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Dark Elf Level 30 Quest
translated by: amateras
edited by: amer
(Remember, you *must* have successfully done the Level 15 Dark Elven Quest *before* starting this quest)
  1. Rond in Silence Cave will tell you to go bring an Assassination List, which is a list of Ken Rahuel's minions.

  2. Go to the Demoted Orc Forest Guard and get the list from him.

  3. Rond will give you a pouch. In the pouch are 7 letters. Each letter corresponds to an NPC you must kill. One located in each town: Kent, Gludio, Giran, Heine, Windawood, Orc Town and Aden.

  4. You have to go to a specific location (it will be visible on the ground) and double-click on the letter to conjure this NPC. After the seventh assassination, you will get a Contract of Death. Take this back to Rond.

  5. Rond gives you a pouch containing Shadow Gloves (AC -1, +1 CON) and Spirit Crystal: Moving Acceleration.