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February 25, 2003 07:03 am ET - research by speedlab
Ken: Designer / DesignDragon Alliance

For anyone who has played Ken server for an extended period of time, you are probably aware of the ongoing battle to control Giran. An alliance called DesignDragon has managed to keep control of the castle for months due to their strength, numbers and early morning siege times. DesignDragon keep to themselves and are rather quiet, rarely socializing with other pledges outside of their alliance; which leaves the majority of ken server asking, who is Design Dragon? I was curious to learn more about this alliance and took it upon myself to contact the Prince of DesignDragon, Designer.

As Designer resides 14 hours ahead of CST/server time, we worked around this large time difference by meeting on the weekend one evening. As well, many of his pledge mates came to the interview to show support.

While many pledges are a part of DesignDragon alliance (possibly 10+), there are six pledges that make up the majority. They are: DesignDragon, NoMeRcY, OceanPower, MeteorGarden, BluePower and Darkcloud. They were happy to announce their newest addition to the alliance, BOSS.

With Level 52 players such as Toyknight, AVMILKII and MaxRnzII, along with many 50+ (the latest level 50 player being Kuka) they are confirming that there is great strength in their numbers.

To hold Giran for as long as Design Dragon has, is quite the accomplishment. They never rely on one individual pledge to declare war with; rather all pledges in the alliance go for the castle at the same time. To compliment their excellent sieging teamwork, they look to their website to communicate with other members, ask questions and organize strategies. The war over Giran castle is mainly in part due to the early morning siege times, which to my surprise, is even an inconvenience to Designer himself. With work and time spent with his girlfriend, he finds it difficult to attend the 5pm sieges. With the time restrictions in place for sieging (due to server maintenance) their only option is 3am, however if Designer had a choice he'd like to see sieges possibly later in the morning.

Lineage is as much of a social phenomenon in Taiwan as it is in Korea. [Players who created accounts before August 20, 2001 are still allowed to play Lineage on the North Americn servers no matter where they live, even if they have "their own" Lineage service. NC policy merely prevents new accounts made in countries with "their own" Lineage service. -amer] Services in Taiwan include 14 servers, with an average 3,000 players online per server at any given time. VolleyBall estimates the total TW subscriber base to be in excess of 200,000. [It's actually over 800,000 -amer] With so many players online their servers have become overpopulated and crowded; making hunting mops more of a game such as hide and seek. For this reason Designer made the decision to make US Ken Rauhel his permanent home.

Designer has been playing the US services now for quite some time, dating back to the .77 server. He has played all four classes and enjoys hunting Oren Wasteland with his elf, while making money with his mage. Though Designer isn't too concerned with leveling his elf he still makes time to play Lineage about five hours per week.

Design Dragon makes sieging fun on Ken, who would we fight if Designer and his crew weren't around? Thanks guys and have fun!

PS: Some items which I got a sneak peak at during my interview. Names have been withheld to protect the innocent. ^^

February 25, 2003 07:29 am ET (#1)
Loyal Fan

21 posts

+9b-tsu o.o;;!! i want dat....even the soe is cool :D

February 25, 2003 07:54 am ET (#2)
Loyal Fan

221 posts

nice stuff...o.o

February 25, 2003 08:31 am ET (#3)
Loyal Fan

127 posts

why show a +6homr??

February 25, 2003 08:48 am ET (#4)
Loyal Fan

444 posts

yeah why the homr...
cool anyways
you didnt say he designs bbq tho :)

February 25, 2003 08:56 am ET (#5)
LC Reporter

125 posts

HOMR is a prince helm.
Although +6 isn't all that special, nice though.. =)

February 25, 2003 10:02 am ET (#6)
Loyal Fan

337 posts

+9btsurugi :_(

February 25, 2003 11:56 am ET (#7)
Loyal Fan

247 posts

sweeeet designer is cool

February 25, 2003 11:57 am ET (#8)
Loyal Fan

19 posts

What would cancel spell be with out DD?

Have fun playin you guys^^

February 25, 2003 12:38 pm ET (#9)
Loyal Fan

13 posts

kool to see designer has come a long way...when i played ken server his pledge was nothing to be worried about!!!
congrats i will be back to take everything away soon =)

February 25, 2003 03:40 pm ET (#10)
Loyal Fan

78 posts

:( why does he have a +9b-tsu? he can't use it :) he should sell it or give it to one of his knights. or give it to me. wait, i don't play ken. damn.

nice shield tho :)

February 25, 2003 06:27 pm ET (#11)
Loyal Fan

40 posts

Yes its very impressive how long DD has held giran. And Designer is a good prince, and nice guy. =)

February 25, 2003 06:57 pm ET (#12)
Loyal Fan

1155 posts

+9 B-tsu o.o~ I want!

February 25, 2003 06:58 pm ET (#13)
Loyal Fan

8 posts

that +9btsu belongs to 1sim ... who is trying to sell it for $1500-1600 cash o.O

February 25, 2003 09:28 pm ET (#14)
Loyal Fan

36 posts

too late i bought the b tsu for 1200$ from him in maine

February 25, 2003 09:52 pm ET (#15)
Loyal Fan

444 posts

lots of people in DFII have +9b-tsu
i know that as a fact

February 25, 2003 10:35 pm ET (#16)
Loyal Fan

87 posts

I dont like him/them at all. --;;
Stop it with the 3 AM sieges, they suck.

I've seen a lot of your people at early night sieges so cut it. -.-

February 26, 2003 01:50 am ET (#17)
Loyal Fan

35 posts

DD Rulez same as FL that powerful in dep
Chinese viva!!!!!!!!!

February 26, 2003 10:46 am ET (#18)
Loyal Fan

313 posts

3am sieges
is the only cheap tactic they can use to keep the castle
if they had it in normal times thier pledge would fall so fast LMAO~!

February 26, 2003 01:14 pm ET (#19)
LC Admin

622 posts

BloodLust their 3 am seiges are because in their time some thats at like 5 pm They would perfer 7 am seiges, but they dont get them because of NC doesnt allow that time. Something to do with they dont want seige to interfear with matiance.
And for DD falling if the seiges were at normal pm times. I doubt that. DD has lost castles before, and came and took it back (at normal times) the next seige. DD just has a lot of strong dedicated memebers, Not to mention one of the best elf armys on ken.
The DD worked hard to be as strong as they are now. I remember back a year or so ago when the only castle they could take was OF. I even helped some of their weaker members back then. Its their dedication and Designers ability to keep controll of his alliance that insure they always in seiges.
If you really think that a daytime(US) siege would make them lose their castle then you have never tried to go up agaist them in when they defend their castle. Or even when they attack your castle. Most giran sieges I went to or was part of we would get to the inner gate, they dont protect the outer much Infact they dont even put up a knights to block inner gate. But we never really got past the inner gate. Anyone that steped within 3 squares of the inner gate was insantly drinking potions and trying to tph before they died from the attacking elves.
I think that Aden castle will fall to DD if they attack it. I still dont understand why people didnt go for the towers they all just killed ken. I think that would have ended the seige so much faster.

February 26, 2003 07:48 pm ET (#20)
Loyal Fan

444 posts

i'm not sure but i heard that for the sieges where the NPC prince hadd control you *had* to kill him, and the towers were useless...
not sure tho :)

February 26, 2003 07:55 pm ET (#21)
Loyal Fan

30 posts

Why did boss join DD? they were mortal ennemies when i left

February 26, 2003 09:15 pm ET (#22)
Loyal Fan

27 posts

BOSS joined us cuz we have the same siege opinion and tactics.
Siege is our motive power.

February 26, 2003 09:38 pm ET (#23)
Loyal Fan

34 posts

well good to know ken isnt completely filled with newbies...good job design dragons..

February 26, 2003 11:56 pm ET (#24)
Loyal Fan

42 posts

lol...BOOO designer sucks!?

did u say u pay back DSM in 1 month? its months?

ay..forget it -_-" i dun mind newbs takin items. speed lab should add this to the interview too....haha =)

i tho psy told me u had 10 scales?? need 5 more to make us dsm... and...what happen to them? haha turned into eva shield?...o wait...i tho we had eva shield too...who my frien gave to...hope its not him =)

February 27, 2003 04:23 pm ET (#25)
Loyal Fan

105 posts

During the first aden seige the towers could not be harmed without killing ken first so thats why everyoen ignored the towers.

February 27, 2003 06:04 pm ET (#26)
Loyal Fan

30 posts

Designer I may join your alliance when i come back in 4 days -.- i am a boss member.. well old boss member i havent played in 6 months. is it still led by BlackRoses?

February 27, 2003 08:52 pm ET (#27)
Loyal Fan

12 posts

Siege is their motive power...true...
who would play lineage if they dont have sieges? o.o

February 27, 2003 10:35 pm ET (#28)
Loyal Fan

19 posts

yea BlackRoses still leads the almighty BOSS

February 28, 2003 05:27 pm ET (#29)
Loyal Fan

67 posts

designer been here so long.. hes always been the enemy on ken server to every passing Super power pledge.

February 28, 2003 11:13 pm ET (#30)
Loyal Fan

1 posts

Woot!!! DADDY!!! U MADE IT!!!!
Well...Gratz Designer...Gratz also for finishing lvl 45 Prince Quest


March 03, 2003 09:14 am ET (#31)
Loyal Fan

11 posts

grats design, hope u hold that castle for a long time

March 04, 2003 10:42 am ET (#32)
Loyal Fan

25 posts

Lmao. Siege is the reason for your power?? Because of your 3am sieges, no one WANTS to siege in the States on Ken. Dumbass, stop making every siege 3am and you'll get more sieges. Remember the Kent siege 4 months ago where you had every member of your allies attack. You and your allies lost and died because many of the State players were there on a time that they could be on. PPl were there to defend knowing you'll be there to attack. PPL WANT to siege against you and your allies. But having 3am sieges doesn't let US DO IT. IF YOU WANT TO HAVE A GOOD SIEGE AND NOT JUST STAND AROUND PICKING YOUR NOSE, THEN STOP MAKING 3AM SIEGES. You know as well as I do that the best sieges are when the US players are up to attack or defend against your bp and allies. So stop making Ken server boring!!!

March 04, 2003 02:13 pm ET (#33)
Loyal Fan

3 posts

Congratz Designer ^.~

March 05, 2003 06:21 am ET (#34)
Loyal Fan

39 posts

smeghead.... i agree the times are rediculous but it really cant be helped... i remember the old days... about a year ago when BattleAntz controled giran for a while thne lost it to *i think* designer... i may be wrong but they all looked alike back then.... we could never get it back becouse of the seige times and we argued and cursed but there was nothing we could do.... just stay up late... whats wrong with that???? or your mumies and daddies sending u off to bed to early?

March 08, 2003 09:38 am ET (#35)
Loyal Fan

56 posts

DDs SUX why u even interwied them... Those items are get to hacking and stolen to others...BOSS just joined coz they sux... and had to find better way joining DD ally wont help much. SwiftBolt "Loyal Fan"

March 08, 2003 08:38 pm ET (#36)
Loyal Fan

63 posts

DD sucks -.- If they have 3 am seiges because of time conflicts why do I always see so many of their members hunting in the middle of the day -.-? Cut the crap and keep castles like honorable people.....

PS: Boss Joined DD because Blackroses saw and knew that her "almighty" alliance was way past dead and sought protection from her enemies through DD -.-

You People buying items for real money...-.- how lame can you really get??

March 12, 2003 12:22 pm ET (#37)
Loyal Fan

5 posts

Congratz, Designer!
1. The way i see it as to sieging times, its his choise as to when to select a time for each siege based on what is best for him or what he feels is best in stradegy.
Are not many wars won by the use of stradegy?
2. Just becuz siege times are set for early morning really shouldnt affect any alliance if they really wanted to take that castle at that time.
3. I have observed DD/ Designer for a long time, and what I see is a very organized individual;
and I feel he obviously has many members that are more cooperative than most.
So when u put "Organized and Cooperative" together, it creates very devoted and loyal bunch of ppl that one man can be proud of having in this game!
4. As to BOSS joining DD becuz of her alliance going down hill, that I dont know of at this time...but to join DD/Alliance is a very smart move, in my oppinion.
5. The sieges that I have taken participation in that were given support by DD members, provided me with the opportunity to observe; that when they say they will be there to help, they are honorable to their word.
This is the type of life that I have come from, where these words were spoken and meant something from the giver to the reciever forthwit:
"If I giveth thy word of honor, it is my bond."
(For those that donst knoweth me by now, when I sayith these words to ye, I will stand by them; for the words of "honor and loyalty", is a part of me!)
"If I tell u that I (&/or my bp,) will be there, I (&/or we )will show up to help thee..for I have giveth thy word of honor, and my word of honor is my bond!"

LadyCrystael, Princess
CrystaelSwordz BP
Crystal Alliance

March 13, 2003 10:12 pm ET (#38)
Loyal Fan

7 posts

hey congraz Designer~! nice keeping girran for months =]~

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