb: Ant Queen is now much harder to kill – Takes hours with 20+ BBs, and various high lvl knights and elves attacking her. Yesterday (or maybe the day before) all it took was an elf or two, and a summon mage or 2….

Teapot: These are pictures of our attempt to kill ant for 6hours +..

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May 31, 2002 12:33 am ET - research by amateras
More Episode 11
Care of Lineage WebsZone (

Elmore General Bear Death Fox
Ghost Iron Golem Mimic Sabre-Tooth Tiger
Silohuette Saint Bernard Snowman Undead Mage
Yeti Demon

Also, another page of books for sale:

From top to bottom: Fireball, Vampiric Touch, Earth Jail, Call Lightning, Cone of Cold, Bless Weapon.

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May 31, 2002 12:09 am ET - research by Nue
Magic Summary
Here is a summary of the icons for the new magic. On the left is all 10 levels of mage spells. On the right is the new window for elves (notice that the tabs where level 7-10 for mages normally appear are red and the spells are different. So basically, an elf can learn all level 1-6 magic and then 5 levels of elven magic. (Not pictured in the elven window is the level 1 and 2 elf spells, of which there are 5).

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May 30, 2002 04:06 pm ET - research by amateras
Episode 11 - PlayForum report
Lineage Playforum ( made a little report of all the new stuff they could find on Episode 11. We grabbed the screenshots and did some translations. Check it out:

Episode 11 - translation from Playforum

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May 30, 2002 02:29 pm ET - research by atdt01410, Jailrune, ForNamomo
Elven magic
Two visitors on our site, atdt01410 and JailRune have posted a translation of elven magic as comments, I thought it was worthy of news. We're going to double check it all, so corrections might be made. (Thanks atdt01410 and Jailrune!)

All Fire Water Wind Earth
Level 1 resist magic (5/0)
+10% to MR for 1 hour

body to mind (0/5)
+2 MP

teleport to mother tree (5/0)
teleport to mother tree

Level 2 clear mind (15/0)
+5 to WIS for 30 minutes

resist element (10/0)
+10% to elemental resistance for 1 hour

Level 3 return to nature (20/0/1)
break summon or tame

blood to soul (0/50)
+20 MP

resist fire (15/0)
for 1 hour, increased fire resistance

fire weapon (10/0) for 10 min, increased melee damage

resist water (15/0)
for 1 hour, increased water resistance
resist wind (15/0)
for 1 hour, increased wind resistance

wind shot (20/0)
increase in bow hit and damage

wind walk (15/0)
for 30 min, increased walking speed

resist earth (15/0)
for 1 hour, increased earth resistance

earth skin (10/0)
for 1 hour, increased AC
entangle (20/0/1)
for 3 min, decreased walking speed

Level 4 erase magic (50/0/2)
erases magical effects
summon fire elemental (30/0/2)
for 1 hour, summon fire elemental

bless of fire (30/0)
for 30 min, party gets increased melee damage

summon water elemental (30/0/2)
for 1 hour, summon water elemental

nature touch (30/0)
heal all HP

summon wind elemental (30/0/2)
for 1 hour, summon wind elemental

eye of the storm (30/0)
for 30 min, party gets increased missile hit rate and damage

summon earth elemental (30/0/2)
for 1 hour, summon earth elemental

earth bind (30/0)
for 1 minute, target cannot attack

Level 5 area of silence (100/0/5)
no magic can be used for 1 minute in the same screen as the caster
summon flame elemental (50/0/3)
for 1 hour, summon flame elemental

burning weapon (20/0)
for 10 min, increased fire melee damage

summon ice elemental (50/0/3)
for 1 hour, summon ice elemental

nature blessing (20/0)
heal all of party's HP

call of nature (120/0/3)
ressurects target with full HP and 0 MP

summon storm elemental (50/0/3)
for 1 hour, summon storm elemental

storm shot (20/0)
for 10 min, increased missile hit rate and damage

storm walk (10/0)
teleport to any location on the screen

summon iron elemental (50/0/3)
for 1 hour, summon iron elemental

iron skin (20/0)
for 15 minutes, increased AC

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May 30, 2002 02:00 pm ET - research by NC - Austin
Issue Resolution
We are currently investigating two issues occurring after the latest publish. The first issue involves pets collection of stackable items. If a pet is carrying an item that can be stacked in its inventory and its inventory is filled to 8 slots, the pet will drop additional stacked items to the ground rather than adding to stacks. For example, if a pet is carrying one fur and has seven inventory slots filled with other items, it will not pick up any additional fur. The second issue involves disrupted display/visibility of prince and princess characters for some players.

We are working to resolve both of these issues, and will be posting more information as soon as it becomes available

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May 30, 2002 01:26 pm ET - research by BigPope, amateras
updated Magic Help files on Korean Test Server
18 new spells were added to the Korean Test Server magic help files. We translated:

Level 1
Name: Holy Weapon
Alignment: Neutral
Cost: 10 MP/0 HP
Duration: 10 minutes
Target: PC or NPC
Effect: Makes weapon holy so undead damage is increased.
Level 2
Name: Decrease Weight
Alignment: Neutral
Cost: 20 MP/5 HP
Duration: 15 minutes
Target: Caster
Effect: Decreases weight of items.
Level 3
Name: Weak Element
Alignment: Neutral
Cost: 8 MP/0 HP
Duration: Immediate
Target: PC/NPC
Effect: Determines which element the target is most vulnerable to.
Level 4
Name: Countermagic
Alignment: Neutral
Cost: 30 MP/10 HP/1 magic gem
Duration: 10 seconds
Target: PC/NPC
Effect: Aborts the next magic cast (within the 10 seconds).
Name: Meditation
Alignment: Neutral
Cost: 30 MP/25 HP
Duration: 15 minutes
Target: Caster
Effect: MP regenerates faster, but stops regeneration if you move or fight.
Level 5
Name: Mana Drain
Alignment: Neutral
Cost: 45 MP/20 HP
Duration: 15 minutes
Target: PC or NPC
Effect: Takes MP from target
Name: Darkness
Alignment: Neutral
Cost: 15 MP/5 HP/1 magic gem
Duration: 10 seconds
Target: PC/NPC
Effect: Blinds target.
Level 6
Name: Weakness
Alignment: Chaotic
Cost: 30 MP/20 HP/1 magic gem
Duration: 3 minutes
Target: PC/NPC
Effect: Decreases fighting ability (STR and damage) for the duration.
Name: Bless Weapon
Alignment: Neutral
Cost: 30 MP/0 HP
Duration: 10 minutes
Target: PC/NPC
Effect: Blesses weapon of target.
Level 7
Name: Magical Mine
Alignment: Neutral
Cost: 35 MP/0 HP/1 magic gem
Duration: Permanent
Target: Anywhere except for a wall
Effect: Leaves a magical trap.
Name: Disease
Alignment: Chaotic
Cost: 40 MP/15 HP/2 magic gem
Duration: 3 minutes
Target: PC/NPC
Effect: Decrease's targets STR/CON for the duration.
Level 8
Name: Life Stream
Alignment: Neutral
Cost: 50 MP/0 HP/1 magic gem
Duration: 10 minutes
Target: Affects whole party.
Effect: Increases HP regeneration rate of party for the duration
Name: Silence
Alignment: Neutral
Cost: 33 MP/10 HP/1 magic gem
Duration: 3 minutes
Target: PC/NPC
Effect: No magic can be cast in the affected area for the duration.
Level 9
Name: Inner Sight
Alignment: Neutral
Cost: 55 MP/10 HP/1 magic gem
Duration: 10 seconds
Target: caster
Effect: Broadens caster's sight. Sees through all obstacles.
Name: Decay Potion
Alignment: Neutral
Cost: 60 MP/20 HP/2 magic gem
Duration: 1 minute
Target: PC/NPC
Effect: Target cannot use any potions for the duration.
Level 10
Name: Absolute Barrier
Alignment: Neutral
Cost: 80 MP/10 HP/3 magic gems
Duration: 30 seconds
Target: Caster
Effect: Places an invincible barrier around the caster, but caster cannot move.
Name: Change Position
Alignment: Neutral
Cost: 100 MP/20 HP/3 magic gems
Duration: Immediate
Target: PC
Effect: Swaps positions between caster and PC
Name: Greater Mass Teleport
Alignment: Neutral
Cost: 120 MP/30 HP/5 magic gems
Duration: Immediate
Target: Within 8 cells of the caster
Effect: Mass teleport on all PCs within an 8 cell area, regardless of pledge.

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May 30, 2002 01:22 pm ET - research by Werewolf
XDaComeOn hits level 50

XDaComeOn is the thirteenth level 50 knight in the USA, the eleventh level 50 player on Dep (all eleven are knights) and the fifteenth level 50 player in the USA. Congratulations XDaComeOn!

XDaComeOn, a CON knight, has over 600 HP *and* a STR ammy. He also has an unreal amount of MP for a knight: 68. In addition, he switches between a +9 Katana, a +9 Rapier and a +8 blessed Tsurugi. With DEX update, he has -61 AC and he uses an MR set to hunt DVC and Fire Valley (FV)

He died 3 times at level 49 (losing 13% each time), so it took him 2 months to get from 49-50. He estimates hitting level 52 at about the end of June.

Obsidean, a STR knight, has a +8 b-tsu and -54 AC and hunted MLC 7f and Fire Valley. He also has a PK count of 21.

Congratulations XDaComeOn!

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May 30, 2002 12:47 pm ET - research by amateras
5/30 - Episode 11 published to Korean Test servers
NC - Korea announces ( that Episode 11 will be published to the Korean Test servers on 5/30. The update includes:
  1. Ivory Tower: Levels 1-3 will be a mage's laboratory where you can buy and sell spells and other magical items. Level 4 and higher will be a dungeon with monsters.
  2. Ivory Tower town: It's cold. There's snow.
  3. Crystal Dungeon: This 3 level dungeon contains the Ice Queen.
  4. New mage magic added.
  5. Elves "elemental destiny" added.
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May 30, 2002 11:19 am ET - research by amer
New items from
Could the mage level 50+ bonus finally arrive with Episode 11? Are there new mid-level quests too?

Blank Spell Scrolls Plume of
Tears of

Found on

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May 29, 2002 07:23 pm ET - research by NC - USA
Experience Changes update
We will be bringing down the North American Lineage servers at approximately 6:15 PM Central US time on Wednesday, May 29th to remove the recently published experience changes as well as the death penalty reduction changes. We have opted to do this in response both to address our own concerns with the system design as well as in response to the high volume of customer feedback we’ve received in the last few hours. The overall system (including both the death penalty and exp. changes) was originally intended to offset connectivity issues in the US market by reducing the experience loss due to character death, while the exp change was included to balance the resulting ease in leveling as well as to limit ‘farming’ of low level monsters in cases where no risk was involved to the character. We are striving to create a system that is both fun for our customers and fair to characters of all levels, and we don’t feel that the current system achieves that goal.

As we will be working to revise the system in the next few weeks, we are very interested in your feedback. We’d like to encourage everyone to visit the Lineage test server and provide feedback on the official Lineage message boards and through our Customer Support emails. We apologize for the disruption this has caused the North American Lineage community, and we will provide updated information on this system change in the near future.

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May 29, 2002 06:21 pm ET - research by NC - Korea
Episode 11 - Part II
NC - Korea released more official information on Episode 11: 13 screenshots and a video!

Episode 11 official info - Part II

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May 29, 2002 06:21 pm ET - research by NC - USA
Tips for Trading

If you have experienced any trouble trading items with players, make sure that your character is set up to receive items.

  • Click on the Options icon in the game interface.
  • Click on Game Options.
  • In the list, find the Receive line.
  • Make sure that Receive is ON. If it is not, simply click on the word Receive to turn it on!

If your Receive feature is ON and you still have troubles trading, make sure that you:

  • Type /trade in the chatline and press Enter.
  • Click on the player you want to trade with. A trade window should appear in the left side of the screen.
  • Drag and drop an item from your inventory to the trade window.
  • Press OK when both parties agree on the trade.
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May 29, 2002 06:20 pm ET - research by amer
Where was LC?
Sorry about the crappy performance everyone. :( There was some problem with our ISP's ISP. (Broken router). If I find out more, I'll append here.
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May 29, 2002 06:19 pm ET - research by NC - USA
Publish Information Change
The following update was added to the publish today:
  • Experience gain from monsters has been changed in the following manner:
    If a monster is roughly two thirds of the player's level or higher (not exactly two-thirds), then the player will gain 100% experience from killing it. If the monster is less than two third's of the player's level (again, not exactly two-thirds), then the player will receive some or none of the experience.
    Example: A level 30 player can kill roughly level 20 monsters and above and receive experience. If the creature is below level 20, each level down will reduce the experience gain another 10%. So a roughly level 19 creature would yield 90% experience, 18 yield 80%, down to eventually zero.
    Creatures that are grey colored on their name will not yield experience.
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May 28, 2002 07:59 pm ET - research by NC - USA
5/29 - US Live Server update
The following items will be published on May 29 at 10:00am Central US time:
  • Fixed a bug that was displaying the name of tamed monsters mistakenly if they had been polymorphed. For example, if you used a maple wand on a tamed zombie and changed it to a bugbear, the name would still display “zombie”.
  • Fixed a bug that a player kept on restarting at the same spot where he or she died when equipped with certain specific items.
  • Fixed a targeting bug with the fog in Lair of Valakas
  • Fixed a bug that allowed the player to delete items with the spacebar key
  • Fixed a bug where summoned monsters and pets were not receiving the loot from monsters they killed, even if the summoned monster or pet had room in their inventory for the items.
  • The Bless of Eva potion has been extended to last 30 minutes
  • The weight of wisdom potions has been reduced.
  • Scroll of identify will now identify a dog’s name and level when identified.
  • Players can now destroy items via the in-game trashcan (Can not delete dog collars with new trash can feature) Guides will not create additional rabbits once they’ve already created some within one minute.
  • Players can no longer “give” items to vendor NPC’s. Selling is still possible.
  • Full inventory monsters will drop loot on the ground rather than let it disappear.
  • Tamed and summoned monsters will now have a hit point bar over their head.
  • Players should receive an additional 1 AC point at the following levels:
    • Dex 18, Every 4 levels -1 AC
    • Dex 16 to 17, every 5 levels -1 AC
    • Dex 13 to 15, every 6 levels -1 AC
    • Dex 10 to 12, every 7 levels -1 AC
    • Dex 7 to 9, every 8 levels -1 AC
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May 28, 2002 01:33 pm ET - research by Nue
Details on the new magic
Nue was able to retrieve graphics of what look like the new elven magics, as well as the Korean translated names for each of the new spells. Some good stuff!

New Episode 11 magic?

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May 28, 2002 11:59 am ET - research by Nue, Month-X_ZERO, bchen
5/28 - Korean Test files
A ton of new item images were uploaded to the Korean Test servers on 5/28. Here they are with Nue's (translated) descriptions:
  1. New gems
    First some crystals, used with magic books to learn magic

    And here are new forms of the elemental gems (notice the new orange one)
  2. Amulets
    From left to right: violet, diamond, emerald, pearl, ruby
  3. Death Knight Armor Set
  4. Demon Armor Set
  5. Belts
    Ogre Belt, Titan Belt, "Dolo" Belt?
  6. Boots
    Cursed Boots, Fate Boots, Underwater Boots
  7. Gloves
    Crystal Gloves, Leather Gloves, Snowman Gloves, Stone Gloves
  8. Bows
    Sayha's Bow
  9. Other
    Jade Ball
  10. New Magic
    Korea hasn't translated the names yet, so we can just look. ^^

    The new magic, when active?

    18 screenshots of the Ivory Tower for your drooling pleasure: Episode 11 Screenshots, Part 2
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May 28, 2002 05:52 am ET - research by amer
Elven Item Creation Guide
After much delay, we have added an Elven Item Creation guide. We tried to capture the "big picture" with this one, so you can see everything on one screen (and hopefully it will fit on a piece of paper).

I'd love some feedback on it - I hope it is useful.

Elven Item Creation

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May 27, 2002 10:39 pm ET - research by amer
Obsidean hits 50

Obsidean is the twelfth level 50 knight in the USA, the tenth level 50 player on Dep (all ten are knights) and the fifteenth level 50 player in the USA. Congratulations Obsidean!

Obsidean hit level 49 on April 6th, and 4-8 hours per day and almost a month and a half later (with one lag death), he has made it into the elite club of level 50+ players in the US.

Obsidean, a STR knight, has a +8 b-tsu and -54 AC and hunted MLC 7f and Fire Valley. He also has a PK count of 21.

When asked what if he was on his way to 52, he said he wasn't. "I'm tired. Doing this took up too much time." After a break, he might come back, but his 4-8 hours a day days are over. :)

Congratulations Obsidean, and have a good break. ^^

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May 27, 2002 10:29 pm ET - research by Werewolf
Mamamia hits 51
Mamamia is the fourth player in the USA to hit level 51. Congratulations Mamamia!

With -5x AC, +7 Tsu, +9 Rap, this latest level was gained hunting DVC 2-4f. He is a CON 18 knight, and for his first stat, he picked STR. With Orc Ammy, he has over 650 HP, room for plenty of damage by muryans, ettins and skeletons.

Congratulations Mamamia!

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May 26, 2002 08:53 pm ET - research by TwinkleStar
YubGiChaRyuk hits level 52
YubGiChaRyuk just hit level 52. This makes him the second level 52 character in the USA. He picked +1 CON at level 51, and +1 CON at level 52. Now he regenerates HP quite fast.

Some sad news though. It appears he's retiring from Lineage on June 12th. He had fun, but it looks like it is time for him to move on. Congratulations and good luck in whatever you do Yub!

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May 26, 2002 05:07 pm ET - research by Nue
more Episode 11 screenshots
DarkElvenLord pointed out that has more screenshots from Nue of Episode 11:

Ice Dungeon 1F

Ice Dungeon 1F

Ice Dungeon 2F

Ice Dungeon 3F

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May 25, 2002 06:33 pm ET - research by SoulScream
CORPS hits level 50

CORPS is the eleventh level 50 knight in the USA, the ninth level 50 player on Dep (all nine are knights) and the fourteenth level 50 player in the USA. Congratulations CORPS!

CORPS, a str knight (Dep), just turned lvl 50 and answered some questions.

CORPS new morph and a DK in the picture for luck ^^

SoulScream: How long have you been lvling this char?
CORPS: Forever! (She's afk so often that estimating how long she's 
been lvling it is sorta difficult)
S: How many times have you died?
C: Nine times at lvl 49 (One delvl!) and 12 times total.
S: Where do you usually hunt?
C: FV and Desert.
S: How long until lvl 51?
C: Should be there in under a month.
S: Is there anything special you'd want to announce?
C: I would like to thank all the nice mages that healed me, it's thanks to 
them that I got to 50 so fast.

Interview by SoulScream, Dep server.

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May 25, 2002 12:12 am ET - research by Dlirk
Dlirk's report on E3 2002
Dlirk always gets into expos. He's like the Lineage community's official insider to game exhibitions. Here is the report on Lineage that he emailed me. ^^
Lineage at E3

I went up to the booth where I met Susan Kath, she gave me a lineage hat and said she knew who I was, I’m Dlirk, by the way. My mom told her I had been playing lineage since it started, about 5 years ago, she then asked me if I would like to meet Jake Song. I said that I would and a few moments later I shook hands with Jake.

I asked him about items like wands of wishing being removed, they were very fun items I told him. He replied that they are still in the game, monsters just don’t drop them. He also said that Lineage II takes place around 150 years before Lineage I and there is very little connecting Lineage I and II, remember this line folks.

He said the dragons were given elements for no real reason and that it does not really follow the lineage history. He said that the dragons wanted a more civilized world than the giants provided but there is no reason for them having elements, it is more of a game discretion. My mom then told him that he is to blame for me spending so many hours playing. He agreed that it was his fault.

We were then led into a small room with a big computer in the corner. A guy in there showed me everything I wanted to see in lineage. I got to see demons fight the new beleth. The new Beleth womped demon like a girl with a skinned knee. He showed me the newly redone hidden valley and singing island with new monsters, a new low level quest involving a low level drake on singing island. I also got to see all the new monsters and the animation is really cool.

I saw the new mage and knight and the knight had really cool animations with a dagger, sword, and two-handed sword. He kind of got mad when I said a knight would have to be really strong to use a katana in one hand. The dagger thrust with the knight looked really cool. The snowman is great, he pecks at you with his nose.

The guy then tried to kill Valakas with the +100 Doomblade he had, but after it didn’t die in 5 hits he gave up and clicked the dragon which showed what items he was carrying, wow I want that hack.

I also saw a few more servers but they don’t seem to be released yet, I saw another non-pk server, another test server and 2 more pk servers, and then there was the e3 server. I asked if they would add a new hunting area strictly for level 48-50+ and he said he didn’t know. What keeps strong players playing, that is what he asked me.

I then got to see lineage II and it had this cool zoom out feature where you can see the whole map for miles, really easy to find monsters, then he made the sprite he had, have an elven torso and elven legs. He also made it lay down on the ground and do a battle taunt, yet he was unable to cast a spell or slash, because he didn’t have those animations. I asked him if Lineage II ties into the story of Lineage I, he said it did a lot, and I got confused cause remember what Jake said? He said it’s establishing the ruling class in Lineage II… And then we were out of time and I left. Some side notes include. He also said that IK was brought on board because of his work with Beleth killed a snow golem in 2 hits. When asked about the Destroy, better known as Disintegrate spell, he said he doubted it would ever be added, then he blasted a chicken with it. He also didn’t seem to know about unicorn horns when I asked him about them. I don’t really see why they don’t add doom blades normally to the server because it was only 16/16 and did not have the instant kill feature, sure it had +5 to stats but peh.


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May 25, 2002 12:09 am ET - research by Nue
more Episode 11 monsters
Nue's latest discoveries from the Korean servers:
Elmor Soldier Iceman
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May 24, 2002 05:00 pm ET - research by amateras
5/24 - Korean Live server update
NC - Korea announces ( the following updates to the Korean Live servers
  1. Hit Bonus based on level and class.
    • Knight gets +1 to hit every 3 levels.
    • Elf/Prince gets +1 to hit every 5 levels.
    • Knight gets +1 damage every 10 levels.
    • Elf gets +1 damage with bow every 10 levels.
  2. Base MR bonus based on class. Currently, it is based on your WIS. Now, it will be based on WIS and class:
    • Elf starts with extra 25%.
    • Mage starts with extra 15%.
    • Prince starts with extra 10%.
  3. For mages, based on your INT, the MP necessary to cast spells has changed. This will not affect the magic gem and HP requirements of the spells.
  4. The damage bonus for STR and the hit bonus for DEX has been slightly modified.
  5. The effect of AC on damage sustained has been slightly modified. However, in PvP combat, class will also play a role in the effect of AC on damage sustained.
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May 24, 2002 12:26 pm ET - research by NC - USA
5/28 - US Live Servers update
Bookmarks that are still functioning near the Valakas Lair entrance will be disabled today (Friday May 24) at 11:30am US Central time on Test Server. They will also be disabled in Depardieu and Ken Rauhel on Tuesday May 28 during the 10:00am US central time server maintenance. If your bookmark(s) no longer work in this area, you will need to re-create them in a spot that will allow bookmarks.
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May 24, 2002 06:33 am ET - research by amer
more changes
Some changes to Lineage Compendium I thought I'd mention:
  1. There has been some confusion about the rules for comments, people getting banned, posts getting deleted, etc. We have made them a little bit more clear. The moderator is BigPope. Any questions you have about the rules can be directed to him in an email at It's no big deal, really, just trying to have some good discussion on the news.
  2. Many people wonder about who we are. We added an about page (last link, all the way at the bottom of the menu). We tried to think of the basic questions people ask and answered them. If you have more, let us know and we'll add to the page. ^^
  3. We added a Top 50 Players in the LC/LinWeb sharing. Pretty self-explanatory. :)
  4. Also added is a Top 20 Pledges. This deserves some explanation. Obviously, not every member of the pledge is present in LinWeb. So, what we do is take the whole pledge, and count everyone who is not sharing as 0 points. We count everyone who is sharing by their rating. Then we take the average. To give bonus to large pledges (and make up for missing people), we multiply the average by the size of the pledge to the 0.8 power. It's a weird formula, but it kind of works. If you have better ideas, I want to hear them. :)
    How do you raise your pledge rating? Add people! Every person that isn't added is being counted as a level 1 newbie, so adding more members from your pledge should help.
  5. Finally, the LINDX. It's like the S&P 500, the Dow Jones Industrial Average, etc. It represents the average ratings of each server. Some cross-server competition. :)
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May 23, 2002 11:52 pm ET - research by EdgyAsHell
first +9 b-tsurugi
Looks like Dep server has the first +9 b-tsurugi in the USA. This fine weapon belongs to Startsnow of the PornStarPledge. This weapon went from +5 to +7 on a b-dai, and then 2 n-dais to finish the job.

Amer: Amazing. 
Startsnow: ^^"
A: So +5 to +7 on b- then n- and n-.
S: yes
A: What were you thinking to do +8 or +9?
S: hmm.. this is my only tsu and when i'm doing it , i feel no regret if i blew it
A: yeah, huge sacrifice if you blew it!
S: yes. but i struggle for about half hour before i click ...
A: wow. balls. very nice work. where did you get the btsu?
S: from Faf
A: direct drop?
S: yes
A: ha! pledge hunt of faf?
S: yes
A: did you die?
S: yup , once
A: well, worth it huh!
S: ^^ for some reason , i think this sword meant to be mine coz in 24 hours i made it from 7 ~ 9 t.t
A: did you ever use rap?
S: yes
A: what +?
S: +9
A: vs undead, do you think +9 rap is better than +9 btsu?
S: i still think +9 rap is better ...
A: so you don't think that b- does undead damage like rap?
S: hmm.. i think it effect , but i don't know how much
A: ok, interesting
S: im not like other ppl said... blessed char...
A: why, have you been very unlucky so far?
S: well , many ppl said i'm blessed char coz the +9rap i made is also my only rap......
A: wait, you made a +9 rap on first try?
S: yes
A: well, congratulations on your +9 btsu!
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May 23, 2002 07:31 pm ET - research by Melantus
new mage animation
Melantus posted a message on the message boards to show us the new mage, which features smoother animation:

Mage walks with dagger in desert (Quicktime - 2.49MB - USA West)
Mage walks with short sword in Episode 11 lands (Quicktime - 3.61MB - USA West)
Mage walks with spear (Quicktime - 5.45MB - USA West)

All three movies in MPEG format (MPEG - 7.83MB - USA East)

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May 23, 2002 04:40 pm ET - research by NC - USA
5/23 - Publish to US Test server
Melantus stopped by the IRC to visit and let us know why Test server was down:
  • Extended the Bless of Eva potion to last 30 minutes
  • Reduced the weight of wisdom potions
  • Fixed a naming bug when taming polymorphed monsters
  • Can no longer delete dog collars

By the way, you'll notice that all the May 10th updates, like DEX/AC, are in now. ^^
Q: Hey Melantus, does the dex/ac update affect monsters too? That is, will they have boosted AC based on their DEX?
A: Nope. Monsters dont gain exp and not this ac dex bonus.
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May 23, 2002 03:44 pm ET - research by ZFiinZ redesigned
The site has a new look to it. In addition, a flash presentation which has all the screenshots we posted yesterday as well as two new ones (looks like undead mage and undead knight) is available by clicking on the image to the right.
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May 23, 2002 03:41 pm ET - research by amateras
Lineage for Playstation 2
Lineage Webszone reports ( that NC made an announcment at E3 that they are deciding whether or not they want to release Lineage for the Playstation 2.

It appears that they have a bulk of the client completed, but haven't made a decision if it they will finish it up and won't be able to make that decision until Fall 2002. We've known about a console version since February 2002, but not which consoles.

Nothing was mentioned about support for other consoles, so don't count them out just yet. :)

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May 23, 2002 04:23 am ET - research by amer
Site update: Best of LinWeb updates
I made some improvements to the LinWeb sharing system:
  • Best PvP weapon category now incorporates player's STR into the damage calculations as described by our STR page.
  • Best PvP weapon category includes damage bonus of weapons is included.
  • Best PvP weapon category includes arrow damage on bows, but not base damage since it's not included in the damage inflicted in the game. (Note that DEX affects damage for all weapons, but we didn't include it because it's a smaller effect than DEX and we don't quite understand it yet)
  • LinWeb sharing page now allows you to update your LinWeb data yourself. Just go to the page, type in your name, choose your server and click Update. This will pull down the latest stats for your character. However, you can only do this once per hour to avoid abuse. (There will still be nightly updates anyway, but if you want to update your data after you're done for the night or something and see your new rank, you can do that).
  • LinWeb sharing page now allows Searching/Jumping by name. Just type in the name in the name field and it will jump forward to that name. You could also just type in "J" and jump to the Js.
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May 22, 2002 04:13 pm ET - research by amateras
Lineage 2003
NC is planning big graphics changes for Lineage in 2003. (Yes, the original one). To get you "in the mood" they offer this little flash slideshow as well as a short 38-second movie. It depicts a siege. It's quite cool. [12.6M - Windows Media Player - Korea] [4.2M - MPEG - USA (east)]

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May 22, 2002 03:14 pm ET - research by amateras
Episode 11 preview
NC - Korea has released a set of 12 screenshots to give us a taste of the graphics and new monsters in the upcoming episode. They're big, so we separated them off into their own page:

Episode 11 graphics

Episode 11 monsters

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May 22, 2002 02:50 pm ET - research by NC - Korea
5/22 - Update to Live Korean Servers
NC announces ( that the following updates are being published to the live Korean servers on 5/22:
  1. Newbie town has new dungeons. [More info]
  2. Greater Haste book now drops from certain monsters. Greater Haste lasts 30 minutes, but can only be cast on yourself.
  3. Mana potions added as a drop from monsters. Mana potions will accelerate your mana regeneration for 10 minutes, based on your WIS.
  4. Summon and tame have been changed to limit to CHA/6 monsters. However, mage and prince classes get a +1 bonus and elf class gets a +2 bonus. So, a CHA 12 mage would be able to summon/tame a maximum of 3 monsters. A CHA 11 elf would be able to also tame up to 3 monsters.

    In addition, the monsters that can be summoned have changed:
    Level 28: Werewolf (no change)
    Level 32: Skeleton -> Lizardman
    Level 36: Spartoi -> Ratman
    Level 40: Bugbear (no change)
    Level 44: Bugbear -> Skeleton Guard
    Level 48: Bugbear -> King Bugbear
    Level 52: Bugbear -> Ettin

  5. Heine housing is available for purchase.
  6. You can now find dragon scales rarely lying around the dragon's lair. (You don't need to kill the dragon to get them).
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May 22, 2002 05:19 am ET - research by amer
NC @ E3 - Part I
This was posted at, hopefully we get some cool Lineage II news within the next few days. ^^

In case you don't recall, NC Soft and Cryptic Studios recently announced that they will be showing off their upcoming super hero flavored MMORPG, City of Heroes at E3. Cryptic says that they'll show the game to various media and industry professionals behind closed doors beginning tomorrow. They'll be walking folks through a 15 minute demo of the game, and answering whatever questions they are ready to at this point in development. NCSoft will also show other undisclosed properties to the media, though what these titles are has not been disclosed.. it wouldn't be much of a stretch to expect them to show off something from Lineage II, but don't quote me on that..

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May 21, 2002 11:42 pm ET - research by BloodKnight, rgamcdou, punker, and many others
Forged hits level 50

Forged is the tenth level 50 knight in the USA, the first 50+ character on Test server and the thirteenth level 50 player in the USA. Congratulations Forged!

I know, I can see it already: "Test doesn't count, test is easy, test is lame, blah blah." We've heard it all before. Yes, test gets better drops, yes, there is more money on test, yes, the average person has more money, more pots, more armor, better weapons on test. However, killing a monster still gives the same experience. To level to 50 on test takes just as many DV skels as on the regular servers, so regardless of your feelings towards certain parts of Test, it is still a huge task to level to 50.

Forged, a STR Knight, reached level 50 a few hours ago. He started Test when it was last wiped earlier this year, but didn't take it seriously until his friends moved there. He spent only 2.5 weeks at level 49. He spent anywhere from 8-16 hours per day playing. (!)

He hunts in FV beach (which is apparently where most of the 50+ people are hunting these days)

His LinWeb is open to all to see (Forged). But quick summary: AC -60, +9 Tsurugi, 516HP, ROTC, ROPC.

His goal is to reach level 52 before a server wipe. How does he feel about a server wipe? "Doesn't really matter. Means I'll finally break my Lineage addiction. The whole point of this server is to have fun."

And he is. Congratulations Forged!

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May 21, 2002 07:47 pm ET - research by amer
Thin reaches level 50

Thin is the ninth level 50 knight in the USA, the eighth level 50 player on Dep (also the eighth Knight on Dep - all characters on Dep 50+ are knights) and the twelfth level 50 player in the USA. Congratulations Thin!

Thin, a STR Knight, reached level 50 just a few hours ago. He created Thin in December 2001, and levelled up to 50 in just 6 months, 2.3 of which were spent at level 49. He died a total of around 8 times total (twice at 49).

He hunts in Dragon Valley and Dragon Valley Caves with a +8 rap and -45 AC with 45% MR, also for only about 4-5 hours a day. He uses werewolf morph in the daytime (fastest swing) but skeleton morph at night (the higher framerate of the werewolf morph could potentially slow your computer down at night).

He has a PK count of 0.

No plans to get to 51+. In fact, he wants to concentrate on improving his AC/MR with his mage for now.

He'd like to thank:

Congratulations Thin!

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May 21, 2002 11:07 am ET - research by NC - USA
5/21 - Maintenance: US Live Server
The US servers will conduct their tuesday maintenance at 10:00am on Tuesday May 21. The servers will be unavailable for a brief time during this maintenance.

During the US server maintenance at 10:00am on Tuesday May 21st, we will be resetting dogs with negative alignment to 0 (zero). This does not correct the issue preventing dog alignment from increasing toward positive during hunting. Players should note that a dog’s alignment will still not adjust to positive if moved into the negative range. We are working to resolve this issue and will update a fix as soon as possible.

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May 20, 2002 04:13 pm ET - research by amateras
5/18 - Korean Live server update
Lineage Playforum ( reports the following updates to the Korean Live servers on 5/18:
  • Fixed bug with naming of tamed monsters
  • Fixed bug where you could not regenerate MP when in the coliseum
  • Prevent ability to delete a dog collar from the trash can icon in inventory.
  • Prevent ability to bookmark near pledge houses. (To prevent burglaries)
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    May 20, 2002 03:48 pm ET - research by NCsoft Corp.
    NCsoft Announces New CI
    A Representation of NCsoft’s Determination to Become a Global Online Game Publisher [May 20, 2002] NCsoft Corp. (President Kim Taek Jin) today announced a new corporate identity to express its determination to leap into a global online game publisher. The changed CI depicts eternal joy that games bring through the alphabet letters N and C in a graphic representation of game blocks. The blocks are connected geometrically to symbolize eternal enjoyment. The colors orange and violet represent NCsoft’s intention to form a relationship of trust with customers. "This year marks the 5th anniversary of NCsoft’s establishment. If the last five years were dedicated to developing highly-polished games, the next five years will be spent in striving to become a global online game publisher that gamers can fully trust and chose. Our new CI represents our aspirations,” said president Kim Taek Jin of NCsoft.
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    May 20, 2002 05:32 am ET - research by FirstLove Pledge
    Antharas attempt
    For the curious, here is a 5 minute video of FIRSTLOVE pledge on Dep server attempting to kill Antharas. They used many, many mages e-bolting him nonstop until he burrowed. Then he came back, and sent him back down again. The video ends with Antharas burrowed into the ground and the person who sent me this told me that they failed in the end.

    Please do not post these links to any message boards or link from any web pages. You are welcome to download it from this site or its mirrors, but if you want to distribute it, please host it yourself. If there is any abuse, we will be forced to remove the link. Thanks for respecting our bandwidth. [6.68MB (DivX*) | 10.5MB (MPEG)] (USA East) [6.68MB (DivX*)] (Mirror 1 - Denmark - thanks to OnLit|Ken) [6.68MB (DivX*)] (Mirror 2 - USA West)

    *Requires DivX codec (

    If you do not have DivX or do not want to install it, download the MPEG version. That format is pretty much universal.
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    May 20, 2002 03:35 am ET - research by amer
    Episode 11 teaser
    Looks like Episode 11 is coming soon. (From the official NC - Korea website).

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    May 19, 2002 12:28 am ET - research by NC - Austin
    Account Management Update
    NC-Austin has added a some questions to their online survey so that they may develop Lineage and other games with you – and your equipment preferences – in mind!

    It is easy and will take less than a minute!

  • Log into Account Mgmt.
  • Select Update Survey Info
  • Answer the questions
  • Click on Update!

    While you’re at it… please take another minute to make sure that your other information (billing, shipping, t-shirt size) is correct too!

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    May 18, 2002 03:43 am ET - research by amer
    Best of LinWeb
    Okay, so more boredom = more new features. I added something called the "Best of LinWeb". Basically, it takes all of the LinWeb characters that everyone has chosen to share and ranks them against each other in different categories:
    • Highest Level
    • Best AC
    • Highest HP
    • Highest MP
    • Most Adena on Hand
    • Best PvP weapon (must be equipped)
    • Best HP/Level (must be level 6+)
    • Best MP/Level (must be level 6+)
    • Best AC for level
    • Highest Overall Rating (we made up a formula ^^)
    You can also filter by server and class. Enjoy!

    Best of LinWeb

    If you havent yet add your character to our LinWeb Database and see if you are in the top 10 of one of our categories!
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    May 17, 2002 06:10 pm ET - research by ilovekenny
    Episode 11 concept art
    Ilovekenny, who sent in the episode 11 interview, sent us a few concept art images. He also wanted to add that an alternate translation of the Korean name for the ice dungeon is Crystal Caves.

    Snow Queen concept Ivory Tower concept

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    May 17, 2002 03:28 pm ET - research by amateras
    Episode 11 interview
    We received an email titled "Lineage News letter[episode11 info.]" and in it was an interview (in Korean) with Ju-Hyung Jang, team lead for Lineage. What follows is a translation of this interview. Please note that we paraphrased and that this is an unofficial translation, so don't go complaining to NC if we at LC made a mistake. ^^
    1. When do you expect episode 11 to be published to the Korean Test servers?
      We are trying for end of May.
    2. Oren has been called the "mage update". Will it be mostly new spells?
      There will be major updates on high level magic attacks as well as new elven magics, which use the 4 elements that will be different from the mage spells. The elven spells will be geared towards making an elf and their pledgemates stronger, not necessarily attack spells.
    3. Will there be a new area and a new dungeon?
      There will be a huge ivory tower at the center of the new region. Right next to the tower will be the new town. There will also be new monsters, new items and an ice dungeon. The snow queen will be the new boss for this area.
    4. What is the Oren update in terms of the story of Lineage?
      Oren is Aden's center of magic. The Ivory Tower produced many of Aden's high level mages. All teleport NPCs are also from the Ivory Tower. Oren will be the coldest place in all of Aden and will debut snow-covered ground, even though it is right next to the Lair of Valakas.
    5. What is the Ivory Tower?
      The Ivory Tower has two faces. One is the lower part of the tower, which includes the town, a place where rare magic items are traded. The support for the new magics will be added here. The other face, the higher levels of the tower are a sort of dungeon. As you get higher in the tower, there will be monsters that will make you wonder if you're even in a tower any more.
    6. Can you tell us about any unique monsters?
      The dungeon boss, Snow Queen and the tower boss, Demon, will drop the new items.
    7. What kind of elven magics will be added?
      There are five levels (10, 20, 30, 40, 50). There will be basic magic that low level elves can learn. When they hit 30, they can try the third level of elven magic, but they will have to choose an element at that time. That element path will allow you to learn as many magic as you like, within that element. For example, fire magic is good for attacking, which is something a sword elf would use. Water magic will be good for spells like healing, wind magic will improve attributes like dexterity and earth magic will give you more protection. You choose the style yourself.
    8. When the update comes, sounds like the elven characters will get major advantages. Will there be balancing issues?
      Yes, there will be advantages to being an elf. However, it does not make them the strongest class. This will definitely help the situation where less players are playing elves. Winning a 1:1 does not mean your class is the strongest. Even if you aren't good at PvP, you could be good at hunting or having different kinds of fun. There will be other benefits, for example, for being prince or knight. We hope to bring fun for every class, while still focusing on balance issues.
    9. The Korean test server has new dungeons for newbies. What are the goals of these areas?
      You can use the teleport NPC to get into the dungeon. The dungeons seem different, but they are connected in the middle. In the middle hallway, the door is locked. You need to find the key to unlock this door by killing the boss. However, if you have your side's key (mages/princes), you still need the help of the other side (knights) to fully unlock the door. This way, no matter how hard you play, you can't visit the other side without cooperation from the other newbies.
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    May 16, 2002 05:36 pm ET - research by amer
    LinWeb Sharing pages
    We've heard all your complaints about the LinWeb sharing. It's out-of-date, it's ugly, it doesn't have enough info, all the characters are broken, blah blah.

    So, we revamped it. This is just a beginning (we have oh-so-many good ideas), but for now, you can see all the available links and the players level too. If the player ever gets deleted, their LinWeb share on Compendium will disappear within 1 day. We will add HP, MP, AC and class soon too. The updates are done daily, so there may be a 1 day lag in the LC info. Hope this is better :)

    update: You can now view and sort by HP, MP, AC, level, class and server.
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    May 16, 2002 03:19 pm ET - research by Melantus
    Official Episode 11 news coming soon
    Melantus posted this earlier this morning on the forums:

    I was about to post some information about the next episode today, but
    there was a small delay and I need to wait a little before posting that
    information up. We should have it up by early next week (the information, not
    the actual publish. that comes later ^^).
    Community Coordinator - Lineage
    NCInteractive - Austin
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    May 15, 2002 02:03 pm ET - research by amateras
    5/15 - Korean Test Server updates
    NC - Korea ( announces the following updates to the Korean Test servers on 5/15:
  • Bookmarking near pledge houses has been disabled. People were using this to steal from pledge houses.
  • The update recently announced which added autotargetting of players that have "gone pink" has been backed out.
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    May 15, 2002 02:00 pm ET - research by amateras
    5/15 Korean Live Server update
    NC - Korea announces ( the following updates to the live servers on 5/15:
  • Bless of Eva potion will last 30 minutes.
  • Because mages have low STR and low CON, Potion of Wisdom weight has been reduced.
  • Small bug fixes.
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    May 15, 2002 12:06 pm ET - research by Nue
    More Korean Test Server NPCs
    More Korean Test server NPCs from Nue.

    Elmor General Iron Golem Snow Wolf Yeti More NPCS

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    May 14, 2002 01:31 pm ET - research by NC - Korea
    5/14 - Korean Test Server updates
    NC - Korea announced ( that the following updates are being put on the Korean Test server:
  • Dragging a dog collar to the Trash Can icon in the Inventory window will not delete the dog collar any more.
  • Wand of Blink will no longer work on NPCs.
  • Some files for the coming episode were added to the server.
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    May 14, 2002 01:25 pm ET - research by amateras
    Ring Event on Korean Test
    Lineage Playforum reports ( that the ring event that was posted on Japanese servers which we reported earlier (5/1 - 5/6 Japanese Lineage Event) has been put on the Korean Test servers.

    The mops that drop the seals are dwarf, werewolf, arachnevil, scorpion, bugbear, arachnevil elder, cerberus, vakuuk, ghoul, ramia, crabman, king bugbear and dark elf.

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    May 14, 2002 04:27 am ET - research by Nue
    New Korean Test NPCs
    Looks like the Korean Test servers are getting the new NPCs. If Episode 11 is Ice themed, then these are the Episode 11 NPCs. :)

    Queen of Ice Sabre-Toothed Tiger Snowman Undead Mage New NPCS

    Also, looks like the redesigned male knight and redesigned male mage has been pushed to Korean Test:
    Mage (Male) Knight (Male)

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    May 14, 2002 01:59 am ET - research by amer
    Sorry to waste everyone's time with a personal note to all my friends out there.

    I finally got it. I levelled on nothing but those green freaks from 35 -> 46 and I can finally stop. It's taken me about 6 months of determination, and I'm done. Thank God I can finally play Lineage like a normal person now. I thought I was Sisyphus, condemned to hunt endlessly for a drop that would never come.

    I may be stupid, but I'm a stupid person with Blood of Ogre!

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    May 13, 2002 06:13 pm ET - research by NCSoft - Austin Message Boards update
    One of the primary goals of the official Lineage message boards is to provide a friendly and cooperative atmosphere in which Lineage players can interact with each other, chat, and offer feedback on the game. As such, they have always been a part of the overall Lineage service and subject to the Rules of Conduct and Terms Agreement. In the past, the link between the message boards and the game accounts operated manually - if an account was blocked from the Lineage service, we manually removed it from the message boards as well. However, beginning on Tuesday, May 14th, this process will become automated. If a game account is restricted from logging in to Lineage due to status as an inactive, temporarily, or permanently banned account, access to the Lineage message boards will be restricted as well. Additionally, accounts that are removed from the message boards due to rules violations will be removed from the game as well.

    As always, in the event that an account is restricted from access by NCsoft, the account owner will be informed via email. If this is a temporary restriction, the account will automatically be returned to access at the end of the decided period. If, for any reason, you are unable to access the game and have a question about the reason, we urge that you contact Lineage Customer Support at

    Finally, message board accounts assigned to unused game accounts will no longer remain available indefinitely. If a game account has been inactive for any reason for a period of 60 days, its message board account will be deleted. Should the account be reactivated, a new message board account name may be assigned to the account using the Account Management section of the Lineage website.

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    May 13, 2002 01:00 pm ET - research by NC - Austin
    5/14 - US Server Weekly Maintenance
    The US Lineage Servers will be reset for a brief time on Tuesday May 14 at 10:00am Central US time. The “In Testing” information will not be published at this time on Tuesday, but will be published at a time soon to follow. More details on that publish announcement will follow in this News section.
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    May 13, 2002 03:17 am ET - research by Mulciber
    Pledge interviews
    Stratics:Lineage is currently undertaking a project which involves the community of Lineage, and is seeking volunteers to help with this. The hopes that we have for this, is that Stratics will be able to provide both important information provided by NCInteractive, as well as provide more information regarding the community on a more personal level. Currently, our project plans are to conduct interviews with Pledge Prince's and Princess's as well as three of their members. This interview will then be posted on our Stratics site, as well as a brief editorial on the pledge from what our interviewer has learned from dealing 1 on 1 with its' members. We feel this will improve people's ability to choose a pledge that is more suitable for them, thereby cutting back on the amount of people who join a pledge, only to find out that it is not quite what they were looking for.

    If anyone is interested in helping with this, please email and we will schedule an interview. Please remember that we would like to have the leader of the pledge as well as, but no more than, three members of the pledge, present at the interview. Thank you.

    Mulciber of Lineage Stratics

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    May 12, 2002 03:29 pm ET - research by
    1:1 Valakas captured a video where a single level 40 knight manages to 1:1 Valakas in skel morph, with haste, brave, dex, strength and clears for about 40 seconds.

    Please do not post this link to any message boards or link from any web pages. You are welcome to download it from this site, but if you want to distribute it, please host it yourself. If there is any abuse, we will be forced to remove the link. Thanks for respecting our bandwidth.

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    May 12, 2002 12:57 am ET - research by NCSoft - Austin
    Test Server Update
    The update of changes to the Lineage test server (scheduled for May 10th) has been delayed while we resolve late-breaking issues with the changes. These changes will be posted to the test server as soon as possible and we apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.
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    May 10, 2002 08:06 pm ET - research by amer
    Mark your calendars.
    Coming soon (May 28, 7PM CST), Lineage Compendium, Lineage Stratics and NC - Austin, have arranged for a dev chat on the Stratics IRC network.

    Developers from NC - Austin will do a 1 hour moderated chat session and try to answer as many questions as they can cram into 1 hour on Lineage. It should be a lot of fun, so everyone should try to make it. ^^ #lineage IRC channel

    More details on the dev chat to come.

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    May 10, 2002 04:32 pm ET - research by NCSoft - Austin
    5/10 publish announcement to US Test Server
    NOTE: This is a list of potential changes for Lineage. There is the possibility that these items will not be published to the US servers as they are listed here, or that they might not be published at all. The changes listed here are still in testing, and are subject to change or removal from the list.
    • A bug has been fixed involving restarting after death and the items: Elven Short Sword of Constitution, Elven Short Sword of Dexterity, Elven Short Sword of Magic Power.
    • Fixed a targeting problem with the fog in the Lair of Valakas.
    • Poison will no longer give a penalty to the caster if it is cast upon a “pink” flagged player.
    • Ghast’s poison now removes Ghoul’s poison, meaning if you are poisoned by a Ghoul, and then by a Ghast, that the Ghast’s poison will remove/overwrite the Ghoul’s poison effects.
    • Dogs which are over level 25 will now have one hour haste effect after every time they achieve the next level.
    • Fixed a bug that prevented Elves from shooting arrows properly.
    • Players can now destroy items from the interface by dragging them into the trash can (trash can on the item window) or by hitting the delete key on the item. This method will not destroy entire stacks of items. Multiple items selected with the shift key will not be destroyed all at once, but rather one at a time.
    • Scroll of Identify will now identify a dog’s name and level when used on a dog collar.
    • Tamed and summoned monsters will have a Hit Point bar over their head.
    • AC bonus modifier based upon Dexterity:
      Players should receive an additional 1 AC point at the following levels:
      DEXgain -1 AC
      7 - 9every 8 levels
      10 - 12every 7 levels
      13 - 15every 6 levels
      16 - 17every 5 levels
      18every 4 levels
    • Players can no longer drag and drop items to an NPC.
    • When auto-looting, pets and summoned monsters will now drop items over the limit allowed in their inventory. Thus if a pet is at ‘full’ inventory and tries to pick up additional items, it will drop any those items to the ground.
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    May 10, 2002 01:45 pm ET - research by amateras
    5/10 Korean Test server updates
    Lineage PlayForum reports ( the following updates are scheduled for release to the Korean Test server on 5/10:
  • Two new dungeons are being added to the newbie areas, Singing Island and Hidden Valley. These dungeons will be connected to each other.
  • Scroll of Return to Hidden Valley/Singing Island will now work from anywhere in Aden.
  • Summon Monster spell modified:
    • Level 44 changed from Scorpion to Skeleton Guard
    • Level 48 changed from Skeleton Guard to King Bugbear
    • Level 52 changed from King Bugbear to Ettin
  • Area damage spells will now auto-target characters that have "gone pink" in addition to the designated target on PK servers.
  • A bug was fixed where you could not get your total amount of dogs (CHA/6 + class bonus) from the kennel.
  • A bug was fixed in the naming of tamed monsters.
    update: Lineage Webszone has more information on the new dungeon, the keys and their relationship to each other. Here is a page with the details, but be warned, this link is a spoiler to a new quest, so if you want to discover everything on your own, don't click here:

    Newbie Dungeon spoiler

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    May 10, 2002 04:12 am ET - research by Anonymous
    new items on Korean Test
    These images were submitted as new items added to the Korean Test server. Looks like it could be part of a new quest.. *crossing fingers*

    Black KeyRed Key

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    May 09, 2002 02:25 pm ET - research by NCSoft
    Q1 2002 report for NCSoft
    In summary:

    For US servers, peak load (the highest number of people on at once) is down to 1700 from 2000, but daily access (the number of logins in one day) is up to 5500 from 4800. And a new figure "monthly access", which is presumably the number of people who log in during a month, is 16,300.

    NCSoft Q1 '02 report (Microsoft PowerPoint format)

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    May 08, 2002 11:28 pm ET - research by amer
    DREAMWORKS reaches level 50

    DREAMWORKS is the seventh level 50 knight in the USA, the sixth level 50 player on Dep and the ninth level 50 player in the USA. Congratulations DREAMWORKS!

    DREAMWORKS reached level 50 2 weeks ago, and I finally was able to get a hold of him today. He died 7 times at level 49, which extended the amount of time, before this new update. However, he is still happy with the new death penalty update since people don't have to lose so much experience any more.

    He hunts in the 4th floor of Dragon Valley Caves with a +9 rap and -59 AC. (He seemed to hint that he had improved it since then.) DREAMWORKS works 8-10 hours per day at DVC 4f, which appears to be the standard committment necessary to get to level 50 for now.

    DREAMWORKS, a CON knight, plans to add +1 to STR until he gets the DK morph at level 52 and then 2 points to DEX to take advantage of the DEX/AC bonus, when it comes to the US servers. So, clearly, level 54 at least is where he's headed.

    No PK count for now, but he does go to every siege and he does participate in fights on Dep. That's probably for the best, as you would want to stay at full lawful too if you had these items:

    He has a few shout-outs:

    He also wanted to thank his friends on DVC 3-5f.

    Congratulations DREAMWORKS!

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    May 08, 2002 11:28 am ET - research by amer
    New Spell Sounds
    A few weeks ago, Briel from mapped sound files to each of the new spells from Korean test server. We thought you might like to take a listen. (Sound files converted to MP3 for your convenience.)

    Ice Dagger1713.mp3 [32k]
    Wind Cutter1711.mp3 [34k]
    Stalag2712.mp3 [34k]
    Frozen Cloud3714.mp3 [77k]
    Earth Jail4718.mp3 [45k]
    Cone of Cold5715.mp3 [33k]
    Sun Burst6709.mp3 [73k]
    Earthquake8716.mp3 [60k]
    Fire Storm9710.mp3 [51k]
    Disintegrate Spear10717.mp3 [69k]

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    May 07, 2002 11:59 am ET - research by amer
    diseased wretches
    Lately, I've been getting lots of virii in the inbox. If you haven't already, please apply the latest security patches to your Microsoft Internet Explorer. Specifically:

    This applies to Microsoft Internet Explorer 5.01 and Microsoft Internet Explorer 5.5. You can check for the latest patches at, some of these viruses spread without even warning you. Thanks.

    addendum: By the way, you can't get this from visiting websites. You spread it by reading *your* email and your mail program automatically opening attachments and then sending itself to *my* email.
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    May 06, 2002 09:13 pm ET - research by NCSoft - Austin
    Elven Short Sword Issue
    We are currently receiving reports that players dying while equipped with Elven Short Swords of Spell Power do not change location when restarting after death. We are currently working to resolve this issue as quickly as possible, however we do recommend that until this is resolved, if your character is equipped with an Elven Short Sword of Spell Power, you place the sword in storage and use an alternate item while hunting.
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    May 06, 2002 06:04 pm ET - research by NCSoft - Austin
    Publish Announcement - update
    The following update was added to the list for tomorrow:
  • The length of time a player will remain chaotic for attacking another player or their pets is increased from 30 seconds to 2 minutes (note that the same situations and circumstances for going temporarily chaotic apply and have not been changed).
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    May 06, 2002 04:08 pm ET - research by NCSoft - Austin
    EOB - episode 22
    NCSoft recently posted episode 22, the final episode:

    You'll need to view the comics.

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    May 06, 2002 03:27 pm ET - research by NCSoft - Austin
    Publish Announcement
    The following changes will be published during the Tuesday May 7th maintenance, at 10:00am US central time:
  • Two new NPC’s have been added to Giran named Druid, and Heine named Druid. These NPC’s will provide a cancellation of spells on the player, for a fee. This cancellation will cancel all spells on the player, both harmful and beneficial.
  • Experience penalties for death have been reduced. Players of all levels, including very high levels, will notice a significant reduction in experience loss after a death. -- [follow up from Melantus: The loss at level 50 is going to be roughly 1 percent. The maximum loss allowed will be 5 percent, regardless of level. The reason a higher level could be a lower precentage then a lower level is because there is also an exact number amount limit, so it is either 5 percent or that number, whichever comes first.]
  • Hired Orc Mercanaries’ alignment has been set to 0 (zero).
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    May 05, 2002 01:34 am ET - research by amer
    PR0FESSI0NAL hits level 53 on Dep server
    PR0FESSI0NAL, moving right up the levelling ladder, has hit level 53 on Dep server. He picked +1 to his STR bringing his fighting strength up to 30. He can hold 290 reds and still swing his tsurugi.

    Congratulations PR0!

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    May 04, 2002 03:56 pm ET - research by TOOL
    US Test Server updates
    Looks like 2 new changes were made to the US Test server on Friday, 5/3:
  • Experience loss on death has been reduced to around 4-6% as opposed to the 10-13% of today.
  • There is a new NPC, Druid, located just north of the center of Giran (above the potion/gem shops). This NPC will cancel you on request.

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    May 03, 2002 04:22 pm ET - research by NCSoft - Austin
    Boss Spawn Time Change
    In the latest change to various monster types (Baphomet, Beleth, Necromancer, Giant Ant Queen, Death Knight, Phoenix, Dragons), one of the assets that was potentially changed is spawn time. The spawn time on creatures such as Baphomet was increased, and loot items were improved to offset this. Please do not email Support regarding the spawn times of these creatures. They are not broken, but are changed to reflect their added and improved loot items.
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    May 03, 2002 03:02 pm ET - research by NCSoft - Austin
    LinWeb search tool
    Looking for LinWeb character information on friends, pledgemates, or even enemies? Explore the new LinWeb search tool at and look up any Lineage character or pledge! You may view available public information on any character or pledge on the North American Lineage servers, or present your own information to the public.
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    May 03, 2002 12:11 pm ET - research by Tiamat
    5/1 - 5/6 Japanese Lineage Event
    elf.24cc reports that the Japanese servers are getting an event from 5/1 to 5/6.

    In this event, certain mops will drop the "Seal of Courage" to male characters. Seals can be sold to stores for 30a or traded with an event NPC for rings. The rings are:

  • Ring of Liveliness: +10 HP for 30 seals.
  • Ring of Hope: +5 MP for 30 seals.
  • Ring of Truth: +15 HP for 50 seals.
  • Ring of Luck: +10 MP for 50 seals.
  • Ring of Miracle: +15 HP, +10 MP for 200 seals.
    Seal of Courage Ring of Liveliness Ring of Hope Ring of Truth Ring of Luck Ring of Miracle
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    May 03, 2002 02:36 am ET - research by amer
    Heine 4f - mapped
    The underwater level of Heine Dungeon (Heine 4f) is really a difficult place to map. In addition, it is the largest floor of any dungeon in Lineage. In fact, Heine 4f is larger than the entire city of Giran - which explains why there are no maps of it available on any fansites. Until today.

    After lots of tedious work, the people at Lineage Compendium would like to present the first ever (that we know of!) map of Heine 4f. Complete with a marker of where the Fafurion cave entrance is. Enjoy!

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    May 02, 2002 03:15 pm ET - research by NCSoft - Austin
    High-level monster changes
    Looks like NC published their new monster info. Death Knight hasn't changed, Giant Ant Queen isn't listed but here's a comparison of the rest so you can see what has changed:
    Name old stats new stats
    level HP AC level HP AC
    Baphomet 35 650 -25 50 800 -50
    Beleth 35 650 -25 52 850 -51
    Ifrit 40 300 -28 43 300 -28
    Phoenix 43 700 -45 58 700 -48

    And a thank you to Aegir and Scaleb who let me know that the Monster Guide had new info. :)

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    May 02, 2002 02:43 pm ET - research by NCSoft - Korea
    5/4 updates on live Korean servers
    NC Korea ( announces the following updates will be published to the live Korean servers on 5/4:
    1. Casting "Curse: Poison" on a player that has turned pink for attempted PK will not lower your lawful any more.
    2. Getting poisoned by ghast then ghoul will cancel out the ghoul poison.
    3. Dogs will be autohasted for 1 hour after being retrieved from the kennel from level 26+.
    4. Arena entry fee lowered from 90 to 50.
    5. Success roll adjusted for spells so that higher INT mages will have more chances of success for spells like Weapon Break, Curse: Paralyze, etc.
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    May 01, 2002 08:43 pm ET - research by Melantus
    Some Random Posting by Mel
    I got some good news and bad news for you today. Frist i will start with the bad
    Today Mel posted that along with the last update You can now no longer bookmark the area around Fire Valley that is near Valakas Lair. This was the place where i always teleported in to start my Fire Valley Hunts :(
    And for the good?
    Melantus did a interview on MarkeeDragon fan site. Which seems to be a fansite for UO games. Markee Dragon A little snippet from the interview that i really enjoyed.

    "Neutron: What is your favorite site on the web concerning mmorpg games?

    Melantus: is a very good site. :)"

    Mel is a fan of the site ^^

    I thought i would add that i can see the names of the 48 people that voted that they hated me most. and well, You gunna get banned! Mwahahahah(j/k) And soren if you read this. For shame. For shame. voting that you hate me.
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    May 01, 2002 11:08 am ET - research by amer, MageOfEvil
    High levels unite!
    Well, looks like Beleth, Baphomet, DK and Ant Queen levels have changed. We can't find anywhere yet that gives us information on what level they are now, so I ask for your help in determining their level.

    MageOfEvil reports that Beleth and DK both have Gold names to level 48, and DK has Gold name to level 49. This means that Beleth is somewhere between level 51 and 57 now, and DK is somewhere between level 52 and 57.

    We need *your* help in determining his level. If you are level 42+, my request is that you swing by Bapho, Beleth, DK, Caspa group, Necromancer, Dark Elder or Ant Queen, and snap a screenshot and email it in. The name will either be red or gold. If we get enough different screenshots, we will know for sure what level each boss is, and also be the first to have their exact "new" level. I'll post results in this news so we can keep track of the results.

    This new chart summarizes the results so far. Just one screenshot can narrow it down to a few levels, so please, if you are in the levels listed in the "need help from" column, just go take and send in a SS. :)
    player monsterneed help from:
    name level name name color deduced level
    AdaM49BaphometBlue50thanks everyone!
    Orcide 46 Beleth Gold 51-54 42+
    FallenSoul 48 Gold
    FallenSoul48Death KnightGold52-5644-47, 50+
    Brinkman 45 Giant Ant Queen Red 54+ 46+
    h2ombre 47 Phoenix Red 56+ 48+
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    May 01, 2002 02:34 am ET - research by amer
    Help our item drop guides
    We would really appreciate it if people would send in screenshots of the following items being dropped:
  • Greater Haste Potion
  • any belt
  • any amulet
  • any ring

    Thanks :) Use to send emails in.

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