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   Nov 2001
November 30, 2001 04:13 pm ET - research by NCSoft
Lineage Comic Strip (EOB) - now in English!
NCSoft has done us a favor and translated the comic strip, Epoch of Blood, that has been appearing in Korea. There are only two episodes so far, and both are in English:

You'll need to view the comics.

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November 30, 2001 10:57 am ET - research by Septonian
#lineage on mirc

I would like to publicly announce the opening of the #lineage channel on the Stratics network! I am hereby inviting every player, admin, visitor or curious person to join the channel for an out-of-character chat, trading channel, chill out or whatever you feel like talking about And all this, without Monitor04 banning you for saying the word "cockatrice" I am hoping to make this channel the official channel for Adenians. So every folk out there, pop up your ol' dusty mIRC client and connect to the server: {/server}

channel #lineage {/j #lineage}

For those who do not own mIRC, I recommend you visit the website and download the client. Once installed and ran, you will need to select a nickname and a server to connect to. Follow the above instructions to do this. If you need further help, reply to this post and I will do my best to help you.

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November 29, 2001 07:49 pm ET - research by amer
E3 2001 (from January)
This is back when Lord British first announced Destination Games (now part of NCSoft) and talked about joining up with Jake Song. It's a 3-part video where Starr Long, Richard Garriott (LB) and Jake Song each speak:
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November 29, 2001 03:55 pm ET - research by amateras

All I have to say is I've been logged 60+ hours hunting for blood and have nothing. In the meantime, how many p-gs do you think this guy blew?

Just so you know, the fact that he got a p-g to go from +8 to +9 moved his AC down to -58 from -57. Basically, he had a +8 p-g and said "if I blow this, I quit." Then he took an nzel from the giran store, used it and pow. I would have been all over global.

The article also notes that there are 3 players on this particular server with -60AC.

Image thanks to Lineage Playforum (

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November 28, 2001 09:53 pm ET - research by graf00
Lord British found on Dep Server
Lord British made an appearance on Dep server! And he's not full lawful! I think he's playing for real! Very cool stuff. ^^
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November 28, 2001 01:25 pm ET - research by amateras
4th song and Korean Event

An event has been announced by NC-Korea for Korean servers (I know some of you don't care about the Korean servers, but read on - maybe the US servers will do the same thing for us if we ask nicely.)

First of all, if you click below, you get to hear a 4th theme from the OST, called "The Man of Honor".

Second, Koreans are having a hunting event (probably for the holidays). Here's the schedule for Korea:

  • 12/1 - bear
  • 12/2 - deer
  • 12/8 - wild boar
  • 12/9 - fox

    On each of those days, the animal listed will drop scrolls. Up to and including scroll of enchant weapon aka dai. The story is that these overpopulation of these animals is dangerous to Aden and it is our job to hunt them.

    Third - Koreans have fox and bear!! I want fox and bear! :(

    NCSoft - Korea announcement

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    November 27, 2001 10:22 pm ET - research by amer
    IGN - Lord British Interview 2
    You may have noticed that IGN already made the first interview subscriber only. Here's the second interview, read it while you still can!

    Interesting quote: "...major release that they do every quarter..."

  • Kent (release: 06/99)
  • Orc town (release: 10/99)
  • Elven Forest (release: 01/00)
  • SKT/WW (release: 03/00)
  • Dep server opens (release: 08/00)
  • DV (release: 11/00)
  • Game becomes pay-to-play (05/01)
  • Giran (release: 07/01)
  • Heine (release: 10/01)

    Notice that the game has been on pretty much quarterly cycle. Thus, we can likely expect the next release to be in January 2002, based on Garriott's words.

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    November 27, 2001 09:50 pm ET - research by amer
    Skins section
    We started a skins section, so we can customize all our apps to be the little Lineage devotees that we all are on the inside and won't reveal. ^^

    I inaugurated the section with a Lineage splash screen EdgyAsHell made for everyone, but we will make our own WinAmp, Sonique, etc. skins in time. If you have an app you want to customize and aren't happy with your art skills - just post a comment on which app and someone I'm sure will start hacking away. ^^

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    November 27, 2001 05:45 pm ET - research by amer
    Winamp skins
    We found these awhile ago but forgot to post the link. Our buddies over at Lineage Playforum have a section with WinAmp skins. The one here is just one of many! Eventually we will design our own. ^^

    Check it out:

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    November 27, 2001 03:00 pm ET - research by amer
    Lineage Compendium on your handheld
    Okay, so some of you may have handheld devices (I have a Sony Clie N710C, if you care), and there's this service called AvantGo which synchronizes your favorite websites (ours!!) to your handheld. So, I've been toying around with a Lineage Compendium channel and I want your feedback so it can be improved -- so... If you have a handheld, add the channel by clicking on the link below and tell me what improvements to make.

    Add Lineage Compendium AvantGo channel

    Things I'm interested in feedback about:

  • currently it's 270k, is it too big?
  • It retrieves the last 5 days of news. Is that too much? Too little?
  • Images too big? small?
  • It follows one link in, even externally. Is that too many links? Should I not include external links?
  • Do you like the formatting? Should it be rearranged? resorted? Colors?
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    November 27, 2001 12:15 pm ET - research by Septonian
    Lord British interview
    This interview (for once) talks alot about Lineage. You should read it, it's pretty interesting.

    IGN also had this to say: "Tomorrow we'll run the second half of the interview in which Richard tells us about the three games he's (almost) finished, the problems of customer support in the massively multiplayer market and the bottom line for online games." So, we'll post a link on that tomorrow.

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    November 27, 2001 01:11 am ET - research by amer
    hate mail section
    Since lots of you enjoyed the last hate mail, I've created a section for people who send us hate mail. Caspo just posted again and I told alot of people I would start this section if he comes back.

    So, posted for your entertainment, see the menu on the left! ^^

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    November 26, 2001 07:33 pm ET - research by NCSoft
    Midnight on Talking Island

    It is midnight on Talking Island. Blood pledge knights keep watch over the sleeping townsfolk, but not all is normal on this fair island.

    "The knights fell silent, eyes darting along the forest edge as their attention turned back to their long, cold patrol. In the distance, goblins chattered late night calls through the underbrush. Occasionally the forest growth rustled quickly, pushed aside by a darting tiny green hand. Ignored by the knights, the goblins were merely a nuisance to be endured - certainly not worth interrupting the night watch.

    At last, Lochlyn spoke.

    "You have…" he hesitated briefly, "heard the tales? From the North?"

    She whirled to face him, eyes bright and angry in the moonlight. "

    Darkness is not always empty. Read the latest at

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    November 26, 2001 02:54 pm ET - research by amateras
    New Lineage O.S.T.
    O.S.T. stands for original sound track. Well, if you though that the change in the MIDI was the "new orchestral soundtrack" that we were all told about, like I did, I think we're in for a big surprise.

    Below the menu on the left is a jukebox (currently only 1 song has been released). NCSoft-Korea says they have been using a full, live orchestra to produce twenty different themes in Lineage which play depending on where you are and what you are doing!

    It is a cooperation between composer Jin-U Ahn and movie/drama music composer Joey Newman ("Once and Again", Rennie's Landing) and will be added to Lineage in mid-December!

    The flash animation on the left will slowly reveal 3 of the songs before the actual update hits, but you'll have to wait until mid-December for the rest. This is going to totally change the Lineage experience. ^^

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    November 25, 2001 01:45 am ET - research by Crazykilla/Nig
    We've heard about this (I posted long long ago, back in September) and haven't seen it. But CrazyKilla and Nig managed to get one on the test server, which they subsequently zel'd to +5.
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    November 25, 2001 01:37 am ET - research by amateras
    interview with Lineage-Korea Project Manager
    Lineage Playforum posted an interview ( the Lineage Project Manager of NC-Korea, and some really cool facts were uncovered:
  • Fafurion is weaker than Antharas.
  • Out of 4 dragons, which is the weakest?
    It's the last dragon: wind dragon (Lindvior). BUT, while the first 3 dragons hide in their lair, wind dragon will be flying around the ground and landing at different locations to attack players
  • 'Age of Bloodpledge' (episode 1-12) was planned from a long ago, and NCSoft is planning on providing more contents even after the episode 12.
  • With the update of Aden castle, Aden's prince/princess will be the king/queen of the Lineage world and each castle will pay taxes to the Aden castle king/queen
  • Fire dragon (Valakas) will be added in the episode 10
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    November 25, 2001 01:35 am ET - research by amateras
    Lineage Playforum

    To serve you with the latest and the most accurate information, Lineage Compendium has entered into a cooperative agreement with Lineage Playforum ( in Korea.

    This agreement has been established between Lineage Compendium and Lineage Playforum, and we will follow the following guidelines:

    1. Both sites post an official notice concerning our mutual cooperation.
    2. In case of forwarding articles, both the source and URL must be included.
    3. Any screenshots or movies containing URL or company logos will not be altered or erased.
    4. Both parties do their best to cooperate in every possible way.
    Lineage Playforum is currently the biggest lineage fansite in Korea. Through this cooperation with Playforum, we are hoping to provide you with even more exciting information about Lineage.
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    November 24, 2001 06:50 pm ET - research by amateras
    Sword of Life
    Lineage Playforum ( reported that NCSoft has given a special gift, "the Sword of Life", to a single player for finding a rare kind of blood [type RH-O](in real life, not in the game). Back in August, there was a national (Korean) call to help someone who needed blood donations, but who had a rare kind of blood. This Lineage player helped locate the blood and NCSoft thought it would be a nice reward.

    The sword is 11/12, regenerates HP at 1.5x the speed that a CON 18 knight regenerates HP, is 1-handed, has +1 to hit (like a kat), has a weight of 40, cannot be dropped on death and has safely been daied to +9 with no problems. Strangely (I'm not complaining) it can't be used by mages.

    uhh.. wow.

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    November 24, 2001 12:08 pm ET - research by Imhotep

    Imhotep sent us these screenshots of Kurtz, back on his expeditions of old from the Mainland to Talking Island aboard his pirate ship on the test server. Perhaps they will reintroduce him - he was an excellent mid-level boss.
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    November 22, 2001 12:18 am ET - research by anonymous
    an older Christmas event
    Here's an old screenshot someone sent in of part of the Christmas festivities in Lineage a while back. Pretty neat, I hope they do it again.
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    November 21, 2001 03:40 pm ET - research by anonymous
    Lord British arrives
    Lord British was spotted on the test server, and now we get to admire him. Coming soon to a siege near you!
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    November 21, 2001 03:55 am ET - research by amer
    more dogs
    Someone found more dogs. There's no indication that the dogs are coming soon:
    Dalmatian. Pointer. Great Dane.
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    November 21, 2001 12:55 am ET - research by NCSoft
    Server Reset
    "The Lineage game servers will be taken down for a brief reset at approximately 5:15PM CST, November 20th. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause." Its not as bad as it sounds from how they put it. They just restarting the computers so it all runs faster.
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    November 20, 2001 05:40 pm ET - research by amateras
    no more accidental deletions
    There was a huge argument on the message boards a few weeks back about the ease at which you could permanently delete your high level character and all your items, never to get them back. (Support won't help if you do this). Now, I'm not sure if this is a big coincidence, or an indication that NC-Korea is listening to us, but here's something new they added to the test server, care of Lineage Playforum (

    They added extra screens to the interface so that you don't accidentally delete one of your characters. It will first ask you if you really want to delete the characters. When you click on yes, it will have a timer with 10 secs for you to cancel it before it actually deletes it.

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    November 20, 2001 05:24 pm ET - research by Dariuas
    Richard Garriott Phone interview
    (This was sent around to one of the YahooGroups email lists.)

    Come one, come all! Tuesday November 20th, at the stroke of 8 o'clock on the American Eastern time. For a live phone interview with Richard 'Lord British' Garriott, creator of the Ultima series, including the smash hit Ultima Online. Now his workings take him to his new company Destination Games, where there is no telling what wonders will be created!!! The show will be run from Stratics IRC, in the channel #radio, and hosted by yours truly, Me, Dariuas!

    To listen you'll need a media player, such as Winamp, or Windows Media player. In your player, find where 'Open Location' is, in Winamp, you hit ctrl-L and in Windows Media player, goto file, then Open Location, put in the address and hit connect!

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    November 20, 2001 05:00 pm ET - research by NCSoft
    Holiday Support Schedule
    The North American Lineage Service will be offering limited customer service support on Thursday, November 22nd for the Thanksgiving holiday. Email and billing support email will not be answered on Thursday the 22nd and will return to service with normal business hours on Friday, November 23rd. The North American Lineage game servers will continue to be monitored at all times throughout the holiday weekend.
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    November 20, 2001 09:34 am ET - research by LinSpatz
    Just a pic

    Someone sent me this unique picture I thought I would let you all see. It happens that he has 5 items that are not yet in the game along with being in fafurion morph. I hope you all like it.

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    November 19, 2001 06:56 pm ET - research by NCSoft
    November 20th publish
    The following changes/updates will be published to the Lineage servers on November 20th during the 10:00 AM maintenance period:
  • New NPCs, including innkeeper and kennelmaster, have been added to the new player areas.
  • Updated the Obscenity Filter list.
  • References to "steel" have been changed to "iron".
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    November 18, 2001 09:15 pm ET - research by amer
    Okay, so now that we know what all the trims mean, I decided to figure out exactly what level a doppleganger is by taking different people and finding out what border the mops appeared to different levels. September, Braich and Promeus all helped to make this determination.

    Basically, when a dopple clones you when you are NOT morphed, there is no border. It looks *exactly* like you, and you have to hit Ctrl to kill it. However, if you do morph first, and it sees you in morph, not only does it become your morph, but you can see a faint border around the name. (Linspatz also wanted to point out that you DO NOT need to hold down Ctrl to kill a dopple in a morph, but only if the morph is into a monster. Morphing into a milkcow, for example, still requires you to hold down Ctrl). With this, we were able to determine that a doppleganger is level 18. The use of a mana staff showed us that a doppleganger has 30MP, and killing it showed us that a dopple has 25 lawful.

    Some crude experiments with vampiric touch told us the dopple has around 300HP, but we're not sure, so we didn't put that in. We're also not sure of its AC, but its probably the same AC as other level 15-20 mops.

    I added what we are certain about dopples to the Monster Guide.

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    November 18, 2001 07:00 pm ET - research by amer
    color-coding of monster names
    I was bored. So I wandered around Aden trying to determine what the color trim of the names mean. First off, we have known (an NPC tells us) that each color refers to the difficulty of a monster. Specifically, it has been said that they refer to the exact level of the monster in relationship to you. Well, here's the specific meanings:

    Green means that the monster is 2 or more levels BELOW you.
    Blue means that the monster is between 1 level BELOW and 2 levels ABOVE you.
    Gold means that the monster is 3 to 8 levels ABOVE you.
    Red means that the monster is 9 or more levels ABOVE you.

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    November 18, 2001 03:27 pm ET - research by amer
    new mops
    Nue Lineage (thanks to HKLineage for the link) has somehow obtained upcoming monsters. Many of these are review, but it's still cool to look at how many are in our future in total.

    Mimic Paperman Fire Golem Ice Golem
    Gnoll Minotaur Minotaur Death
    Ghost Ghost Giant Giant
    Giant Wild Dog Tiger Bear

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    November 17, 2001 03:23 pm ET - research by amateras
    -10 hit bonus to mana staff! reported that they've added -10 hit bonus to mana staff in korean test servers. I guess this means you'll have a pretty tough time draining mana from mops or other players, even from stone golems...
    this is just a test server update so far, so let's not freak out(yet)
    (image provided by Lineage PlayForum at
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    November 16, 2001 03:23 pm ET - research by Amer
    off topic: our first ban
    Kind of sad, but I had to ban my first person today. :( I hope its my last. Anyhow, just to entertain you, I give you some background:

    amer rants

    At the end I say: I hoped you liked my story. I feel guilty though. Do you think I am overreacting, or am I justified?

    So what do you think? Was I too harsh?

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    November 15, 2001 08:25 pm ET - research by anonymous
    more furniture

    More furniture. ^^

    A pot. The chair you wanted.

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    November 15, 2001 02:41 pm ET - research by amateras
    no more seadancer
    Lineage PlayForum ( reported that there are no more seadancers in Korea. Not on the test server, not on the live server. They still remain on the US servers - we'll try to find out if they will be removed in the US too.
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    November 15, 2001 02:46 am ET - research by amateras
    Korean Test server news
    Lineage Playforum ( reported some updates that were made to the Korean test server:
  • If you attack another player who is either neutral or lawful, you will lose 100 x dmg in lawful points for each hit. They tested by *punching* a lawful character 5 times, inflicting 7 HP damage and losing 700 lawful points! The reporter wondered how much a +9 sword will do to his lawful. However, you won't notice the lawful drop until the next time you take red potions. Not being able to see the lawful drop right away maybe a bug. Either way, this is a huge penality for hitting other players (this rule is probably not applicable during wars)
  • Until a coi char comes out of invisibility, you can't give any items to him even if you know where he's standing. (does this work now?!?!)
  • Items that are given to newbies during character creation (dagger, wooden jacket, etc) aren't dropped even when you die.
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    November 15, 2001 01:25 am ET - research by amateras
    Hunt while you can...
    From what I just read at Lineage Playforum (, it sounds like NCsoft will soon make some changes to hunting underwater. Mages will no longer be able to take tamed or summoned monsters underwater. They have already made this change on korean test servers. If you are a summon mage and you are hunting underwater, I suggest that you hunt as much as you can while it lasts.
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    November 14, 2001 08:55 pm ET - research by linspatz
    Decorate your pledgehouse
    HKLineage posted about some items which appear to be furniture for pledge houses that might appear in an future update. Likely the art guy and the lumber guy in Giran will participate in making these things:

    Suit of Armor. A box. Deer trophy. A flag.
    Another flag. An oil painting. Another oil painting. A small table.

    Of course, we have no idea what this is really. Just guessing.

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    November 14, 2001 07:05 pm ET - research by EdgyAsHell
    dog auto-haste
    Edgy has more patience than me. He kept pestering NC until he got a decent answer about dog auto-haste. And remarkably, he did!

    Currently, once a dog reaches level 25, they get a speed boost which usually lasts approximately one hour. This speed boost is refreshed if the dog is kenneled and re-claimed.

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    November 14, 2001 02:57 pm ET - research by amer
    We're on sale!
    For only $2.99! Buy Lineage!

    I particularly enjoy the screenshots. Just every day, common screenshots of Lineage (it's Hell, a Korean Heine siege and a single elf hunting Fafurion). Yup, just everyday, common screenshots.

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    November 13, 2001 12:49 pm ET - research by NCSoft
    Lineage Board Account Reminder

    Please note: effective Thursday, November 15th, accounts on the official Lineage message boards must be linked to current Lineage game accounts for posting purposes. The message boards will still be publicly viewable, but a board account will be necessary to make any posts. Message board accounts that are not linked to Lineage game accounts by Thursday, November 15th will be deleted, so we recommend users link their accounts in advance.

    To link a message board account to a game account, visit the Account Management section of Log in using an existing Lineage game account name and password. Scroll down the Account Management page and click the link labeled “ADD/EDIT FORUM ACCOUNT”. Enter a message board name and password to link the two accounts. Please note: for security purposes your message board account name cannot match your game account name. If this is the case, you must either choose another message board account name, or link the message board account to another active Lineage account.

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    November 12, 2001 04:48 pm ET - research by amer
    i hope i don't regret this..
    Do you guys remember the Gravis Ultrasound? It was an old old sound card made by Gravis (now they make only input devices like joysticks and steering wheels). Anyhow, the GUS, as it was called, was really cool because it had an enormous sound bank. That is, MIDI files on the Gravis sounded amazing.

    So anyway, there's a tool called "Timidity" which lets you convert a MIDI file into a WAV file (which you can convert to MP3) by taking samples of actual instruments and substituting that for the crap MIDI sounds. Which is what the GUS did in realtime. Anyway, I made an MP3, and it sounds nice. It actually gave me goosebumps since it was so cool. I also tried the old one using this method - its pretty cool too (but not as good). So, please be nice to the server. If you run a fansite,


  • MP3 of the new Lineage soundtrack (4.8M)
  • MP3 of the old Lineage soundtrack (2.9M)
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    November 12, 2001 03:52 pm ET - research by NCSoft
    Publish Update Nov. 13

    The following changes/updates will be published to the Lineage servers on November 13th during the 10:00 AM maintenance period:

  • The tsurugi will now be a two-handed weapon.
  • A new server selection screen will be available.
  • Text files will be updated with grammatical changes. Doett will offer corrected text for creating certain items.
  • The background music will be replaced with a new midi music file.
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    November 11, 2001 02:31 am ET - research by amateras
    us test server news
    Have you tried the test server lately? If you like like me, it's very likely that you did '/music off' a long time ago. It looks like NCSoft has replaced the lineage theme song with a new song. personally, I like this new one better^^. If you want to hear it, click here: new music (5:00)

    BlueBerry showed me this new item he found on the test server, called 'Paladin Armor'. He thinks that this may be a part of a prince armor set.
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    November 09, 2001 02:06 pm ET - research by amer
    darn RAM
    I quadrupled the RAM on the web server last night and doubled the RAM on the database server. The database server didn't like its RAM and died at about 9AM ET until now (2 PM ET). It would have been up sooner, but I had to get my car tags renewed. ^^

    Also, I will be out of town until Sunday the 11th. amateras and linspatz will handle any news that comes out. If you haven't noticed, its been a slow news week. :(

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    November 08, 2001 12:57 pm ET - research by amer
    And the winner is...
    Congratulations go out to Darklights on Ken server who has won a free month of Lineage! (I'll post his screenshot soon). Darklights, when you read this, please email me and I'll tell you how to claim your prize.

    CONTEST #2

    DURATION: November 8 - November 24

    PRIZE: You will be the official graphics person of Lineage Compendium. I know its not that great of a prize, but we need one and we hope you graphics people will like that.

    TO ENTER:Redesign our home page and send it to me (graphics/html). Here's our first submission: EdgyAsHell's submission. If you have questions about our preferences, just email me and I'll provide all sort of answers on what I'm looking for. Once selected, I'll work with you to redesign the whole site.

    QUALIFICATION: Anyone who is willing to commit to helping us for the next few months is welcome to try their hand at redesign.

    RULES: Don't use frames, don't use a dark background, leave room for the menu to be expanded, do not have a screenshot/tip of the day on the main page (this list will grow ^^)

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    November 07, 2001 02:44 pm ET - research by amer
    Change Log
    We're growing and now lots of changes are being made to the site which are helpful, but not actually "news". I have created a section called Change Log, which you can check daily that holds all the minor updates made to the site, like new things dropping, or new screenshots added or new siege reports, etc. Also, when days go by and there is no new news, you can see why (we're doing other stuff ^^). Thanks to EdgyAsHell for this idea.
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    November 07, 2001 01:26 am ET - research by ApuLunas
    new test server interface
    ApuLunas noted that the US Test Server recently had a new publish with a redone new server select screen.
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    November 05, 2001 06:26 pm ET - research by NCSoft
    Nov. 6 update

    The following changes/updates will be published to the Lineage servers on November 6th during the 10:00 AM maintenance period:

  • Miscellaneous text files will be updated with grammar fixes.
  • Guards will no longer become stuck in teleporting loops.
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    November 03, 2001 06:32 pm ET - research by amer
    Antharus removed?

    Okay, I took a nap, and when I woke up (groggy, I might add), I have all these emails and see these posts on the message boards and the comments section about someone killing some dragon, and someone is lying and its been removed and.. I have no idea what's going on.

    SO, here's a screenshot someone sent me (I cropped to make it small). If it's not a Photoshop production, clearly they have INT ammy (I have another screenshot with STR ammy). Why would they not put all the items they found in the window? I don't know. Here's the summary of rumors I read:

  • They killed Antharas (on Dep) repeatedly with the tactics posted on this site earlier.
  • The Kent pledge (XOTEAM) did it with 13 people.
  • They got lots of COI, spellbooks not yet seen, tsurugis, and both ammies.

    Not much to go on, but every post is pretty much an echoing of one of those two points.

    [update]: NC said that the dragons were taken out of the game. They were not meant to be killed so easly. So they will find a way to make them harder, So that a group of 6 or 10 people cant take them out. Its meant to take like 40+ people. A whole pledge thing. Not just a small group of freinds. so when they figure out the best way to add them back to the game they will be in.

    We checked on Ken server and Antharas was not there. :( One of our friends says that Ken's Fafurion is gone too. So likely they're both gone on Dep too.

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    November 03, 2001 02:30 am ET - research by amateras
    Magic Bob
    amateras read on Lineage Friend that an NPC in Orc Town has mana that you can drain with a mana staff! I hunted down Bob on Ken server and discovered that you can't drain mana from him. However, when I went to Dep server, with the help of AnnihiIation, we discovered that Bob indeed has mana! We were only able to drain about 15 mana from him, but he does regenerate.

    A small consequence though - if you kill him, you lose 1000 lawful. So, drain with care. If you drain, and then someone else kills him, you lose lawful too. So, the best thing to do is drain from him, then restart. This will prevent you from losing lawful on Bob's inevitable death. Also, draining from Bob doesn't lock up Restart - that is, you won't get the "can't restart while in combat" message if you want to restart immediately after hitting Bob.

    I suspect Bob is going to be very popular soon as killing him once will give the chaotic dog people 10x the amount of chaotic as killing other NPCs...

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    November 03, 2001 01:10 am ET - research by amer
    Heine Throne room
    Found a picture on Lineage Friend, for those of you who weren't on the test server to see the Heine throne room:

    If you look on the bottom right of the screenshot, there is a "cage". Those are stairs leading directly into Eva's temple (where you buy the Eva's bless potion that helps you breath underwater). A small bonus for the pledge that owns Heine Castle.

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    November 02, 2001 06:41 pm ET - research by mpatino
    Seattle Gamers' Luncheon

    The third annual Seattle Gamer's Luncheon (12/8) features Melantus and Rock from NCSoft-Austin. So, if you live in the area, consider going. For $41 you get fed and also get 1 hour at GameWorks (looks like some kind of Jillian's/Dave and Buster's).

    Here's the official invitation:

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    November 01, 2001 12:07 am ET - research by Imhotep
    A few random new items
    Imhotep stumbled across these items mysteriously lying around Heine castle:
    Copper. Looks like we'll be doing some mining and metallurgy in the future.
    "Rough Steel"? Steel is an alloy of primarily iron and carbon. Not sure how you have "rough steel" since its manmade, but we'll see I guess.
    Bronze is an alloy (usually) of tin and copper. Sometimes they use something different for tin, but it's a copper alloy.
    Talisman. Imhotep suspects it will be used in some kind of quest.
    Wood. There is a woodworker who will take wood and make lumber in Giran already. I assume this is what he'll need.
    Herb has the higher nutritional value by weight than any food we have seen. It feeds you 8x more than meat and 1/10th the weight. It's even better than eggs!
    Ginseng has a high nutritional value by weight.
    Mushroom is the same as Ginseng in terms of nutrition for its weight.
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