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June 22, 2002 05:35 pm ET - research by Realrena, ElementX
Enhance hits level 52
Enhance just hit 52, making him the 4th level 52 character in the US. All the 52+ characters are knights on Dep server. Congratulations Enhance!

As some of you suspected, there are people hitting 50 and 51 and keeping it a secret until they hit level 52. This is most likely because at 50+, you are a high profile player, but your morphs aren't strong enough to protect you.

Enhance is a CON knight with over 700 HP. He added +1 to DEX and +1 to STR, making him a STR 17, DEX 13, CON 18 knight. With the DEX/AC update, the +1 to DEX gave him an extra -1 AC for -6x AC total. He hit level 50 at about May 17 and level 51 at about June 4.

He usually hunts in Fire Valley and Dragon Valley Caves and he does have a +9 Tsurugi.

I asked him what he thought about the new updates. He said it's bad for STR knight or any character without enough HP.

He doesn't PK unless someone hits one of his friends or pledgemates (FIRSTLOVE pledge) and has managed to keep a PK count of 0.

He'd like to thank:

Congratulations Enhance!

June 22, 2002 05:38 pm ET (#1)
Loyal Fan

34 posts

woot good job

June 22, 2002 05:43 pm ET (#2)
Loyal Fan

182 posts

2nd post, congrats man!!

June 22, 2002 05:44 pm ET (#3)
Loyal Fan

193 posts

waaa congratulations i was wondering when you would go public~~ I guess lv 52 and dk morph is answer~

June 22, 2002 05:54 pm ET (#4)
Loyal Fan

313 posts

Zeferoth is 51 o.o

June 22, 2002 05:55 pm ET (#5)
Loyal Fan

139 posts

Great work.. yes the new update does freagin SUCKS !!!!! SO DOES NC !

June 22, 2002 05:58 pm ET (#6)
Loyal Fan

54 posts

hahhahahaha good ar enhance!

June 22, 2002 06:05 pm ET (#7)
Loyal Fan

180 posts

GJ Enchantment Knight

Är det någon svensk som har problem att i huvudtaget komma in i Lineage Spelet?
Jag har fått connetion failed de senaste 12 timmarna. HJÄLP MIG NU!!!

June 22, 2002 06:11 pm ET (#8)
Loyal Fan

68 posts

good job glad to see more 52+chars see you in FV

June 22, 2002 06:21 pm ET (#9)
Loyal Fan

19 posts

gj enhance
yea nc sux!!!
hehe i quit, later all

June 22, 2002 06:27 pm ET (#10)
Loyal Fan

641 posts

nc sux, and that's final, and it's the truth
700hp oh my o.o...good job....- -"..

June 22, 2002 06:33 pm ET (#11)
Loyal Fan

271 posts

oh geez 700hp with orc ammy and belt rite? >.< please say yes!! =\ wow... even so he'd have base of at least 630 o.o >.< babo with good hp =( nutz congratz man ^^

June 22, 2002 06:38 pm ET (#12)
Loyal Fan

37 posts

LOVEFIRST pledge? isnt that FIRSTLOVE?
correct me if im wrong, i play ken
newayz, enhance, congrats, ya did good work! ^^

June 22, 2002 06:43 pm ET (#13)
Loyal Fan

63 posts

WTG enhance, most everyone knew you were over 50 anyway :) congrats on dk

And Id like to say goodbye to all the people that don't read Lineage Official boards...Ive cancelled, deleted and whatnot so Im done, have a blast guys, this game isn't for me anymore

June 22, 2002 06:49 pm ET (#14)
Loyal Fan

113 posts

OK this is really starting to piss me off. Can anyone tell me why I can't get onto the live servers? It has been saying "this server is currently unavailable" for like the last week. >_< I woul dhave said something sooner but I play test too but now it is really pissing me off.

June 22, 2002 07:11 pm ET (#15)
Loyal Fan

299 posts

muhaha too bad o.O guess solnac cant play

June 22, 2002 07:16 pm ET (#16)
Loyal Fan

219 posts

Congrats Enhance.

June 22, 2002 07:20 pm ET (#17)
Loyal Fan

10 posts


June 22, 2002 07:20 pm ET (#18)
Loyal Fan

223 posts

yea.....are you sure it's LOVEFIRST, not FIRSTLOVE?

June 22, 2002 07:28 pm ET (#19)
Loyal Fan

162 posts

......awww screw it i quit -.-

June 22, 2002 07:37 pm ET (#20)
Loyal Fan

110 posts

wth is that huge update on test server? im downloading like 1000+test and now 1000+ sprites.. o.o?

June 22, 2002 07:39 pm ET (#21)
Loyal Fan

182 posts

PeNTeL, your should come to the test server o.0

June 22, 2002 08:10 pm ET (#23)
Loyal Fan

68 posts

there is firstlove and lovefirst sorta like an aliance same symbol different color enhance remember me you killed me because i was in your spot at seige ingame name Dragonman69

June 22, 2002 08:13 pm ET (#24)
Loyal Fan

43 posts

i thought people were lvl 60 already...

June 22, 2002 08:13 pm ET (#25)
Loyal Fan

43 posts

ahh whatevers, my pokemon can beat this guy up

June 22, 2002 08:27 pm ET (#26)
Loyal Fan

113 posts

well congrats man a mage would just love to be that lev ^^ with ettins they are kind difficult to kill ^^.

June 22, 2002 08:32 pm ET (#27)
Loyal Fan

299 posts

"PeNTeL is STUPID and he SUCKS ! idiotic loser !"

u must be a GENIUS to see that man =.=~ k atleast i dont have to sit infront of the computer clicking on the mouse 1000 times/day...right smokie?

daos u babo still play? lol

June 22, 2002 08:33 pm ET (#28)
Loyal Fan

90 posts

Congrats Enhance ^.^

June 22, 2002 09:29 pm ET (#29)
Loyal Fan

26 posts


hehe babo enhance.....u forgot to say thanx squeeshy ~~

June 22, 2002 09:29 pm ET (#30)
Loyal Fan

68 posts

GUY were you talking to me

June 22, 2002 10:23 pm ET (#31)
Loyal Fan

59 posts

to Lessis Lovefirst = FirstLove ....
LoveFirst is house pledge and Firstlive is Castle pledge
SoL and Los is House pledge too....

June 22, 2002 11:57 pm ET (#32)
Loyal Fan

39 posts

congrats...though you'll see less lvl 50+ people now with this nutty update.

June 23, 2002 12:36 am ET (#33)
Loyal Fan

197 posts

Great Job Enhance, glad to see you come out and share you achivements with us.

NC is so dumb with what they are trying to do. They want to make the game like the rest of the mmorpgs that are out. They are so dumb that they fail to see that they lead the way in originality when it comes to game play. If so many people love the game the way it was before these past few bad updates, then thats proof enought that many peole love the game as it is. Don't go changing the game to attrack new people in the North American Markent NC-Austin. Fire Lord Butthead, hire Markeen and you'll turn the big profits and he will lead the game to number one in the Northern American Market and eventually in Europe. Come on guys, realize that we, the customers are right and you're wrong when it comes to where the game should be heading.

June 23, 2002 02:26 am ET (#34)
Loyal Fan

118 posts

couldn't have said it better Nina :)

June 23, 2002 02:32 am ET (#35)
Loyal Fan

153 posts

good job enhance

June 23, 2002 03:46 am ET (#36)
Loyal Fan

18 posts

Enhance leave me out? Or was that Tidus.....well both of em =P

Congrats man, u got there!!!!

June 23, 2002 06:12 am ET (#37)
Loyal Fan

200 posts

Hi Nina :)

June 23, 2002 06:13 am ET (#38)
Loyal Fan

10 posts

omg Enhacne forgot me , thx for me too -.-;
otherwise i burn ur house Enhance !!!!

June 23, 2002 06:28 am ET (#39)
Loyal Fan

179 posts

Lord Nazh, LondonBroil, and QueenNina all in the same post again? O.O
So this IS the end of Aden.

June 23, 2002 06:36 am ET (#40)
Loyal Fan

47 posts

All DCED!!!!!!!

June 23, 2002 06:47 am ET (#41)
Loyal Fan

185 posts

QueenNina that is the problem, Lineage is like a niche market game, it doesn't have mass appealed. Lord British has 1 successful MMORPG under his belt , in my opine a crappy one, but that is what he is slowly doing to Lineage.. aka UO sickness where you can't kill rabbits.

The potion nerf we can adapt to , I don't agree with it but newbies are having alot of trouble adapting to it. Cause they are using reds and have low hp.

June 23, 2002 08:30 am ET (#42)
Loyal Fan

17 posts

GUY ur a foo. lin and pokemon are not to be compared.
pokemon sux!!!

June 23, 2002 08:41 am ET (#43)
Loyal Fan

100 posts

Congratulations, my dream is to be level 52, I doubt that I will ever reach it. But it's nice to have dreams :D

June 23, 2002 09:27 am ET (#44)
Loyal Fan

89 posts

Congrats on 52 man!.....didn't notice, but when did you start that character?

As far as the update:

Right or wrong, they are trying for game balance here. Mages make all the money with the old setup, so they fixed it so that others have a fair chance.
Now my main character is a prince, so I can see first hand...mage comes in with 4 to 12 bbs...mage fireballs pack of mops prince is fighting...mage gets all the drops...prince wastes time. Has happened to me more times than I care to Pot changes...that I kinda see where they are coming from...TO A during hunting, as with the lag problems that MOST suffer, and I've been fortunate there...I may get 1 to 2 lag deaths a month on a dialup AOL account...go figure.....but unless I miss my mark here, that's aimed at seiges, where uber knights sit in front of gate with no chance of dying cuz they can just sit there and pump pots for Over all, I think the changes will even out all the characters, with the exception of the slow weak prince...but he has his pledge, as most say....making for better game balance....GIVE IT TIME folks! With the new spells in episode 11, mages will <if they play SMART> own most Knights.

Ramada - Prince, InfinityCircle Blood Pledge
Alitar - Mage
Tharien - Knight

Ken Server

June 23, 2002 04:09 pm ET (#45)
Albino Elf
Loyal Fan

5 posts

Losthaven .. Red Pots are not affected so newbies should not have trouble adapting to it. The only problem they may see is changing from Reds over to Oranges.

June 23, 2002 05:16 pm ET (#46)
Loyal Fan

641 posts
05-01-02 cant double pump reds either...i tried last night in dv...
didnt work so well compare to before the stupid update

and em...tele home scrolls are also count as pots in the pot delay thing.. ready to press the hotkey cause it'll also take some time for tele home to work >,<

June 23, 2002 07:37 pm ET (#47)
Loyal Fan

13 posts

Atta, boy. Sup, Seidler?

June 23, 2002 08:04 pm ET (#48)
Loyal Fan

30 posts

i could be 52 too , if i let all my friend play then my char will be online 24/7 and make 3mil a day :P

June 23, 2002 10:34 pm ET (#49)
Loyal Fan

224 posts

"Fire Lord Butthead, hire Markeen"

That's a damn good idea Queen. Lord British is destroying this game by turning it into UO. People play Lineage cos it's not like every other MMORPG out there.

June 23, 2002 11:38 pm ET (#50)
Loyal Fan

30 posts

*sniff* no thx for me.. i used all my mp on you!!!!! ... then promptly died to a taurvarus... o well...

June 23, 2002 11:59 pm ET (#51)
Loyal Fan

26 posts

heheh Lch let's go burn Enhance's house down....... eh eh eh

June 24, 2002 03:03 am ET (#52)
Loyal Fan

197 posts

LondonBroil Hiya.

As for LordButthead being the problem, I have to clear this up. It's not solely LordButtHead but also NC Korea. The US team has to go through Korea first before the can do anything unique to our servers. If they don't like it, they reject the idea. I'm sure there has been some good ideas suggested by NC-Austin thats been turned down because Korea doesn't understand our market. If they hired some Northern America/European Lineage players or had a census group, they would find out that our market, our version of the game should be different. Console game companies know this well that there are major cultural differences that Korea is totally looking over. I'm will to work for NC Korea on a Northern American/Europen development team in return for an free account. I promise, that the Northern American/Europen development team can turn around the game for you in a matter of months. We know this part world, how people are and what they want.

June 24, 2002 08:33 am ET (#53)
Loyal Fan

7 posts

Queen is right in a way...-.- but how did u know all that?? ~.~and im not impersonating amateras my char is amateraz ^.^....LC u wont ban me rite?? ^^

June 24, 2002 09:06 am ET (#54)
Loyal Fan

8 posts

Enhance, congratulations, but aren't you thinking of starting a new character because of the new HP trick? I would personnally, you can start a STR knight and at the end have the same or more HP you have now. ^.^ but that's your choice.

June 24, 2002 11:08 am ET (#55)
Loyal Fan

22 posts

Congratulations, enhance! But I truly wonder how many will reach your level now with all the changes that have been made.

I'm officially quitting Lineage. OK, I admit it - my account has been set not to renew for a few months, but that was because I thought it was too pricey and I was having a *really* tough time getting anywhere with my mage (a streak of bad luck). Things had started to improve and I thought there was actually a chance I might be able to continue to level up and I was going to renew my account.

Saturday I got on and actually tried to play for the first time in a couple of weeks (yeah, I know - I've been in these forums complaining about the changes without having tried it out).

It was totally ridiculus. I went to the SWL and died within about 5 minutes. I didn't even bother to restart. Most stuff there was in white letters, but it's not as if I have a choice whether I want to deal with them or not. With less effective AC I just couldn't keep up when there was a spike in the spawn rate.

It's no fun anymore. All that I worked for proved to be worthless in the end. I may get on again just to give away my stuff or something. Maybe it will help someone else out who's having a hard time (although my bone armor obviously may not be much help to anyone).

Good luck to you all!

June 29, 2002 12:11 am ET (#56)
Loyal Fan

93 posts

you are a pimp enhance, heya queeny and london, sup guys ^^ i want 52 hehe even though it's impossible now

November 29, 2002 03:01 am ET (#57)
Loyal Fan

20 posts

-o- enhance

January 05, 2003 05:55 am ET (#58)
Loyal Fan

113 posts

Ooo Look, It is 2003. Yay!

March 31, 2003 07:36 pm ET (#59)
Loyal Fan

54 posts

Cool. back then there was no flaming on sharing accounts and stuff^^

April 12, 2003 07:21 pm ET (#60)
Loyal Fan

444 posts

yes, this was pre mega alliance and they only had one good ac set at the time...

July 02, 2003 04:42 pm ET (#61)
Loyal Fan

337 posts

lol ya, now they have 20 ac set with 200 +9tsurugis and -2000 ac ...

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