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Monday, September 1, 2003
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   Sep 2001
September 30, 2001 01:41 am ET - research by amer
second dungeon in Heine?
I'm not sure if this is common knowledge or not, but the Heine update supposedly comes with a second dungeon (not the underwater one) called the Ant Dungeon. To get to it, you just wander INTO one of those swirling sand traps in the northern part of the desert. This should take you into the Ant Dungeon. This dungeon is primarily filled with giant ants and giant soldier ants, with the prize of the very powerful Ant Queen at the bottom of the dungeon (we're not sure how big it is yet). The only way out is by (a) teleport home or (b) death, as the sand trap is a one way entrance. Perhaps one of our readers who is in the test server can try this out and maybe send us some screenshots of the Ant Queen in action.
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September 29, 2001 03:49 am ET - research by amer
images from bloodtimes
Added images for Vakuuk and Merman to the Monster Guide.
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September 29, 2001 12:55 am ET - research by amer
news from
  • Here's the promised screenshot of what a Korean siege looks like:

    This siege involved about 400-500 people. Can you find Waldo in this picture? ^^
  • Also a little bonus for mages - here are three tamed (!) elders! Those things are hard to tame because of their unnaturally high magic resistance!
  • Some Korean made it to level 53. This STR knight (which it appears most Korean knights are) has 666HP (with orc ammy) and 56MP. No special bonus for level 53, but he did comment that he took +1 STR at level 50 and since level 50 is now much faster.
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    September 29, 2001 12:25 am ET - research by amer
    another newbie armor set
    We neglected the most basic set in the Armor Set guide, the Leather Set! It has been added now.
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    September 28, 2001 10:51 pm ET - research by amer
    contributed updates
  • Thanks to Neo for pointing out that Staff of Force has a +3 hit bonus. For some reason all the hit bonuses (which are present when you ID something) are left out of the US official guide.
  • On the note of hit bonuses, here's the answer to one of the many questions I sent to which should put hit bonuses into perspective: "The exact workings of the hit bonus are not given to us. I believe that +5 hit bonus will help you hit the same as someone using a +0 hit bonus weapon that is 5 levels higher than you. This is just a guess, but should give you an idea about how the bonus works."
  • Also to clear up some information on the iron set: we're now pretty sure of the following things: (1) iron gloves can only be worn by knights, (2) iron boots can be worn by everyone, (3) iron items can be safely zelled to +4 like all normal armor.
    Anyhow, there's a bunch of stuff to translate tonight, so I'll be back on with an update later. The Korean Heine siege occurred, and we'll put a screenshot up or something. It occurs to me that its not clear how crowded the Korean servers are to everyone and it would be nice to show you guys what we found. (soon the US servers should be the same way)
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    September 28, 2001 01:30 pm ET - research by amer
    contributed updates
  • Thanks to Stub for pointing out that there is a studded leather set we totally neglected. It's now listed in our Armor Sets page. It's a really good intermediate point for newbies (before bone set). Is there also a leather set? I guess I can make one and find out unless someone knows for sure.
  • Thanks to hendu for letting us know that on the US Test Server, iron gloves are Knight only. I still hope that when Heine comes, iron gloves will be available to all, but it's not looking good. T.T We amended our comments on the Armor Sets page to include this information.
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    September 28, 2001 03:36 am ET - research by amer
    correction to site
  • We had made some mistakes in the ER gain for princes and elves on the Class Selection page of the Getting Started guide. Elves gain 1 ER every 6 levels and Princes/Princesses gain 1 ER every 8 levels. Thanks to Taran for that catch.
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    September 28, 2001 12:45 am ET - research by amer
    news from Korea
  • NCSoft - Korea is donating 1% of its monthly fees for 2 months to a Korean charity. They are estimating that to be about $76,000. That's very nice of them. Hopefully NCSoft - USA will be as successful. (Let me do the math for you NCSoft - Korea makes $3.8 mil, pre-tax, in user subscriptions per month)
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    September 27, 2001 11:30 pm ET - research by amer
    Ken Server - KPBP sieges Giran
    We're going to start reporting on US news, because they are the servers we actually care about and we're tired of translating everything. So here goes nothing. We present our new Siege News section, where we try to report on sieges and interview the pledge that wins. Our first story is about KPBP sieging Giran and taking it from Bluepower. We're looking for reporters to join our site. Email us if you are interested.
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    September 27, 2001 09:25 pm ET - research by amer
    observations from Korea
  • Since iron gloves and iron boots can be worn by everyone (it appears that way in Korea - if anyone knows on US test server, please email me), some major economic changes will probably happen:
  • Prices of +ed boots and +ed gloves will drop significantly
  • Since gloves are so rare and can't be purchased from NPCs or made, gloves will probably sell for 80k.
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    September 26, 2001 11:32 pm ET - research by amer
    news from Korea
  • Bad news for elves: According to, elven wafer and the NPC that makes them, were removed from the live servers. No reasons are given. This does not necessarily mean the same fate will become of US elven wafers, but it's not really a good sign.
  • On the Korean test server, someone killed a doppleganger and got a blessed "samurai long sword". No info on the stats, but in the screenshot, it was +6. This is the image on the right.
  • Some minor news care of CON mages are all the rage in Korea now -- the price of haste and erupt has dropped, but summon has gone up to about 1.8M -- the race for sieging Heine is building up. I assume they'll post some crazy video when that happens, hopefully someone will be able to grab that. ^^ (You might have already noticed, sieges are much much bigger deals to Koreans than to us. More than 10 *full* pledges form alliances and seige together and are *very* organized and planned out. So 70% of the news we find is about siege this and siege that, the when and where. This is as opposed to our servers where a siege is driven by random high level knights with prince/princess of pledges that you've heard of once or twice for about 2 months when they are a monopoly after which they fade away. No one asks "Who has Giran?" because *everyone* knows.)
  • We also read an interview on with some high level player (they could morph to demon) who was telling the reporter that he his lvl 43 dobs could 1:1 an ogre, a muryan (they both die at the same time), but not a basilisk. wow!
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    September 26, 2001 12:27 pm ET - research by amer
    small correction
  • In the class selection part of the Getting Started guide, I mistakenly posted that elves can have max STR of 20, and max CHA of 18. This is false. Elves can only have a max STR of 18 and a max CHA 16. Sorry elves! :(
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    September 26, 2001 01:32 am ET - research by amer
    new section
  • Added a Magic Guide section. Please check and see if you can contribute to the list of which mops drop which spellbook. Thank you so much to Jina, DarkLights, KxKx, Ghast, BrownShadow and the many other people involved in the global mass collaboration on Ken server that helped make this list.
  • Added a Giran Map I made back when Giran first came out. It's big (914k), so prepare to scroll alot.
  • Added a links section.
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    September 24, 2001 09:49 pm ET - research by amer
    new section + news from Korea
  • Added an item creation section.
  • Let's all collectively drool over the new test server Lineage - Korea got:
    • If you point out a bug, NCSoft will give you a free month
    • Adena drops are x7 and Item drops are x5
    • Lots of regular/unexpected events
    • Limit 5000. Yes, their limit is equal to the total US subscriber base.
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    September 24, 2001 03:15 am ET - research by amer
    new section
  • Added an armor set section to the items section. There is some interesting new sets coming in Heine (we THINK)
  • Added Circlet (AC -2, weight 20) and Eva's Shield (AC -3, wt 50, +20 HP) to armor page (both are Heine items)
  • Also discovered that there is a contest on the Korean servers with little quests and such for the Heine update. Winner gets 200k adena and 20 Bless of Eva. Hopefully a contest like that will come to the US.
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    September 23, 2001 04:33 pm ET - research by amer
  • The image for the longbow was broken and now it has been fixed.
  • Dragon Slayer is 2-handed not 1-handed. (Thanks to xLondonBroilx for the fix)
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    September 23, 2001 04:24 am ET - research by amer
    Lineage Compendium feature
    I added an HP/MP level up calculator. It estimates your HP/MP given your level, class, CON and WIS. Also, it tells you what the averages are for everyone who has given me information. Please help make this a great tool by emailing me your class, lvl, WIS, CON, HP and MP.
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    September 22, 2001 08:32 pm ET - research by amer
    translation from NCSoft - Korea
  • There is a cute little flash animation game from NCSoft - Korea. The link is below the menu at the left.
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    September 20, 2001 10:32 pm ET - research by amer
    translation from NCSoft - Korea
  • Looks like Korea got the Episode 9 update yesterday. We should get it soon. (Rumor has it that it will be early October for USA)
  • Added longbow to weapons section (it's Knight/Elf only, 2-handed, 3/3 with +3 damage)
  • Added all monster descriptions, including Korean translations of Heine monsters. Hopefully the US descriptions will have more detail.
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    September 19, 2001 11:31 pm ET - research by amer
    translation from NCSoft - Korea
    New updates added to Korean test server!!!
  • Removed the dwarf that buys and sells sapphires - instead go to Dio in Giran
  • Bulletin Boards in town deletes messages over 1 week old
  • Summoned monsters disappear when you release them. This is primarily to stop PKing by releasing summoned monsters in town.
  • Magic window changed from 5 rows to 4 rows - may be inconvenient for now, but it is for later when they add new spells.
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    September 19, 2001 12:00 am ET - research by amer
    translation from QueenOfLineage


  • Lake Louis & Losus Island
    This huge lake at Heine is by far the largest lake in Aden. Since there is so much fog around the lake all the time, the lake is also called "Lake of Fog". Also, because of so much reef around the area, it's been difficult to use boats around here. Because of such terrible condition and absence of human presense, all kinds of wild life and monsters live in Losus Island which is located in the center of the lake. Criminals often flee to this island.


  • Buakheu - this toad man sells potions to ppl in the underwater town
  • Eveurol - Eva's temple's priest who gives "bless of eva"
  • Temple Knights - priest/knight who protects the Eva's temple. Skilled with both water magic and swordship.
  • Fisher - grand chamberlain of the heine castle. he's in mid 50s, his posture is very straight, white hair...
  • Dewell - this fat guy was the original lord of the castle. although he's fat and not so good rooking, he seems friendly.


    All the monsters are on the monsters page with stats (thanks to NCSoft - Korea)


  • bless of eva - pot. for 3 min you won't lose hp under water. without the pot, you will lose 5 hp every 5 seconds under water
  • scale of mermaid - same effect as the bless of eva.
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    September 19, 2001 12:00 am ET - research by amer
    image from QueenOfLineage
    Updated the new world map to includes Episode 9 lands.
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    September 04, 2001 12:00 am ET - research by amer
    translation from QueenOfLineage
    The following updates were made today to the Korean test server:
  • Knight sword attack speed has become a little faster (verified on US server: knights swing 5-10% faster)
  • Lembas Wafer is now called Elven Wafer
  • All classes now start with their own home town map
  • Monsters with weapon damaging skin (such as golem or cyclops) now take only 1/2 of arrow damage.
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    September 03, 2001 12:00 am ET - research by amer
    translation from HoneyLin
    Some new info on the test server. We translated a page on HoneyLin and found some interesting information:
  • Green pots went down in price to 500a.
  • Scroll of Destroy Armor is not available in stores any more.
  • New item: Lembas Wafer - made by an NPC in elven forest named "Rudio" - it costs 2 fruit of ent and 1 magic gem. Equivalent to braves, but for elves.
  • Newbie areas: Singing Island and Hidden Valley limit lowered from lvl 12 to lvl 9.
  • Changed starting location of elves closer to mother tree.
  • Guards and rangers are now stronger.
  • Est now gives Elven Forest map for twigs instead of fruit.
  • New item: "Bless of Eva" is a potion (looks like a red) which lets you breath underwater.
  • Pledge letters are now available. They are like mail paper, but they go to the whole pledge.
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