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Mage Level 15 Quest
by: Rhayde

  1. To initiate the Mage Quest, visit Jem on Talking Island. She will ask you to retrieve a Ghoul Nail and Ghoul Tooth.

  2. Hunt ghouls (it doesn't matter where) until you have both of the requested items, and return with them.

  3. You will be rewarded with a Cursed Spellbook by Jem.

  4. Now, hunt skeletons (where ever you please :) until one is kind enough to drop you a Skeleton Skull.

  5. Return to Jem with the Skeleton Skull and Cursed Spellbook, and she will reward you with a Book of Magical Powers (-2 AC Base, +1 INT). This book can be equipped using the shield slot and is safely enchantable to +4.

Fan Tips

Qwazin: Ghoul Tooth, Ghoul Nail, and Skeleton Skull can be obtained more than once and cannot be dropped or traded. Players can, however, sell them to NPC merchants in each town in exchange for a small amount of adena.

amer: The best place to hunt Ghoul is the Giran 1f and the best place to hunt Skeletons is Mainland Caves 1f. Skeleton Skull is more rare than one would expect, so you may be very frustrated, but just hang in there. NC is constantly reviewing the skeleton skull drop rate.