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The number in () is the number of mops you need to kill for 1%, and the number in [] is the number of mops you need to kill for the whole level.

STR, DEX, CON, INT, WIS and MR is data from the Taiwanese Lineage service. They are provided as an idea of what to expect and should not be interpreted as the value on the US servers.

Drop color coding: Very commonly dropped, commonly dropped, uncommonly dropped, rarely dropped, very rarely dropped and no data on frequency yet - it could be anything.

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Image Name Level HP MP AC Align Weakness XP Kills
Arachnevil Arachnevil 14 100 15 0 -17 Fire 197
1 kill = level up
15 17 13 5 6 12%
First Seen: Episode 1: Talking Island
Arachnevils are known as the Children of the Arachnevil Elders, who are believed to have lived in the middle world long ago. This monster lives in deep mountains or caves and paralyzes passing animals with light emitted from its eyes and wraps them in thread to consume later. Arachnevils are lightning fast and may drop Elven spears, Elven leather helms, wands of lightning, and some adena. Will drop a "nail of Arachnevil" if you are trying to pass the Gunter's test.
Servers: Depardieu, Ken Rauhel, US Test
Dungeons: Mainland Caves 2f Mainland Caves 4f SKT Caves 1f Talking Island Caves 2f
Demon? NO Can maple? YES Resurrect? YES Tamable? YES
Undead? NO Aggressive? YES Sees morph? NO Sees COI? NO
Drops: AdenaHaste PotionGreater Haste Potionblessed Scroll of TeleportationWand of Create MonsterWand of Call LightningSpellbook (Slow)Spellbook (Eruption)