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Mage Level 30 Quest
by: DroidMage and amer
(Remember, you *must* have successfully done the Level 15 Mage Quest for the Book of Magic Powers *before* starting this quest)
  1. Go to Gereng, the wizard in a house south of Talking Island Town to get the quest.

  2. Go to the Talking Island Dungeon and walk around looking for a skeleton guard. His name will be Betrayer's Skeleton Guardsman. There are plenty of them wandering around towards the middle of TI 1f, so there should be no trouble finding one. The Undead Key is not a definite drops, you should be able to get 1 in 20 kills.

  3. Go to the NPC, Dilong, at the stairs of TI dungeon. He will invite you into the Skeleton Dungeon. In the skeleton dungeon, you will not be able to use any armor, weapons, potions, scrolls or any item at all except for the teleport home scroll and magic gems (make sure you have this!) So, prepare before hand by having full HP, MP and any other spells you want to cast on yourself (I recommend drinking a Greater Haste Potion and a Potion of Wisdom, as well as morphing into something which can run fast and cast magic fast -- before going in). In addition, your MP will slowly either not regen, or decrease, based on your WIS. So, knowing this:

    Proceed into the skeleton dungeon. Open the first door and walk around till you find a lone zombie in a room. Cast Turn Undead on the Zombie (once again, be close to him) and he will give you the Zombie Key.
    At this point, if you have drained to much of your HP or MP, feel free to teleport home, regen and go back to Dilong. You can run by the zombie -- he's very slow.

  4. Walk around more and look for the Ettin. You need to cancel him and then turn undead the skeleton (be close but beware he does Ettin damage in skele form -- it doesn't help that you aren't wearing any armor).

  5. Once you get the skeleton key proceed around the maze to the room with 3 Zombies in it and an Orc Zombie. Kill the Orc Zombie (use Turn Undead, punching it isn't very efficient) and then cast Create Zombie on it. Get the Zombie onto the platform, tell him to wait there, and then proceed down the next level. Note: If you do not have over 200 MP I advise you stay in the zombie room and regenerate mana/health points. The room with the zombies is the only place which you can regenerate Mana.

  6. The boss is on the next floor. It is the Betrayer of Undead (a grim reaper). It erupts you with fair damage so simply Turn Undead it until it either gives you a Bone of Undead or an Escape Scroll.

  7. Once recieving the Bone of Undead, head to Orim in MLC 7th floor. Buy the Mystery Crystal Ball for 100,000a (Yeah it is that much).

  8. Head to Gereng on Talking Island and trade the Mystery Crystal Ball for the Mystery Staff.

  9. Head to Ivory Tower (located in Oren) and walk up to the 3rd floor. Talk to Talass and trade him the Bone of Undead and Mystery Staff for the Crystal Staff.

    From my tests the Crystal Staff of Mana regenerates mana at 23mp per 17 secs on a 18 wis Mage (influenced by a mana potion/in a inn/standing still). A Mage with 18 wis regenerates 28mp per 15 secs (blue/meditation/inn/standing still).

Fan Tips

ZzRaistlinzZ: If for some reason you don't have the Cancel Magic spell, you can still kill the Ettin using tamed pets (like dogs) or summoned monsters (if you have Summon Monster).