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Prince Level 30 Quest
by: xxbeefyxx
(Remember, you *must* have successfully done the Level 15 Prince Quest *before* starting this quest)

  1. Find Aria in Woodbec to start your quest.

  2. Morph into Giant Soldier ant and restart.

  3. Go to the Ant Caves. Find a Search Ant who will just say ????? ?????? ????.

  4. Continue searching, find a Gatekeeper Ant. He will teleport you to the Mutated Dungeon. Get ready to fight by equipping your armor, weapons and using a suitable morph.

  5. You will be attacked by Mutated Giant Soldier Ants. You must find and kill the Mutated Giant Queen Ant, who will be followed by about 15 Mutated Giant Ants. A good idea is to charge at her, so she boxes her Soldier Ants in.

  6. Killing her will get you the Relic of the People. Return to Aria and get your prize. Double-clicking on your prize will yield the Spellbook (Call Clan) and the Sovereign's Cloak.