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May 14, 2003 01:39 am ET - research by Hebroti
The Wisest Elf : The Training
Many days and weeks passed and though I could not tell, I was growing. My origins when asked were always hazy, or swayed off truths, of course I could not tell the truth, I couldn't ever tell the expressions on my parentís faces and just as I had been given a name each four of my parents had names too.

Each parent was different and unique, if parent is really the right word, I know I was born that day but I do not know the process of birth, certain times there are questions and I find I must talk to a specific parent on a specific topic, I never really understood this too well. For instance the conversation of battle is often welcomed by Caspa, whose voice is very overpowering, and Baltuzar also enjoys any conversation entailing a battle but his comments are words for precaution perhaps defense?

Merkyor, has a comment on any thing and every thing, who often would enter a conversation mid way through to correct a mistake entailed by myself or one of my other parents, if problem solving is wisdom then Merkyor would be wise too.

And then there is the most confusing of all my parents, Sema, though all my parents voices are in whispers of the mind the words and conversations I have with Sema would lead me to believe that of all my parents Sema would be my mother, never temperamental and very much like Merkyor but so different as well, Sema seems to be the most concerned of the four.

The events which took place were of a schedule which I learnt after many cycles was that my parents would every now and then go out for a search, I know they are searching for some thing because they do not talk about their task only they merely wonder, and a wonderer whom always wonders back to home is merely an explorer.

There is a great deal of time between these explorations, and to fill in this time there are many training sessions for myself, it is like a family event, each parent teaching me different but equally important things, I am taught to fight with Caspa and Baltuzar who make very good sparing partners, one the better at attacking and the other better at defenses and counters.

Merkyor teaches me that there is an art to every thing, be it fighting, hunting or even learning, we often just sit down and talk, I will never forget the words he first told me.

"Hebroti, Teachers are wonderful, to praise, to love, but teachers are taught how to teach, and teach what they were taught, but what they never do is teach how to learn, and that is why many will teach themselves how to learn and when they come across a teacher they will never have learnt to listen"

Sema being the caring type she is merely enjoys my company on any thing she does I never understood why, she seemed so focused on the moment of our times together to even appreciate them but she out of all of them answered me the most, and the best for that matter.

After my parents had agreed that I had grown quite enough they set out one time, not their normal times and decided that they should this time watch me with their floating eyes, it is one thing to be cared for while your parents are out, but to be watched on four different angles on every move you make is some thing different.

I never figured out why, but I never enjoyed the eye's company, each one so emotionless they only blinked and watched, naturally when being young, ones curiosity can some times get the better of you, so I began to wonder how the eye's maintained their floating ability, normally when I move towards one of the eye's with the intention to do some thing they would move, usually straight up out of my reach, but often when I am doing some thing like exploring my surroundings the eyes will keep a particular watch over me, as if watching to make sure I donít find some thing.

So, I devised my plan, after ten minutes of exploring the walls I decided it was time to make my move, I turned around suddenly and looked at the eye directly behind me, when I envision it now I guess the eye's wide-eyed expression was quite funny but what happened next really caught the poor eye off guard, I lunged, and landed right on top of the eye, the way I saw it the eye would either carry me too or land softly enough for me any way and so the eye like a flying cushion floated for a while with me nonchalantly sitting up on it, determined as I was to sink the eye I started bouncing and the eye did not take to this too well it began to move around the room, were it not going so slowly I would have sworn it to be trying to get me off it's, back?

After some time of floating around the room laughing to the point of almost falling off I decided to make things more interesting by covering pupil of the giant eye with as much of my hands as I could, it must have worked because after very little time the eye flew right into a stone pillar.

My fun was ended by the eye floating down to the ground again and me getting the hint so I jumped off, then I felt the familiar chill across my back as I turned around to greet my parents "hi" I said with no reaction from the four, after a silence "Hebroti why were you on the floating eye?" said Merkyor, "I was curious as to how they can float" I said, "Floating eye's are enchanted beasts they are mystical and have the magic ability to float" said Merkyor once more, with a great deal of confusion in my voice and face I asked "Merkyor when can I learn some magic?" the four some what taken aback by my enthusiasm said in an eerie unison "that is what we had planned for tomorrow".

Tomorrow must have come after my sleep because as soon as I awoke I heard voices arguing, "But where should he start? How do we know he is even ready?" said one hushed voice, "that is the purpose of today" said another sounding like Sema.

After getting up and stretching I joined in on the conversation at hand, "I think we should test him to see where he stands, and good morning while I am at it" I said.

"Hebroti magic is a very serious matter, in the right hands it can do miracles, heal wounds revive the dead, in the wrong hands it can do the exact opposite" said Baltuzar, "It is his decision to do with magic as he sees fit" said Merkyor in my defense "besides we wont have to teach him what we donít want"

Most of the time after that discussion was preparation of which spells I should learn first, many names were called to each other in an ancient tongue I am not even sure my throat could handle and they turned to me and said with excitement in their voices, today we will teach you the electric bolt.

"He already knows that one" said Sema, with the other three looking at her "I thought I should teach him some thing in our times together" she finished "well did you teach him any of the other spells?" asked Caspa curiously "No just the electric bolt" was Sema's reply "Then we still have some work to do" said Caspa "I think he will do well today" was the finishing sentence for Sema.

Many hours later...

"Congratulations Hebroti I now pronounce you an adequate user in all fourth level and lower spells, you have had a big day though and you have learnt much more then even we planned, but you have made us proud, tomorrow we will begin on your harder tasks" was the last thing I remember Baltuzar telling me before I dozed off in my bed.

I often donít remember my dreams but some times there are dreams that you just cant get rid of, some thing, calling me, some thing deep, down pulling me down asking for me.. Something.... "Waking up time, come on big day ahead of us" I slowly started to rise from my dream, being pulled away from some thing I was so sure I was getting closer to.

"We going to get right into my fifth level of magic?" I asked the four.
"No Hebroti we have decided there is some thing much more important then your training of magic to do" said Merkyor, I frowned "I understand what ever it is I am sure it must be done" I replied, "donít worry this is some thing you will like" said Sema, suddenly my curiosity caught my suspicions, "what is it?" I asked poking around.

"This Hebroti is a favor from an old friend whom we helped find his lab, and in return he gave us some materials to help you" said Baltuzar "materials for what, where did he go to get them?" I asked "today instead of teaching you magic we decided we are going to let you make some armor and a weapon so you can hunt and get stronger" said Caspa "oh, that will be great, like your staffs, are your staffs made from the same material?" I asked my voice inquisitive "no our staffs are made from the roots of a very special tree in the elven fore..." Sema was cut off by Caspa.

"Elven fore....ST? There is a forest of elves?" I was excited and I wasn't afraid to let it show. Caspa looked at his three companions and said "Hebroti the elven forest was destroyed by the orcs, and if the orcs haven't destroyed it then the humans did afterwards, We see elves from time to time around these dungeons but each day they look less and less like elves and more like their round eared counterparts".

My excitement now dying I shrugged and decided to move on from the news.
"What materials are you talking about?" I re-asked, "Well, all of this" said Baltuzar and with a wave of his staff numerous piles of stuff, objects.. material just started piling on the floor.

"And these" said Sema "Are some blueprints for your weapon and armors" and with a wave of her staff she made a small pile of leaves with burn marks in them

"Where should I start?" I wondered to myself "Well if you were to ask me I would say the easiest thing should be the first one" came a whisper in my head "thanks Sema I will listen to you on that one" I said inside my head and with her nod I continued to study the leaves, shortly after comparing different leaves I came to my choice, my first item will be a bracer!

"I am not certain for sure but does the thing Hebroti made look more like a bracer or a boot to you Caspa" said Caspa chuckling to himself "Depends have you ever seen a bracer before?" was Baltuzar's defensive reply.

"Please you two, as long as he is happy with it then it will be a bracer" said Merkyor trying to calm the other two down from possibly getting into an argument "all I am saying Baltuzar is that after five tries I would have thought him to be an expert bracer maker" though I could hear the conversation ensuring behind me I still worked on the finishing touches to my latest attempt at making a bracer with Sema constantly looking between the leaf and my work giving bits and pieces of advice where she saw it fit.

"There... now let me try it on again" I said as I fitted my hand in the bracer "It is much more comfortable then the other four and this one is a perfect fit and lighter too" I said in approval, "Thatís because you used less bark this time" said Sema rather gleeful now.

"So, what should I work on next?" I asked myself...

"He worked so hard look at him sleeping" said a faint voice "He has almost finished making all his armor his weapon will be the hardest" said another "Do you think we should get a surprise for him tomorrow?" I heard a third voice say trying to get softer and softer as it spoke, after some time of silence "I have just the one!" said the last voice I heard before I drifted off to sleep.

"Ahh, look he is stirring" I heard Caspa say, "good morning Caspa.. Merkyor, Sema and Baltuzar" I said groggily as I attempted to focus better. "Hebroti today you make your bow, this is a great day indeed for an elf, their first bow is usually their most cherished" said Caspa once more "Well I do not know about other elves but I certainly would cherish a weapon to hunt with" I said in confusion to the attention I was receiving "you should begin working on it right away" said Merkyor rushing me along, now I was thoroughly suspecting some thing as Merkyor was always the one to sit back in any situation. "alright alright, I will start making it right away" I said attempting to throw my pursuers off long enough to drift back to sleep.

Merkyor in an artful show cast a spell and let a cold breeze brush over my bed, then being the crafty magician he is blew a breeze under my blanket until he saw enough room between my mattress of hay and the blanket to cast another spell...

"AHHH IT'S COLD!!" I said jumping up from my bed as I watched the remnants of a small frozen cloud spell wither away.

Merkyor thoroughly enjoying himself decided I was awake enough to begin working on my bow and left me alone to start my bow crafting.

"That was not nice" I mumbled to myself as I walked over to the pile of materials sitting in the far corner of the room.

After eight hours and four bows my fingers were beginning to hurt from the twining needed to make an elven bow, so much twining so much bending and holding... "This would have to be my last attempt at making an elven bow for the day" I said to myself as I made the finishing touches, I picked up my testing arrow and fired it at a stone pillar, "great half way.. thatís almost double the distance of the last one" I said as I threw the bow into my discarded pile of mis-makes.

"For a wise elf you are having a lot of trouble making that bow, it is an elven bow too" I heard Caspa say "Sure I am wise but these instructions show things I am certain no elf can do, my hands are neither thin or strong enough to do these things" I said in retort, "Well, you have done a wonderful job of trying and we have decided for that we will reward you" said Baltuzar "We want you to have this, we found it on one of our journeys through the dungeon" said Sema and with a wave of Merkyor's staff a bow appeared, "wow" was all I could say, "it isn't an elven bow as you can tell, it is a cross-bow much better then an elven one" said Caspa with a matter of fact tone, "I donít know what to say, apart from thanks, but why didn't you give it to me right away?" I asked, "Because we wanted you to work for it, and it was fun to see you working for some thing" said Caspa, I walked over to the bow and felt it's wonderful design, it's weight, it's strength, it truly was a wonderful bow.

"Well aren't you going to try it out?" said Sema happy to see me so exited, "Sure" I said as I put my test arrow in then aimed it at the stone pillar, "here goes I said as I pulled on it's trigger and a split second later the arrow had hit the pillar and left its mark "wow it actually works" I said amazed while I admired the bow more.

"We also brought some other things here" I heard Baltuzar say, "some proper arrows" and with a wave of his staff many piles of arrows appeared, "This is too good to be true" I said as I picked up one of the silver arrows and placed it into my crossbow, "now let me see" I said to myself as I scanned the room, "THAT ONE" I said to myself as I smiled and fired my bow at an unsuspecting eye, then with an awful screech I heard Caspa and the eye leave the room with a cloud of smoke in their former place.

"What happened" I asked as I looked at where the eye was, "where did Caspa go?" I asked turning to where he too had stood, "oh no Hebroti, didn't you know?" said Sema, "know what?" I asked with a sense of guilt now, "We all are connected to an eye, each eye shares a magical bond with us, so when you hit an eye and the connection is still there, then the pain is shared by the two" Sema said as I felt my body wash over with guilt, before I could reply Sema had disappeared in much the same fashion as Caspa had, perhaps to check on him, which left me with the now hysterical Merkyor and the rather enlightened Baltuzar "I should check on him I guess" said Baltuzar and he too left in a puff of smoke, then suddenly re-appeared and said "I forgot some thing" and left again but this time with his floating eye. All of this increasing Merkyor's laughter "I was wondering why I picked that eye" I thought to myself.....

To be continued...

May 14, 2003 08:05 am ET (#1)
Loyal Fan

17 posts

Great story so far man. What exacly is this elf's purpose? Is there going to be more?

May 14, 2003 10:35 am ET (#2)
Loyal Fan

109 posts

The elf has a very specific purpose ^_^

I did alot of reading up about Caspa, sema, merkyor and baltuzar and have a great story line up planned, it might change some peoples views of the four guys :P

Glad you liked the story though (and read it of course)

May 17, 2003 06:39 am ET (#3)
Loyal Fan

150 posts

hmmm sounds good so far

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