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Quest Guide
PrinceLevel 15 Quest
Item: Red Cloak, Spellbook (True Target)
Level 30 Quest
Item: Sovereign's Majesty, Spellbook (Call Clan)
Level 45 Quest
Item: Ring of Protection, ability to create an Alliance
Level 50 Quest
Item: Death Blade, Fire Bow/Sword, Crystal Ball of Mana, Golden Sceptre
KnightLevel 15 Quest
Item: Red Knight's Hood
Level 30 Quest
Item: Sword of the Red Knight, Shield of Red Knight
Level 45 Quest
Item: Heaven's Sword, Belt of Bravery, Ancient Key Piece
ElfLevel 15 Quest
Item: Helm of Dexterity or Helm of Constitution
Level 30 Quest
Item: Elven T-Shirt, Spirit Crystal (Summon Lesser Elemental)
Level 45 Quest
Item: Gloves of Protection, Spirit Crystal (Summon Greater Elemental), Ancient Key Piece, Ancient Man's Bow
MageLevel 15 Quest
Item: Book of Magic Powers
Level 30 Quest
Item: Crystal Staff of Mana
Level 45 Quest
Item: Mana Cloak
Dark ElfLevel 15 Quest
Item: Shadow Mask, Spirit Crystal: Bring Stone
Level 30 Quest
Item: Shadow Gloves, Spirit Crystal: Moving Acceleration
Level 45 Quest
Item: Dark Boots, Spirit Crystal: Uncanny Dodge