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Prince Level 45 Quest
translated by: amateras
edited by: amer, Cloelia

  1. Find Marshall in Werldern town to start the quest. She asks for the Royal Seal, however, there are two halves. One requires information from Richard, a guard at the gate to the siege zone for Kent castle. The other half will require information from Brad, who is in the Crystal Caves 1f.

  2. So, head on over to Richard. He tells you that the first half of the seal is held by a Betrayed Orc Chief on Elven Caves 3f. You go kill the Orc (need to hold down Ctrl), get the seal, and Richard will tell to seek the advice of Mack in Woodbec.

  3. Mack will tell you to speak with Brad in Crystal Caves 1f.

  4. Brad tells you to kill an Ice Maiden in Crystal Caves 2f. She spawns approximately every hour. If more than one person hits her, she will not drop the quest item. The prince needs to 1:1 her. She teleports away like Succubus, so she's also very frustrating. She will drop a pouch containing three colored "spirit pieces." You must give the white spirit to a level 45+ elf, the black spirit to a level 45+ mage and the red spirit to a level 45+ knight. Your sacrifices do not need to be in your pledge, or even in the same pledge as each other.

  5. They must each double-click the spirit. This will kill them and they will lose XP. However, each spirit has now evolved into a spirit letter. The Prince needs these.

  6. The prince takes the three spirit letters back to Mack who will give you the second half of the Royal Seal.

  7. Take the two halves of the Royal Seal back to Marshall. She will give you a Ring of Protection (+30 HP ring) and the right to have Alliances.

This is what the alliance menu looks like. The yellow writing is online members (the grey is offline members). In brackets after each name is their rank (Prince, Elite, Regular, New).