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Knight Level 30 Quest
by: Byte (images by ChopWiver)
(Remember, you *must* have successfully done the Level 15 Knight Quest for the Red Knight's Hood *before* starting this quest)
  1. Go to Marc, an NPC located at the Desert Oasis, to get the quest. He will send you to talk to Gunter on Talking Island.

  2. Gunter sends you to the southern beach of Talking Island where Arachnevils and Arachnevil Elders run freely. Kill them until you get the Arachnevil Elder's Claw. Return it to Gunter.
    Note: I did not see the Arachnevil Elder's Claw as a drop in my chat window. Check inventory after each kill.

  3. Gunter will give you a Red Knight's Sword.

  4. Proceeded to Silver Knight's Town to talk to Gerard, then continue into the Road of Pain Quest. Then hunt Ramia until you get the key. Then killed the blue Ramia in the locked room to get the Ramia Scale.

  5. Exit the cave and talk to Gerard: he will take your Ramia Scale and give you a Potion of Revival which you must take to Jim.
    Note: The Ramia Scale did not show up in my chat window as a drop, check inventory after each kill.

  6. Proceed to Mainland Caves 7F. Hunt Bugbears untill you get a Secret Room Key.

  7. Morph into a Skeleton and restart Lineage [stupid bug ><-amer] Find Orim's room and double-click/use the key while with Orim. Stairs will be revealed. Proceed down the stairs to where you will find Jim who is a skeleton.

  8. Talk to Jim. You will have the option to ask about Jim's Curse and then to give him the Potion of Revival. After this, Jim will give you a Letter of Gratitude.

  9. Take the note back to Gerard in Silver Knight's Town and turn it in for the Red Knight's Shield and voila! you're finished :)