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Monday, September 1, 2003
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March 01, 2003 08:56 am ET - research by Taera
Pledge Spotlight: Eden

MERICA’s pledge Eden (not to be confused with the garden) is a mixing pot of levels and relations. They have a mother and son and a father and son (her boyfriend). They have people who are 48+ and people who are just gaining their titles. They have people from Spain, Canada, Alaska, San Antonio, Texas…sounds like a Disney ride, eh? So how is it that such a mixed and different group, made up of children and grandparents, those pushing fifty (and I’m not talking level) and those still in grade school can function as a good and not to mention full pledge?

Nightly pledge hunts in Fire Valley, Dragon Valley, the Wasteland and the Desert help pledge bonding a bit. “The [pledge] members look forward to being together,” MERICA comments. They trust each other not only in the hunt but in the inventory as well, sharing enough items that their storage dwarf could be quite a good hunter if he could equip all of their pledge storage items!

Besides from pledge hunts, the pledgies set up their own meetings, the stronger members helping the weaker, taking them to better hunting spots and keeping them alive. For a pledge that has only been around since September, this is quite an accomplishment!

The really important thing about Eden is not that its mentioned in the bible, not that their leaders share tender moments at out-of-the-way cafes as well as sieges, not that they are willing to let others use what they don’t, at that moment, need. It’s the fact that they are such different people and yet such good friends. Perhaps all of Lineage could learn a little something from the utopia Eden creates…it is, in all truth, the pledge of paradise, even if it doesn’t have a tree of all knowledge and talking snakes.

March 01, 2003 09:37 am ET (#1)
Loyal Fan

444 posts

was that a joke o.o?
sounds cool though

March 01, 2003 09:37 am ET (#2)
Loyal Fan

23 posts

Congrats on the spotlight Eden! Your pledge has many nice people in it!

March 01, 2003 09:42 am ET (#3)
Loyal Fan

118 posts

Hi chaos, its me ur best friend john! lolz congradz on the spotlight =P

March 01, 2003 09:43 am ET (#4)
Loyal Fan

1155 posts

Nice pledgey =)

March 01, 2003 10:18 am ET (#5)
Loyal Fan

17 posts

trust is nice to have, but i bet after some 1 reads this they will try there hardest to get in the pledge and steal all the items they share. i quess people are like that. they bring good pledges like that down.

March 01, 2003 10:51 am ET (#6)
Loyal Fan

456 posts

yup, its right ancientlord

March 01, 2003 12:18 pm ET (#7)
Loyal Fan

84 posts

i think it was kinda stupid mentioning the thing about pledge storage dwarf from the items they share. They seem like a nice pledge i hope they dont get robbed :/

March 01, 2003 01:09 pm ET (#8)
Loyal Fan

221 posts

o.o cool pledge

March 01, 2003 01:11 pm ET (#9)
LC Reporter

333 posts

Vulg, the purpose of that was to show people that there IS some honesty left in Aden.
Ancient, I am sure MERICA is much more careful then you seem to think ;)

March 01, 2003 02:15 pm ET (#10)
Loyal Fan

7 posts

Wow nice pledge

What server are they on anyways?

March 01, 2003 02:28 pm ET (#11)
Loyal Fan

116 posts

they're on Dep o.O i have never seen Merica talk out of the 50 times ive seen her

March 01, 2003 02:31 pm ET (#12)
Loyal Fan

185 posts

WEEE I hope all thiefs never get 50+ muaahaha

March 01, 2003 03:34 pm ET (#13)
Loyal Fan

12 posts

---- talking snakes ----

pfft.. whats a pledge without talking snakes

EDIT: and oh yeah: for the next spotlight please interview heros from LOA server =)

March 01, 2003 07:33 pm ET (#14)
Loyal Fan

97 posts

next spotlight interview me for being on lc 24/7

March 02, 2003 02:26 pm ET (#15)
Loyal Fan

1 posts

I am a member of Eden and very much want to thank all my friends not only in Eden but in Lineage. It is strange that, even though we do not all actually know each other, there is somehow a bond between one another. Even between countries and nationalities. I do have friends here. Thanks!!!

March 02, 2003 02:40 pm ET (#16)
Loyal Fan

3 posts

I am also a member of Eden and I would like to mention a few more things. It took me a long time to join a pledge, 47 levels long, but when i did, i dont think i could have picked a better pledge to grow in than Eden! No, we don't have any super high level members, however that just makes all of us feel stronger. We are all growing together, and very soon we will have several elves and knights all crossing into lvl 49 territory! I couldn't be happier with the pledge i've joined, and I'll stay with them until my lineage days are done...which could be a long long time!

March 02, 2003 03:02 pm ET (#17)
Loyal Fan

144 posts

ahh such a cute pledge^^

March 02, 2003 05:31 pm ET (#18)
Loyal Fan

12 posts

congrats from nash, eden!

March 02, 2003 07:51 pm ET (#19)
Loyal Fan

11 posts

I also am a part of Eden. I love this pledge, everyone is so darn nice and will help all the weaker, plus stronger members. It's like a huge family. I am very glad and proud to be in Eden. Woo ^^;.

March 02, 2003 08:26 pm ET (#20)
Loyal Fan

1 posts

I am also in the Eden pledge.I would like to thank MERICA and all our members for making this game more fun for me. This is the best pledge ive ever been in! When someone needs help we are there for them.We have as much fun talking as we do hunting. TKS MADDMAXX

March 03, 2003 05:33 am ET (#21)
Loyal Fan

1 posts

yeah.....50 eden pledge members later in the post...i'm another eden member...i can't say i've never thought of leaving eden for a "stronger" pledge but then we have one of those nights where we have one of those convos where you're falling off your chair laughing and making others laugh as well and i realize how much i truly love this pledge...only in eden can you be poking fun at somebody one minute (with them laughing as well of course ^^) and then the next minute you might be having a conversation about cars or about favorite foods or women or whatever else might come to mind...we're truly a diverse group though and if there's not a "lol" atleast every 3-5 minutes on our pledgechat then most likely nobody is talking...eden might not have the strongest chars or the best items amongst us but to me we're the best pledge on lineage because of our unique atmosphere

Amid bka Jasim

March 03, 2003 09:08 am ET (#22)
Loyal Fan

11 posts

i think every server needs a pledge like this
especially test

March 03, 2003 02:10 pm ET (#23)
Loyal Fan

236 posts

merica is a nice grl i talked with her the other day in ww and she was cool to talk to
i started a princess to hlp out andor alliance

March 03, 2003 02:19 pm ET (#24)
Loyal Fan

106 posts

I'm not a member of Eden..
and I do not have anything to say on the subject other than I bet MERICA is a nice person.. I think.. she looks nice.. sound nice..
when I think of it, she might not be nice at all o.O

March 03, 2003 03:00 pm ET (#25)
Loyal Fan

68 posts

Req, Jasim, Obee, others...congrats! We need to have more talks about sieging.

~ Greenleaves

March 03, 2003 10:17 pm ET (#26)
Loyal Fan

6 posts

oh this pledge has alot of 48+ alright!
48 years old and over....hell i think my grandma is also in there somewhere.

March 04, 2003 01:01 pm ET (#27)
Loyal Fan

13 posts

where is Queen nina -_-

March 04, 2003 01:31 pm ET (#28)
Loyal Fan

7 posts

I wouldn't care if we were all lvl 15 and below, still the funnest and best pledge i have ever been in. ^^
Tnx to all my pledgemates for everything they've done and for making the game worth playing

March 05, 2003 11:39 am ET (#29)
Loyal Fan

2 posts

Okay, I admit, I am one of those family members whose son has me hooked on this game. I was crazy enough to let him download lineage on my computer, got on, and met the greatest group of people. It is unlikely that ANY newbie would ever struggle learning the game, as a member of Eden Pledge. Now at lvl 37, i'm gaining momentum, but better yet, I've gained comaraderie!!!

Thanks to all the "elders" of the game, merica, uptake, dcwalker, requa, obee, jasim~~you know who you all are. Pledge would not be who they are without them--and as far as Mildu---"He's Back!!" Yipee for me!!! 0~0.


March 05, 2003 11:39 am ET (#30)
Loyal Fan

2 posts

March 05, 2003 01:27 pm ET (#31)
Prince Drathen
Loyal Fan

223 posts

I have yet to see these "phantom" pledge storages full great items that everyone talks about.

March 05, 2003 06:09 pm ET (#32)
Loyal Fan

36 posts

This is what a pledge is supposed to be about. Playing the game, having fun, making friends. Too bad they will probably not have a castle as long as there are cheaters that power level by account sharing for USD who trade castles. But this pledge seems to care not, they are just here to have fun and do the best they can.


March 06, 2003 01:23 am ET (#33)
Loyal Fan

260 posts

drathen is one of those pledge hoppers lookin for items...ull strike gold one day...oh no u wont

March 06, 2003 07:42 pm ET (#34)
Loyal Fan

9 posts

Go Eden pledge u should make it all the way i met ur princess long ago and she was a coo person.

I am the warrior of the elves i steal mops i defend friends i kill ogre's and u all hate me Y i ask Y???

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