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Knight Level 45 Quest
by: ChopWiver

  1. Start by going to Weldern and talking to Marshall.
  2. Next you go over to Jimu in Twilight mountains and speak to him.
    Go to the bandit area east of Weldern and look for the Right Hand Bandit (don't bother wasting time and money fighting the bandits just kill the Right Hand Bandit which spawns separately).
  3. Then, after the Right Hand Bandit gives you night vision (it replaces helmet, so ac will be lower), pack up on a lot of clears and get some friends to fight off giants so that you can fight the Giant Guardian. Go to the entrance of ToI and you will find an Elder Giant.
  4. Speak to him before killing the Giant Guardian or you will get no drops. He does some good damage but it is possible to win 1:1. You also must be wearing the mask to see him.

  5. Open the pouch that the Giant Guardian gives you and you will get three quest items.

  6. Now go along the shore with a mage or elf friend with Cancel Magic. Find an NPC that looks like a Giant named Scout and cancel him. He will turn into an old man.

  7. Talk to him and accept his mission. He is very slow but you have to walk him to Oren where there is a guard waiting behind the Inn. Click the guard and you're done.
  8. Now go back to Marshall and you get your Belt of Bravery! Job well done.