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Monday, September 1, 2003
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April 05, 2003 06:50 pm ET
LordStormy, 87BaBoClub knight on Ken, has reached level 50! Congrats!

April 05, 2003 06:51 pm ET (#1)
Loyal Fan

36 posts

Grats Stormy ^^

First post o.o

April 05, 2003 06:53 pm ET (#2)
Loyal Fan

120 posts


Skullwiz LoA

April 05, 2003 07:37 pm ET (#3)
Loyal Fan

55 posts

ahhh 87Love is in the air! vvvvvvvv

Why am I always on my 3rd post?

April 05, 2003 08:03 pm ET (#4)
Loyal Fan

1155 posts

Wooo good job Stormy!

April 05, 2003 08:28 pm ET (#5)
Loyal Fan

144 posts

GJ Stormy.

-- Pogi

April 05, 2003 10:09 pm ET (#6)
Loyal Fan

41 posts

gj bro. congrats. I knew you'd make it. Now you gotta hunt bosses again. Secret Babo 87%

April 06, 2003 01:47 am ET (#7)
Loyal Fan

1 posts

WOOT!!!!! good job bro. I'm not as cool as Rav and Pogi but i dont care~ CONGRATS!!

April 06, 2003 01:48 am ET (#8)
Loyal Fan

2 posts

I don't normally come on here but for this I will.. I am very proud of you Stormy to see you get this far and I know your other former Prince goony would be too. Keep it up and I hope to see you in other games.

Former Princess :)

April 06, 2003 05:46 pm ET (#9)
Loyal Fan

1 posts

I guess no one else likes you babo v.v

April 06, 2003 06:09 pm ET (#10)
Loyal Fan

9 posts

MrSamsa who the hell is that? (giggles)

Congrats hun *kisses & hugs*

I wish you all the success of lineage NC allows u to have :>

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