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   Mar 2003
March 31, 2003 04:16 pm ET - research by amateras
3/31 - Korean Live server updates
Lineage Playforum reports ( the following updates to the Korean Live servers on 3/31:
  1. Fixed bugs with the Aden wedding system.
  2. All newbie mages now start with e-bolt.
  3. Experience chart adjusted for level 5. Level 5 now requires less experience, but level 6 remains unchanged. This will not affect players level 6+.
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March 31, 2003 04:10 pm ET - research by amateras
Level 48 Doberman vs. Level 48 Husky
Lineage Playforum reported ( an experiment that was done with a level 48 doberman vs. a level 48 husky.

Previously, we posted that doberman vs. husky was analagous to the STR knight vs. CON knight debate, which, in a nutshell, is that all else being equal, the CON knight's extra HP can compensate for the extra pain induced by the STR knight. Thus, a CON knight is superior at duels (can last longer) while the STR knight is more useful for hunting (can kill monsters faster and thus, less damage caused). However, even those statements can be argued :)

The experiment done was to let the dogs fight down to 30 HP. (Not very scientific, but the results were as expected).

The outcome of this battle was victory for the husky. Clearly the doberman was hitting harder, but the husky does have 30 more HP at level 48 than the doberman does, which was enough to win.

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March 31, 2003 04:04 pm ET - research by amateras
3/27 - Korean Test Server publish announcement
Lineage - Korea announces ( the following updates to the Korean Test servers:
  1. All mages now start with the e-bolt spell already learned.
  2. Aden pledge house boundaries and teleport home bugs have been fixed.
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March 31, 2003 04:01 pm ET - research by amateras
Crowded Level 45 Elven Quest
Lineage Playforum reports ( that in Korea, now that all the level 45 quests are available, there are some overcrowding problems with the rush to complete the quest, especially since many of the quests require that you kill a monster that spawns one-at-a-time.

However, it looks like the citizens of Aden are working together to ensure order and harmony in the management of quest completion.

These screenshot is taken at the spawn point of the White Sea Dancer. In this area, elves get in a line and take turns trying to kill the Sea Dancer. Among the elves waiting to complete the quest, there are also players guarding the line (some knights volunteer to oversee the line), killing anyone who interferes with the line (by cutting, hitting the quest mop, etc).

Players have mentioned that to get through the line once in an hour is amazing, with the wait usually being longer. If you mess up, back to the end of the line. ^^

For all quests, there has been a great spirit of cooperation among players (healing you when you're fighting, making sure everyone gets a turn.)

On a side note, killing Sophia's Blame (required as part of the level 45 quest) is -10,000 lawful.

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March 31, 2003 03:40 pm ET - research by amateras
Ring of Summon Control
Lineage Playforum reports ( that one of the first Ring of Summon Control has been dropped on the Korean server. And now, the answer you've been waiting for... Lesser Dragon, 5f.

The mage who has the ring happens to be a level 52 mage, so he had the opportunity to play with the Dire Wolf summon.

Dire Wolves (as you can see) are quite strong. Level 40, 600 HP. (On a side note, Gargolyes, the level 48 new summon, are also pretty strong, level 35, 550 HP).

First test that was done was 1 Dire Wolf vs. 2 King Bugbears. The Dire Wolf handily killed both King Bugbears with 300+ HP to spare. Ouch!

Next up, Dire Wolf vs. Greater Water Elemental (the new elven level 50 summon). First some information on the Greater Water Elementals. They have 720 HP and are not faster than the Lesser Water Elemental, but are *much* stronger. We expect the other Greater Elementals to be similar (lots of HP, stronger, same speed/slower).

Regardless, the Dire Wolf beat the Greater Water Elemental with 68 HP to spare.

Another use for Dire Wolves (other than killing everything in sight) is setting up residence in Forgotten Island. The mage interviewed hunts in the Bugbear/King Bugbear area on Forgetten Island nonstop.

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March 31, 2003 02:53 pm ET - research by amateras
0Hercules0 - 70 on Korean Castoll server
Lineage Playforum ( reported 4 days ago that 0Hercules0 (a knight on Korea's Castoll server) hit level 70. (You may have seen the -100 AC posts on the Templar and forums). He was reported to be level 67 on February 10 and 62 on September 18. Why so fast?

Forgotten Island introduced to live Korean servers: 11/6

If you're high level, that's the place to hunt. Lots of experience, and the occassional very rare drop. All you have to worry about is bankrolling your character until the first sealed drop (each sealed drop should cover you going forward) so you can do it :)

Also noted in the article is one of the components of his -100 AC: a +9 Red Knight's Shield. While he is not stating it as fact, he thinks that this shield helps him resist the stoning gaze of the Cockatrice, but not other forms of stoning, poison and paralysis.

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March 28, 2003 12:22 pm ET - research by Lineage - US
Updated Monster Info
[This is an announcement about's new monster guide, not LC's :)]

Check out our updated monster information pages for new information on all Lineage monsters! Monster information is now generated weekly directly from the game files to the website, keeping our monster pages up-to-date with all of the latest stat and information changes. In addition, the monsters have been grouped into new and varied sub-categories for easier reference and now include information on their elemental weaknesses. Happy hunting!

Needless to say, in addition to making sure our data is synchronized with the Lineage website, we'll also be reporting any changes made that aren't announced in the news. :)
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March 27, 2003 12:46 pm ET - research by Lineage - US
3/27 - Lineage Server Reset
All US Lineage servers will be brought down for a brief maintenance at 2:30 PM CST on Thursday, March 27th.  Ken Rauhel, Depardieu, Lands of Aden, and Test are expected to remain unavailable for approximately 15-30 minutes while we apply a non-game-related patch to the servers. 
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March 27, 2003 12:38 pm ET - research by amateras
3/26 - Korean Live Server publish announcement
Lineage - Korea announces ( the following changes to the Korean Live servers on 3/26:
  1. All level 45 quests are now active.
  2. Pledge managers will be available in every town. In order to create a pledge now, you need to talk to them.
  3. Aden wedding system has been added.
  4. New housing is now available in Aden.
  5. Volume controls for music level and sound level have been added to the options menu.
  6. Aden tax system has been adjusted and the cheap NPC in the "slum" area inventory has been reduced.
  7. Giants now throw stones when their HP gets low.
  8. Ken Rauhel and Kerenis HP has been adjusted.
  9. All Tower of Insolence monsters can now see polymporphed players.
  10. Fixed the pledge chat color.
  11. Adjusted Gelatinous Cube strength and range.
  12. Fixed Lindvior spawn rate and chance of escape. also reported ( that the sword swing sound has been removed (we'll try to find out "from what") and that the Auction Board now blinks the house of interest when you choose "more info".
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March 27, 2003 12:30 pm ET - research by Lineage - US (CaptSturm)
3/26 - LoA In Concept
CaptSturm has posted his most recent "In Concept" post for LoA yesterday. Here it is with a link on the bottom if you want to participate in the discussion. Just remember, this discussion applies only to the LoA server.
Okay, round 2. A big thanks for everyone who offered such constructive feedback the last round. Keep in mind, this is a list of things under consideration--not a publish change list.
  1. Adding Knight Only Magic Crystal:Strength
  2. Orange Potion price changed to 150 adena (approx, some vendors may charge slightly more or less, taxes also affect price0
  3. Orange Potion effect slightly improved
  4. Ebolt Cap will have a max level limit of 20.
  5. Mages will start with Ebolt already learned, after with the Amy NPC (wizard cap for dagger trader) will be terminated.
  6. Drops adjusted on mops reported to often drop nothing (beholder, doppelganger)
  7. Heine Kennel master moved to a location closer to town center
  8. Increase duration of Elven Wafer
  9. Increase duration of Strength Spell

In Concept (3/26/03)
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March 25, 2003 08:55 pm ET - research by Lineage - US
3/26 - Server Reset
All US Lineage servers will be brought down for a maintenance reset on Wednesday, March 26th at 10:00 AM CST. There will be no new content published at that time.
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March 25, 2003 03:39 am ET - research by amateras
Lich Robe
According to (, a player on the Korean non-PvP Test server has managed to 1:1 Lich using only his mage and as luck would have it, got the Lich Robe.

Before we mention the Lich Robe, we should point out that players on the Korean Test server have been using a strategy of using large numbers of blank scrolls to defeat bosses with fewer players than expected. The player interviewed advised to "not be stingy with Counter Magic" but didn't specify further how the blank scrolls were being used. In addition, they said that this strategy has worked on many bosses, even the most difficult ones, such as Phoenix.

Anyway, on to the Lich Robe. With Meditation, Mana Potion, Crystal Staff of Mana and the Lich Robe (presumably we're talking about a WIS 18 mage), MP regen is 50 per tick. However, some drawbacks to the Lich Robe: according to the interview, the player states that the Lich Robe (1) cannot be zelled and (2) "is an armor, of course!" and not a robe, despite the name. So, presumably it's meant to be used like the Crystal Staff of Mana (for a regen break) and not as your main armor.

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March 25, 2003 03:20 am ET - research by amateras
Weddings has posted a report ( on some preliminary information on the new marriage system, currently in Korean test.

No details on the hunting bonus is mentioned in this article, however, there are some new parts that we didn't know about.

Rings Marriage requires the purchase of rings for each of the people getting married. You can buy a Sapphire Ring for 140k or a Diamond Ring for 1.4M. In addition to being required for marriage, the rings provide the additional benefit of allowing you to teleport to your mate. The Sapphire Ring holds a single teleport charge, while the Diamond Ring holds 5. To recharge the ring, their is a nominal fee of 1000 adena at the Aden Church.


There will be both a marriage and divorce command, however the divorce command will cause the person who uses their command to lose the ring. It is unclear of the person they are divorcing from loses their ring as well.

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March 24, 2003 04:36 pm ET - research by Lineage - US
Lineage Web Updates
Looking for a little something to brighten up your desktop? Curious about the current ‘rulers’ of Aden? We’ve updated several new additions to the Lineage website that can assist you with these points and more!

First, we’ve released the Q&A with Kyzah responses. Want to know more about the Lineage Community Coordinator? You can find her responses at

We’ve also updated the Lineage Castle Control map with Aden Castle information. Find out who controls the prime castle of Aden – and time your opportunity to make it your own – at

Finally, to spiff up your desktop on a Monday afternoon (or any time!), we’ve added several new Episode 12 desktop wallpaper images. Find them on our download page at!

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March 24, 2003 02:28 pm ET - research by amateras
3/21 - Korean Server Publish
Lineage Playforum reports ( ) the following updates to the Korean Test Servers on 3/21:
  1. Level 45 quest NPC sprites and abilities have been adjusted.
  2. Level 45 Elven Quest: The location where the White Sea Dancer is summoned has been changed to a Combat Zone.
  3. Luther (Singing Island) and Belgeter (Hidden Valley) now direct new players to the training areas.
  4. Fixed problem with unexpected disconnect on the Korean Test server.
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March 23, 2003 06:30 pm ET - research by Lineage - US
ISP Maintenance (weekly reminder)
The ISP location serving Lineage US servers will be conducting maintenance on Monday, March 24th between 2:00 AM CST and 6:00 AM CST. This maintenance may cause intermittent latency issues and/or disconnects during the maintenance period.

As a reminder, this is the regularly scheduled ISP maintenance period, and as such is an ‘at risk’ play period. We do not encourage hunting during this period, but if you choose to hunt during this time period, we urge that you use extreme caution.

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March 21, 2003 03:57 am ET - research by Dlirk
Rathorn Hits 52, Bullfrogs Everywhere Rejoice

In September the mighty Rathorn of the Red Pegasus Blood Pledge hit level 50, and unlike most people who seem to hit level 50, Rathorn has since leveled up to 51 and has finally, after long last, reached level 52 and gained the king of all morphs, the fearsome death knight. He says that it took him a very long time to get from 50 to 52 because his school’s ISP was very bad for three months and he couldn’t play.

This eighteen year old attends the University of San Diego in California where he majors in… oh wait, he’s undecided… He also has a girlfriend that he’s very *ahem* close to… He says he’d take his girlfriend over Lineage any day because she’s real.

Rathorn is an old player, reaching back to beta. He is a rolled twenty strength knight and is happy because he hits very hard. “Rathorn Smash!” can often be heard throughout the hills of Fire Valley where he gains anywhere from four to five percent a day. Amazingly, he has only died one time on his quest to fifty two, and that was the first day he turned 49. He says that he loves the death percent because dying is very much the opposite of fun and thus the penalty should be reduced.

According to this death knight, Aden is very pretty but lacks the drops necessary to make it a worthy hunting ground. Of course, this is the same guy that thinks Batman would beat Godzilla in a fight by use of a utility belt. I’m sorry man, Godzilla would just crush batman with his big sexy lizard-like foot. Unfortunately, he wouldn’t comment about boxers or briefs, so girls it is up to you to find out.

One thing Rathorn opposes is the LoA server, not so much because it is LoA, as he thinks many of the changes there are positive. He just feels that LoA siphens off too many new players from Depardieu and Ken Rauhel. There are now too few newbies to buy the newbie items and that makes the prices go down. He says that there are not enough players to support four servers.

For those of you interested, Rathorn uses a +8rapier and has -6x ac and enjoys all things blue. He also says that he enjoys Lineage over other games because Diablo 2 is a pointless hack slash and he hates having to ask permission to kill people in Ever Quest. Well, that’s it for now, stay tuned next week where we interview someone else.

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March 20, 2003 02:53 pm ET - research by Lineage - US
Publish March 20th

We will be publishing a small set of changes to the Lands of Aden server at 10:00 AM CST on Thursday, March 20th. The Lands of Aden server will be brought down for a server reset at that time. This is an event reset and will add additional Orc Town Arena manager NPCs to Silver Knight Town, Orc Town, and Talking Island. Players may use any of these arena managers to access the dragon fights during the Meet and Greet event. Use of a specific arena manager to access the dragon fights will return that player to the same location. For example, a player who uses the Silver Knight Town arena manager to access the dragon fights will be returned to Silver Knight Town after the dragon fights.

In addition, we will be publishing a small set of changes to all North American Lineage servers at 12:00 PM (Noon) on Thursday, March 20th. This change will not require a server reset for the Ken Rauhel and Depardieu servers. However, players logged in during the publish will need to shut down and restart Lineage for the changes to take effect. This change will set Alliance Chat to a unique color and will add a pledge storage deletion warning for princes joining alliances

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March 20, 2003 02:08 am ET - research by amateras
3/19 - Korean Test Server update
NC announces ( the following updates being published to the Korean Test Servers on 3/19:
  1. Level 45 quest items weight has been adjusted.
  2. If you restart or get disconnected, your dogs will go back to the kennel.
  3. Level 15 mage quest Skeleton Skull drop rate has been increased.
  4. Talking Island pledge creation NPC has been added.
  5. Added Aden marriage system.
  6. Magus inventory has been adjusted (Magus is the low price NPC near the Aden Sewer entrance)
  7. 48 more houses have been added to Aden for auction. All these houses are located in the lower third of Aden and range in size from 15 cells to 64 cells. See the large circled area in the picture below from Lineage Playforum ( for their location.
  8. Updated pledge chat color.

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March 18, 2003 03:07 pm ET - research by Lineage - US
3/19 - US Servers publish
The US Lineage servers will be brought down for a brief maintenance and publish on Wednesday, March 19th at 10:00 AM CST. The contents of this publish will include the following:

Lands of Aden Server

  • Mithril cap material changed form iron to mithril
  • Lump of metal now has a different inventory icon than lump of iron
  • Orcish bow will be changed to have negative hit and positive damage bonuses
  • Bael Zaer now has a small light radius
  • The KillGlance NPC has been added to Aden. He will craft the KillGlance ring in exchange for a ring of magic resistance and one of each highest quality gemstone.
  • A Teleport to Orc Town scroll has been added to some monster drops
  • The Mermaid Princess will now craft the mage-only Mermaid Set
  • Orcish Ring Mail set now has a maximum level restriction of 20 and will give the wearer the Orc Fighter polymorph option. (This is a ‘trial run’ item and is subject to change.)
  • Magic crystals have been added to some monster drops. These are one-time-use spell items.

Test Server

  • As part of testing to resolve the NPC lag issue, the test server has been running on temporary hardware. During the maintenance period we will be wiping the test server and restoring it to the original hardware configuration. This wipe of character data will occur ONLY on test US Test Server and will erase all characters that exist on the server.

Ken Rauhel and Depardieu Servers:

  • There will be no new content published to these servers
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March 17, 2003 04:02 pm ET - research by Lineage - US
Dep Maintenance
The Depardieu server will be brought down for a brief maintenance at 5:00 PM CST on Monday, March 17th. This maintenance will resolve any remaining pledge issues that resulted from last night’s Depardieu reset and warp. The server is expected to be unavailable for approximately 30 minutes.
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March 17, 2003 11:46 am ET - research by Lineage - US
3/16 Depardieu Reset
At approximately 11:25 PM CST on Sunday, March 16th, the Depardieu server reset due to a hardware RAID failure. We are currently working with the hardware manufacturer to determine the cause of the issue and to ensure it does not happen again. Players online just prior to the reset may have experienced a slight time warp as the server restarted to its most recent backup, and we are currently investigating reports of pledge issues related to the reset. If you are the prince or princess of a pledge and are experiencing any strange game behavior related to the pledge, please contact us at
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March 16, 2003 08:06 pm ET - research by amer
LC March Madness 2003
The brackets have been decided and the fee is 100k if you want to participate. To pay your fee, see the following people on your server. Last day to pay is on Wednesday!
  • Ken server: Amer, Silent
  • Dep server: Dlirk, Taera, TikTak, Clues, Lugz
  • LoA server: October, ZenLunatic

Pay them the fee and then make a pick sheet. If you make a pick sheet and don't pay by the due date, your pick sheet will be deleted. When you do pay, give your email address to the LC rep so you can get a confirmation. :)

To fill out a pick sheet, visit the March Madness site below. Use your character name and server to name your sheet, as in "Amer (Ken)"

LC March Madness 2K3 Site: Dep | Ken | LoA

Good luck and have fun. I'll update the site with the size of the payouts regularly. :)

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March 14, 2003 01:41 pm ET - research by Lineage - US
LoA Meet and Greet
Three months of fun and the Lands of Aden server just keeps on growing! To celebrate this success and to thank the players who have made it happen, Lands of Aden will be hosting the first Lineage Meet and Greet event on Wednesday, March 19th and Thursday March 20th. Come join NCsoft staff, including a wealth of Gamemasters, CaptSturm, Rock, Leilo, and Kyzah and more as they travel about the Lands of Aden server, mingling, handing out party favors, and maybe even bringing a few dragon pets out for a stroll to the Fire Field Town Arena.

NCsoft staff will appear throughout the Lands of Aden server in unique polymorphed form (see the main graphic at for examples) during the following dates and times:

  • Wednesday, March 19th – 2:00 PM – 4:00 PM CST
  • Thursday, March 20th – 6:00 PM – 8:00 PM CST

If you haven’t experienced the Lands of Aden server, this is a great opportunity to stop by and visit for the first time! If you’re already enjoying the Lands of Aden, join us – and bring a friend!

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March 13, 2003 08:19 pm ET - research by
In Concept

CaptSturm started a post today in the LOA forum called "In concept" It basically is a post that tells you what NC-Austin is thinking about adding to the LOA server. He says that these are not promised updates just things they are thinking about adding. So don't start asking when these updates will be. He continues to say that he plans to keep providing us with info on what they are thinking about adding to the LOA server. Here is what he said might be added with some of his later comments added on.

1)Mermaid Set. It is a tunic and cap, crafted from blue cloth, sapphires, and magic gems. It is min level 15 and relatively low ac (cap=ac1, tunic=ac2). It will give +2mp regen, +10 mp total.  The set is able to be safely pluses to 4. Its meant for the magic casters and not so much the melee mages (they'll need the mithril set if that's the style of play they're pursuing). The crafter will be the Mermaid Princess.

2)Orcish Bow. It will be heavier, but has a + to damage, - to hit.

3)Fire Archers. Can see through polymorph, but have reduced damage. I'm concerned about the knights, but the damage should be low enough for a knight of reasonable level and AC to get by. (I'm kicking around to backup plans if this particular item doesn't work out)

4)Bael Zaer (Mage Quest Rat Boss). Has a small light radius.

5)Scroll of Teleportation: Orc Town. Some orcs can drop an escape scroll that will take you to orc town. (rare drop) This are just sort of test run--if they work out we can expand this type of item(Add more Towns) Orc Town was chosen first because of the new Tournament Arena and to try and boost the income for the Orc Fortress.

6)Magic Crystals. Some monsters may drop magic crystals. These are similar to a mage's inscribed scroll, but are already enchanted (This means they already have a spell on them) They may be level or class restricted. (We're begining with a Spell Crystal:Light and Spell Crystal:Shield, all classes/all levels)

7)Orc Armor Set. Restricted to max level of 20. It will morph players into Orc Fighter when full set is equiped. When implemented this will be a temporary change and we'll evaluate its impact on game play before determining if it is a viable long term change

8)Wizard's Cap (E-bolt). Maximum Level limit of 8. The thought is that by making the e-bolt cap unavailable at a level where they have access to Siriss (and the lower prices she charges for the spells) would save mages some money. Plus, the regen rate on SI is boosted, so it graduates the player to the mp cost requirements of spells.

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March 13, 2003 03:48 pm ET - research by Stratics IRC
March 2003 Transcript
Lineage Stratics posted a transcript of the March #ncsoft House of Commons chat on their website (last week, oops).
The log of the 8th Lineage House of Commons is now available. If you missed the chat, you can read the entire discussion here. - al-Maroc
And here's my annotated version again, if you prefer: amer's take on the Mar '03 HoC
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March 12, 2003 01:32 pm ET - research by Lineage - US
GM's Running around lineage.

Some people have noticed people named GMxxxxx running around the world of lineage in purple robes. Rock from NC - Austin has commented on these people on the offical boards.

I see people have noticed the new GM body types that we are using in the game. I hope you like them. Our goal is very simple, just have fun and promote positive play experiences for everyone.

GM's don't give out items or show off spells, we feel that would be an inappropriate display of power.

GM's are just in the game to help players where appropriate and to show a human side to our customer service. Some people think we don't care, or we aren't human, or aren't ever in the game; this is just one way to address those concerns. The GM team is still busy helping people all the time even though we may spend some time chatting with people in the game.

We can't help everyone in the game because we get so many requests. Many times the GM will ask you to email so we can do more research on an issue, or make sure that it gets properly reported. Email or the web interface is still the best and the fastest way to get service if you need it. We're monitoring those channels 24/7 ready to help you

NCInteractive - Customer Support
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March 12, 2003 12:55 pm ET - research by NC
NCsoft Announces Future Plans for Lineage
Yeah, that's right, a new *class*.
Seoul, South Korea, February 21, 2003-Amid much suspense, future plans for Lineage have finally been unveiled. NCsoft announced plans to launch Part II of Lineage in June with the release of a new episode under the theme Conquest.

Since the release of its first episode Talking Island in September 1998, right up to the most recent release of episode 12 Aden, NCsoft has been servicing Lineage Part I, built around its signature Blood pledge theme. Because the company has kept its future plans for the game discreet, it had aroused the curiosity of game players and industry alike.

Major features of Lineage Part II include the first-ever addition of a new class to the existing four: prince, knight, elf, and wizard. The introduction of a new class will expand the scope of characters players can choose from and deliver a more diverse range of player experiences.

Special dungeons and new monsters will add to the thrill of the game, while added realism will enhance the siege war system, making completely new forms of castle sieges possible.

On the graphics front, in response to gamers’ preference for the current 2D mode over a shift to 3D, Lineage [Part] II will maintain its 2D platform, although improvements in its graphics engine accompanied by an overall graphics renewal are expected to deliver an upgraded interface.

Lineage Part II will be comprised of 6 episodes. The first will be introduced to test servers sometime in June, followed by consecutive releases in 6-month increments over 3 years.

NCsoft is committed to continuing its development of new episodes to reciprocate the outpouring of love shown by game users, credited as the driving force behind Lineage’s growth into a foremost online game leader

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March 12, 2003 12:53 pm ET - research by NC
NCsoft Announces 2003 Business Plan
Seoul, South Korea, February 21, 2003-NCsoft announced a 2003 business plan that encompasses both its game development and service schedule. In addition to Lineage, NCsoft is to bring other various games to the market this year and is planning to develop games and provide services in a variety of genres other than RPG (Role Playing Game).

Building on Lineage, which is currently in commercial service, NCsoft’s plan includes introducing EverQuest and Shining Lore in the first half of the year and Lineage II and in the second half. City of Heroes and Exarch are to be launched around the late 2003 or the first half of 2004. Exarch is a 3D online game with an SF (Science Fiction) setting that has been in the works since November 2000. US game developer Realm Interactive, LLC, which developed this game, signed a contract in July of last year for NCsoft to publish it globally.

Also, “Lineage Forever”, which was known to be the Lineage 3D-version development project, is now being developed under the new brand of “Aion”. As an ambitious next-generation work of NCsoft which follows on Lineage and Lineage II, Aion is aiming for an intense cyberworld environment centered around confrontation between the gamer and the game environment which distinguishes it from existing online games that are based on contact and conflict between gamers who are connected to the game space.

Furthermore, Gameting ( is to move beyond its current character as a board game portal and continuously add unique and independent games so that it can develop into a game service site with its own individuality.

NCsoft is setting as its goal to achieve sales of KRW180 billion this year through these diversified games and active overseas market development and is expecting to achieve foreign sales of over KRW30 billion.

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March 12, 2003 12:51 pm ET - research by NC
NCsoft Records KRW 154.8 Billion
Lineage Tournament is *finally* leaving Korean test servers. More news and screenshots on this, later today ^^
Seoul, South Korea, February 13, 2003—NCsoft™ Corporation (President & CEO Tack Jin Kim) reported record-breaking revenues of KRW 154.8 billion for year 2002, the highest ever recorded in the local game industry, thus continuing a steady growth-path since its establishment in 1997. Net profits stood at KRW 53.1 billion, with recurring profit and operating profit at KRW 56.8 billion and KRW 77.1 billion respectively. Overseas royalty earnings were posted at KRW 21.8 billion, marking a remarkable increase of over 135% on the previous year’s KRW 9.3 billion.

NCsoft’s CFO Hong Heo commented, “Our company was able to maintain favorable growth last year amid the systematic slump of the local industry thanks to the breakthrough expansion of the online game market. This year we will strengthen our internal capabilities and give added momentum to our current ongoing projects to set the stage for a second growth spurt. We have set our projected revenue at a conservative KRW 180 billion.”

By the second half of next month, NCsoft will open “Lineage Tournament”, the world’s first MMORPG-based combat game on regular servers, followed by a rollout of a new series of Lineage episodes sometime in summer, as part of ambitious plans to continue the flagship Lineage game’s immense popularity. Moreover, as this year will see a serious advance into the Chinese market as well as the launch of local commercial services for the prequel Lineage II, the growth potential of NCsoft is expected to emerge at a heightened level.

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March 12, 2003 12:50 pm ET - research by NC
NCsoft President Tack Jin Kim to Deliver Keynote at GDC
Posted today on the NC website, we'll see what we can find on his speech:
Seoul, South Korea, February 27, 2003-Online games are fast becoming the focus of the global game industry. Tack Jin Kim, CEO & President of NCsoft™ Corp., has been invited to deliver a keynote address on March 7 at the Game Developers Conference (GDC) where he is to introduce the Korean and Asian online game business, outline future prospects for the online game industry, and present NCsoft’s strategies.

The 17th Game Developers Conference (GDC) will take place March 4-8 at the San Jose Convention Center in San Jose, California. The conference is a forum for game experts from all over the world to get together and participate in lectures, debates, and workshops to share information on latest game development trends and discuss future prospects for the industry.

In his business and legal keynote, President Tack Jin Kim of NCsoft™ Corp. will reveal the story behind the rapid growth of online games in Asia and the company’s strategies for the future.

The world’s game industry bolted to attention as the wild success of Lineage™, NCsoft’s flagship product, which can serve hundreds of thousands of concurrent users online, became well known overseas. Heightened interest toward Korea, viewed as the most advanced online game market has also become increasingly apparent.

Mr. Kim expressed hopes to “enhance the position of Korea’s game industry by introducing the business environment and various know-how that made online games a success in Asia.”

Meanwhile, Robert Garriott, CEO of NCsoft’s North American subsidiary in Austin, Texas, will moderate a panel at GDC on the Korean gaming industry on March 6.

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March 12, 2003 12:41 pm ET - research by Lineage - US
Server Reset March 12th
All US Lineage servers will be brought down for a brief maintenance reset on Wednesday, March 12th at 10:00 AM CST. During that time, the scrolling in-game text file will be updated to include information regarding server and ISP maintenance times. No additional content will be published.
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March 10, 2003 10:50 pm ET - research by Lineage - US
Q & A with Kyzah
It’s time for a Q&A with the latest addition to the Lineage community – Community Coordinator Kyzah!


The guidelines to remember before starting:

1) Post only two questions. There are bound to be repeats, and we are only taking about a dozen or so.

2) The questions need to be directed toward the subject person and their duties. This isn’t the same as the Veteran Questions, since it is not to answer specific gameplay questions. It is a chance for you to interact with this particular person and ask them something about their duties / position / department.

The question thread will be closed on 3/17/2003 and is located here.
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March 10, 2003 03:39 pm ET - research by Lineage: The Fact
Iron Staff of Mana/Ancient Dragon Scale mail
There have been lots of rumors about an Iron Staff of Mana and Ancient Dragon Armor and it looks like Lineage: The Fact ( found out why so many people are speculating.

Let me just preface all of this with: It could just be a typo, some items that were made up but accidentally hit the web page. With that in mind:
Iron Staff of Mana3/31-handed30Mage only+2 to hit

The official HK lineage site added this new weapon to their site. It's unclear if it was by accident or if it is a hint of something new to come. Lineage - HK is not like LoA, it must be synchronized to the Lineage - Korea servers just as Ken and Dep must be, so if anything is on the way, we should hear more about about it on Korean Test. The Iron Staff of Mana appears to weigh 15 more and be +5 to hit compared to the Staff of Mana.

Ancient Green Dragon Armor-11300Knight only--
Ancient Blue Dragon Armor-11300Knight only--
Ancient Red Dragon Armor-11300Knight only--
Ancient White Dragon Armor-11300Knight only--

Also mentioned on the official HK Lineage Armor page are these four armors. They are the same as the regular dragon armors except 2 better AC and knight only. Again, no idea if this is just a mistake which will be removed soon .

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March 10, 2003 01:51 pm ET - research by Lineage - US
Lands of Aden Reset
The Lands of Aden server will be brought down for a brief reset at 2:00 PM CST. As part of this reset, changes to the e-bolt spell updated with the last publish will be reset.
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March 09, 2003 02:25 am ET - research by Lineage - US
Fan Art Winner
The latest winner of the Fan Art Submissions has been chosen –Frokk’s submission of “Bapho”. Well done, Frokk!

You can view Frokk’s winning submission here.

Thank you to everyone who has submitted fan art! If you have submitted a piece in the past, it will be automatically included in the entries when we select our next piece of fan artwork.

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March 09, 2003 02:24 am ET - research by Lineage - US
ISP Maintenance
Last Monday, I died during this maintenance. So please, be careful :)
The ISP location serving Lineage US servers will be conducting maintenance on Monday, March 10th between 2:00 AM CST and 6:00 AM CST. This maintenance may cause intermittent latency issues and/or disconnects during the maintenance period.

As a reminder, this is the regularly scheduled ISP maintenance period, and as such is an ‘at risk’ play period. We do not encourage hunting during this period, but if you choose to hunt during this time period, we urge that you use extreme caution. Players logging in during this time period will be prompted with a pop-up window to remind them that the ISP maintenance may cause disconnects.

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March 09, 2003 02:22 am ET - research by Lineage - US
3/7 - Server Reset
(Oops, a bit late on this one)
All US Lineage servers will be brought down for a brief reset on Friday, March 7th at 10:00 AM CST. The following adjustments will be made at that time:

All Servers:

  • The current polymorph event will end.

Lands of Aden:

  • Sapphire Breastplate will now be available for level 30+ (was level 40+)
  • The Ruby set will no longer give an HP bonus
  • Scroll of Resurrection has been added to Pandora’s list of wares
  • Spell effects have been adjusted. Some will be more effective, elemental effects have been adjusted, duration has been increased on some spells, and some will now require lawful alignment for use.
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March 08, 2003 01:42 am ET - research by ShiftyEyes and Sisyphus
Test Reset

Well it certainly indeed was another glorious day for the races. The crowds gathered from far and near to once again spectate the 5th resetting of the test server. With the fourth test winding down CaptSturm elegently stroked on his keyboard and up from the ground came all sorts of amazing beasts. With the cheering from the crowd, CaptSturm put on a summoning show only rivaled by Mickey in Fantasia. And as quickly as they came the world ended.

And for 35 agonizing minutes this reporter tried to get back on to make sure he was one of the first people back into the world for the 5th time. On the 36th minute expectations turned to shock as the screen opened wide and let me choose my character. With name chosen I welcomed the new world and to my horror and dismay there were already 226 people on the server. Within another 15 minutes there were an AMAZING 528 people on this one server. The server has yet to see below 450 people all day. So much for unspoiled lands.

With jostling back and forth and some tempers flaring everyone was out of the gate and aiming for that ever popular first gossip to indicate the hurdle of level 30. But this reporter came out of the gate too fast and before he knew it was talking to some old cronies. And before he knew it, needed a nap.

But one stallion came pounding through the gates before anyone had time to set their flashes. Mountain, in just under 8.25 hours, globaled an innocent selling price for a friend in need. Then all was quite again. Then around 9 hours into the race another simple message from JESUSCHRIST "Good luck to you all" and he was gone. Then the flood gates opened and several came through in a rush. And once again we were entertained by the silliness of global and why many don’t miss it on LOA.

The top 7 finishers as of the 12 hour mark are:


Congrats to you all and good luck to everyone on the upcoming Test Server!

Special thanks go out to slashface (two images), kstyles, magicgod, and, mrsparkle for input used in the article.

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March 07, 2003 01:37 pm ET - research by amer
GDC 2003 notes
It's Day 2 of the GDC (Game Developer's Conference) and there were some interesting things being said which reported that I wanted to post up:

Ten Reasons You Don't Want to Run a Massively Multiplayer Online Game
This was taken from a talk by Gordon Walton, who ran online games for Kesmai, helped to build Ultima Online, and recently launched The Sims Online. It should give you some insight on what it's like to be on the other side of the game and hopefully at least empathize with what some people put NC through. :)

Why is Korea the King of Multiplayer Gaming?
This was from a panel discussion with NCSoft-US CEO Robert Garriott, the Sony Online Entertainment VP of International Operations Cindy Armstrong, the Director of Business Development for Nexon (another successful Korean MMOG creator) Won Il Sue, and finally J.C. Herz, author of the book "Joystick Nation." Hopefully, reading this will give you some insight into why Lineage is designed the way it is, and why Korean players are more successful at it (it's because it was designed for the way games are played in Korea - socially)

Finally, GameSpy reports:

NCsoft announced that it has renamed Realm Interactive's Trade Wars: Dark Millennium to Exarch. Exarch (pronounced ex'-ark) is a online game that combines a sci-fi futuristic setting with fast-paced action RPG combat elements set in an virtual persistent world. Players explore, battle and take on quests in multiple environments including mystical forests and alien catacombs. The game also melds classic melee weapons and armor such as chain mail and long swords with futuristic armaments such as power armor and plasma guns. Set thousands of years in the future, Exarch follows the fall of the Empire that ruled it, leaving the surviving Exarchs (the ruling governors of the Empire) in a struggle for power in a universe where monsters such as mutants, undead, robots and dragons dwell together with terran races in imperfect disharmony. It should also be noted that Exarch will feature the input and creative concepts of comic book artist Joe Madureira, creator of the comic book series Battle Chasers and former artist of Marvel's Uncanny X-Men.
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March 06, 2003 02:50 pm ET - research by amer
Aden Siege Questions
After the first Aden Siege, a lot of questions were brought up about how it worked, so I posed them to NC Support. Just got their answers yesterday, so I thought I'd share:

Q: If your pledge does not declare on Ken Rauhel, do you inflict any damage on him?
A pledge must declare war before they can damage Ken Rauhel.

Q: Is the person who is announced as the winner of Aden siege the person who hit him last? The person who hit him most? Or just a representative of the pledge that inflicted the most damage on him?
The winning pledge is selected from among the pledges doing the most damage to the Pretender King; the person who is announced as the winner will be a representative from one of these pledges.

Q: Are the full Cerenis and Ken Rauhel set in game?
Our apologies, but we cannot speculate on the Cerenis and Ken Rauhel sets at this time. The information we have available for release has been published to the web site.

Please be advised that the Support team does not generally provide information about whether a specific item is currently in the game or if a particular monster is spawning. This is because we feel that our customers should feel a sense of accomplishment and community to find this information out amongst themselves.

Note: On some occasions we may post information to our News section about items or spawn changes depending on their impact to the game. If you have a question regarding a change in the game, this News section is always a good place to check first.

So there you have it. Please keep the info about the Ken and Cerenis sets coming. -amer
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March 06, 2003 02:50 pm ET - research by Lineage - US
Test Wipe March 7th
The Lineage test server is scheduled to be wiped on Friday, March 7th at 10:00 AM Central US time in preparation for upcoming testing. This wipe of character data will occur ONLY on test US Test Server and will erase all characters that exist on the server.
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March 05, 2003 02:42 pm ET - research by amateras
Town System and Ring of Summon Control reports ( on two of the new items on Korean Test Server.

First, they summarize the important landmarks when considering a house in Aden's slum district:

  • Close location to cheap potion sales.
  • Close location to Aden Sewer.

Also of interest:

  • Closest storage dwarf:
  • Auction board to check on house prices.

Also, Ring of Summon Control has been found (no, they don't say from what) and the monsters are divided by the level of the mage:

  • Level 28+: Werewolf or Bear
  • Level 32+: Lizardman or Lycanthrope
  • Level 36+: Ratman or Giant Soldier Ant
  • Level 40+: Bugbear or Minotaur
  • Level 44+: Skeleton Guard or Skeleton Fighter
  • Level 48+: King Bugbear or Gargoyle
  • Level 52+: Ettin or Dire Wolf
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March 05, 2003 02:32 pm ET - research by amateras
3/5 - Korean Live Server publish announcement
The following updates ( were announced for the Korean Live Servers on March 5:
  1. The color of the Alliance chat text has been changed.
  2. Redundant confirmation window for pledges joining and alliance has been added.
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March 04, 2003 04:47 pm ET - research by Lineage - US
3/5 - Publish Update
The US Lineage servers will be brought down for a brief maintenance and publish on Wednesday, March 5th at 10:00 AM CST. The contents of this publish will include the following:

All Servers:

  • As a result of player votes, the polymorph event will be enabled. The death knight, demon, and dark elf polymorphs will be available to all players regardless of level. The event will continue until 12:00 PM (Noon) on Friday, March 7th.

Lands of Aden Server:

  • Prince Sets added. Benole in Heine will craft armor pieces, Sarah crafts the amulet. Armor is level 30+ princes only. Amulet is level 40+ princes only.
  • Mithril Sets added and requirements are changed for the mithril robe and the mithril cap. Galiene, located near Horun in the Elven Forest, crafts these items.
  • Added Arena Viewer user for tournaments in Orc Town.
  • KillGlance’s ring has been modified with new attributes.
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March 04, 2003 02:07 pm ET - research by Lineage - US
March 2003 HoC Chat
Come and join us for a Lineage HoC (House of Commons) Chat, Tuesday, March 4, at 5:00 pm Central US time! The chat will be taking place on Stratics IRC, in the channel #NCsoft. Members of the US Lineage staff will be on hand, discussing Lineage and answering questions.

The moderated chat will be held at in #NCsoft.

If you’ve never attended an IRC Chat before, just download an IRC client (such as mIRc) and connect to one of the following servers:

  • - Colorado
  • - Colorado
  • - Germany

(All on port 6667)

Once connected, stop by #NCsoft.

We look forward to seeing you there!

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March 03, 2003 09:22 pm ET - research by flip, Dlirk
Boots of the Pretender King
Perhaps the first drop of the fabled Ken Rauhel and Cerenis sets on the US servers, Baekho of GF pledge, got a drop from Ken Rauhel during the Aden siege today on Dep server. The Boots of the Pretender King (AC -3, Weight: 12, Prince only) is one of the four items of the Ken Rauhel set.

Baekho commented that Ken Rauhel and Cerenis both drop very poorly. At least four knights where pounding away at both Ken Rauhel and Cerenis (Random, BBKnights, Enhance) and this is the only drop worthy of mention. Ken Rauhel and Cerenis have sieged every single time during the Aden defense, but no other drops (on any server) is known.

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March 03, 2003 03:28 pm ET - research by Lineage - US
Events, Dogs & Items
On the morning of Monday, March 3rd, we experienced several ISP disconnects of the majority of Lineage customers both during and after the scheduled ISP maintenance period. The disconnects between 2:00 and 6:00 AM were as a result of ISP maintenance. The 9:10 AM disconnect was a result of a tertiary router failure at our primary ISP. We have reviewed the details of the morning situation and will be making the following changes:


We will be reviewing logs around the primary disconnects (2:05 AM – 2:40 AM CST, 4:08 AM – 4:28 AM CST, 9:00 AM – 9:10 AM CST). Over the course of the next 24 hours we will be restoring dogs that died, were not resurrected, and were deleted from the servers during those time periods. We will also be returning items to players who died and dropped items during those time periods. This will be an automatic restoration and players affected do not need to contact support to confirm.


We will be hosting an event on all US Lineage servers beginning after the regular scheduled maintenance period on Wednesday, March 5th and lasting until 12:00 PM (Noon) CST on Friday, March 7th. What’s the event? That’s up to you to decide. During the next 24 hours, please visit the Lineage Discussions Message board and add your vote to one of the two official voting threads. Please vote only once – multiple votes will not be tallied. Voting will be closed at 3:00 PM on Tuesday, March 4th. The event choices are:

  • Polymorph Event – During the 48-hour period, the Death Knight, Dark Elf, and Demon polymorph options will be available to all character levels.
  • Drop Event – This event will be similar to the recent “Einhasad’s Respect” event. Foxes, deer, bears, and wild boar will be spawning with extra adena and other special loot.

Future Changes

To avoid future issues during the ISP maintenance period, the 2:00 AM – 6:00 AM Monday morning time period will be considered a weekly ‘at risk’ time period. Players logging in during that time period will be prompted with a pop-up window to remind them that the ISP maintenance scheduled during that time may cause disconnects and we encourage that if you choose to hunt during that time, you take extreme precaution.

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March 03, 2003 02:39 pm ET - research by Schwartz
LoA items coming soon
CaptSturm detailed the current plan for the new Royal Armor sets coming to LoA server on the next publish. Here's a breakdown.

Sayha's Set

  • Sayha's Breast Plate
    • Requires: Engraved Breast Plate, 200 Diamonds, 10 High Quality Diamonds
    • Stats:Prince[ss] only, level 30+, AC -5, Weight 250
  • Sayha's Visor
    • Requires: Engraved Visor, 80 Diamonds, 10 High Quality Diamonds
    • Stats:Prince[ss] only, level 30+, AC -3, Weight 30
  • Diamond Amulet
    • Requires: Amulet, 20 Diamonds, 1 Highest Quality Diamond
    • Stats:Prince[ss] only, level 40+, AC 0, Weight 5
  • Set Bonus: Permanent Haste, MR +5%, AC -3, +1 DEX.

Eva's Set

  • Eva's Breast Plate
    • Requires: Engraved Breast Plate, 400 Sapphires, 10 High Quality Sapphires
    • Stats:Prince[ss] only, level 30+, AC -5, Weight 275
  • Eva's Visor
    • Requires: Engraved Visor, 100 Sapphires, 10 High Quality Sapphires
    • Stats:Prince[ss] only, level 30+, AC -3, Weight 35
  • Sapphire Amulet
    • Requires: Amulet, 20 Sapphires, 1 Highest Quality Sapphire
    • Stats:Prince[ss] only, level 40+, AC 0, Weight 5
  • Set Bonus: Increased MP regen, +15 MP, AC -3.

Paagrio's Set

  • Paagrio's Breast Plate
    • Requires: Engraved Breast Plate, 400 Rubies, 10 High Quality Rubies, 1 Highest Quality Ruby
    • Stats:Prince[ss] only, level 30+, AC -6, Weight 300
  • Paagrio's Visor
    • Requires: Engraved Visor, 100 Rubies, 10 High Quality Rubies, 1 Highest Quality Ruby
    • Stats:Prince[ss] only, level 30+, AC -3, Weight 40
  • Ruby Amulet
    • Requires: Amulet, 20 Rubies, 1 Highest Quality Ruby
    • Stats:Prince[ss] only, level 40+, AC 0, Weight 5
  • Set Bonus: Increased HP regen, +1 STR, AC -3.

Maphr's Set

  • Maphr's Breast Plate
    • Requires: Engraved Breast Plate, 400 Emeralds, 10 High Quality Emeralds, 1 Highest Quality Emerald
    • Stats:Prince[ss] only, level 30+, AC -7, Weight 310
  • Maphr's Visor
    • Requires: Engraved Visor, 100 Emerald, 10 High Quality Emeralds, 1 Highest Quality Emerald
    • Stats:Prince[ss] only, level 30+, AC -3, Weight 40
  • Emerald Amulet
    • Requires: Amulet, 20 Emeralds, 1 Highest Quality Emerald
    • Stats:Prince[ss] only, level 40+, AC 0, Weight 5
  • Set Bonus: +15 HP, AC -4.

So to summarize, here is a quick compare of the sets:
Sayha's Set-11 AC, +5% MR, +1 DEX, perma-haste, 285 Weight.
Eva's Set-11 AC, +15 MP, increased MP regen, 315 Weight.
Paagrio's Set-12 AC, +1 STR, increased HP regen, 345 Weight.
Maphr's Set-14 AC, +15 HP, 355 Weight.

Oh, and all sets are maximum enchant to +4 (amulets cannot be enchanted, don't forget).

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March 03, 2003 02:19 pm ET - research by amateras
Korean Test Server: New Changes noted
With the most recent publish to the Korean Test server, players have been noticing some interesting new behaviors in the monsters.
  1. We mentioned a new attack being added to the Giants. Initially we thought it was something like the 3-cell attack of the Ogre, but in fact it turns out that they mean "ranged" attack ( In other words, Giants hurl stones at you now. Below, one of the stones is marked with a box, as it heads for the elf's head. They appear to inflict about 50HP damage on average.

  2. Another new addition ( is that all monsters (except Nightmare) can now see through SOSC in the Tower of Insolence. Ouch.
  3. Finally, players have been under the impression that the bosses are harder. They specifically referred to an increased strength of Demon and Phoenix.
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March 03, 2003 05:32 am ET - research by Lineage - US
ISP Maintenance
This appears to be a regular Monday early morning thing, and just killed me. T_T
The ISP location serving Lineage US servers will be conducting maintenance on Monday, March 3rd between 2:00 AM CST and 6:00 AM CST. During this time frame, there will be a minimum of two complete disconnects of service for the Lineage servers, with the possibility of additional disconnects. We will be providing in-game warning shortly prior to the disconnects, however as we do not know specifically what those exact times will be, we urge that special caution be taken by customers playing at this time. Customers playing on the servers during this time are urged to keep a close eye on the chat window to watch for messages about pending server disconnects.
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