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February 15, 2003 06:36 pm ET - research by Taera
Player Spotlight: Kasuka

It’s amazing how many ways there are to play Lineage. You can be the power leveler, aiming for nothing more then the joy of hitting the big 5-0. You can be the trader, often seen on world chat doing nothing but buying and selling. You can be the goof, who sits around talking about pie and rain dancing and writing “If We Really Role-played In Lineage” lists. Or, or you could be the PK.

The PK, or Player Killer, is often looked upon as the scourge of society. They use powerful weapons and armor, are often accused of picking on younger players and are generally the most hazed group of all. So how is it that Kasuka, though a mage of high level, can go out and kill tons of innocent (or guilty, he doesn’t care) players with naught but 2 AC and a Staff of Sorcery?

First of all, lets travel to Kasuka’s roots. He started back at the end of the .77 server, the server that came before Dep. When it was wiped he moved to Dep with the rest of the Lineage community, rolling a mage named Vek with the amazing stats of 17 strength, 18 wisdom and 18 intelligence. Woah, Nelly!

He enjoyed the first updates when the Mainland was added (Yes, he remembers the Talking Island-only days) and loved Giran, though after that he thinks the game went to trash, partly because of the updates but mostly because of the pay-to-play that came into hand. But when Lineage went commercial he didn’t quit, he did something worse: He started a long line in the industry of terminating the lives of others... also known as PKing.

Kasuka’s secret to PKing is not his equipment (or lack thereof) but rather the company of his friends. He goes in a group of around fifteen Intelligence mages with Staves of Sorcery and juiced up on Wisdom potions. These mages know what their class was made for and work well with magic, using a mix of sunburst and cone of cold to counter rings of their opponents. Kasuka himself finds sunburst to be his favorite (though he has all attack spells but Decay Potion), having the advantage of being fast and sometimes causing his victim to lag.

The group gets some rather good drops, the best of which so far was a +9 n-Katana which they sold. “We sell all items then at the end we split the cash” Kasuka says. There is a lot of trust in his pledge, something needed for their joint-PK venture. But with the mages carrying nothing more then their Staves of Sorcery, Wisdom potions, Orange potions and Escape scrolls what do they do with all this money? They have secret characters to spend it on, of course!

Kasuka’s PK team attacks without prejudice, hitting everyone but the members of Paldo, that pledge being a good friend of many of their members. “Lineage’s alliances are pathetic because pledges and people are only in it for personal gain.” One might say the same about Kasuka and friends PKing together, yet they are not group-PKing for safety, rather for fun.

He has a few tips for the PKers who dream of someday being a Brutus or a SharpArrows of their own time. First of all, “PKing is like a good drop in an event: sometimes you get it sometimes you don’t.” Which is, quite sadly, true. Also, “If you are going to PK with a group you must trust them.” You wouldn’t want your own friends turning on you, especially if you are carrying something important! And last of all, perhaps most important for the group PKer, always remember “Group PKing is not safety. Larger groups mean larger responsibilities.”

February 15, 2003 06:43 pm ET (#1)
Loyal Fan

133 posts

what is his pk count!?!??

February 15, 2003 06:46 pm ET (#2)
Loyal Fan

118 posts

Sup vek :)

February 15, 2003 07:14 pm ET (#3)
Loyal Fan

98 posts

interview the other pk mages. they are better :P

February 15, 2003 07:17 pm ET (#4)
Loyal Fan

925 posts

I know his group
they used to be pk me all the time back in my newbie days lol

they die rather easily
I always wondered y
but as long as they enjoy pking ppl and have a blast doing it
let the deaths continue....(just hope I'm not their target again)^_^;

February 15, 2003 07:17 pm ET (#5)
Loyal Fan

144 posts

i never knew kasuka tho...
Vek i beleive ive seen...
Where u guys the event group mages?
i feeel lucky not to have gotten caught by u guys...
tho +9 katana is best drop=( u shoulda hunted down some chaotic high lvl ppl lol

February 15, 2003 07:18 pm ET (#6)
Loyal Fan

144 posts

i always knew not to attack Pk groups...
Its like allins when i was a newb.. i knew they didint have any items on them

February 15, 2003 07:28 pm ET (#7)
Loyal Fan

53 posts

go Kasuka go~ i always pk alone, but if this is what works for you man gogo~ get some good drops~ take it easy~ peace~

Taera how come i never got a pking spot light-_-? \ . /!!
jk~ peace Kasuka~

February 15, 2003 07:34 pm ET (#8)
Loyal Fan

72 posts

end dai !!!
+9kat, gg ^^

February 15, 2003 08:11 pm ET (#10)
Loyal Fan

41 posts

Kasuka....hhahaha I have some funny stories, back when I was noob I seriously hated this guy. His elf ElvenArrows annoyed the crap out of me and I tried to take him on once at the Hiene siege but got beat up pretty bad. This was all due to the fact that he picked on my friend in the pledge at the time Scrubs. I amazed to see him on at LC spotlight, especially since at one point in the game i seriously hated him, and I never really thought he would amount to anything at all. Well kas, maybe now you would like to try me ^^. Times have changed, but congrats man, and just know that now I would be nearly impossible to destroy 0.0

February 15, 2003 09:23 pm ET (#11)
Loyal Fan

5 posts

This is by far the coolest spotlight LC has ever done.
When i clicked the link, i was expecting another lvl 50+ interview.

well done!

February 15, 2003 09:34 pm ET (#12)
Loyal Fan

45 posts

cool spotlight~!

February 15, 2003 10:02 pm ET (#13)
Loyal Fan

12 posts

“Lineage’s alliances are pathetic because pledges and people are only in it for personal gain.” -kasuka-

0.o? Hyprocrital maybe....just a weeeeeee bit?


February 15, 2003 10:06 pm ET (#14)
Loyal Fan

2 posts

lol go kas our pk group is gonna live for along time ^^

February 15, 2003 10:07 pm ET (#15)
Loyal Fan

597 posts

aahh i remember the funniest mage pk group MageQueen,Eastpak and ALLIN always in goblin which has superior fast magic and whats best they hided in the walls of mlc being small and unlike other morphs like dwarf that jump or make much noises u wouldent be able to catch them unless u drag ur mouse around the walls but u be dead with 3-4 erupt mages hitting u.

on the note of the interview it rocked i had fight with his elf ElvenArrows when he was in hunghingsociety it was him and another elf which was a newb forgot hit name elven canceled me and they attack me orentower the other guy quit his name was umm.... KrazyElven or ELvenKrazy something like that.

February 16, 2003 01:23 am ET (#16)
Loyal Fan

103 posts

hehe nice spotlight kas.. maybe i can get spotlight cuz im pk..

February 16, 2003 02:54 am ET (#18)
Loyal Fan

283 posts

he was funny~o.o;;
he was nice to me on elvenarrows, then become so mean when he's on kasuka~@.@;;

but nonetheless, he's a skillful player,and more skillful in pk

February 16, 2003 03:16 am ET (#19)
Loyal Fan

97 posts

your missing so many other good pkers ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
Pking is NOT the answer !!!

February 16, 2003 03:44 am ET (#20)
Loyal Fan

510 posts

o.o;; i have a pk group on test..o.o;

February 16, 2003 04:18 am ET (#21)
Loyal Fan

163 posts

i bet this pledge's worst fear is guards =) bow guards to be pricise :P -2ac right?

February 16, 2003 06:04 am ET (#23)
Loyal Fan

333 posts

Ark, it's states in the artical they do it for fun; not personal gain.

February 16, 2003 07:06 am ET (#24)
Loyal Fan

2 posts

Boooooom Kasuka.. Keep it up soljah..

Hold em "LegendKing" ya prince ^^*

aka you kno who =P

February 16, 2003 07:31 am ET (#25)
Loyal Fan

10 posts

February 16, 2003 07:32 am ET (#26)
Loyal Fan

10 posts

HAHA thanks to Spartio u dropped me +5 mage cloth and a staff..thx again sry ars pk..

February 16, 2003 08:00 am ET (#27)
Loyal Fan

90 posts

I've never heard of him before ~_~;

February 16, 2003 08:18 am ET (#28)
Loyal Fan

77 posts

haha Thanks LC, I thought Kasuka was my friend... How wrong could I be.. lol Cya Kas... >.<

February 16, 2003 09:48 am ET (#29)
Loyal Fan

34 posts

Cool ^^ i have lv 40+ mage never gone PK on it ever...but now im thinking bout it :)

February 16, 2003 11:12 am ET (#30)
Loyal Fan

444 posts

spartio is always dropping good

February 16, 2003 12:59 pm ET (#31)
Loyal Fan

144 posts

lol 87 not spartio who dropd--
spartio killed the pk group and kasuka dropd the =5 mage cloth...

February 16, 2003 01:40 pm ET (#32)
Loyal Fan

4 posts

hmmmm... i see, i see..... so why do you run when stroll down the street hmmmm......

February 16, 2003 02:30 pm ET (#33)
Loyal Fan

299 posts

"He started back at the end of the .77 server"

"He enjoyed the first updates when the Mainland was added (Yes, he remembers the Talking Island-only days) and loved Giran"

mainland wasnt added at the END of .77 server -.- liar

February 16, 2003 03:17 pm ET (#34)
Loyal Fan

1155 posts

O.o Kasuka ~ im a wannabe Brutus o.O

February 16, 2003 03:19 pm ET (#35)
LC Reporter

333 posts

pentel, he was there when it was added :) aka for the end of .77 serv

February 16, 2003 04:25 pm ET (#36)
Loyal Fan

444 posts

spartio still drops good o.o

February 16, 2003 06:42 pm ET (#37)
Loyal Fan

2 posts

ZZZZZ Kas u herb shall i reveal the secret characters that he uses the money for? Since u quit anyway i don't think it matters do u? Well i'm happy for u babo u finally reached the stars. I remeber when DarkWind started and ur secret char and vek always created problems for us.But i loved u anyway u made the game fun even for me since u were on my side (ie. big fight vs solarflar) well i know ur going to be back sometime if u don't i'll come find u and beat ur @ss ight bro Stay safe and watch out for those u know who PE@CE
XVegettoX ownz joo!!

February 16, 2003 06:45 pm ET (#38)
Loyal Fan

2 posts

OH ya CLIPSE I"M YO PUSHAA!!! Elvenarrowz would still whoop ya son!! hahaha jk kid

February 16, 2003 09:20 pm ET (#39)
Loyal Fan

41 posts

RMFAO sup playa....~I'm Still the Pusha~

February 17, 2003 12:32 am ET (#40)
Loyal Fan

313 posts

LoL i seen these guys take down enuf peeeps
good thing i aint on thier bad side =P

February 17, 2003 01:34 pm ET (#41)
Loyal Fan

13 posts

good job asuka keep killin the newbies
show em there aint no easy way through the game =|

February 17, 2003 01:34 pm ET (#42)
Loyal Fan

13 posts

sorry i meant kasuka lol

February 17, 2003 04:21 pm ET (#43)
Loyal Fan

15 posts

omg do my eyes deceive me?? kasuka in spotlight?
congrats, you deserve with all your evil doings.
you are quick and deadly.
just quit kissing in the snow. o.o!

February 17, 2003 08:14 pm ET (#44)
Loyal Fan

72 posts

cody, would i be in this group u speak of???(<-pkmage01)^^

February 18, 2003 05:01 pm ET (#45)
Loyal Fan

41 posts

Nice job dude,I dont know ur mage, but I know ur elf congrats man.

February 18, 2003 09:53 pm ET (#46)
Loyal Fan

22 posts

hehe babo kasuka! o.0!!! lol... we had lots of fun... all those windawood fights o.o hahaha... anywho... goodjob on getting an interview o.o hahaha for doing something i enjoy and miss so much of -_-"! soon i tell u... SOON! =]

February 19, 2003 03:43 am ET (#47)
Prince Drathen
Loyal Fan

223 posts

What about Dick (Lineage, Knight, GaMeMaSTeR) and Briel (GodOfMagic, HelloKitty)? Them, among many other PKs from the .77 server have killed thousands of players. Brutus and SharpArrows(?) are just some of those who followed the real PKs.

February 19, 2003 12:36 pm ET (#48)
Loyal Fan

13 posts

drathen i dont think you are in position to make a statement like that how do you know how long brutus or sharparrows have been playing the game. and what is a "real pk"???
i dont think u make any sense

February 20, 2003 05:11 pm ET (#49)
Loyal Fan

42 posts

Kasuka, you and exbo really piss me off but you guys are having fun so PK all you want... It is part of Dep and I ain't scared to fight you and your damn KingBB's lol. I have seen you in Oren many a time LoL! And only been attacked once when I wasn't prepared for a fight LoL. I guess I had to do the former on Exbo's title LoL!
...Venz or Die...
You will never know my character name LoL~~!
P.S. you always come around when I am finishing off my hunts Kekekeke, but as of lately I haven't seen you... which is good!

February 22, 2003 05:13 pm ET (#50)
Loyal Fan

66 posts

dick/briel used hacks to pk a lot, so they didn't get as much recognition as others for being pk's... i think they were still good pk's though

February 27, 2003 08:13 am ET (#51)
Loyal Fan

5 posts

Kasuka been pking as long as i can remember o.o and if not pking then he was chao

March 04, 2003 10:57 pm ET (#52)
Loyal Fan

9 posts

Hey drathen...are you saying that whoever PK's a lot of ppl in a game first is the god of PK's?

Then I should search for beta games and start to PK. Then I will be a legend.

Note how stupid that sentence is, and just comes from your logic.

March 06, 2003 08:04 am ET (#53)
Loyal Fan

55 posts

i got +7ib for pking a pk....
and +6ib for pking julesss


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