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Elf Level 45 Quest
translated by: amateras
edited by: amer, MacFire

  1. Find Marshall in Werldern town to start the quest. She will send you to Heit, someone who is in Gypsy town, which is NW of Aden Castle.

  2. Heit will direct you to Sophia, who is on DVC 3f, just South of the entrance. Sophia will teleport you to a new area which looks like Valakas's Cave and Hell. She did something wrong, and she asks you to get rid of her Sin. She may say something about her mind being full - this means that another elf is currently battling her Sin and you will have to wait your turn.

  3. Once teleported inside, You will find a monster, Sin of Sophia which looks like Succubus Queen. You have to kill it to get a Blue Flute. You will also lose 10,000 lawful in the process.

  4. Take the Blue Flute back to Heit. She will give you a Conch Shell and tell you what to do next. (Remember, to talk to her once again after receiving the Conch Shell.

  5. Go to the Magic Area around the Ice Lake of Oren. Play the Conch Shell. A White Sea Dancer will appear, which you must kill, alone.

  6. Upon its death, you will get the Pouch of Ghost. Take that to Heit.

  7. Go back to Marshall, he will give you four items: Spirit Crystal (Summon Greater Elemental), Gloves of Protection (HP +20, MP +10, Elf Only, Material: Leather, Weight: 10), Piece of Ancient Key ("It is one part of the key that goes into the room of the ancient devil that is sealed and is something that is definitely needed later") and Bow of the Ancients ("This is something that will definitely be needed later and is an item that dominated something ancient."). Even though the Gloves of Protection are from an Elven Quest, they are NOT elven. They only safely enchant to +4.