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Monday, September 1, 2003
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February 05, 2003 05:49 am ET - research by amer
Yosshi - Ken's newest level 52 knight
There's always a bit of anticipation when I go to interview someone who is level 52 that I haven't met before. Are they nice? Are they going to say no and subject me to a week of "How come you haven't interviewed such and such" in the comments? Are they going to insult LC? Do they even know what LC is? Do they think level 52 is the biggest deal in the world and LC is just not worthy of their precious time?

All these worries were quickly dispelled when I whispered Yosshi for an interview -- he's a nice, modest guy who will take a few minutes to help a fansite which just wants to ask a few questions. If only everyone would be so easy to talk to! I'm glad to have met him, even though we've obviously been strangers for quite awhile. He's managed to lay low and we totally missed when he hit level 50, or even 51.

Yosshi is an independent contractor which specializes in networking. Cisco CCNA to be specific. Independent contracts are busy when they have contracts, but in between contracts they get lots of free time. Enough to play Lineage and make a level 52 character!

To avoid the crowds in Fire Valley, Yosshi spends most of his time in the place that we used to have to hunt for experience - Dragon Valley. It seems like every single non-siege fight on the message boards these days (especially on Ken) are about some throw down or misunderstanding with which mop belongs to who in Fire Valley. Yosshi isn't a big arguer, so he prefers the peace and quiet of busting bones and exoskeletons in Dragon Valley.

He's a 17/17 knight which hunts with Tsurugi and Rapier - no surprise with the weapon choice ;) He had a Mail Breaker, but blew it at 51 after dying to a boss. Blowing his Mail Breaker was his way of stopping himself from hunting bosses, which are largely a waste of time if you are trying for level 52. He added +1 to both STR and CON (he likes balance I guess ^^) and is now 18/18. Include his Power Gloves and Amulet of Strength and you get his fighting strength, 21/18.

38 MP at level 52. That's right. 38 MP. It's all Fafurion's fault though - Yosshi kept getting killed by Fafurion and delevelling. He doesn't have anything to show for it except for the shared drops.

Yosshi died 12 times between level 49 and 52 and it took him about 7 months to do it. Yosshi also has a mage -- Mosshi, a level 48 summon mage which earned him the money for his AC and weapon back in the days when owning a summon mage was like printing adena.

What's next for Yosshi? Well, hopefully he gets another contract and keeps up his CCNA. In the meantime he wants the glory of blowing a recognizable item, growing his pledge, hunting bosses, sieging -- all those things that you can't do when you're eye is on the level 52 prize.

Yosshi wants to thank his pledge, FinalFantasy for keeping him full of braves, supporting his goal and spell ups and all the mages and elves who healed him, earth-skinned him and blessed his weapon in DV.

And also, thanks to his girlfriend for putting up with his late hours and understanding his goal. He promises to spend more time with her..

I can totally relate. ^^ Thanks Yosshi and congrats -- you deserve it.

February 05, 2003 05:52 am ET (#1)
Loyal Fan

21 posts


February 05, 2003 05:53 am ET (#2)
Loyal Fan

9 posts

Good job dawgy keep it up yosshi

February 05, 2003 05:56 am ET (#3)
Loyal Fan

13 posts

Congrads Yosshi. Thanks for the warm words when I had a tough time at lv51 hehe. All the best


February 05, 2003 05:57 am ET (#4)
Loyal Fan

4 posts

7 months.. [sarcasm]SO FAST!!![/sarcasm]

lol congrats

February 05, 2003 06:05 am ET (#5)
LC Reporter

13 posts

haha, Yuna is next prince/ss to hit lvl 50 :P she wanted to race my Knight...but uh..Knight gets boring and i tend to play my Summon mage more nowadays, we may not be like the old days, but i still "print" adena making at least 200-300k a day and good exp, all the while having fun ^_^

February 05, 2003 06:13 am ET (#6)
Loyal Fan

89 posts

Yosshi's one of the class acts...never see him stealing mops, always friendly when one says hello to him, and doesn't have the huge ego problems that a number of our level 50+ players seem to possess......way to go bro!

February 05, 2003 06:18 am ET (#7)
Loyal Fan

510 posts

Grats Yosshi! ^^

February 05, 2003 06:37 am ET (#8)
Loyal Fan

641 posts

he sure takes his time despite all the deaths he had

February 05, 2003 07:55 am ET (#9)
Loyal Fan

14 posts

Congrats!! really good work :>

And one more thing...i can relate to the fully when it comes to playing and girlfriends ^^ seems likte they dont understand the meaningfull with playing u the best with her, and..uhm...congrats one more time! :D :>


February 05, 2003 08:54 am ET (#10)
Loyal Fan

8 posts


February 05, 2003 09:29 am ET (#11)
Loyal Fan

110 posts

Good job Yosshi =)

February 05, 2003 10:04 am ET (#12)
Loyal Fan

101 posts

Good job Yosshi!!!!
Have fun with the dk morph!!

February 05, 2003 11:49 am ET (#13)
Loyal Fan

16 posts

congrats!i'm also 17/17 knight.
btw what's his hp?

February 05, 2003 12:07 pm ET (#14)
Loyal Fan


Congrats Yosshi. Raise the roof!!!!!!!!!!!!

February 05, 2003 12:22 pm ET (#15)
Loyal Fan

125 posts


February 05, 2003 12:58 pm ET (#16)
Loyal Fan

86 posts

Yes Congrats Yoss!! We Love u Like Family in FF! Now lets get GIRAN!!!

Your Brave Finder SkeleMage ^^

February 05, 2003 01:25 pm ET (#17)
Loyal Fan

134 posts

That rules dude. (I assume you guys are making people re-poly themselves to prove that they are 52? hehe.. If not.. err.. I have a level 52 STR mage that was 28 at the beginning of the weekend.) hehe.. Anyway, congrats to Yoshi.. never seen your name before, but that's no surprise, since I don't usually hang with 'the cool kids, anyway.


February 05, 2003 01:53 pm ET (#18)
Loyal Fan


He was the newest DK knight.. yea but about a month ago?? hehe ;p

Congrat once again yosshi!

BTW, are there anymore secret knight/mage/elf/prince out there not revealing themselves? I DON"T LIKE SUPRISES!!! :P

February 05, 2003 01:54 pm ET (#19)
Loyal Fan

247 posts

Lol ... i thought he was a korean -.-

February 05, 2003 01:57 pm ET (#20)
Loyal Fan

114 posts

Oh so he hunts in dv, would explain why I never see him

February 05, 2003 02:02 pm ET (#21)
Loyal Fan

7 posts

#4 u suck.. finally there is soemone who leveled alone and without sharing to 52, and u laugh at him. looooool. no wonder that u reach 52 fast when u share. i could do that in 2 month then too, woooooooow....
just stfu, i hate all sharers, and im giving a fuck on all buyers, sharers etc.

play fair and dont get banned:-))

Ben - LOA
Benjo - LOA

February 05, 2003 02:04 pm ET (#22)
Loyal Fan

7 posts

Oh, and big congrats, i forgot that!


Ben - LOA
Benjo - LOA

February 05, 2003 02:12 pm ET (#23)
Loyal Fan

7 posts

hi amer,

can u tell me pls what u mean when u say:

"Mosshi, a level 48 summon mage which earned him the money for his AC and weapon back in the days when owning a summon mage was like printing adena. "

where better summons available or why u got better money in old lineage days?

Ben - LOA
Benjo - LOA

February 05, 2003 02:56 pm ET (#24)
Loyal Fan

31 posts

Congrats! Oh, and there is a simple solution to your girlfriend situation. Do what I did... Get her addicted to Lineage as well o.~

February 05, 2003 03:01 pm ET (#25)
LC Admin

864 posts

leon9991 - There was a time mages had "hard" AC and you could have up to CHA/2 bugbears on summon (random number was created). The AC of monsters wasn't so great either, so just fire one ebolt, stand back and stuff died with no harm to you. In addition, bosses like Baphomet, Beleth and such could be 1:1 killed with oranges and what would be a weak knight by today's standards. Lots of money for summons mages.

February 05, 2003 03:44 pm ET (#26)
Loyal Fan

105 posts

Congrats on reaching lvl 52.

February 05, 2003 04:24 pm ET (#27)
Prince Drathen
Loyal Fan

223 posts

A Tsurugi and a Rapier actually does come as surprise to me, since both of them have poor large monster damage. Where's the Katana? If players were smarter, the might realize that DV is better then FV, in that killing monsters more quickly equals more exp. You could probably do better in the Ivory Tower, or the Elmore Battlefield, where monsters die much more quickly (Provided that you can find them).

February 05, 2003 05:26 pm ET (#28)
Loyal Fan

86 posts

Claymore his g/f does play Lineage .... XYunaX his g/f .. the princess of FF o.o

February 05, 2003 08:13 pm ET (#29)
Loyal Fan

34 posts

wooooo Cisco is in the Guiness book of world records to be the company with the highest technology!!!

Anyways....Congratulations Yosshi!

February 05, 2003 09:01 pm ET (#30)
Loyal Fan

150 posts

Go Yosshi!

February 05, 2003 11:02 pm ET (#31)
Loyal Fan

1155 posts

Ewww 17/17 o.O lol j/k =) Good Job on 52!

February 06, 2003 05:31 am ET (#32)
Loyal Fan

3 posts

nice try, close but ur almost 52 man

February 06, 2003 11:50 pm ET (#33)
Loyal Fan

45 posts


February 07, 2003 05:43 am ET (#34)
Loyal Fan

150 posts

Yosshi is nice :)

February 07, 2003 12:48 pm ET (#35)
Loyal Fan

1 posts

Yeah way to go yosshi my greatest friend. My first bp and they taught me and helped me know everything in lineage, but they dont deserve to have me cuz im so bad to them q,p. Yosshi good job hitting lvl 50 and even greater job hitting 51 and 52 buddy. Yosshi likes to stay quiet and hes the nicest person ull ever meet in ken raul. yoss or yuna if u read this good job and i hope u all are doing well...i luv u guys........


February 09, 2003 05:01 pm ET (#36)
Loyal Fan

5 posts

Hey lokon!
nice to see u remember that u need to spend more time with u. however it is still not enough. u still spend way too much time on computer.. before u lvl 52, its lineage.. now u are 52 u spend all ur time on wc3 and UT2003 or cs =(

PS i better get a BIG and ROMANTIC vday gift ^.~

August 14, 2003 12:35 am ET (#37)
Loyal Fan

6 posts

woot late post.

Meaningless posts will be deleted. You don't have to post on *every* article. ^^

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