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Dark Elf Level 45 Quest
translated by: amateras
edited by: amer
(Remember, you *must* have successfully done the Level 30 Dark Elven Quest *before* starting this quest)
  1. Silence Cave's Elder Bludika wants an Oath of Death. Bludika refers you to Kuru, Dark Elf Blacksmith.

  2. Kuru refers to a Legendary Weapon made of Assassin's Corroded Sword, Poison of Fungus and Dark Crystal.

  3. Outside of Elven Dungeon 1f is another NPC, Assassin Master's Assistant, who only speaks to other Assassins. Thus, you must use the new level 45 Assassin morph. He tells you about the Assassin Master deeper in the dungeon, but you need proof.

  4. Rojay in Oren can provide this proof, but you need to show him a Robber Yeti's head. Kill the Robber Yeti and return his head to Rojay.

  5. Rojay gives you the proof, now you must face the Assassin on Elven Dungeon 3f. A special spot must be found where you can teleport to the Assassin Master.

  6. You must 1:1 him to get the Assassin Master's Box, which contains the Assassin's Corroded Sword and Scroll of Death Master.

  7. Take the Scroll to Bludika and you will get Spirit Crystal: Uncanny Dodge and Dark Boots (AC -2, HP +50, increased HP recovery).