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Monday, September 1, 2003
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March 09, 2003 05:24 am ET - research by Lineage - US
ISP Maintenance
Last Monday, I died during this maintenance. So please, be careful :)
The ISP location serving Lineage US servers will be conducting maintenance on Monday, March 10th between 2:00 AM CST and 6:00 AM CST. This maintenance may cause intermittent latency issues and/or disconnects during the maintenance period.

As a reminder, this is the regularly scheduled ISP maintenance period, and as such is an ‘at risk’ play period. We do not encourage hunting during this period, but if you choose to hunt during this time period, we urge that you use extreme caution. Players logging in during this time period will be prompted with a pop-up window to remind them that the ISP maintenance may cause disconnects.

March 09, 2003 05:25 am ET (#1)
Loyal Fan

236 posts

i always get booted><

March 09, 2003 05:25 am ET (#2)
Loyal Fan



March 09, 2003 05:26 am ET (#3)
LC Reporter

150 posts

just dont play during this time lol

March 10, 2003 09:37 am ET (#4)
Loyal Fan

215 posts

Damn it. They didn't say the server was gonna be reset. I lost a lotta stuff in my pledge house....

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