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Monday, September 1, 2003
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May 14, 2003 01:43 am ET - research by Hebroti
The Wisest Elf: The Birth
I opened my eyes to no avail as there was nothing but the foul stench of darkness around me.

I heard a voice, its tone was that of a century old wise man, the voice stated "ah, I see he is awake!". See? I thought, I squinted my eyes and some thing amazing happened, I could see!

"You were right" said another centuries old voice, "He is a quick learner".

What I saw in front of me was some thing from a nightmare, four floating eye's hovering above me watching my every movement, "who are you? Who is out there?" I said with a hint of fear in my voice the reply made me some what skeptical, "You are our son Hebroti".

Son? I was never born, I have no memories of a childhood, then how could I know how to talk?

"What have you done to me? What did you do to my memories?" I yelled, their reply was silence. These eyes are no parents, they don’t have mouths let alone the ability to give birth, and how were they talking? "You should learn to cover your thoughts young one, your answers will come shortly", "Tanj it!" I said. “They can read minds!"

Some time passed, time I knew not how to measure, instead I studied my surroundings, I was inside a room, with no exit or so it seemed, just a room yet there was a breeze and it was a cool breeze at that, from my time in the room I figured it to come from the walls themselves.

Some more time passed and after learning little from my surroundings I started to explore my self, "I'll be damned if I am a floating eye" I said as I studied myself more and before long I was done trying to figure out what I was.

My stomach grumbled, the feeling was funny I put my hand on my stomach instinctively and turned to the floating eye's with a look of hunger, they must have known what was about to happen because they all backed up into one corner with the closest signs of fear I could have depicted from a giant eye.

"Before you do some thing rash why didn't you just ask for some thing to eat?" A third voice, one I haven't heard before "eat?" I said with a look of puzzlement on my face "They said you were a quick learner, we shall see... eat" and a smell from behind me caught my attention from the floating balls of fear. What are these? I wondered, with a concerned voice, a fourth voice of centuries old worrying replied "it is meat, a lot of meat, now eat" I did not complain and grabbed a piece and brought it to my nose and took a deep breath, "This meat and my stomach definitely have some thing in common" I licked the piece of meat then took a bite out of it and swallowed, it went down slowly and the skin was rough so I took a smaller bite then tried to swallow, "there has to be a better way to do this" I thought and this time took a bunch of little bites, enough to fill my mouth and as my mouth was being filled I accidentally started chewing the other small pieces being pushed back, "Very good, here have a drink" the first voice said and a group of bottles filled with red liquid formed in a pile.

At the end of the meal I started asking questions and I finally started to get answers I could use.

"Who are you?" I said "your parents" said four voices in unison "where are we? Why am I here" I questioned, "You are in a hidden room in a dungeon" said the familiar third voice "And we made you to help us finish some thing" continued the second voice, "Where are you, enough with the eye's now let me see you" I said with my anger apparent "I can see your name Hebroti will suite you well, it is part elven you know, it means loosely translated 'warrior of light' it is hard to keep things hidden from you" the voice said from behind, I slowly turned to see a hooded figure with a staff containing a blue glowing ball "A wise elf indeed" said the first voice in the direction of the floating eyes, I turned fully around the room to see there was a hooded figure in each corner watching me "An elf?" I said...

To be continued...

May 14, 2003 07:12 am ET (#1)
Loyal Fan

444 posts

this could develope :)

May 14, 2003 10:36 am ET (#2)
Loyal Fan

109 posts

read the next one ^_^

May 17, 2003 06:41 am ET (#3)
Loyal Fan

150 posts

oops i read the other one first lol
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