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Stats Explanation

INT (Intelligence)

  • Affects initial magic bonus.
  • Reduces the amount of MP required to cast a spell.
  • Effect of INT on magic bonus

    This is the table of INT vs. Magic Bonus. Magic Bonus never changes. Your spell power is calculated by adding your magic bonus to your spell level plus any other items you have which modify your spell power (such as a Staff of Sorcery or a Potion of Wisdom). Your spell power is used to calculated the damage of a spell, so if a spell is 4d8 (1 - 32 HP) base damage, a spell power of 12 will make it 16d8 (16 - 128 HP) base damage.
    Initial MB-10123

    Effect of INT on MP required to cast a spell.

    Your INT affects how much MP is required to cast a spell. All spells have a discount of (Spell Level - 1). For example, Fireball is a level 4 spell and has a
    discount of 4 - 1 = 3. However, your INT caps this discount. This table lists the maximum discount, which is limited by class. An INT of 12 or less means no discount.
    INT8 - 1213141516171819
    MAX Discount01234567