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   Nov 2002
November 28, 2002 10:10 pm ET - research by Protagonist, MeRcEnARiE, Wish
Forgotten Island - new items
Our Test Server brothers and sisters have been sending in screenshots for us to see. To bring everyone up to speed, Forgotten Island introduces five new armors, three new weapons and two new rings. I'll try to keep all the drops I hear about on this post while Forgotten Island remains on test server.


Old Helm of Wind: (-1 AC, gives Haste for 1/2 MP, all classes, weight 50, must be 30+) Screenshot by Protagonist.

Helm of Wind: (-2 AC, gives Greater Haste for 1/2 MP, mage only, weight 50, must be 45+) dropped by FI Dark Elf, FI Drake.

Sealed Forgotten Plate Mail: (-1 AC, weight 300, knight only, must be 45+ -- when unsealed AC -16, weight 280) dropped by FI King Bugbear and FI Ettin. Unsealed screenshot by CRY. Rumored: FI Drake, FI Minotaur.

Sealed Forgotten Scale Mail: (-1 AC, weight 250, prince only, must be 45+ -- when unsealed -14 AC, weight 270) RoxyRed got one from FI King Bugbear. Also dropped by FI Minotaur.

Sealed Forgotten Leather Armor: (-1 AC, weight 200, elf only, must be 45+) Dropped by FI Dark Elf, FI Lycanthrope. Screenshot by Eleven -- looks like Orcish Ring Mail when sealed. Rumored: FI Arachnevil Elder.

Sealed Forgotten Robe: (-1 AC, weight 50, mage only, must be 45+ -- when unsealed -12 AC, weight 30) Dropped by FI Lizardman. Screenshot by Eleven -- looks like Leather Armor when sealed.

Underwater Boots (-2 AC, weight 15, all classes, lets you breath underwater) Dropped by FI Alligator (screenshot by AnGeLofHoPe). Rumored: FI Ramia.


Belt of Troll: (weight 50, knight/prince/elf only) Eleven showed me this belt which reduced his weight from 58% to 48%. Protagonist got it from a Forgotten Island Troll.


Ring of Immunity to Magic: (+10% MR, weight 3, all classes) Protagonist sent in this screenshot of the new Ring of Immunity to Magic, +10% MR ring. MeRcEnARiE says he got one from the Forgotten Island Bugbear. Rumored: FI Ettin.

Ring of Magic Resistance: (+5% MR, weight 3, all classes) This is LadyLover's +5% MR ring. MeRcEnARiE, Protagonist and MonkeyBone got theirs from FI Dark Elf, FI Ettin and FI King Bugbear, respectively. Rumored: FI Minotaur.


Sealed Forgotten Sword: (3/2, Prince/Knight/Elf only, +5 to hit, weight 40, must be 45+ -- when unsealed 35/20) no info yet. Rumored: FI Drake.

Sealed Forgotten Great Sword: (2/3, Prince/Knight only, two-handed, +3 to hit, weight 80, must be 45+ -- when unsealed 20/35) dropped by Forgotten Island Cyclops. (Thanks Wish) looks like scimitar when sealed.

Sealed Forgotten Bowgun: (1/1, Elf only, weight 50, must be 45+ -- when unsealed 3/3, +5 to hit, +2 damage, weight 30) FreeLance got one from the FI Drake. Also dropped by FI Minotaur.


Ancient Scroll: you need to give this to the Detector NPC in the Ivory Tower to unseal the sealed items - no info yet. Rumored drop: FI Minotaur, FI Drake.

Two more pieces of info (looking through the LC archives):

  1. New monster is Minotaur: level 41, 430 HP, 30 MP, tamable.
  2. Here is a location for some maps and a brief overview: Map and summary

If you have any information on drops or screenshots that I haven't posted yet, please send them in. ^^

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November 28, 2002 01:57 pm ET - research by NC Austin
Support Web Downtime
The Lineage Customer Support website is currently experiencing technical issues and may be unavailable or return error messages. We are working to resolve this problem as quickly as possible. This will not affect any support request tickets that have already been submitted.
It seems to be fine now.
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November 27, 2002 08:53 pm ET - research by amateras
Correction: DK Set
PlayForum posted a correction ( to the DK set (they checked with a GM). Here is a table of the differences:

-6 AC Set Bonus-4 AC Set Bonus
MP Regen when heavyMP Regen when heavy
Cancel does not cancel morphCancel does cancel the morph, but you just have to take off a piece and put it back on to get the morph back
-5 HP every 20 seconds-7 HP every 6 seconds
+40 HP, +20 MPNo HP/MP bonus

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November 27, 2002 07:23 pm ET - research by NC - Austin
Who wants to be a millionare?
CaptSturm posted this message on the forums
Check your inventory...

Thanks for your participation in the LoA closed beta test!!!

Looks like every character (that is not on a trial account) has 1,000,000 adena to dispose of before the wipe. :)
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November 27, 2002 03:16 pm ET - research by NC Austin
In Testing Additions

The following has been published to the US Test Server on November 27th:

  • Guardians in the Elven Forest can no longer be resurrected.
  • New Player zone monsters were rebalanced. Some of the monsters were slightly weakened and their ability to inflict poison has been reduced
  • Siege interval has been extended from 2 days to 4 days. In accordance with this change, castle income has been decreased by 40%.
  • COI delay has been adjusted. (6 seconds)
  • The pledge storage and individual storage have been split up on the storage keeper dialogue box.
  • Giant Soldier Ant and Giant Ant have been added to the polymorph list.
  • Added the Forgotten Island, a high level hunting area. Enabled the ticket seller NPC 'Isvall' near the Heine wharf.
  • Added a storage keeper inside the Orc Fortress.
  • Added weapon/armor enchanters to every castle hallway. Castle pledge members benefit from these NPCs without having to pay service charge.
  • Fixed a bug with Blob item creation. Blob consumption time was increased from 20 to 120 seconds to give players additional time for creating items before the Blob would eat them.
  • Curse spell's attack range has been extended to 2 cells (spaces). In addition, alignment penalty has been lowered as much as the below table shows. 'Weapon Break' is now a chaotic spell and it has alignment penalty.
  • Alignment penalty:  
    "curse: poison"
    "curse blind"
    "weapon break"
    "curse: paralyze"
    align= -300
    align= -400
    align= -600
    align= -2000
    align= -800
    align= -1000
    align= -1000
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    November 26, 2002 05:58 pm ET - research by NC - Austin
    Lands of Aden Wipe
    As a reminder, we will be wiping the Lands of Aden server on Monday, December 2nd. The wipe is currently scheduled to take place at approximately 10:00 AM Central US and all systems are expected to be back online by 12:00 PM (Noon) Central US time. This wipe will remove all character, Pledge, and Housing/Castle data from the Lands of Aden Server.

    Once the wipe is completed, the Lands of Aden server will be available as a server option from the regular Lineage login screen. You will be able to use your main Lineage client to access the server. The alternate beta installation of the client will continue to work, though we do recommend using your primary Lineage client to access the server.

    Please note: The Lands of Aden server will continue to remain in a beta period, though we will be treating it as a primary server as much as possible. This means that while we will endeavor not to make significant changes to the server without notice, they may still occur.

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    November 26, 2002 01:42 am ET - research by amer
    Morph Guide completed
    After leaving it alone for a long time, I finally found time to finish up the morph guide.. I also reorganized it a little bit. You will find three sections: one for being unmorphed, one for being morphed and one for the special morphs.

    With the help of HK Lineage, we noticed that not only are there differences in speed between the male and female characters, but each weapon they wield is a different speed too. All those speeds are now documented. In addition, I redid a few tests where people insisted I retest. For example, lots of people said that spartoi walks slower than skeleton (it does) and skeleton pike swings faster than skeleton (it does). I still like Spartoi because even though it walks slow, it still hits pretty fast ;)

    I also added the ability to sort by walking speed, hitting speed and magic speed so you can compare what morphs are better/worse than yours.

    For knights, I included the option to see your speed when using braves.

    Morph Guide

    Here's an example of how to get the most out of the morph guide: On my mage, I am primarily concerned with swing speed, since most of the time, I am swinging. My normal morph is spartoi. So, I choose spartoi from the list, click on Haste, since I am normally hasted, and then click on "Swing Speed" to sort by swing speed. Then I have a nice list of all the morphs compared to Spartoi, sorted by Swing Speed.

    As usual, comments and suggestions are appreciated!

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    November 25, 2002 10:55 pm ET - research by Taera
    Leyend from Dep hits 51

    Look up 'determination' in the dictionary. You might not see “Leyend” as a synonym, but you should. The level 51 knight has been working hard since we last saw him at 50 in September, not just conquering each agonizing percentage but having fun doing it. He hunts with a +8 Rapier and –55 AC (some of which derives from his snazzy Eva’s Shield) but even more importantly he hunts with friends. A lot of his hunts include a buddy or a pledge mate. “Alone I’m bored” he remarked, something I am sure a lot of 50+s feel but most outweigh the disadvantage of boredom with the advantage of more experience and drops.

    He had no deaths from 50-51, though that luck sadly does not extend into his drops. After spending a month doing nothing but boss hunts and coming out of it with a n-zel and a bill for thousands of potions he decided to return to touring the countryside and hitting Dragon Valley Cave with his friends.

    One of the most exciting things in his lineage future is Forgotten Island. He feels it will be a great place for pledge hunts and having fun.

    He thinks NC is doing a pretty good job, even going so far as to remark that “NC is cool.” His friend Yolanda had to fetch me some smelling salts just about then! Was that someone complimenting NC?! The only small problem he has with the company is the cost. In Argentina, where he lives, the Argentinean Peso is down to the equivalent of a quarter. This means he pays 60 pesos a month to play lineage—he must really love this game!

    He would like to thank his friends and pledge members. I must say, it is rather nice to see someone who hasn’t lost sight of what really matters in Lineage.

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    November 25, 2002 02:20 pm ET - research by amateras
    Forgotten Island items
    Lineage Playforum ( and ( reported a few new items on the live Korean servers.

    First of all, the Troll Belt finally has made it to the live Korean servers. It's not as great as the Ogre's Belt, but probably more common (we are guessing). If you forgot the stats, it's: weight 50, AC 0, increases max weight by 10% and can be worn by Prince/Princess, Knight and Elf.

    Another player found the Ancient Plate Mail (AC -16, weight 280, Knight only). He found the Sealed Ancient Plate Mail from a Forgotten Island Drake and the Ancient Scroll from a Forgotten Island Minotaur. He commented that the best team (in his opinion) is 3 elves and 2 knights.

    Finally, someone created a +7 Ancient Crossbow (3/3, +5 to hit, +2 damage, 1 handed, Elf only, weight 30) and did some damage tests against someone with a normal crossbow.

    In this first test, you can see that the player on the right (the one with the +7 Ancient Crossbow) is about even with the player with the +7 Crossbow.

    Then, the elf with the Ancient Crossbow used his free hand to equip a shield.. 'Nuff said.

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    November 25, 2002 01:57 pm ET - research by amateras
    Death Knight set
    Lineage Playforum reports ( that a player on the Korean live servers (translated would be "ForeverStrong") has managed to collect all the pieces of the Death Knight armor set.

    The Death Knight set has a -6 AC bonus when the whole set is worn. It is also +40 HP, +20 MP and allows you to regenerate MP even when you are overweight, but it is for knights only. It morphs you into DK when worn and the morph cannot be cancelled (but we assume that any other enchants would be cancelled).

    However, it has an important disadvantage -- when it is worn, you will lose 5 HP every 20 seconds. So, it's an interesting trade-off for the fastest morph in the game :)

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    November 23, 2002 06:29 pm ET - research by Dlirk
    Catch a DK by its toe, Clide hits 52 oh oh

    I do not know the secret of success. However, I do know the secret of failure, and that is to please everybody, but if you play with “good manner, you too will be a DK soon” just like our newest Death Knight, Clide. The Clide account, which is named after him, has been active for about six months, even though he has played for a year and a half, and gets played solely by him for about ten to twelve hours a day. He was a constitution knight that added his points to strength so it is currently 18strength, 18 constitution.

    He gains about 5% a day hunting in Dragon Valley caves although he says level 49 is much harder than level 50. You have to kill the same amount of skeletons, about 50,000, but at level 50 with the damage bonus they die in 1 less swing. That is 50,000 less swings you have to make which amounts to about 5,000 skeletons more he can kill in the same amount of time. Clide has died twelve times since getting to level 49, seven were at 49, one at 50, and four at 51, but despite this he still got to 52 even though he couldn’t have done it without his elves. He blames this on the frequent disconnections he has, but that makes him try even harder, sometimes playing five more hours than normal after a death.

    In his opinion, Poseidon is a Lineageoholic but he’s glad that someone got to level 70. He’s never even considered the LoA server, and doesn’t think he will go to Lineage II despite the graphics being very cool. He says he chose Depardieu over Ken Rauhel because he saw Depardieu before he saw Ken and has only Pked 3 times ever and has a PK count of zero. He’s glad he doesn’t have to play on the Korean servers though because there are so many people it is hard to kill monsters. Clide feels that very soon there will be many more Death Knights in his pledge, and he will try and help the elves who once helped him.

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    November 22, 2002 07:19 pm ET - research by CaptSturm, CelticFrost, Arachnevil
    LoA Mini-Event
    CaptSturm spoke of a Mini-Event he was testing on the LoA server, which is actually kind of interesting (it made it's debut in Korea a few months ago). Here is his summary of the event:
    We'll be testing three new NPCs on LoA that will sell "illusionary" items. The illusionary items are armor, sword, and bow. They will only last for 5 hours after time of purchase. They will also disappear if you reconnect to the game (quit/restart or disconnect). The NPCs selling these items are all named Illusina and are located near Oren.

    Also available are "illusionary" scrolls of enchant armor and weapon. These will only work with the illusionary items. This is not a permanent addition to Lands of Aden Server, but just a temporary test. They may be removed at any time.

    The items for sale are the Bow of Illusion, Sword of Illusion and Armor of Illusion. There is also a Scroll of Enchant Armor Illusion and Scroll of Enchant Weapon Illusion. The reasonable prices are 300 for the armor, sword or bow and 100 for each scroll. The NPCs are located in Oren. The armor, weapon and bow enchant just like the normal nzel/ndai would, however the price is low because of the temporary nature of these items. And yes, you can blow them. :)

    Thus, at a minimum you can have -11 AC for 700a, a 16/16 weapon for 900a or a +6 bow for 900a. But why stop there?

    The event was originally aimed at new players who don't have enough money to try to make an elite weapon. However, I think veterans of Lineage will enjoy it as well. (Hey, if you like Yammie's Baboage game, this should be right up your alley.)

    Needless to say, we would love to see the best item you could make, so make sure you take a screenshot before you log out or your 5 hours is up. ;) Pictured is Nannaya's +11 Sword of Illusion, Hoggle's +10 Bow of Illusion and Arachnevil's +9 Armor of Illusion.

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    November 22, 2002 12:05 pm ET - research by amer
    NC joint venture with
    This was posted on NC's main site today:
    Today, NCsoft Corp. announced that it is going to set up the joint venture with for its online game service in China.
    1. Details of Joint Venture(JV)
      1. JV Company Name : NC Sina Entertainment (Tentative)
        • CEO : Not Decided Yet.
        • Address : Shanghai, China
      2. JV Partner : (China)
      3. Capital : US$ 5,000,000
      4. Amount of Investment by NCsoft Corp. : US$ 2,450,000
      5. Shareholding Structures :
        • NCsoft Corp : 49 %
        • : 51 %
      6. Purpose of JV : Online Game Service in China
      7. Scheduled Date of Investment : Within January of 2003, it could be changed depending on the relevant approval by the Chinese Government Atuthorities.
    2. Resolution Date of Board of Directors : 21st, Nov. 2002
    3. Others
      1. Since the JV is a Limited Liability Company, NC Sina Entertainment does not issue any shares.
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    November 22, 2002 10:54 am ET - research by amer
    11/22 - LoA - Discoveries and Updates
    The following updates were announced or discovered on the LoA server:
    • Low quality Gems only have changed. They're used in crafting now and drop more frequently. To offset the lower prices, the mops that originally drop low quality gems, now also drop medium quality gems--you'll actually come out a little bit ahead.
    • Your PK count will not increase if you kill someone on the LoA server and you are full lawful (but you will go chaotic)
    • A bug where logging out could delete items has been fixed.
    • A bug where you couldn't hit anything with the Staff of Elindaire has been fixed.
    • Staff of Elindaire now has +1 damage and +3 to hit, instead of just +3 to hit. However, it still cannot be enchanted.
    • The newbie "Wizard's Cap" has been renamed "Wizard's Training Cap" to differentiate between the newbie item and the Mage Set item.
    • A bug where some sieges lasted 6 hours have been fixed.
    • The Minion boss for the Staff of Elindaire quest has been moved to near the Elven Dungeon entrance (from Northern Talking Island).
    On a side note (this is directed a just a small number of people), I've noticed a bunch of people blasting NC for some of these bugs (like the item disappearing bug). Did you guys forget that the server was in beta test? That there will be a full wipe in less than 2 weeks? Of *course* there are going to be bugs on the LoA server in beta. Stop overreacting and digging into CaptSturm. I've seen him posting on the forums at 2 AM, a testament to his dedication to make LoA succeed. I'm so proud to be a part of US Lineage during this time and you guys should be too. :) Go CaptSturm, Melantus and team!
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    November 21, 2002 03:39 am ET - research by amateras
    11/20 - Live Korean Server publish (II)
    NC - Korea ( announces the following changes published to the live Korean servers on 11/20:
    1. Forgotten Island Boat NPC available again [FI had been out for more bug fixes after about the second day it went live]
    2. Siege time changed to once every four days; tax profits lowered.
    3. All castles now have Weapon and Armor enchant NPCs.
    4. Orc Fortress has a Storage NPC.
    5. Morphing tamed dogs has been disabled.
    6. Resurrection of Elven Forest guardians has been disabled.
    7. For balance, items picked up by certain monsters has been changed. [Lineage Playforum reports that this is specifically that ants do not pick up arrows or adena any more]
    8. Age restrictions (15+ only) have been placed on servers.
    Lineage Playforum also reports ( that an unannounced change is that coming out of COI now has a *six* second delay.
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    November 21, 2002 03:32 am ET - research by amateras
    11/20 - Live Korean Server publish (I)
    NC - Korea ( announces the following changes published to the live Korean servers on 11/20:
    1. The Return to Nature spell is now available. It will not work on tamed dogs. Using it will make you go "pink".
    2. Singing Island/Hidden Valley monsters have been lowered in level and now poison less often.
    3. Giant Soldier Ant and Giant Ant have been added to the morph list.
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    November 19, 2002 04:48 pm ET - research by amateras
    Poseidon - Level 70, AC -96, +10 Tsurugi
    Many have already heard this weekend about the interview Playforum did ( with Poseidon of Gunter server in Korea (no, he's not banned - don't believe rumors), heralding his new accomplishment, Level 70.

    For those who don't know, Posiedon started out as a CON knight and now that he has levelled to 70, he has had 20 stats points to distribute. He has added 8 to STR, 6 to CON and 6 to DEX making his base STR 24, DEX 18, CON 24.

    Poseidon says his motivation is to 1:1 a dragon. However, with the dragons out for maintenance on the Korean servers, he fears that they are being made too strong for that to be possible.

    The Korean servers had an update where every 5 levels, starting at level 65, has double the experience. So, level 49-64 is all the same experience, level 65-69 are double that, level 70-74 are double that, etc. To put this into perspective, this means that gaining 1% at level 70 is like gaining 4% at level 49. In addition, dying at level 70 would be the same as losing 40-52% at level 49 or if you were at level 48, delevelling to level 1.

    Despite his almost 1000 HP, amazing AC and +10 Tsurugi, he still finds it challenging to take on 2 52+ knights at the same time. However, he didn't say impossible. :)

    Poseidon, who is also currently about -26k chaotic for some reason, can also 1:1 guards fast. These guards can do 200+ HP damage per hit and have some unrealistic AC. He says it takes about 20 reds and 20 hits to take them on.

    Playforum also showed a screenshot (which will make some of you nostalgic for the old days). This screenshot shows when Poseidon first hit 52, back in the old interface.

    And the levelling continues...

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    November 19, 2002 11:00 am ET - research by NC - Austin
    Lineage Fan Art Submission

    Have a talent for drawing and the urge to reproduce one of your favorite monsters, places, or characters from the world of Lineage?

    Beginning November 29th, we will display fan-created art pieces on the Lineage website in addition to our regular player-written stories. The art will be chosen from all of the submissions in the same manner in which the player stories are chosen. The artist’s chosen name (character or real) will be displayed near the fan art on our site.

    Please use the following guidelines for submissions:

    1. The picture must be scanned into a graphical file format (Gif preferred, or jpeg)
    2. The scanned image must be 150k in size or smaller – 800 x 600 resolution.
    3. The image must reflect something related to Lineage. A player character, an action scene involving Lineage (such as a siege), a hunt within Lineage, or a Lineage monster are all examples.
    4. The image must not be sexually offensive, racially offensive, portray an image in bad taste (no gore or mutilations) or violate the Lineage User Agreement in any other way.

    All visitors to the Lineage web site will be able to view this artwork and see the name of the artist that submitted it -- so this is your chance to display artistic talent!

    Submissions should be entered via our Support Tool, found at under the “ask a question” tab near the middle. Please be sure to select “Screenshots and Player stories” under the department tab and then attach your image file to the submission. Please be sure to include your real name, a character name and server to which the story may be credited. All submissions become the property of NCsoft and may be used for advertising or promotional purposes.

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    November 18, 2002 10:44 pm ET - research by Melantus, CaptSturm, LineagePRO
    LoA - 11/18 Publishes and Discoveries
    [CaptSturm] The following updates where announced or discovered ]on the LoA server] on 11/18/2002:
    • General increase in drops for many monsters (adena and items/potions).
    • Increased food drops on many lower level creatures (deer, rabbit, boar).
    • Added Rastian in Talking Island. He provides a mage quest.
    • Reduced Glove drop on crawling claw.
    • Orc Archers drop more arrows.
    • Fairy Queen stronger.
    • Skull of Skeleton (quest item) drops more frequently.
    • Increase MP regen in Talking Island. Less than Singing Island, but greater than mainland/other Aden areas.
    • Changed castle taxes on some NPCs to pay to the Orc Fortress.
    • Fixed stacking bug with "weaker healing potion" stacking with "lesser healing potions".

    [Melantus] This mage quest mentioned is Staff of Mana. It's different slightly then the one you've seen before. Go do the quest and find out for yourselves more about it. :)

    [amer] Rastian's Mage Quest is for "Elindare's Staff". I bumped into LineagePRO in the Talking Island dungeon and he showed me two of the three items required.

    Later, I ran into him again, and he was done. He had "Elindare's Staff" which was 2/2, +3 to hit, weight 55, Mage only. It looks just like SOM and presumbly acted just like SOM too. The item is non-transferrable and LineagePRO says it cannot be enchanted with Scroll of Enchant Weapon.

    According to Captsturm, The bosses are on timers, the Minion of Elindare (a weak Dark Elf), which drops the Silver Serpent Scale is in Northern Talking Island. The Serpent of Elindare (a weak Ramia), which drops the Elindare's Orb, is in SE Talking Island. Finally, Baell Zaer (a Ratman with call lightning) is in Talking Island Dungeon and drops the Crooked Staff.

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    November 18, 2002 04:41 am ET - research by amer
    Monster Guide renovation
    Maelmoor, webmaster of Daily Lineage, did a review of all the fansites in October. One of his comments about Lineage Compendium is that things were a bit messy in the monster guide. So we tried to clean it up.

    In addition to cleaning up a few things (broken or bad images, weird drops, bad links, some layout issues), the monster guide now contains a bunch of new features, such as:

    • A sortable List View when you want to just see all 200+ monsters in a big list with no pictures, drops, locations or descriptions.
    • Servers, which lists all the servers that a monster appears on (we're getting ready for the LoA server). We didn't include any LoA monsters because we're not sure that the dust has settled on that server just yet. Expect information to start being entered there after the end of the LoA beta.
    • Newest 25 Monsters which will list the most recently added monsters, so you can see what has changed.
    • First Seen which tells you what episode a monster appears in (or the date of the event that brought it), going all the way back to 1998 when Lineage first appeared in North America.
    • All the monsters from the events and quests (and all the information about stats and drops that I could dig up) of the past 12 months have been added, for reference and historical purposes.
    • Animals section, which lists all of the peaceful creatures of Aden.

    Take a look, check out if things are broken and maybe think of some new features for me to work on. ;) If you do come up with anything, just shoot me an email at

    Monster Guide

    Oh and while I'm posting here, recently a *lot* of people have been uploading junk to the real picture pages. I find myself answering more "why was I banned" emails than I ever wanted to, so I think I might start up the "Amer takes out his anger on innocent visitors" section again. You guys interested?

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    November 17, 2002 07:25 pm ET - research by Dlirk
    WhiteHand reaches Level 52!

    If there was a block, and you were on this block, than maybe you would see the newest Death Knight on the block. He’s hitting Depardieu like a Tornado, because he is in fact, Tornado from Ken Rauhel. His name is WhiteHand which means jobless in Korean because, “playing Lineage is kind of like being jobless.” This crazy knight got from level 1 to 52 in just 2 months and 25 days with only 6 deaths, 5 of those occurring at 50.

    He said that after level 51 he started getting just 4 hours of sleep and gaining at least 10% a day. He says he tries to aim for .01% a minute that way you get 3% every 5 hours instead of the normal 6 hours that it would take. He mentioned that since he loves to sing along to KC & Jojo it’s easy to be distracted. It’s like listening to music for 5 hours, not playing Lineage.

    At this point he got angry with me; he takes great offense at people saying he has no life. He gets 80s and 90s in school, has a girlfriend he loves very much, and worked until school started. He says that just because he plays Lineage a lot does not mean he has no life.

    Oddly enough, Whitehand plays with both his brother, DarkYojung, and his father, Fantasia. Both will probably hit 50 but WhiteHand says not until after he is 65 though he plans to go all the way to level 100. He thanks Pr0fessi0nal for getting him and his family back into the game. Pr0fessi0nal gave him goals and he never would have come back if he did not have these goals. He wishes NC would let Pr0fessi0nal come back so that he could have more competition.

    On a more critical note, he thinks that NC should get more players on Depardieu or spawn many more monsters. “On the Korean server monster spawn is tied to player number, but here we have 10% of the players.” He will not play Lineage II or the LoA server. He says that NCAustin is making the LoA server into a huge mess. “If NC wants more customers, they should just let new people start in test so they get experienced with Dai/Zel system, pledges, and get really addicted.”

    Many people like Sacrifice have said that they hold a lot of respect for this guy because he is so smart. But that doesn’t make him cocky; he has many people to thank including not just the mages and elves who spell him up, but Arioco, Circus, Onizeuka, Tommy, Kannabis, Newwind, Pomme, Bam, Damaccuzzi, Insane, Astier, Jacob, his brother, and Ahaeda. And last, but not least, in fact, the first thing he mentioned to me is that he has to thank his Mother and Father because with out their love and support he would never have succeeded, not only in Lineage but in life.

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    November 16, 2002 02:29 pm ET - research by NC - Austin
    11/15 - Discoveries and Changes to LoA server
    The following publishes were announced or discovered on the LoA server on 11/15:
    • Only the prices for the low quality gems have been changed. (CaptSturm - NC) [This was a mistake on our part -am]
    • The gem prices are lowered, but drops for those will be higher. Additionally, these gems will have a crafting purpose and be of more use than simply cashing in to a vendor. (CaptSturm - NC)
    • Other NPCs will generate tax revenue for the other castles--the dwarf was listed as an example. The balancing of castle revenue includes all the castles. (CaptSturm - NC)
    • Drops have been modified. (Melantus - NC)
    • Ring bug corrected. (Melantus - NC)
    • [LoA Server] is in fact a seperate server that will have content selectively applied--that is, if its deemed appropriate for the US market, [major updates will] be added. In the case of Forgotten Island, I anticipate that to be added. (CaptSturm - NC)
    I noticed that the Moonstone ring now *does* require the Potion of Bravery, as stated by the NPC.
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    November 15, 2002 01:35 am ET - research by BruteSquad, BigPope
    11/14 - LoA Server Publish Announcement
    The following publishes were announced or discovered on the LoA server on 11/14:
    • Bone chip monster's spawn changes, so they will spawn more often (Singing Island and Hidden Valley)
    • Gem prices are about 1/10 of what they are on the other servers, when sold to an NPC (eg. 50 for sapphire)
    • The experience lost when you die has been decreased to about 1/2 what it is on the other servers (5-6% per death)
    • The MP discount is not active on the LoA server (Fire arrow costs 3 mp even for 18 int mages)
    • Health Potions (which look like reds, but are not) are level 10 and below item only.
    • Glarielle, the darkelf boss, is around Baphomet strength.
    • The Grim Reaper, now a boss level monster, unlike during the Halloween Event, is above Baphomet in strength..
    • Enchant Scrolls are being sold only in regions that are "magic" regions. (ex. Oren)
    • Werldern will be an area where weapons are bought/sold/traded/crafted.
    Also, there was a reminder that Lump of Metal, used for the newbie rings, was not the same as Lump of Iron. This was done to prevent the harvesting of iron from newbie areas.
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    November 14, 2002 01:39 pm ET - research by amer
    NC - Q3 2002 IR Report
    NC has released it's Q3 2002 report. I found two neat things: the estimated release dates of everything they are working on, and the user numbers. The US has stayed at it's June 2002 numbers. Hopefully this is a turn-around point and more people will start to play again :)

    Release Dates

    • Lineage Forever (Full 3D upgrade of Lineage I graphics)
    • Lineage II (Korean beta starts in late 2002)
    • EverQuest (Korean, Taiwan, HK commericial service in late 2002)
    • Tabula Rasa (Theme Park of MMORPG; US beta starts in late 2003)
    • City of Heroes (Superhero MMORPG; US beta starts in early 2003)
    • Shining Lore (Fantasy animation targetted to younger teens and females; Korean commercial in early 2003)
    • Trade Wars (Sci-Fi, 3D; US commercial in 2003)
    • Wreckage (Car combat, 3D; US commercial in 2004)

    Q3 2002 IR Report

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    November 14, 2002 01:29 pm ET - research by amer
    Lineage Allowed to Continue Services
    Following up on the Korean 18+ rating, this is a nice close to that chapter of the story on the Chosun Ilbo.

    NCSofts online game Lineage, which had been classified as suitable only to those over 18 years of age by the National Grading Commission, has been re-graded to over 15 years, following a review. Also Lineage's PVP version, which has forbidden "kill points" was also graded as suitable for players 12 and up.

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    November 14, 2002 01:50 am ET - research by amateras
    11/13 - Korean Test Server publish announcement
    NC - Korea announces ( the following publishes to the Korean Test Server on 11/13:
    1. Prince/Mage quest monster difficulty adjusted.
    2. Miscellaneous quest bugs fixed.
    3. Pan, Ent and the Forgotten Island monsters can no longer be resurrected.
    4. A bug where teleporting caused the "n" character to randomly appear has been fixed.
    5. A storage dwarf has been added to Orc Fortress for the ruling pledge.
    6. Polymorphing your dog has been removed. This is to solve a problem with players having difficulty resurrecting a dead, polymorphed dog.
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    November 14, 2002 01:45 am ET - research by amateras
    11/13 - Korean Live server publish announcement
    NC - Korea announces ( the following publishes to the Korean Live servers.
    1. If you are on a server that has the Hell system active, completing your obligations in Hell will allow you to restart in Orc Town, so you have a chance to recover.
    2. Using cancel on players that are not in your party or pets that are not yours will cause you to go "pink".
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    November 14, 2002 01:30 am ET - research by NC - Austin
    11/13 - LoA Server updates
    NC - Austin announces ( the following changes to the LoA Server:
    1. Skeleton Boots are non-transferrable.
    2. Wizard Cap is non-transferrable, increased weight (from 150 to 400)
    3. Grim Reaper boss added (random dungeons)
    4. Dark Elf Boss, Glarielle, added to Elven Dungeon.
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    November 13, 2002 12:12 am ET - research by Mr. Noodle
    LoA: Hell
    Another Update: I didnt complete my time in hell last night and today i logged on with a full minute unstead of the 12 seconds from yesterday. Maybe if it takes you more then a day to get out of hell you have to restart your hell experance or perhaps they redid some rules on hell after this post and now your first time their = 60 seconds.
    update: We have an untested theory (sparked by Revised on LoA server) that if you die and lose experience, your PK count will go down by one. In our tests, we were too low a level (under 10) to lose experience, so death did not impact our PK count.
    Ok, we all know that hell has been added to the LoA server. This makes you wonder what hell is like, and if pking will be worth hell. Well I got help from Greven (ken) who let me kill him 30 times in order for me to get a chance to goto hell and check it out. First off i have to tell you after you get 1/2 way to the amount of pks to get to hell (currently 30) you get a warning. The warning in blue (I think should be red), lasts 30 seconds, and follows you all the way up to 29. (I know blue is hard to read, so i wrote what it says below the pictures)

    Your pk count is xx. If your pk count gets to 30, you will be sent to hell, so be careful.

    Its nice to know that they care if you goto hell. After going to hell it was time for me to check it out. Sadly i didnt even get to arrive at hell, alive. I was killed by a guard and then teleported into hell.

    Your PK count is 30. Now you will be sent to hell. You have to stay here for 0 minutes as punishment.

    It turns out that 0 minutes was 30 seconds, 30 seconds that you must be alive and walking around foor. And when i first got to hell nothing was on my screen. So i believe that if the guard didnt kill me i could have lasted all 30 seconds. But Nope, so i had to start out on my quest to last 30 seconds in hell. This was no easy task for my level 4.5 mage. I found; Drakes, Skeleton Archers, Orc Scouts, Imp Elders, Cerberuses, and a Baphomet. Someone told me they saw a DK, I never did see him :( It seems all the monsters down their are fire based, which makes sense. While my level 4 mage stood no chance down there, I think any high level knight may be able to take it for the amount of time. The worst I saw was 3 drakes, which any knight on brave could have outrun for 30 seconds drinking pots.

    Now time for the big question. Is PKing worth doing on the new LoA server? I would have to go with a yes, but its not for the average PK. Here are some reasons not to PK on LoA: First off, when you die your pk count never lowers, not even when you die. So that means 30 pks = 30 seconds, 31 pks = 1 minutes, 40 pks = 5 minutes. I doubt even high level char could last 5 minutes in hell. Another reason is there are no drops from anything you kill in hell. Why waste clears on some bapho or drake if it means you get nothing in return if you kill it. Other then that LoA has the normal disadvantages of pking: shops wont sell to you, people can hit you without taking guards help, etc.
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    November 12, 2002 06:15 pm ET - research by amer
    LoA: Skeleton Boots
    So the quest was easy and fun. There was a level 4 boss, Elazar, which looked like a Skeleton Guard. I killed it and it gave me a Bone Chip. I made Leather Sandals and found 2 Lump of Metal, and then got myself the Skeleton Boots. It's made of Bone, so it probably doesn't safely enchant, like the other bone items.

    It appears that both newbie areas have the Skeleton Boots NPC and both newbie areas have the new rings.

    Here's an interesting conversation we had when Melantus came by #lineage today:

    <Melantus> haste boots and wizard cap are awesome :)
    <Melantus> I just did both of those quests to test them out
    <amer|work> the 1 MP ebolt is amazing
    <amer|work> its like a dream come true :)
    <amer|work> i have yet to swing a sword on my loa mage
    <Melantus> we are planning to do quests like those for the other
      newbie classes too
    <Melantus> little items that are good for a new player
    <amer|work> the 1MP ebolt would be good for a high level player..
    <amer|work> i would love that on my level 48 mage
    <Melantus> well no its not going to work that way exactly, because
      the power of the e bolt grows as the player levels up. that would 
      be too powerful
    <amer|work> so what happens when i get to level 48 on my loa mage?
    <amer|work> is there a level limit on it?
    <Melantus> not currently, but we have some ideas
    <Melantus> well there will be other items to get, other quests to 
      do. that particular wizard cap is meant for the people that can 
      do SI and so forth, or around those levels. Eventually, it'll be 
      better to get other items.
    <amer|work> right, but what if i were to wear a wizard's cap at 48 
      -- would i not have 1MP ebolts?
    <Melantus> well better for your level. a wizaard cap might not be 
      good for a high level player if the bolt is doing newbie damage
    <amer|work> oh, it's a different ebolt than "ebolt"
    <Melantus> something like that
    <Melantus> but still its pretty cool
    <amer|work> hehe yeah
    <Melantus> we still need to test a lot of stuff before we worry 
      about drop rate and all that. No plans right now to change it, 
      but you never know.
    <AlexandreMM> i won't come here if i have to work 8 hours a day 
      for 3 mounths to a get a decent ac
    <AlexandreMM> let me know so i can choose
    <Melantus> we will be releasing more info soon. we just started this 
    <Melantus> if things work out nicely and we get more players and no 
      problems, then there is a possibility of changes like this coming 
      to Dep and Ken too.
    <AlexandreMM> i want to play the game the way we (including i) always 
    <AlexandreMM> so im forced to quit what i already worked on
    <AlexandreMM> or to play by the rules i always worked to change
    <Melantus> thats what Im saying though. There is the possibility that 
      "LoA" might come to you, instead of you switching to it. It depends 
      on a number of factors. Even so, your characters are still there.
    <Melantus> Alex: we dont know a lot about the plan yet, because we just 
      started open testing. We have to get past some goals and such first
    <MrBoo> anything players can help out with?
    <Melantus> just give constructive feedback. tell your friends to play 
      LoA hehe
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    November 12, 2002 04:45 pm ET - research by Protagonist, Tenkai, HellKat, amer
    LoA: Newbie Quests
    On Singing Island, Protagonist led me to a new NPC, named Aamir, which will make you a special ring if you provide the right items to him:
    • Ruby Ring: +3 HP - need to give 1 Ruby, 1 ring, 100 adena
    • Sapphire Ring: +3 MP - need to give 1 Sapphire, 1 ring, 100 adena
    • Moonstone Ring: -4 HP, +5 MP - need to give 1 Emerald, 1 Ring, Potion of Bravery, 100 adena
    • Carnelian Ring: +4 HP, +4 MP - need to give 1 Diamond, 1 Ring, 2 Healing Potions, 500 adena

    On Hidden Valley, Tenkai led a group of us to a new NPC, Daphne, which tells you about making Skeleton Boots (AC 0, hastes you wean worn). You need 1 pair of sandals, 1 bone chip (new item) and 2 lumps of metal.

    The NPC then goes on to tell you that the bone chip must be obtained by killing the wizard, Zarlok, located NW of the island, alone.

    If you get screenshots of any of these items, send them in!

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    November 12, 2002 03:43 pm ET - research by amer
    LoA: Mages should use Magic
    Yes, I know it's hard for everyone to believe. The moment I logged in, I traded my dagger for the Wizard's Cap (which is now AC -1, not AC -2) and used e-bolt exclusively as my level-up weapon. Not once did I stop to regen. Yes, I non-stop ebolted my way from level 1 to level 6, at which point I had to log off and tell you guys about it. :)

    Also, there are NPCs on both Singing Island and Hidden Valley that will trade 2 Lump of Metal for a Ring. It appears to do nothing. Perhaps I one of the quests is to marry someone ;)

    There are also some new monsters: Skeleton Mage (level 4), Skeleton Wizard, Dwarven Miner (level 3). There are even "Health Potions" *and* "Lesser Healing Potion". I'm not sure if that's a typo or a new difference.

    If you guys discover more differences, please email us at

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    November 12, 2002 02:40 pm ET - research by Leilo
    Responses to various questions
    This was posted on the Lineage forums (

    There are quite a few questions coming up about Lands of Aden and I’ve seen a lot of posts from people who are conflicted/upset/concerned about the new server. I want to take a few minutes and address some of this a bit more in depth than the information in the FAQ. I’m putting this in a separate thread because I’ve seen the questions come up in a few places (and sometimes not even on this site.)

    1. Why are we doing this?

      Because we believe in it.

      Just like all of you, we want to see more people playing Lineage in the US. Both because we’re a business,and because we think Lineage is a great game that more people should be enjoying. After a year of watching, reviewing, and trying new things – we’ve created the Lands of Aden server to work with changes we feel address criticisms we’ve heard in the US market in the last year. We believe these changes are important. But we need you to tell us if you agree.

    2. Why aren’t we doing this on Ken and Dep?

      Once again, we’re making a lot of changes here – changes that in our opinion will be well suited to address the criticisms we’ve received in the US. And specifically, these changes are subject to, well, change. It wouldn’t be fair to all of you if we put them on Ken and Dep and pulled them back out. We don’t want to mess with your established characters here. What we do want is to know if these changes work for you – and for players new to Lineage. If Lands of Aden turns out to be overwhelmingly successful, then we’ll start talking about whether the Ken and Dep servers should work the same way. But we certainly won't have that discussion on day one.

    3. Are you losing all the time you’ve invested in your characters?

      Of course not. We’re not taking away those characters. Nor are we forcing you to play Lands of Aden. In fact, that’s part of the reason we’re doing this testing period and wiping the characters at the end. Try Lands of Aden during the test period. Talk amongst yourselves. Talk to us. And then decide whether or not to change your primary server.

    4. What’s wrong with Ken and Dep?

      Nothing is wrong with Ken and Dep. Would you be playing if there was? Would we be playing if there was? Lands of Aden is simply designed to be different. And we want to know from you if what we’ve designed as different is a ‘good’ different or not. For example, think of it as the 2003 model of the 2002 car you own. We think the new model is really cool. But we think the old model is really cool too. The 2003 Thunderbird doesn’t make your 2002 Thunderbird any less of a cool car. They're similar, but slightly different. Same as Ken/Dep/LoA.

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    November 12, 2002 02:13 pm ET - research by amer
    LoA: Wizard's Cap <-> Dagger
    Newbie mages will find an easier start in the new server. This NPC will trade the dagger you start with for a Wizard's Cap at no cost. In addition, the Wizard's Cap will give you e-bolt spell that costs only 1 MP to cast. Not bad!
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    November 12, 2002 11:21 am ET - research by NC - Austin
    Lineage Lands of Aden
    IP =
    Experience the tradition of adventure and exploration that made Lineage the world’s largest online game – on a new game server designed specifically for new users! If you have never played an online game, or have tried but been frustrated by the experience, the Lands of Aden experience is for you.

    The Lands of Aden server includes new tutorials, new quests, and new items for lower-level players -- among other game changes. The server is currently in beta-testing stages – where we hope you’ll take the opportunity to join us! Comments about Lineage Lands of Aden can be forwarded using the Lineage Support Tool at or updated on the specific Lands of Aden message boards at We want to hear your feedback!

    Additional details and Frequently Asked Questions can be found at – including specific details on accessing the server during the beta period, a complete feature changelist for the initial server launch, and more. We look forward to seeing you exploring this new Lineage experience!

    This appears to be the "we are not bound to the Korean server" server. Amateras and I are conflicted on what to do at this point.
    • A directed experience system has been introduced to provide beginning players with a tutorial concerning the gameplay mechanics of Lands of Aden.
    • New player quests have been added. Various NPCs in the beginning locations will offer you quests and rewards in the Singing Island and Hidden Valley areas.
    • Training Dummies are easier to hit and give more experience.
    • New boss-type monsters have been introduced throughout Aden. Cronos and the Dark Mage have returned to the game.
    • Kennel Masters have been added to the new player areas.
    • Various new items have been introduced. The types and value of these items will be left to the discovery of the players.
    • Mana and Hit Point regeneration rate is increased in the new player regions.
    • Creatures have been redistributed throughout the game world.
    • Item drops have been adjusted throughout the game world.
    • Lands of Aden is a PvP server.
    • The “Hell System” of Player Killer justice is active. A player will be sent to a separate map if guilty of excessive Player Killing.
    • The “soft AC” system has been reworked. Armor effectiveness has been increased for most classes.
    • Potion delays have been modified. The higher-level healing potions have a longer delay between uses while the lower level potions have a shorter delay.
    • Items sold by vendors have been rebalanced and in some cases their properties may be modified.
    • Various NPCs have been added. Some of these offer such services as enchanting your armor or polymorphing you into strange beasts.
    • Many monsters in the new player areas no longer "steal" drops from the ground.
    • Many monsters in the new player areas give higher alignment when killed.
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    November 11, 2002 04:18 pm ET - research by amateras
    Level 30 Elf Quest: Spirit Crystal (Summon Lesser Elemental) and Elven T-Shirt posted a summary of the Elven Quests ( Here is the summary of the level 30:

    The prize is a Spirit Crystal (Summon Lesser Elemental) and an Elven T-Shirt (AC 0, weight 5, elf only, safely enchanted to +6).

    The quest is simple to describe but hard to complete. The Elven Mother Tree gives you this quest. She sends you to find the Elven Princess, who will tell you about Darkmar and then direct you to his cave.

    You must kill Darkmar to get the Elven Treasure. However, Darkmar has summoned a wide variety of Elementals to help him. The Jude1004 reporter had -6x AC and had to use around 50 oranges. He advised not to use reds because they would not keep up. So, be careful. ;)

    Double-clicking on the Elven Treasure gives you the Spirit Crystal and the Elven T-Shirt.

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    November 10, 2002 02:06 am ET - research by NC - Austin
    Q & A with Leilo
    The next Q & A has started! This is your chance to ask questions of a specific NCsoft-Austin Lineage team member.

    The guidelines to remember before starting:

    1. Post only two questions. There are bound to be repeats, and we are only taking about a dozen or so.
    2. The questions need to be directed toward the subject person and their duties. This isn’t the same as the Veteran Questions, since it is not to answer specific gameplay questions. It is a chance for you to interact with this particular person and ask them something about their duties / position / department.

    The question thread will be closed on 11/15/02.

    This session’s subject is the US Live Team Community Manager, Leilo (a.k.a. Susan Kath). Susan is the Manager of Community Relations for NCInteractive, and her team is in charge of all aspects of Community Relations and the design and content maintenance of the Lineage website.

    The Q & A thread where you should post your questions can be found at This location

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    November 08, 2002 08:02 pm ET - research by Taera
    CCgirl hits level 50 on Dep

    The second known level 50 princess on Depardiu, the fourth known 50+ prince(ss) in US servers, came into the light on November 5th, 2002. CCGirl, princess of FirstLove, had been 49 for about a year before she finally hit the big 5-0, having quit the level up process about mid-way through the summer. CC centered more on sieging and her pledge rather then obsessive leveling up, taking a lot of time off to work with subpledges and allies. She only had five total deaths at 49 (two of which almost made her give up) though level 48 grand totaled to 15!

    She hunts in Fire Valley most of the time, her +9 katana and –6x AC very surprising for a princess. One might also find CC hunting phoenix or Ifrit, though drops haven’t been too kind to her, only a TQD and B-Scrolls.

    She’s thinking about going 52+, and when asked which stat she’d go for she said charisma. She is already a 18 charisma princess (22 with her cloak, amulet and crown) and can accommodate up to 66 members. Wouldn’t want to war THEM!

    She is looking forward to Forgotten Island, remarking that “we[her pledge] will hunt on FI”. Her only request of NCsoft is to do something about hackers and return the +5Dragon Scale Mail and Ring of Teleport Control that were stolen from her earlier this year.

    When questioned about thanks she replies “Thanks to every friends alliance and pledge members who always support me. I love them. I believe they love me too ^^” Brings a tear to your eye, eh?

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    November 08, 2002 05:08 pm ET - research by amateras
    11/8 Korean Test Server updates
    Lineage Playforum reports ( that new updates were published to the Korean Test servers on 11/8:
    1. Monsters in Hidden Valley and Singing Island have been made easier.
    2. Siege interval has been changed from "every 2 days" to "every 4 days". To compensate for the double income collection of pledges that keep a castle, the prince will get 40% less adena from taxes.
    3. Added enchanter NPCs to each castle so that castle-owning pledges can receive free Enchant Weapon and Bless Armor.
    4. In Free PvP zones, the 1/8 damage by monsters rule (we previously posted that dogs and summons will inflict 1/8 normal damage in PvP combat) does not apply.
    5. Cancelling players (or tames and summons) that are not in your pledge or party (or their tames or summons) will turn you "pink".
    6. Using Return to Nature will turn you "pink".
    7. Call Clan will not work on locations that cannot be bookmarked (does not apply to siege zones).
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    November 07, 2002 02:07 pm ET - research by amateras
    Level 30 Prince Quest: Monarch's Cloak and Spellbook (Call Clan)
    Lineage Playforum reports about the Level 30 Prince quest:

    Monarch's Cloak: Prince/Princess only, weight 10, AC -2, +1 STR, +1 CON, +1 DEX, +1 WIS, +1 CHA, +1 INT. This is not a typo, it is +1 to *all stats*.

    Aria, the Ivory Tower mage in Woodbec town, starts you off on this quest. She tells you to go to the Ant Cave and look for the Ant Maintenance NPC. However, you can only speak to this NPC if you morph into a Giant Soldier Ant. The Guard directs you to a secret passage.

    In this passage, you morph into a skeleton. Here, you will find multiple Mutated Ant Queen. (Bring potions!) You must obtain the Relics of Village Inhabitants from by killing a Mutated Queen Ant.

    Bring the Relics of Village Inhabitants back to Aria and she will give you the Monarch's Cloak and the Call Clan spellbook.

    Call Clan spell is 30 MP/0 HP to cast and teleports any member of your pledge right next to you. They will be prompted Yes/No before the teleport.

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    November 06, 2002 02:42 pm ET - research by amateras
    Level 30 Mage Quest: Crystal Staff of Mana.
    Lineage Playforum reports about the Level 30 Mage quest:

    Crystal Staff: Mage only, weight 15, damage is 1/1. Increases mana regeneration speed when wielded. By how much? Well, the WIS 18/INT 18 mage holding the Crystal Staff was getting 18 MP per click without blues and 26 MP per click with. I think we have a valid replacement for Staff of Mana now. :)

    The Mage quest appears to be the most complicated.

    Gereng will send you to the Talking Island caves looking for a Cowardly Skeleton. This skeleton will drop the Undead Key. Then you must find an NPC child on Talking Island which will show you the Secret Passage, only accessible with this Undead Key. However, only one mage can be in this passage at a time, so you have to wait if someone is already in there.

    The passage is actually a maze. In the first large room, you will see a Zombie which can only be killed by Turn Undead. He will give you a Zombie Key once killed.

    The second room contains an Ettin. If you cancel the Ettin, he will turn into a skeleton. You must kill this skeleton using Turn Undead to get to the next room.

    The third room has an orc zombie and 3 normal zombies standing on a few plates. You have to stand on the remaining plate so that all the plates are simultaneously pushed to get to the next room.

    In the final room, a Death Knight will appear. You must kill this Death Knight by first cancelling him (he turns into a skeleton) and then killing with turn undead. He will either drop an Bone of Undead or a Teleport Home Scroll. If he drops a Bone of Undead, then you're set. Otherwise you will have to try again.

    Take the Bone of Undead back to Gereng who will turn it into Bone Piece of Undead.

    You then take the Bone Piece of Undead and a Mysterious Staff (which you buy from Orim on MLC 7f) to Talass in Ivory Tower 3f and he will give you the Crystal Staff of Mana.

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    November 06, 2002 02:25 pm ET - research by amateras
    Level 30 Knight Quest: Shield of Red Knight
    Lineage Playforum reports about the Level 30 Knight quest:

    The level 30 quest for Knight's is the Red Knight's Shield. Here's how it works in a nutshell:

    First, you must speak to Marc in the desert to accept your quest.

    Marc sends you to Gunter, who will tell you to get a claw from an Arachnevil Elder. Once you give the claw to Gunter, he will give you a Red Knight's Sword.

    Gunter will send you to retrieve a Secret Room Key from a Bugbear which opens a door near Orim. This door leads to NPC Jim.

    Jim tells you to go talk to NPC Gerard (in Silver Knight's Town) so you can get a Potion of Revival. Gerard will tell you to take the Road of Pain quest, however, this time, you can only take a Cure Poison Potion and a Red Knight's Sword and you must kill a Ramia to get a Ramia's Scale.

    Gerard gives you a Potion of Revival, which you take to Jim. Jim will give you a Letter of Thanks, which you take back to Gerard. Gerard will give you Shield of Red Knight.

    Shield of Red Knight doesn't seem very interesting. AC -2, Weight 50, Knight only. However, it does seem to hint at some kind of Red Knight's Set in the future.

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    November 06, 2002 01:56 pm ET - research by amateras
    Level 30 Elven Quest: Elven Summons and Elven T-Shirt
    Lineage Playforum has some screenshots ( of the Elven Summoned Elementals:

    No details on this quest just yet, however, Lineage Playforum has shown pictures of the elven summons following their elves around. Each elf seems to have a single elemental and they commands that can be used are disperse, alert and attack. No information on how strong they are.

    In addition to the summons, elves also get Elven T-Shirt (AC 0, Weight 5, safely enchanted to +6) from this quest.

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    November 06, 2002 01:53 pm ET - research by amateras
    11/6 - Korean Live server update
    NC - Korea announces ( the following updates made to the live Korean servers on 11/6.
    • Forgotten Island has been introduced. You must be Level 45+ to visit. Tickets cost 10,000 adena, and you may not bring dogs.
    • You cannot use any teleport scrolls on the island.
    • Everywhere is a combat area.
    • All monsters are approximately 15 levels higher than their mainland counterparts.
    • Even if you die, restarting while on the Island will put you at the starting beach of the island. The only way off is through a teleport NPC.
    • There will be an NPC in the northern part of the island which will sell potions for approximately double the normal price.
    • Drops from the island will include sealed weapons, sealed armors and the unseal scroll. You must take a sealed item and an unseal scroll to the Detector NPC in the Ivory Tower in order to unseal the item.

    There was also this additional, non-Forgotten Island update:

    • Chaotic magic now has greater penalties for attempts:
      • Curse: Poison = -300 lawful
      • Curse: Blind = -400 lawful
      • Weapon Break = -600 lawful
      • Curse: Paralyze = -2000 lawful
      • Darkness = -800 lawful
      • Weakness = -1000 lawful
      • Disease = -1000 lawful
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    November 06, 2002 01:46 pm ET - research by amateras
    11/6 Korean Test Server update
    NC - Korea announces ( 4 new level 30+ quests added to the Korean Test servers.

    The NPCs for these quests are:

    • Prince/Princess: Aria in Woodbec
    • Knight: Mark in the Desert
    • Elf: Mother Tree
    • Mage: Gereng in Talking Island

    As we learn more about these quests, we will post them here.

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    November 06, 2002 01:15 am ET - research by NC - Austin
    11/6 - US Live Server Publish Announcement
    The US Lineage servers will be unavailable during their weekly maintenance reset on Wednesday November 6 at 10:00 am Central US time. Players will be unable to connect to the US servers during this brief time. No new content will be published.

    The Halloween event will be ending with this server reset.

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    November 05, 2002 07:09 pm ET - research by WaterElf
    Bomelith Hits level 52 on Ken

    After seeing the invasion of Succubus in Giran, I wondered if anything significant was going to happen. I watched amer run some of his "tests" and bumped into him. Seeing amer play is a very rare thing, at 7:00 pm EST of course. I decided to head over to that funny little hut south of the auction manager. Suddenly, three Death Knights were following me and I was pretty freaked out. I thought it was going to be Herc, Marak and Bebi, but it was actually Bomelith, Marak and Bebi.

    Bomelith hit level 52 this morning at 1 am CST. There wasn't any change since the last time i interviewed him. He blew up his +9 Rapier though. I know everyone is going to get mad, but he added +1 to Constitution again and adding up to 20 Con . He said the hp regeneration was ok. His elemental line is still water. He has 4 Lag/dc deaths at level 51 and took a 4 day break. He's been hunting in Fire Valley, since September 22nd (level 51 date). Bomelith is determined to hit level 53 soon.

    He would like thank Sabrine and all the elves in his pledge "TheElvenBloodOrder" (not sure if there is any non elves) Congrates again! And hope everyone is enjoying the event.

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    November 04, 2002 04:09 pm ET - research by Rhayde
    #lineage House of Commons chat
    Posted on
    We're proud to present another Lineage House of Commons chat on Stratics IRC! It will be on Tuesday, November 5th at 5:00pm CST in #LineageHoC on Stratics IRC. You can connect to our IRC servers by using mIRC, pirch, Ircle, or one of your favorite linux chat clients and connect to port 6667 or to a server closest to you: port 6667 USA - Colorado port 6667 USA - Texas port 6667 EU - Germany port 6667 USA - Colorado

    Hope to see you there!

    Or you can use our trusty chat applet: #lineagehoc
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    November 04, 2002 12:24 pm ET - research by Nue
    New monsters coming soon?
    Nue of Nue's Lineage discovered some new monsters among recent Korean Server updates. These monsters are rumored to be part of new quests soon to be announced. The Spirits are allegedly part of a new Elven quest, and I have no idea what the new ants are for..
    Mutated Giant Soldier Ant Mutated Giant Ant Queen
    Spirit of Fire Spirit of Earth Spirit of Water Spirit of Wind
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    November 04, 2002 12:22 pm ET - research by amer
    Lineage Takes First in Export Contest
    As reported by

    NC Soft's online game, Lineage, was recently selected as the winner of the grand prize in the first Korea Cultural & Contents Export, held by the Ministry of Culture and Tourism.

    The Ministry of Culture and Tourism and the Korea Culture and Contents Agency selected 10 items to be exported in the eight fields, including animation, music, print comics, games.

    In the field of broadcasting, "Winter Love Song," a television drama series, was selected, as was the movie "JSA" and the comic character rabbit, "Mashimaro," for character design.

    The Korea Media Rating Board last month judged the online game to be suitable only for those over the age of 18.

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    November 04, 2002 12:19 pm ET - research by Maelmoor
    Player of the Year 2002
    Maelmoor, webmaster of Daily Lineage, has been running a monthly contest called "Player of the Month" which he has been building up to a final "Player of the Year" vote.

    Apparently, I'm in the running (yay!), although I don't know what I did to deserve it. Here's Maelmoor's post. (Be sure to check out the rest of his site too, it has some unique information that you won't find anywhere else :)

    After many votes we have eight final players, one of them will be the Player of the Year 2002 and your vote may be vital to decide who it will be. After you have chosen your player a window will come up where you must write the following info:

    Name: Your main characters name
    Adress: The server this char is on
    Phone number: The class this char is
    E-mail: Your e-mail adress

    This has two purposes, to avoid cheating and to let me be able to give a small prize to one all players who votes. If an error occurs when you have passed this info the vote will be counted and you can't fill in the information again, if you want be able to win the prize then mail me the stats. (Just if an error occurs)

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    November 04, 2002 12:14 pm ET - research by amateras
    11/1 - Live Korean server publishes
    NC - Korea announces ( the following updates being made to the Korean live servers on 11/1:
    1. Bug with display of connection time has been fixed.
    2. PvP drop system changed:
      • If you die in PvP combat, you will not drop an item.
      • If you die to a monster or in a free-PvP zone, you will still drop an item.
      • If you are chaotic and die in PvP combat, items that would normally drop will instead disappear.
      • Being killed by a summoned or tamed monster will result in no drop.
      • Summoned and tamed monsters will do 1/8 of normal damage in PvP combat.
    3. Fixed bug with some NPC quest text.
    4. Fixed bug with Silence spell not working on NPCs (now it does)
    5. Fixed bug with haste "stacking" on pets. (Now it does not "stack").
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    November 04, 2002 12:10 pm ET - research by amateras
    11/1 - Korean Test Server updates
    Lineage PlayForum (, reports the following publishes being made to the test server on 11/1:
    1. Self-defense behavior of dogs has been disabled.
    2. Silence spell now works on NPCs, as indicated by the Magic Help text.
    3. Bug where haste was "stacking" on tamed pets has been fixed.
    4. All colosseums, except for Giran, have been disabled for updates.
    5. Bugs with quest items and NPCs have been fixed.
    6. Giant Ant and Giant Soldier Ant morphs are now available. (They can only wear a weapon, t-shirt and cloak).
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    November 03, 2002 02:47 pm ET - research by Dlirk
    Kusang hits 52 - Dep
    On August 26, Kusang hit dreaded level 49. At this point many people give up and stop playing because it’s just so hard to level. However, he showed great determination and got to level 50 and then on October 29, he reached one of the highest honors in Lineage when he reached level 52. Proudly sporting his new Death Knight morph he told me that it only took him two weeks to get from 51 to 52. He says that he’s fairly new to the game, only playing about 9 months. Just goes to show that anyone can get level 52 if they try hard enough.

    He averages about 6 hours a day and only had 3 deaths from 49 to 52 all because of disconnects. He says that most of his time is spent in Dragon Valley because he uses a +9 rapier and very rarely he hits Fire Valley when pot money seems to run low. He thanks all his friends in Initial D and his brother, who without his support, Kusang would have never reached level 52.

    This guy from Vancouver, Canada says that he hates being canceled in Dragon Valley, but he is very happy with all the mages who heal him. He says that he hates PKs so you may want to watch out. He says that if you try hard enough and want it bad enough you too can reach level 52 and don’t ever give up no matter how many times you die just keep playing.

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    November 01, 2002 01:48 pm ET - research by NC - Austin
    RightNow Web Maintenance
    There will be a scheduled maintenance of the RightNow Web system Saturday, November 9th between 10:00 pm and 11:00 pm central US time. The system upgrade could potentially affect connections to the Lineage support website during these times.

    RightNow is the NC web-based support system -am

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