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Stats Explanation

STR (Strength)

  • Affects how much you can carry.
  • Affects how much damage you do to your enemy.
  • Affects the probability of you hitting an enemy.
  • Effect of STR on how much you can carry

    Each class behaves the same way when it comes to carrying capacity. That is, an 18 STR, 16 CON mage and an 18 STR, 16 CON knight can both carry the exact same amount. The following chart shows the capacity of each combination of STR and CON in meats. Please multiply the numbers in the chart by 10 in order to determine the true carrying total.

    The formula is pretty clear from this:

  • Take STR + CON + 1 and divide by 2.
  • Round this number to the nearest whole number.
  • Multiply by 150.

    For example, my mage is STR 9 and CON 10. Thus, the formula would be ( 9 + 10 + 1 ) / 2 = 10
    Multiply by 150 = 1500, So I can carry a total of 1500 worth of stuff before I get to 100%.

    Effect of STR on damage

    Know that STR does *not* affect bow or "missile" damage. It only affects melee damage. Following the tradition of NetHack (the mother of all RPGs), your STR influences the amount of damage that you can inflict with your melee weapon (this does not apply to a bow). Based on moderate testing by Lineage Compendium, Lineage: The Fact and a few players, we have determined the effect of STR to be as follows:


    Effect of STR on hit %

    On April 25, 2002, Melantus, Community Coordinator for Lineage USA said that STR has an influence on landing a hit. We can assume this effect is much smaller than that of DEX.