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   Apr 2002
April 30, 2002 06:52 pm ET - research by NCSoft - Austin
NPC Server Reset
The NPC servers (US) will be reset on April 30 at 6:30pm Central US time. The reset will be very brief. All players are advised to make preparations with their summoned creatures and pets before the reset occurs.
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April 30, 2002 05:12 pm ET - research by NCSoft - Austin
Keyboard/Password Issues
Some Lineage users may currently be experiencing login problems if using a non-standard keyboard layout. Users with "azerty" keyboard layouts (common in European countries) will need to type the equivalent password to a standard US "qwerty" keyboard to log in to the game. To do this:
  1. Visit and select the "US English" Keyboard from the drop-down menu.
  2. Locate the correct keystrokes for your account name and password on the popup image of the "qwerty" keyboard.
  3. Enter those keys to log in to Lineage.
For example: An "azerty" keyboard user with the password "animal" would need to type "qni;ql" as their password to enter the game.

We are working to resolve this issue as quickly as possible and will update a fix as soon as possible.

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April 30, 2002 03:01 pm ET - research by NCSoft - Austin
Announcement for Macintosh players
Lineage Macintosh users with house-owning Prince or Princess characters should be aware that houses reporting zero taxes owed may be reporting the incorrect amount. The Housekeeper NPC within the house will be able to report the correct tax amount owed. We are working to resolve this and will provide additional information as it becomes available.
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April 30, 2002 01:46 pm ET - research by amateras
5/4-5/5 Korean Server Event
Looks like this weekend, there is some kind of event where the level 52 restriction for Death Knight morph is lifted and everyone gets to try hunting with it on the Korean servers. Pretty cool idea. :)

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April 30, 2002 01:24 pm ET - research by Month-X_ZERO, Nue
New Graphics on Korean Test server - part 2
Month-X_ZERO sent us a link to a post by Nue at that has 16 screenshots of the new appearance of Singing Island/Hidden Valley. Each image is about 70-90k (there is a whopper 265k image in there too), so beware when loading this page (located on Compendium):

Hidden Valley/Singing Island graphics update

update: Also, it looks like there are weak lizardmen and weak beholders roaming SI/HV too. Should give newbies a nice sampling of various monsters. Of course, they will be in for a surprise when they see their first real beholder.
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April 30, 2002 11:47 am ET - research by Melantus
Veteran Questions - Part 5
It's getting really good!

What exactly is the bonus for partying? With a prince? And do you plan to develop a party loot system?
Without a prince there is a very small percentage bonus when in a group. This bonus depends on the number of people in the group. It is not nearly as much as when a prince or princess leads the group.

With a prince or princess in the group, there is an additional 5 percent experience bonus added. So a monster giving out 100 experience points total (just an example) would then give out 105 experience. The experience is divided among the players based upon a percentage scale for their level.

Will we be getting the str/to hit bonuses currently being discussed? Are you guys testing those now as you are the dex/AC bonus?

We are still discussing other changes besides the dex/AC one you mentioned. Part of the dex/AC change has already gone in, and the other part is in the process of being worked out here. This whole process of getting and reviewing the updates from the Korean team is something we are reviewing and trying to refine.

What is the % chance of overzeling items (bone, elven, non-elven) and also what are the chances of +1, 2, 3 on a b-scroll?
The chance of successfully enchanting non-bone armor above the safe max enchantment is 1 over the current enchant level. Ex: to make a +5 from a +4 is a 25% chance. (1/4) To make a +7 from a +6 is a 16.6% chance (1/6).

The chance of successfully over-enchanting a weapon is 1 in 3 or 33% chance. Weapons can safely be enchanted up to +6. If using a bless scroll when trying to enchant, +7 can be safely reached if the weapon was at +5. If using a bless scroll in the enchant attempt is done when the weapon is at +4, a possible +7 can be safely reached (3 is the max). It is probably more cost effective however to do regular enchants.

This is very important: You cannot get +2 or +3 from a blessed scroll, if the item is at it¡¯s max safe enchant level or more (+6 is the max safe enchant level). If it is +7 or higher, you will only get +1 for a bless attempt.

If the item is +9 (or above) there is generally a chance of about half the time getting either +0 or +1 (if successful at all). So at +9, there would be a chance about a third of the time that the weapon would not blow up. Now with that success, it is checked about half the time to possibly get +0, or about half the time to get +1. The check needs to first pass the "about a third of the time", and then the "about half the time" to get a +1 at 9 or higher. The +0 is a success, it just gave +0 as the success amount.

So to summarize, here is what happens on an enchant attempt with no bless scrolls used:

Success of enchanting at +7 or higher is first counted as "successful" about a third of the time. Weapons that are +9 or higher have to then go through an additional check, or about half the time (roughly) the success being +1. The other half (roughly) would be +0 and no actual gain.

The importance of the bless scrolls is when they can be used. Players must determine if they are cost effective or not. Certainly at the right time, and if a player has possession of one, then try it.

What are the "hit rolls" for each weapon?
Basically each weapon has a possible damage amount that it can do. The damage will fall somewhere between the minimum that the weapon can do and it¡¯s maximum, affected by other factors such as opponent¡¯s abilities/armor (if the weapon does hit. A miss results in zero damage). We aren¡¯t going to list out the exact ¡°damage rolls¡± for each weapon, but a few of the fan sites are pretty accurate in their estimates.

Mel I really want to know what blessed weapons and armor do for you EXACTLY. So people say they are harder to drop others say they are good against undead (armor protection vs undead/ weapon better damage). I have tested the weapon theory on a bunch of ghouls, I took a +7 b-katana and a +6 sls and the sls kills faster hands down. As far as blessed armor items¡¦I cant really see a difference.
Bless weapons do extra damage against undead and demons, which includes baphomet (the amount is somewhat small per hit). Bless does better damage to ghouls then silver, because ghouls are undead but don't hate silver (the only undead monster that does not hate silver).

There is no effect against undead with blessed armor.

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April 30, 2002 03:47 am ET - research by amer
I added polls to the website. Anyone can see the results of the polls, but only registered users will be able to vote. The poll will be in a small popup window when you load the homepage, if you are already logged in. The first question is something of a joke, just to make sure we get all the kinks out of the voting system. I promise the rest of the questions will be serious. ^^
By the way, the popup window isn't something I am married to, just an experiment for now.
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April 29, 2002 09:38 pm ET - research by NCSoft - Austin
EOB - episode 21
NCSoft recently posted episode 21:

You'll need to view the comics.

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April 29, 2002 06:36 pm ET - research by NCSoft - Austin
Publish Announcement
The following changes will be published on Tuesday, April 30 2002 during the 10:00 am US central time maintenance:
  1. A bug with the mage set of armor has been corrected. Players will no longer lose mana when restarted while wearing this armor.
  2. Haste will not continue to affect a resurrected monster, unless hasted again after the resurrection.
  3. Corrected a bug where the monster damage animation was playing even if a -miss- instead of a hit occurred.
  4. Fixed a bug with dog names reverting back to the original name.
  5. Corrected a bug with the enchanter and polymorpher NPC payments.
  6. Corpse decay is now between 45 and 60 seconds for monsters, and 5 minutes for dogs.
  7. The vendor named -Buakheu- sells Bless of Eva for 330 adena.
  8. A new animation for character level-up was added.
  9. The magic gem requirement for making elven wafer was removed.
  10. The -go on alert- option was removed from the dog control menu.
  11. Tsurugi is now one-handed.
  12. Some new items have been added to Lineage. We will allow for player discovery to announce what these items are.
  13. Specific -boss- monsters have been rebalanced. This rebalancing can possibly include loot, strength, and spawn times. The monsters changed are: Baphomet, Beleth, Necromancer, Giant Ant Queen, Death Knight.
  14. Arena rental re-activated.
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April 29, 2002 05:56 pm ET - research by amateras
Korean Gunter server event
Some of you were wondering about the tons of dead bodies around the Poseidon hits level 65 picture below:

Turns out there was an event on Gunter server in Korea called something like "The Last Siege", where pledges fought it out and the last one standing won a prize. (The image in the Poseidon photo is from that event, in the arena.)

The prize was 2 million adena and a single Sword of Lord Porche. The background of this sword was that a player named Porche won an event long ago on the Korean servers, and his prize was a sword named after him that could be safely dai'd up to 9.

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April 29, 2002 03:08 pm ET - research by anonymous
LineageKHAN reaches Level 51
More details later, but here's a screenshot of a funny thing he did in the Forest of Mirror with his new morph:

LineageKHAN added +1 to STR for his bonus, which makes his base stats STR 17, CON 18.

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April 29, 2002 02:22 pm ET - research by distic, ElmerFudd
running Lineage on Linux
Using the winex emulator, distic managed to persuade Lineage to run on his Linux box. He gave some instructions (which I posted below). Performance is perfect under his P200 with 32MB of RAM, so it should be fine in general (distic, get yourself a better computer). There is currently no audio support. Also, running Lineage this way is not supported in any way by NC, so run this at your own risk. (But most Linux people fix their own problems anyway.) :)

You'll need this file: GetWineX, care of ElmerFudd from #winex on the openprojects network.

  1. chmod 744 GetWineX to make sure it's executable
  2. Make the directory "temp" in your home folder. E.g. /home/distic/temp
  3. Run the GetWineX script, ./GetWineX update (this may take some time depending on your system speed, and requires root)
  4. Once it has compiled, mount your windows directory. Assuming you have a folder "/c" and that your windows partition is hda1 you use the command: mount -t vfat /dev/hda1 /c
  5. change directory to your lineage folder. e.g. cd /c/Program\ Files/Lineage/
  6. Run winex out of your lineage directory: cvswinex lineage.exe

If you want to run lineage inside a window (to make it manageable) edit your winex config file "config" (found in /home/yourname/.cvswinex/config)
scroll down to the [x11drv] area and find the text that says "Managed" = "N" and change the "N" to a "Y"
If you want to adjust the size of this "desktop" remove the ";" from the line reading "Desktop" = "640x480"
you can edit the window size by altering the "640x480" to whatever you want.
when you first run cvswinex lineage.exe it will take some time to cater for the fonts, but after that it will run quickly
audio support is minimal, but I'll update you when thats fixed.
And your done ;)

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April 29, 2002 01:13 pm ET - research by NCSoft - Austin
Fafurion Status
Due to spawning timer issues, the dragon Fafurion was temporarily disabled on Friday, April 26th. We are currently working to resolve these issues and will return him to his watery lair as soon as possible.
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April 29, 2002 01:08 pm ET - research by Melantus
Veteran Questions - Part IV

Do stats really affect the minimum and maximum HP and MP received on level ups. Is there a pre-set min and max that you will not go under or over per level up, or is this completely random and any number can be attained?
Stats can affect the level up gain. See below.

Are these actual random rolls or is there a pre-determined maximum that a character’s HP or MP will reach at specific levels.
HP is determined totally randomly at level up. For each class, there is an amount between a set range given (a random amount within that range, which is specific by class). Thus, knights will get potentially more HP per level up. Base constitution being high enough will give an additional bonus to the HP gain, i.e. CON 16= +1, CON 17 = +2, CON 18 = +3. Modification for mana behaves in a similar manner, by adding in modifications depending on class type with internal calculations against wisdom.

If your high level dog goes wild and you re-tame it, will it still be a high level dog?
No, a dog will default to it’s original level once it is re-tamed.

Are there base levels of damage for the “attack” spells?
A number of dice (explanation below) are rolled to determine the damage inflicted. The type of “dice” rolled is determined by the spell that is cast. As an example, if a spell did 4d8 damage, it would potentially do damage in the range of 4-32 points. The range of damage varies based on the spell and on spell bonus. Each point of spell bonus adds another “die” of the same type to the spell damage. So if one mage does 4d8 damage with their spell, a mage with 1 higher spell bonus will do 5d8.

Let me explain a little bit about “dice rolls”. Numbers are applied to weapons and spells that generate random amounts between a certain range of numbers. These numbers are all invisible to the player, and happen instantly. They are termed as “dice rolls” because of how the coding generates the numbers that total the damage. For example: If I were making a weapon that I wanted to do between 12 and 24 points of damage if it successfully hit, I would need to apply a number between 1 and 2, exactly 12 times. So potentially, I would have as few as 12 number 1’s in a row, totaling 12. I would have a maximum of 12 number 2’s in a row, totaling 24. Somewhere in between, I could have generated a few 1’s and 2’s, totaling somewhere between 12 and 24. A number “5d8” means a number generated between 1 and 8, done 5 times, and those 5 results are totaled into a new number. This is calculated by the game, in the coding. It is done instantly.

Are there benchmark levels of alignment which affect the performance of spells (i.e. 5k lawful = extra heal does xx, 10k lawful…etc)
Due to the way the math works and because healing spells can’t heal fractional damage, or heal as much as 32767 damage, the scaling based on alignment causes some implicit tiers that depend on the actual number of points that would normally be healed. Imagine how a heal that would normally heal 32 points of damage. Scaling that based 32000 possible alignments means that there’s implicitly a tier approximately every 1000 points.

How exactly does alighment affect casting spells (ie: does being neutral mean you do more damage with eruption?)
The only spells that alignment factors in to are the heal spells. Higher positive alignment results in more damage healed. Negative alignment does not reduce the amount of damage healed, its only a bonus for positive alignment.

I would also like the effect of DEX on accuracy. Does it only affect ranged damage, while STR affects melee damage or it affects both? My level 33 friend hit me once in 2 hits at -39AC with no DEX enchant, but I hit him every time at level 28 with DEX enchantment (21dex total) and he had -40AC.
Dex affects your chance to hit, in both ranged and melee attacks. It also affects damage on ranged attacks.

So does nutrition level affect your level up gains, as seen in some games?

Do different items have different odds of blowing up on overenchanting?
No, except in the case of some elven armors as opposed to non elven armor. Some elven armors can be safely enchanted higher then non-elven armors. The only thing that matters on the rest of the items is the enchanted amount.

Does DEX affect how often monsters hit you? I’ve hunted DV with -39AC +6 rapier on a level 28 knight with 16 DEX, and the monsters hit me as low as 1 in 3, with a base ER of 11 (13 with DEX enchant).
Your character’s DEX does not affect how often monsters hit you. ER is what is involved in ranged attacks.

How does magic resistance work exactly? Does it lower the damage of spells, or it increases the chance of completely avoiding a spell? By how much does it affect the damage/avoid rate?
If you resist a direct damage spell, the damage you take would be cut in half. It also affects certain spells with non-damaging effects that can be completely resisted, such as paralyze, weapon break.

How does damage get totaled. As in, Rapier is 11/6. So would a +7 rapier do 1-11 randomly and then +7 (8-18)? Or would it do 1-18? Or 8-11?
You get the die roll for the base weapon and then the enchant value is added. A +7 rapier would get 8-18 damage. Damage is determined by first taking random value between 1 and the weapon’s base value for the target’s size. For a rapier, this would be 1-11 for a small creature. Then any weapon-based damage bonuses are added, weapon enchantment is added, the bonus for the enchant weapon spell is added (if any), opponent-specific damage bonuses are added (bless/silver against creatures they affect), erosion level is subtracted. If damage at this point is less then 1, damage will be 1.

What is the formula for going pk, such as if you are full lawful and you kill someone that is full lawful is it a set number that your alignment goes to? Or is it random?
If you are neutral or lawful and you kill someone who is neutral of lawful, you will go chaotic. How far chaotic you go is based only on your level and not your alignment or the alignment of the player you killed. If you are already chaotic and kill a neutral or lawful player you will go an additional 500 points of chaotic.

Last time i checked this out going chao had nothing to do with your level. It had to do with the ammount of people you have killed before. you take that number and multiply it by 500. So if you killed 20 people you would go 10k chao. Then you go and hunt skeletons for awile and get to 2.5k chao, but then some chump comes along and hits your skeleton and it ends up with you killing him. you would then go 10.5k chao. After you kill 65 people. Then when ever you kill someone you will always go -32627 chao.
btw checking your pk count wont give you your number of people you have killed unless you have pked and never died yourself.
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April 29, 2002 12:32 pm ET - research by NCSoft - Korea
new spells
When NC - Korea adds to their "development" page, that's a pretty sure sign that it's coming and it's a big deal. A few days ago, they added animations of all of their spells to the development page, and we have reposted and translated them at the link below. (Split into 2 pages so that your browser doesn't go crazy trying to animate 12 images at once). Some of you have already seen this at

New Magic - Part I

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April 29, 2002 11:46 am ET - research by amateras
Poseidon is now level 65

It must get easier to level up, because Poseidon has gained 4 levels since March 8 according to Lineage Playforum (

He added 2 more points to CON and 2 more to DEX. That means his current stats are STR 30 (with enchant/p-g), CON 24, DEX 14. With the DEX/AC bonus, his AC is -75.

His last goal was to 1:1 Antharas at 65, but maybe since he's levelling so quickly, he'll want to get a few more levels under his belt before he goes for it. :) On the other hand, if you could level 1 level every 2 weeks, maybe a few deaths to a dragon don't sting so much.

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April 28, 2002 11:42 pm ET - research by TOOL, KILLA, SoulFire
Bapho on test

Lots of people either deny or just flat out don't believe that "Baphomet requires more than 1 person to kill" now on Test server. Well, TOOL was nice enough to send a screenshot of "the new Bapho" hunt style. For those who have never been to a Bapho hunt, it used to require 1 knight with a Golden Key running at top speed (haste/brave/skeleton axeman morph) through every door, closing doors behind them to ensure that no one else followed so that they could have a quick 1:1 with Baphomet and collect the drops.

No longer.

Also, SoulFire on test server got an elemental ring from Bapho. It is incorrectly labelled Ring of Earth, as it is blue and increases Water resistance by +30% (Thus, it is a Ring of Water).

For some reason, I keep assuming everyone knows this (since the US Test update matches the Korean Test update we reported earlier). The new level-up animation we reported earlier is on US Test too. Thanks to those of you who sent me emails. :)
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April 28, 2002 09:54 pm ET - research by WaterElf
Marak2001 controls Giran on Ken server
Marak2001 (the only level 50+ prince in the USA) died twice from lag this past week. It's enough to make you quit...

Unless you successful take Giran on a whim. Marak2001 led his super-sized pledge (remember the prince level 50 bonus is increase in pledge size by 50%) to victory to take Giran, and they've actually held it for a few days now. I guess the cool thing about this screenshot is that we see a Baphomet with a crown.

I have to admit, a screenshot filled with a pledge saying "LineageCompendium" is a good way to get yourself posted up here. :) Just kidding!

Linspatz's two cents:
Just thought i would put up a link so you can see Marak2001's pledge BLOODRAGE I belive he can have 51 memebers max but i am not sure. which makes his pledge not much bigger then a normal 18 cha prince which can get up to 42 members. (this is including rkc and the crown.) But ofcourse if you look at the list of people in his pledge you can see they are some of the strongest on the server. and i dont expect marak to lose the castle anytime soon.
Marak lost giran. Boy do i feel stupid. actually i am a little sad.
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April 28, 2002 05:21 pm ET - research by A lot of different people
Fafurion Taken out

The water dragon, Fafurion, was taken out of the US live servers on Friday. NCSoft has not given us any information as to why the dragon has been taken out of lineage but many people have told us that the reason Faf was taken out was that he was respawning to quickly after he was killed. People said that after you kill Fafurion the water dragon would be back terrorizing the under water world within a few minutes unlike an hour like normal bosses. Other rumors say that the Dragons spawn time will be increased greatly. This rumors give numbers anywhere from 6 hours to only once a day.

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April 26, 2002 10:46 pm ET - research by Bubbasback, Postman, Forged, WARRIORz
some changes on US Test server
Well, looks like some big changes went into US test. The F1 help for Magic has listed all the new spells, in English, with descriptions and data. You can now find this information in the magic guide, but I think there are some errors - the higher level spells (from what I have heard) should be area damage, not single target damage.

Also, Tsurugi is now 1-handed and Baphomet/Beleth are dropping amulets and belts, as we reported about Korea earlier. In addition, they are much stronger. So far, Amulet of Strength (+1 STR), Amulet of Charisma (+1 CHA), Lesser Amulet of Charisma (+1 CHA, -2 INT) and Lesser Belt of Mind (+30 HP -- shouldn't it be +30 MP?).


update: Also, elven wafers now do not require magic gems and Buakheu (the NPC in Heine 4f) sells Bless of Eva, so you don't have to go back to the temple to get more.
TITANIUM's belt increases wearer's MP by 15 *and* HP by 15.GForce's belt increases wearer's HP by 50.
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April 26, 2002 02:51 pm ET - research by Month-X_ZERO, Nue
New Graphics on Korean Test
Month-X_ZERO sent us a link to a post by Nue at that has 16 screenshots of the new appearance of Singing Island/Hidden Valley. Each image is about 60k, so beware when loading this page (located on Compendium):

Hidden Valley/Singing Island graphics update

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April 25, 2002 03:15 pm ET - research by TeichDragon
Lineage Stratics

A new Lineage portal has been created by at (We're not a portal, we're a fansite). They're having a wallpaper contest -- looking for desktop wallpapers related to Lineage.,32092,

There are five prizes - CDs of Lineage, all of them signed by Jake Song and Lord British.

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April 25, 2002 01:10 pm ET - research by Melantus
Veteran Questions: Part III

Lawful and Chaotic while using spells, this question was asked a while back, not sure if ull payed attention.
Only heal spells are affected by alignment.

Why cant my lvl 45 mage hit some chars I thought MR was a % of dam taken away from the original damage, but it has come to my attention that some spells miss (erupt, para, ebolt, tornado).
Characters can avoid spell damage based upon their ER (ER is explained next)

What exactly is ER and how does it factor in?
ER is your percentage chance to avoid a ranged attack. This includes spells and arrows. If you avoid a ranged attack you will take no damage from it. It will not affect melee attacks. ER (Evade Rating) is determined based upon class, level, and current dexterity. There is no random gain in ER at level up time. Knights have the best ER.

Is the damage you receive from monsters proportional to the lvl at all. (not counting er ac or dex just lvl). Example if I had a –50AC, 10ER knight at level 40 and a –50AC ER10, level 30 knight would I receive the same damage from a mop or does level also matter (or is it just my eyes that sees my hp drop faster because of less hp).
A player’s level does not factor in to damage received from monsters. That is determined by other means.

Where do drops go after your bugbears are full?
They disappear from the game.

Does ghast still drop summon?

True/False: when you shoot an arrow at an enemy, the amount of damage inflicted is based upon the enchantment of the weapon, the type of arrow, and your DEX.
False. Also includes any damage bonuses to the bow, but not the bows base damage. Also if the opponent has other special attributes that damage a weapon used against them, then it will reduce the damage by half.

True/False: When you swing or shoot at an enemy, the probability of you landing that hit is based Only on this list: your dex, your level, enemy ER and enemy AC.
False. It is also based upon weapon enchantment (a 6 weapon has a 3 to hit), and weapon hit bonuses, and your strength. It is also based upon your encumberance level. If you are less encumbered, you have a better chance to hit.

True/False: When you cast damage inflicting spells at an enemy, you will always hit (even if the damage inflicted is zero) and the amount of damage inflicted is based ONLY on this list: your SP, enemy MR.
False. The target can evade the spell based upon their ER.

Is the damage/hit formulas for PvP the same as for killing monsters?
Monsters do not have ER.

Is the difference in HP between one mage with 19 CON and 16 INT versus a mage with 16 CON and 18 INT made up in the difference between each mage’s spellpower?
Higher CON will give the mage higher hitpoints, higher INT will allow the mage to do higher spell damage. The effect of spell power on spell damage differs per spell. There is no fixed increase in damage based on spell power.

Does De-levelling and re-levelling have a negative impact on a roll? Is there a pre-determined range for this scenario or is it completely random?
It’s random. You could potentially lose more when de-levelling, because the same type of calculation is made when de-levelling.

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April 25, 2002 03:58 am ET - research by Anonymous
Looks like coming soon to Lineage is a reworked Male Knight and Male Mage. Supposedly, the reworkings include adding gestures like Defend, Wave Hand, Bow, Cheer, Scratch Head, as well as more variation in weapons such as dagger, sword and long sword.

Also in this information a bunch of new monsters were named, and it appears that they are cold related, such as Ice Queen, Yeti and Snowman. I assume by the time this rumor becomes reality, all the classes will have what Male Knight and Male Mage have, but this is exciting stuff!

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April 24, 2002 06:14 pm ET - research by NC - Austin
Connection Problems
There have been reports of game connection problems for those connections that are routing through the Chicago area. We have reported the issue to various ISPs and they are looking into the issue. AT&T and Exodus are examining this situation. We will continue to monitor the situation and remain in contact with the providers on any progress.
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April 24, 2002 02:45 pm ET - research by Ragancy
some sad news
I recieved this email in my Inbox that I should I should share:

I know this isnt the normal news you post on your site,but i have some sad
news.A verry good friend of mine,and many others is in the hospital, in a coma
and they dont know if shes going to wake up.
she plays a female elf named taela and has many friends,its a sad thing that i
cant do anything other then sending this email,but i know she loves the game
and plays it alot,i was wondering if you could post this and ask for everyones
prayers and good wishes.
  thank you for your time.  

A follow up:
Taela is awake from the coma.  She is doing fine and hopefully will be
home soon.  We are planning an in game celebration for her.  The response is
overwhelming and greatly appreciated.   Anyone wishing to help out with the
celebration please contact   Arckadian, Matthew99, or Royalgod.    We have had
a total of 8 pledges willing to help out with whatever they can.   Some have
changed their titles to roses, Taela's favorite, to show support.   We invite
all to come and will try to post when she will be coming back online herself.
Until then, I will be playing her char. for her. A big thanks to all for the
warm messages.
                                                        Taela's fiance.
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April 24, 2002 02:42 pm ET - research by amateras
Korean Test server updates
NC-Korea ( reports the following updates to the Korean Test server:

  • If you use the spell Curse Poison on a character that has a purple name (because of an attempt at PK), then you will not lose lawful points any longer.
  • If you are poisoned by a ghast, and then poisoned by a ghoul, the ghoul's poison will be cancelled.
  • Starting from when a dog becomes level 25, dogs will be hasted for 1 hour after leaving the kennel.
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    April 24, 2002 02:17 pm ET - research by Briel
    HK - Antharas Blessed by GM
    Here is a link to the latest Antharas video from

    Please do not post this link to any message boards or link from any web pages. You are welcome to download it from this site, but if you want to distribute it, please host it yourself. If there is any abuse, we will be forced to remove the link. Thanks for respecting our bandwidth. (8904k)

    Briel, the webmaster of, wanted to share his experiences:

    The reason that I posted these video is showing the evidence that Antharas is unbeatable due to the stupid hidden setting. According to the GM interview in one Hong Kong magazine, GM said that Antharas will hide whenever it got low HP, so you must do a very high damage at the last hit (similar to spartoi). However they set the HP for hiding too high (I guess it is around 500-1000HP!) so that it is impossible for us to beat him before he hidden even we have whole screen of people. The only way to beat him is waiting the NPC server laggy (which is impossible in US and Hong Kong).

    Also, our dragon slayers are very unhappy with the Hong Kong Officials. The Hidden Antharas 2+3+2 (Part 2) video was made on 7-April. Afterwards I send a complaint letter (with the URL to the video) to NC - Korea, saying that the Hong Kong Antharas is unbeatable since it always hides. On 10-April, the Hong Kong officials posted an announcement, saying that they have never altered the Antharas setting ever. They said they have compared the setting of dragons between HK, JP and TW and KR servers, saying that the HK dragons have never changed from the beginning. Also, one of the GM in HK Test Server says that the Antharas will only hide 5 times, afterwards he will not hide again. (We do not 100% believe this, but it worth a try). Therefore on the next day (11-April), our dragon slayers tried to fight Antharas again. We find that the officials are cheating us! They just made the Antharas much stronger than before. You can see a huge differences between the Antharas in and We are unhappy because the offcials are telling lies. If they made the Antharas stronger, they should tell us in their announcement so that we won't waste our time, level and adena to fight Antharas.

    Our dragon slayers have spent over 50 million adena for potions, 200+hrs for planning and 100+hrs for just discussing on phone! We also dropped from Lv48 to Lv38. We were very angry, if the offcials do not want the dragons getting killed, they should simply take it out from the game instead of wasting our efforts.

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    April 24, 2002 01:08 pm ET - research by Melantus
    Veteran Questions: Part II

    Why is the level 50 bonus for mage not in the game yet and when is it predicted that it will come.
    The bonus to a stat is available to all classes at level 51 and above. The mage bonus at 50 you are talking about needs some re-evaluation. We have some plans in the future as far as the bonuses for high levels, but we can't reveal that yet. Needless to say, it is something that has our attention. I should have more info on this in the future.

    Is Antharas earth resistance and if we erupt him will he gain hp or will the damage be less or will the damage be equal but still has to be updated? Also with his MR is it possible to slow or weapon break him? And what does Antharas drops at this moment?
    Eruption will not heal Antharas. Since Antharas does not carry a weapon, weapon break would have no effect on him. He does have high resistance, so that is a factor. I don't want to list out all the items he carries, but I will tell you that he carries tsurugi and crystal plate mail.

    There are con mages, and int mages, con knights, and str knights. dex elves and con elves. All of these characters are made with maxed out stats in these areas because it's known that these areas are the only effects to those characters...why not add advantages for making a more rounded character?
    The advantage to a more rounded character is being able to handle and adapt to a wider variety of situations. This is an inherited natural advantage in characters that more evenly distribute the stats. Such is the decision a player must make when creating a character. Do they want a more specialized character, that will be great doing one or two things but weak in others. Or does the player want a more rounded character, that is good in everything but not the best in one single thing?

    Can a weapon have a hit with a delivered damage of zero?
    There was at one time a bug that could have shown a graphic of a hit when one did not actually occur. That was corrected. It is not possible to deliver a damage of zero from a weapon hit. The weapon either hits and does damage, or it doesn’t hit.

    Does an enchanted weapon give an increased chance to hit, or just to damage?
    Yes to both.

    Will we ever be able to tame a drake?
    No plans to change drakes in that way.

    Will all the mage spells be put into the game?
    We are planning some new spells, yes. All of them put in? Probably not. There are certain spells that will probably never return because of the drastic imbalances with them, or the ways in which such spells could be abused.

    Will the dragons be put in display in the Giran Arena?
    By now you know the answer to this is yes. :)

    Will we ever see Kurtz again?
    Maybe. :)

    Is there some kind of critical hit? (that would explain the inner working of the dice dagger)
    The dice dagger is a special weapon. There is no other critical hit.

    Different weapons have different number of dices?
    Each weapon has a different “range” of minimum and maximum damage possible, if the weapon does a hit on the monster. This can be affected by several other factors, including the monster’s defenses. The term “dice” will be explained a bit later on.

    How does STR affect damage?
    It affects only melee damage, not bow damage. We will be answering this a bit more in some following answers.

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    April 23, 2002 05:00 pm ET - research by amateras, Nue
    Shaman NPC

    Lineage Playforum ( reports a new NPC, the Shaman, appearing on Korean test server.

    This new NPC tells you a series of commandments. If you agree to them, you get 1000 added to your lawful. Roughly translated, they are:

    1. Your name is your face, so preserve the honor of your name.
    2. Do not hurt your neighbor with harmful words.
    3. Your property on Aden is to only be traded within Aden.
    4. The land of Aden is a peaceful place, please be peaceful. [This kind implies "People play Lineage for fun, so don't ruin the game for everyone."]
    5. Always consider your neighbors.
    6. Do not steal property from others.
    7. Do not cheat and lie to your neighbors.
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    April 23, 2002 03:26 pm ET - research by amateras
    4/23 Publish to Korean Live servers
    NC-Korea ( published the following updates to the Korean live servers:
    1. You cannot give items to NPCs or scarecrows any more.
    2. You can now delete items from the inventory window by dragging items to the new trash can icon.
    3. Dog collars now display dog name and level.
    4. Autoloot has been enabled (was already on non-PK servers), and summoned monsters will drop items to the ground when they are full.
    5. Summoned/tamed NPCs now display their HP bar over their head, similar to parties or dogs currently do.
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    April 23, 2002 02:36 pm ET - research by Melantus
    Veteran Questions: Part I
    If you haven't read the message boards, Melantus asked all the vets to provide a list of "veteran questions" so he could research the answers. Here is the first installment:
    I'm going to answer some of these questions now, and continue to answer a bit more over the next few days. I have the answers here, but I do not want to do a large unload of information onto the players all at the same time. Note that not all of the questions that were posted to the Veteran Questions thread will get answered. Some were duplicate questions, too. Some questions will be answered here, but that will be as detailed as we want to get with the answer.

    I know the answering of these will generate more questions. We will be able to answer some of them in due time, but as I said before some of these answers are going to be as detailed as we are going to get with it.

    I was wondering if you could explain the drops system in more detail such as what are the percentages of getting a rare drop etc and how are the drops calculated. Are they put on mops at first or are they calculated once u kill one?
    The monsters have the items when they are created. I reported this as different in the past, and I apologize for that. The rarity is set in their coding, and is based upon probabilities.

    What exactly are the times that drakes spawn... or at least how do they spawn what are the rolls for it? And what name has the npc that tells it (according to Monitor21)
    Fictionally the drakes are guarding teh entrances to the Dragon Valley dungeon where Antharas can be found. The spawn times vary depending on when they were last killed.

    When will the alliance command work, and is there any date known yet when it will work.
    We don't have any new information yet on the alliance command. It's not in the next couple of publish plans. As soon as I have more info on it, I will let you know.

    Why is the Hell and demon not in the game yet, and when can we get this in our game. If you kill a monster in Hell will you get it's drops or will a monster drop nothing?
    We are tentatively planning to introduce Hell to the US Test Servers very soon. It's not going to be a place you will want to go. :) There will be significant experience loss occurring after going there, and the monsters are going to be much stronger then usual. It will not be a place players can "hunt".

    These are the answers to some of the questions. More will come tomorrow.

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    April 23, 2002 11:12 am ET - research by NCSoft - Austin
    Publish Announcement
    The following changes will become effective with the next publish on Tuesday, April 23 at 10:00am central US time:
  • Confetti orbs will no longer spawn on monsters
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    April 22, 2002 04:56 pm ET - research by amer
    LC Forums, Signature JPGs
    Many of you have asked me to host your signature file for use on the official Lineage boards. In the Control Panel (in the menu on the left), I have added the option to upload your signature JPG. (Only JPG format is allowed). This image will be both used as your icon for the LC Forums (reduced to 65x75), but you will also be given a personal URL (not reduced) that you can use on the official message boards. Please don't abuse our bandwidth though :)
    We've been having some problems with the image upload component. It's temporarily disabled until we can figure out why a single user uploading an image brings the whole site to a screeching halt :(
    I think maybe it's the forums and not the image upload. So, image upload is up and forum is down. Let's see if the site crashes again..
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    April 22, 2002 02:33 pm ET - research by NCSoft - Austin
    EOB - episode 20
    NCSoft recently posted episode 20:

    You'll need to view the comics.

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    April 21, 2002 01:29 pm ET - research by amer, TwinkleStar
    ZeFeroth hits level 50

    ZeFeroth is the sixth level 50 knight in the USA, the fifth level 50 player on Dep and the eighth level 50 player in the USA. Congratulations ZeFeroth!

    ZeFeroth is a CON knight (the third to reach level 50 in the USA). He was level 49 on March 16th, so it took just over a month to get to level 50. He plays 6-7 hours per day on weekdays, and on weekends, pretty much all day long.

    He has -5x AC and +8 rap. He hunts outside Dragon Valley caves, but inside the caves where there are alot of people.

    PK count is 16. :)

    His plans is to get to level 52, after a small break. Getting to 50 is hard work! He has a few words:

    Congratulations ZeFeroth!

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    April 21, 2002 12:37 pm ET - research by TwinkleStar
    Dep server's Ghost pledge
    Pr0fessi0nal, Mamamia and YubGiChaRyuk have combined forces in a single pledge, Ghost. That's a pretty powerful force considering that 3 of the 4 level 50s appearing on this site are in this pledge. We did a short interview and got a few screenshots.

    GhostZ is the princess of this pledge of 34 members (with a waiting list). The princess has had a pledge named Ghost since the old .77 server of the pre-commercial days. They just started sieging, and based on what LinWeb says, they successfully took Giran castle on Dep server.

    Requirements are 45+ at a minimum and of course, being dedicated enough to get through the waiting list. :)

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    April 21, 2002 05:27 am ET - research by linspatz
    Duel Arenas
    You notice how there are only 3 towns with duel arenas? TI, Hidden Valley and Singing Island. And have you ever noticed how doors in lineage are used mainly for duels and not for walking through. Well NCSoft in Korea has decided to fix this problem. Recently on the test server every town got its own duel arena. Most of them are just right outside town. Kent's for example is between town and kent castle. These new duel areas are acctually being used in korea for duels where people will gather around and watch.
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    April 20, 2002 03:25 pm ET - research by LinSpatz
    FireWork Event
    The event is now over. The last showing was cool. It started beofre 7:00pm so i missed the start of it. It had edilons take out a shelob. very funny stuff. Anywho. If you missed it hopefully we will have a movie to show you of one of the firework showings

    The Firework event took place on dep yesterday. I only saw the last 2 and didnt really feel then need to take picture until i saw a 2vs2 fight. This fight included 2 Fafurion's and 2 Valakas's It was very impressive. If a fight like that is going to happen again i will try to get it on movie. is one last showing left ken. the time for it is 7:00pm to 8:00pm US Central Time If you havent seen it yet i greatly recommend going to se it. I plan to attend the last one. maybe we will get lucky and se a 2 vs 2 vs 2 dragon fight. Now that would be fun and crazy at the same time.
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    April 20, 2002 05:15 am ET - research by amer
    LC Forums
    We'd like to introduce our new Lineage Compendium Forums section.

    Please email me ( any suggestions you have to improve it. I'm open to anything, I realize that other forums have features that are cool which we can learn from.

    The announcements board has been moved to the Forums section, and you can now reply to announcements. :)

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    April 20, 2002 02:36 am ET - research by LinSpatz
    Ice Dagger Vs E-bolt
    Many people are confused on what Ice Dagger looks like. They think E-bolt is Ice Dagger. This has really been bothering me. Snice E-bolt has been around for so long and you cant tell the difference.
    Here is the photo that caused all the problems

    This is clearly e-bolt. the bolt in the air takes the form of a diamond and wraps around the target.
    here is another picture of e-bolt

    here is a picture of ice dagger

    you can see how ice dagger takes the form of a trangle and then shatters when it hits its target. this is very different. I hope you understand now that it was e-bolt not ice dagger used on val
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    April 19, 2002 09:02 pm ET - research by NCSoft - Austin
    New LinWeb features
    We’ve added new features to LinWeb that are going to external beta test today! Did you meet someone in-game that you want to learn more about? Do you want to join a Pledge, but are unsure which one your friends are in? Or, do you want to know what is in your Pledge’s inventory? Well, take a look at the new features being deployed to LinWeb!

    More details:

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    April 19, 2002 12:02 pm ET - research by amateras
    Korean live servers kill Valakas
    Reported by Lineage Playforum ( Motivated by the foreign servers (that would be us) recent dragon slayings, these Koreans felt they had something to prove and decided to go kill Valakas. It appears that an army of mages ebolted Valakas to death.

    Pictured above is ring of fire element, tsurugi, resurrection book and belt of mind and a few other nice drops. ^^
    update: Yes, he really did die: dead_valakas.jpg
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    April 18, 2002 02:03 pm ET - research by amateras
    new magic

    Lineage Webszone ( has found some details out on all the new Level 1-2 spells (they are all neutral spells):

    Ice Dagger (3 MP/0 HP) (Level 1) Store Cost: 140

    Wind Cutter (3 MP/0 HP) (Level 1) Store Cost: 140

    Fire Arrow (3 MP/0 HP) (Level 2) Store Cost: 560

    Stalagmite (3 MP/0 HP) (Level 2) Store Cost: 560

    Update from Lineage Webszone (

    Earth Jail (18 MP/5 HP) (Level 4)

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    April 18, 2002 01:46 pm ET - research by amateras
    Korean Test server update on 4/18
    NCSoft - Korea ( reports the following updates made to the Korean test servers on 4/18:
    1. Summon and tame have been changed to limit to CHA/6 monsters. However, mage and prince classes get a +1 bonus and elf class gets a +2 bonus. So, a CHA 12 mage would be able to summon/tame a maximum of 3 monsters. A CHA 11 elf would be able to also tame up to 3 monsters.

      In addition, the monsters that can be summoned have changed:
      Level 28: Werewolf
      Level 32: Lizardman
      Level 36: Ratman
      Level 40: Bugbear
      Level 44: Scorpion
      Level 48: Skeleton Guard
      Level 52: King Bugbear

    2. A new item "mana recovery potion" has been added. This item will let you recover mana at a higher rate, based on your WIS, for 10 minutes.
    3. Elemental resistance has been added to monsters. So, for example, a fire monster would receive less damage from a fire-based spell, but extra damage from a water-based spell.
    4. 10 new spells have been added (in addition to Greater Haste). The level 1 and 2 spells will be available from the town store. Higher level spells will be dropped by monsters based on their element. For example, fire spells will drop from Valakas area, water spells from Heine area, earth spells from Dragon Valley area and wind spells from the rest of Aden.
    5. You cannot give items to store NPCs and scarecrows any more.
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    April 17, 2002 08:49 pm ET - research by NCSoft - Austin
    Unscheduled Maintenance
    We will be conducting a brief unscheduled server maintenance on Thursday, April 18 at 10:00am Central US time on both the Depardieu and Ken Rauhel servers. The servers will be unavailable for a few minutes during this time. We apologize for any inconvenience this causes.
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    April 17, 2002 08:47 pm ET - research by NCSoft - Austin
    Update Server Reset
    The Lineage update server is being reset at approximately 5:45 PM Central US on Wednesday, April 17th to correct a trading issue with the Macintosh client. Macintosh players should log out of Lineage, close the game client completely, and log back in to receive the file download. Trading must then be turned on the "receive" using the in-game options menu. This reset will not disrupt connection to the Lineage game servers.
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    April 17, 2002 08:36 pm ET - research by Lethal/Ecks, TidalWave
    Fafurion drops
    Here are the first of their kind, both screenshots are from Ken server:

    Lethal/Ecks' +5 Blue Dragon Armor - Took 3 b-zels and 1.4 million per blue dragon scale to makeShaolin pledge's one-of-a-kind Shield of Eva.

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    April 17, 2002 07:23 pm ET - research by amer
    Hidden Antharas #2 video from has provided a 20 minute video of a fight with Antharas where he actually hides several times. In the end, he does not die, but hides again. At the end of the video, the text says that another set of dragon slayers came by later, and Antharas hid for a total of eight times so far, never dying.

    Please do not post this link to any message boards or link from any web pages. You are welcome to download it from this site, but if you want to distribute it, please host it yourself. If there is any abuse, we will be forced to remove the link. Thanks for respecting our bandwidth. (14 MB)

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    April 16, 2002 06:26 pm ET - research by NCSoft - Austin
    Reminder to Mac Players
    As a reminder, those players that particulated in the Mac Beta for Lineage will need to have their billing applied by April 20th to continue to access Lineage. Please visit our account admin section of the Lineage Home Page in regards to establishing payment for your Lineage account. Thank you.
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    April 15, 2002 07:41 pm ET - research by NCSoft - Austin
    EOB - Episode 19
    NCSoft recently posted episode 19:

    You'll need to view the comics.

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    April 15, 2002 03:32 pm ET - research by amateras
    Elemental Rings and Resurrection spell
    Some quickies from Lineage Playforum (
  • Elemental Rings have been introduced to the live Korean servers, presumably to make a character more resistant to a specific elemental class of spells. For example, this Ring of Elemental (water) should make you more resistant to the effects of Chill Touch, Curse: Poison, Freeze, Blizzard and Fog of Sleeping (which is currently not in game).
  • The Resurrection spell (currently dropped by Fafurion and we *think* dropped also by the other dragons), resurrects you, but with your full HP. The scrolls of resurrection only restore half of your HP, so there is a difference between the spell and the scroll.
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    April 13, 2002 07:06 pm ET - research by Melantus
    details on fireworks event
    Melantus dropped by the #lineage IRC channel today to share some info on the fireworks event:
    <Melantus> I just wanted to give a bit of info about the fireworks event...
    <amerbot> oh ok
    <amerbot> :)
    <Melantus> so we arent going to be giving out fireworks to the players 
    during this particular event
    <Melantus> notice the story, it says "confetti orbs" got stolen, not 
    <Melantus> but...
    <Melantus> we will show them in the arena, during the Spring Faire
    <Rhayde> don't suppose thats gonna be on test server too? :)
    <Melantus> no, but the arena admission is going to be greatly reduced, 
    almost free. so people can go see it on whichever server its being done on
    <Rhayde> if i can get to giran :P
    <Melantus> I'll put up a reminder monday to get a new character to giran if 
    you dont have one that can go there
    <amerbot> will there be guest appearances by any monsters?
    <Melantus> amer: maybe :) we will see
    <amerbot> hehe ok
    <Melantus> so anyway, now that the players have the fireworks code installed 
    in their computers, its possible that we might use them in the future. we can use 
    them for other things. But during this event, I didnt want players to be disappointed 
    if they didnt find fireworks
    <Melantus> I saw some people saying on compendium that 1) they hadnt found any 
    yet, and (2) they wanted fireworks. I dont want to see anyone disappointed with 
    incorrect info :)
    <Melantus> so we got some other stuff in the works too besides the events that 
    Nerull and I are creating
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    April 13, 2002 01:48 pm ET - research by amer, Zelimide
    Mamamia first female knight to level to 50

    Not that your gender matters, but I thought it would be good to put first something on the headline. :)

    Mamamia is the fifth level 50 knight in the USA, the fourth level 50 player on Dep and the seventh level 50 player in the USA. Congratulations Mamamia!

    Mamamia is a CON knight (the second to reach level 50 in the USA). It took her 1.3 months to get from level 49 - 50 (despite 4 deaths) and she plays 8+ hours per day.

    She has -5x AC, +9 rap and over 600 HP. Mainly she hunts DV skeletons and DV caves.

    PK count is 0 (she doesn't mess with people unless they ask for it)

    Plans include getting DK morph, since as we all now know, it is uber-fast. Ghost pledge has helped her level alot, and she wants to thank them for this:

    Congratulations Mamamia!

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    April 12, 2002 08:07 pm ET - research by Carrington, KnightGuy
    Fireworks come to US Test server

    Looks like Melantus and pals over at NC gave us a little fireworks demo on test server. Also, fireworks are dropping from monsters. Once again, Carrington collected a new item (this time - a yellow streamer) from a skeleton.

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    April 12, 2002 04:46 pm ET - research by amateras
    Korean Test server update 4/12
    Lineage Playforum ( reports that the following updates are being published to the Korean Test Servers:

    1. Monster parties are now wandering around Aden (example: BKs and Kurtz). The hope is that people will hunt in groups.
    2. Mithril arrows have been changed from 7/6 to 10/9 to distinguish them and help balance the elven class.
    3. You can now destroy items from the interface by dragging them into the trash can. (There's a little trash can on the item window).
    4. Bless of Eva effectiveness has been extended from 10 minutes to 30 minutes.
    5. Drops in the underwater passage that connects Talking Island dungeon to Mainland Caves have been adjusted.
    6. Tamed/summoned monsters now have HP bars displayed over their head. [One of the US-only updates that most Americans don't realize Koreans don't have.]
    7. You cannot use pine wand in the coliseum.
    8. On non-PK servers, when tamed or summon monsters are full of items, if another item is collected, the items now drop to the ground instead of dissapear.
    9. Bugbear HP dropped from 280 to 250.
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    April 12, 2002 04:16 pm ET - research by NCSoft - Austin
    NPC server reset
    The NPC servers will be reset at 2pm Central US time today (Friday April 12). This reset will only take a few moments, and the actual servers will not be shut down during this time. Players should stable their pets before this time. Summoned creatures will disappear during the NPC server reset.
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    April 12, 2002 01:21 pm ET - research by Melantus
    More patch info
    A couple of additional items about yesterday's patch:
    1. Cancel is now aggressive. It's not chaotic, but it is aggressive and thus will not function in a safety zone and will function just like any other aggressive spell in a normal zone on Dep. This change went in before we intended, so that's why it wasn't listed in the update. However it's in now, and we think it's ok to just leave it in.
    2. There were some very slight revisions to STR and Dex that went in on the Korean servers (This isn't the same as the Dex/AC bonus the players have been discussing). This STR and DEX change on the Korean servers is now on the US servers too. Basically some changes were made to attack bonus and bonus damage of both stats. The players might not even notice any change, unless they tried to look for it.

    I wanted to be sure to mention it as being one of the changes from the Korean servers, because players often say that the US servers never get anything from the Korean servers. :) We are working to improve that process.

    We are still working on the Dex/AC bonus.

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    April 12, 2002 12:11 pm ET - research by Month-X_ZERO, Nue
    All Spells?
    I have no idea where this came from or what any of these new spells are, but here is what a user from Taiwan, Month-X_ZERO, who has a website at emailed me:

    update: Nue ( followed up this news post with names for each of the new spells. (Thanks Nue!)

    Ice Dagger
    (Level 1)
    Wind Cutter
    (Level 1)
    Fire Arrow
    (Level 2)
    (Level 2)
    Frozen Cloud
    (Level 3)
    Earth Jail
    (Level 4)
    Cone of Cold
    (Level 5)
    Sun Burst
    (Level 6)
    Greater Haste
    (Level 7)
    Earth Quake
    (Level 8)
    Fire Storm
    (Level 9)
    Disintegrate Spear
    (Level 10)

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    April 11, 2002 06:39 pm ET - research by NCSoft - Austin
    Spring Faire Celebration

    Announcing the Spring Faire Celebration, to welcome Macintosh players into the realm of Aden! On April 19th and 20th, the Giran Arena will host a wondrous ceremony of light, sound, and action. This event is being presented by the NC-Austin Staff for the Lineage players and Lord British will be on hand at the celebration as the host. During the Spring Faire Celebration, the entry fee to the arena will be greatly reduced. All are welcome to come and celebrate with us!

    The following times are the schedule for the Celebration, including server.

    Depardieu Server:
    11:00am to 12 noon US Central Time on April 19
    4:00pm to 5:00pm US Central Time on April 19
    7:00pm to 8:00pm US Central Time on April 19

    Ken Rauhel Server:
    11:00am to 12 noon US Central Time on April 20
    4:00pm to 5:00pm US Central Time on April 20
    7:00pm to 8:00pm US Central Time on April 20

  • More info:
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    April 11, 2002 06:28 pm ET - research by OLDMAN, darkELVENlord
    Fafurion killed on US Ken Rauhel server

    Rumors have been flying around about Fafurion being repeatedly killed on Ken Rauhel server. Well, it was just killed a few moments ago (again) and here is a screenshot offered as proof. Congratulations to all those involved!

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    April 11, 2002 03:20 pm ET - research by amateras
    New boss drops
    Lineage Playforum ( has been reporting on the new items being dropped by the boss level monsters on the Korean live servers:

  • Pictured here is a new Baphomet drop: Worn-Out Amulet of Charisma, which is +1 CHA and -2 INT, which should be a popular item among princes.
  • This kind of drop is about 1 out of 4 Bapho kills.
  • It now takes about 4 people to take on Baphomet because he is stronger.
  • On the third kill of Baphomet, 17 quality sapphires dropped at once, another improvement of Baphomet.

  • This is a Amulet of Wisdom as dropped by Beleth.
  • Beleth is also stronger - even one player pumping pots couldn't keep up with the damage being inflicted by him.

  • This is the Worn-Out Belt of Body, which is +30 HP. Baphomet dropped this one too.
  • Playforum says that the two drops listed above are two of three new Baphomet drops, but they didn't specify what the third was.

  • This is a Amulet of Dexterity, dropped by Caspa.
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    April 11, 2002 02:52 pm ET - research by NCSoft - Austin
    Test Server down
    The Test Server is currently unavailable, but will return shortly. We apologize for any inconvenience this has caused.
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    April 11, 2002 02:30 am ET - research by amer
    Looks like the Lineage BBS is really popular, especially with games like L.O.R.D. I figured that some people might want me to register it, so that they could start to seriously level up - same goes for Usurper, PimpWars and any other games that I may add one day.

    Anyway, to meet that goal, I added a small unobtrusive "Donate" button under the menu on the left side of the web page. If you like Compendium, and feel that it has earned a few bucks (even $1 is like 7% of the way to reg'd L.O.R.D.), I'll gladly accept it and put it towards paying the bills, registering doors, or maybe something cool I can find to give away on the site.

    No, I'm not selling out, the donation is optional, and it won't slow down the site in any way. ^^ Thanks to whoever helps us out!

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    April 10, 2002 10:09 pm ET - research by NEO, Asala
    PR0FESSI0NAL is now level 52!!
    Still wielding his trusty +9 rapier, PR0FESSI0NAL has reached level 52. He now has a base strength of 22, but fights with 29 (+5 from STR spell, +2 from p-g). He has 500+ HP and spent quite a bit of time demonstrating the speed of a hasted, braved DK morph to the Giran bystanders.

    (On a personal note, I think we couldn't have asked for a better level 52. Not only is he kind enough to give me a few moments of his time so I can ask questions for Compendium, but he sat there and let me test the speed of the DK morph for the morph guide. So, thanks for helping Pr0. ^^)

    Despite a death, it took PR0FESSI0NAL a speedy 28 days to get to level 52 from 51. And now, with +1 STR and superfast Death Knight morph (while on braves, he can do 100 hits in a mere 36 seconds), we may see an improvement. He does plan to get to 58 at least. ^^

    Once again, congrats Pr0! Watch for another mention of him here in about a month!

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    April 10, 2002 07:07 pm ET - research by NCSoft - USA
    Lineage USA publish - 4/10
    The following changes will become effective with the next publish on Thursday, April 11:
    1. A problem with the hunger and weight display bars has been fixed
    2. The spell "Ice Lance" has been fixed to allow for longer duration of the spell, as well as allow for additional damage while the monster is frozen.
    3. The effect of the fruit of the Ent is now the same as the greater healing potion
    4. Bloodpledge leaders can no longer be deleted when they own a castle or are in charge of a pledge.
    5. Dogs will no longer attack characters blocking their way when in aggressive mode.
    6. A problem was corrected with Dupelgenon quest amulet distribution
    7. Dogs will no longer be able to attack town NPCs
    8. Greater Haste potion has been added. Its effect will last 30 minutes.
    9. The party health bar is now more visibly distinctive.
    10. Players can now only trade by facing each other and opening up a trade window. /exchange will no longer work for trading.
    11. Aggressor time has been increased to 30 seconds.
    12. Morning hours for sieges will be automatically skipped, and afternoon hours will be calculated as the next siege time.
    13. Spell damage is reduced when a spell of a given type is repeatedly cast on the same player. Note that the amount of time between spellcasts affected in this way is betwen one and two seconds. The same spell cast on the same player in an amount of time over roughly two seconds will still result in normal damage calculation.
    14. Item drops from ranged attacks will no longer be overlapped in one spot
    15. The duration of regular haste potions has been changed from 8 minutes to 5 minutes, and the potion weight reduced slightly.
    16. Heine housing has been activated and should function the same as Giran housing.
    17. just added: Creatures with high enough intelligence can use haste potions, if they are very hurt.
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    April 10, 2002 02:34 pm ET - research by amateras
    NCSoft - Korea
    Korean live servers got new updates today:
    1. Baphomet, Beleth, phoenix, Giant Queen Ant, Death Knight and other boss-level monsters have been strengthed. They also now drop the belts and amulets reported earlier. (We'll try to have exact information on these items soon.) In addition, the dragons have been weakened so they can be defeated with strategy and fighting ability. (What did it take before?)
    2. A bug where your HP/MP dropped to 0 or 1 when you restarted while wearing a set if your HP/MP was below 50 has been fixed.
    3. Added new level up graphics.
    4. Bookmarking Valakas' Lair has been disallowed.
    5. You can now disable the "Do you wish to trade with this user?" message that pops up when people try to trade with you.
    6. Fireworks NPCs have been added in Giran and other mainland towns.
    7. Dead monsters bodies disappear more quickly. Dead dog bodies disappear more slowly.
    8. Elven wafers do not have a magic gem requirement any more.
    9. Buakheu (the NPC that sells stuff on Heine 4f) now sells Bless of Eva.
    10. There was a bug where you could resurrect a hasted mop, and it would *still* be hasted. This has been fixed.
    11. High INT mops now have a lower probability of using any greens they are carrying.
    12. Some help files have been added/changed.
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    April 10, 2002 02:30 pm ET - research by amer
    Dog collars on Korean Test
    Lineage Playforum reports a update to the appearance of dog collars on the Korean Test server:

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    April 10, 2002 02:29 pm ET - research by NCSoft - Austin
    Ken Rauhel reset
    The Ken Rauhel server will be brought down for a brief reset at approximately 10:30 AM Central US time, Wednesday April 10th. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.
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    April 10, 2002 03:30 am ET - research by Tiamat
    new rings

    We reported earlier about a new belt appearing on Korean Test server. Now it seems that there are 6 of them: Belt of Body, Belt of Soul, Elven Belt, and the lighter variety of each. The belts add +50HP for the Belt of Body, +50MP for the Belt of Soul and both for the elven belt. The lighter variety add +30 instead of +50 in each case.

    Also, looks like there may be some new rings coming one day to Lineage. Here are the images as reported by Their names are Ring of Hang Ma, Ring of Destruction, and then a ring for each element: Ring of Water, Ring of Fire, Ring of Wind, Ring of Earth.

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    April 10, 2002 02:28 am ET - research by sravi, speedlab
    Famous MMORPGers

    Found this article care of a friend reading Yahoo! magazine:

    True story: Curt Schilling (starting pitcher of the World Series Champions, the Arizona Diamondbacks, co-MVP of the World Series) is one of the greatest pitchers in Major League Baseball today. He rarely lets batters hit the ball, let alone get a home run off of him. If you know anything about baseball, here is a list of people who have successfully batted two of his pitches out of the park in a game: Sammy Sosa, Mark McGwire, Mike Piazza, Barry Bonds (which is pretty much the batting Dream Team of baseball) and... Doug Glanville.

    What would motivate Doug Glanville to do this to his friend and former teammate, Curt Schilling?

    Apparently, Schilling got one of Glanville's EverQuest characters killed! Yes, a death in EQ cost Schilling 2 runs!

    Revenge of the Week - May 2001

    Schilling will *not* let his dwarven name be slandered - May 2001

    While we have a post on EverQuest, speedlab sent me a link on SOE (Sony Online Entertainment)'s announcement of EverQuest for Playstation 2 in late summer or early fall. I'm holding out for Lineage 2 for Xbox!
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    April 08, 2002 02:51 pm ET - research by NCSoft - Austin
    EOB - episode 18
    NCSoft recently posted episode 18:

    You'll need to view the comics.

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    April 07, 2002 03:07 am ET - research by Carrington
    US Test gets Reinforcement Potion of Haste

    The new 30-minute haste potions seem to have arrived on the US Test server. Carrington received this one from a regular skeleton in the wastelands.

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    April 06, 2002 03:48 am ET - research by amer
    How bored can amer really get?
    *very* bored.

    Does anyone remember what we used to do before we had the Internet to get our gaming fix online?

    Doors. BBS Doors.

    Check out the BBS doors on the new Compendium BBS (telnet to

    If you don't remember the old BBS days, you're not going to like or understand this. :)

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    April 05, 2002 05:58 pm ET - research by amateras
    Light reaches level 58
    Light (remember from long ago, he was one of the first to break the 50 barrier in Korea) has just reached level 58. He has 21 STR, 21 CON and -72 AC.

    But check out his pledge!

    Pictured in this screenshots is actually two united pledges, a family pledge, and a pirate pledge (the group of DKs is the pirate pledge). As an example of what you can expect to be attacked with (in addition to 7 level 50+ characters), the DK CUTTER has a +9 t-shirt, a +9 b-comr, a +8 homr and a +10 rapier.

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    April 04, 2002 02:53 pm ET - research by Cogency
    Level 48 doberman
    Level 1-11, dogs say nothing when told to stay.

    Level 12-23, dogs say "Bow! Wow!" when told to stay.

    Level 24-35, dogs say "Wuf. Arf!" when told to stay.

    Level 36-47, dogs say "Grrrrrrr." when told to stay.

    TaumAril is the proud new owner of a level 48 doberman, KING8. Now we know that 48+ dogs say "Yes, master!" when told to stay. He said that he levelled his elf to 48 and his knight to 48 (used dog less with knight) to get the dog to 48.

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    April 04, 2002 11:04 am ET - research by NCSoft - Austin
    Network Maintenance
    We will be performing network hardware maintenance between 1pm and 2pm central US time. This network maintenance could potentially affect connections to the Lineage web page, FTP, and the update servers for brief moments. Please wait a few moments and try to reconnect if you are experiencing any connection problems.
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    April 04, 2002 04:09 am ET - research by amer
    I lied! One more update before sleep!
    Okay, last one:

    Many of you may not have known that we have an archive section (if not, I added a link to the top of the menu). ANYWAY, now I added search function to the archive page. You can type in any literal term, and it will search all the news for that text.

    It doesn't support AND, OR or anything fancy, I'm not even sure anyone will use it. If you do like it, and want me to work on it more with any suggestions you have, please email me at

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    April 04, 2002 03:52 am ET - research by amer
    last site update before sleep for amer!
    Okay, in my last little site update for the night, I added the function to ban people from posting comments on the site for any amount of time.

    I really, really hate for it to have come to this, but some people are just making complete and total nuisances of themselves in the comments section and deserve to be silenced.

    Here are the rules, just follow them please, it would be nice to have a productive comments section:

  • I don't mind if you use offensive language in your posts for non hurtful purposes. Like, if you say "holy &#$@, Antharas is so strong", that's fine. But if you direct it at people, like "you're such a $&*@#$", that is bad. You will be banned.
  • My position on "first post": This is an old Internet tradition. The problem is that some people totally miss the point. By saying first post, it's short for "here is the first post." Lots of people are saying first post, and not posting. I mean a message that says "first post"... where's the post? You're actually supposed to say first post, and then ACTUALLY SAY SOMETHING. This applies to messages like "moo" or "sup" or "potato". We're supposed to discuss things here, not practice scrolling down past all the garbage. So, first post is cool with me, as long as you actually post. Nonsense messages will get deleted. If the admin who deletes it is in a bad mood, ban too.
  • We're not NC. No one pays us. I pay out of my own pocket. I'm happy to. We run it because it's fun. Ruin our fun = ban.

    All I want is for the comments section to have real discussion. Sometimes, there are real discussions. Just no more garbage, please. I hope that I never actually have to use ban.

    Thank you everyone for helping me out here.

    update: If you can't post, or if you see a banned message, and you feel you have been wrongfully banned, let me know. We don't have a fancy logging system like NCSoft, but we're also free. :)
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    April 04, 2002 03:23 am ET - research by amer
    user cleanup
    I just went through and deleted some old, unused and duplicate accounts. Some people had two or more accounts with the same email address - I deleted the older one. If you have any problems posting (like the main account you use is gone), send me an email at with what you think your userid is and I'll fix it for you.
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    April 04, 2002 02:26 am ET - research by amer
    Linspatz suggested that we add a single page where everyone can add LinWeb characters when LinWeb first came out. So, a few days later, I got around to it.

    LinWeb sharing

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    April 04, 2002 01:13 am ET - research by Tiamat
    Fire mop drop rates
    A few months ago, Septonian found a color-coded drop rate list on a Chinese website and Tiamat helped him translate it for us. It thus became our drop list, and it turns out it was pretty accurate. recently posted the color-coded drop rate chart for the fire monsters, and Tiamat was good enough to translate again, and the lists are now part of the database.

    Thanks to everyone also who has emailed me about their drops this past month - I may not answer everyone, but I totally appreciate it, keep the emails coming. ^^

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    April 03, 2002 11:40 pm ET - research by amer
    LineageKHAN, first CON knight to hit 50
    LineageKHAN is the fourth level 50 knight in the USA, the third level 50 player on Dep and the sixth level 50 player in the USA. Congratulations LineageKHAN!

    LineageKHAN is the first CON knight to reach level 50 in the USA. It took him a month to get from level 49 - 50, but he has been playing for about 1 year total. He actually hit level 50 a few days ago, but sometimes it takes a while for information to get to me. (Thanks to Christina for letting me know.)

    He has -60 AC and a +9 rap and some days hunts for 8+ hours per day. He hunts mainly Dragon Valley caves 2-3f.

    Congratulations LineageKHAN!

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    April 03, 2002 08:39 pm ET - research by amateras
    Korean Test Server updates
    Lineage Playforum ( reports the following updates made to test:
  • Housekeeper can clean up the house of items for you.
  • A new "party" teleport scroll will teleport all members of your party to a single location, even if the party is not together.
  • Adjusted HP/MP modifiers for some of the armors and weapons (more details to come).
  • Took out the PK self defense system that was only on the Korean Test server. Also PKing characters level 5 or less now makes you chaotic on Korean Test server.
  • Added the option to destroy items from the inventory window.
  • New character level up animation -- to see it, click on the image. (Image and animation care of HKLineage).
  • You cannot bookmark Valakas's Lair any more.
  • Added some in-game help.
  • Bosses and drake are now more "balanced."
  • SI/HV now has a fireworks cellar.
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    April 03, 2002 03:09 pm ET - research by NCSoft - Austin
    EOB - episode 17
    NCSoft recently posted episode 17 (okay, we're a little late):

    You'll need to view the comics.

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    April 02, 2002 12:09 pm ET - research by Melantus
    Silver/Oriharukon/Mithril undead bonus
    For those of you who haven't read the message boards, Melantus looked in the code, and gave us the following fact about the undead bonus that everyone guesses about:

    Correction to some info I posted about the oriharukon. I originally gave a damage bonus of 2d10, but it is actually 1d20. On average, they come out the same but it is slightly diferent. :) In any case, here is the info about it all:

    Silver/oriharukon/mithril are all treated the same for the bonus damage. And this is a bonus in addition to the regular weapon damage, so a +0 rapier (11/6) versus a zombie will do 1-11 + 1-20, or 2-31 damage (plus any other bonuses).

    Community Coordinator - Lineage
    NCInteractive - Austin

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    April 01, 2002 08:20 pm ET - research by amer
    Lineage on the Sony Clie
    Furthering the strategic partnership between NCSoft Corp. and Sony Online Entertainment, NCSoft has unveiled a Lineage prototype on the Sony Clie handheld. The demo was given on Sony's latest NR70 class handheld (currently available only in Japan, expected to hit the US on May 12) and takes advantage of the NR70 series powerful 66MHz chip combined with Sony's InfoStick (not released yet) which is capable of wireless transmission speeds up to 1MBps at a range of 10 meters.

    "Because the handheld platform is limited to 320x480 resolution and 65,536 colors, the normally enormous resources consumed by the Lineage client for desktops could be heavily reduced to fit on Sony's upcoming 256MB MemoryStick" says Mike Vitelli, president of Sony's consumer electronics group.

    Timetables for the open beta/final release of this new platform (or even how it's supposed to work with a stylus instead of a keyboard) are unknown. "RPGs that look similar to Lineage, such as Ancient Red, are already available for the Palm handheld - and they don't require the power of the Sony Clie to run. We felt it would be innovative of NCSoft to be the first to enter this market." said Taekjin Kim, president, NCsoft.

    Update: April Fool's ^^
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    April 01, 2002 07:56 pm ET - research by NCSoft - Austin
    Lineage Publish 4/2
    The following changes will be published on Tuesday April 2nd at 10:00am central US time:
  • Two new NPC's have been added to the new player areas (Singing Island and Hidden Valley). These NPCs will instruct new players on how to use the training dummies and how to level.
  • Various monsters have increased drop rates for blessed scroll of teleportation.
  • Totem drop rates have been increased. Totems do not message when they are dropped by orcs, but the totems do appear in character inventory.
  • Attacks on some of the creatures in the fire area have been adjusted. Some will now do more damage, while others will do less damage.
  • Multiple shops now sell haste potions and their price has been lowered to 200 adena each.
  • The Lightning Ratmen and Elindare have vanished. Their whereabouts are currently unknown.
    update: Re: totem drop rates -- The "kill by one" coding has been returned on the totems, meaning players will need to be the only ones to kill the creature carrying the totem to receive the totem (dogs are included in as a factor).
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