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Aden Arena Deathmatch * Lineage Tournament (Korea only)

Lineage Tournament

Lineage Tournament, also known as LiTo, is a special addition to the Lineage game which allows players to battle each other in ways outside of the typical rules of the castle siege. It can practically be considered its own game! In fact, you cannot lose items or experience while playing LiTo, which should be encouraging to anyone who has any hesitation about playing.

A LiTo server is a separate server where people from any server can log into and be on equal footing. You pick which of your Lineage characters you wish to play, choose a channel, choose a room and a game and then pick teams (Red vs. Blue). Everyone gets an allowance to purchase supplies (healing potions and various scrolls and buffs). Once everyone is ready, the match begins.

There are five channels, and they basically separate people by levels. The channels are: Bugbear (lv 15-30), Ogre (lv 31-40), Succubus (lv 41-46), Baphomet (lv 47-51) and Death Knight (lv 52+)

Screenshots of login and match selection

There are 3 different types of games and multiple different maps per game.

Death Match

Last man standing kind of match. The goal is to kill every single member of the opposing team.
Maps: Crossroad * Garden * Tower * Fatality * Antechamber

Honor Match

Capture the Flag. Each team has some kind of relic that represents their team. This relic has HP and can be healed. The goal is to destroy the other team's relic. If you die in this match, you restart where you are in 5 seconds.

The Lineage World Championship consisted of the Honor Match, before it was released as LiTo.

Maps: The Glory * Water Curtain

Quest Battle

This is a race between two teams. The map is equal for each side. In each room, in order to open the door to the next room, you have to kill all the monsters spawned AND break a symbol which will open the gate. If you die, you are resurrected, so you should take advantage of that and adjust your strategy accordingly. Whichever team destroys the final symbol (located in the center room) wins the match. If both teams reach the final room at the same time, you still can fight it out and the team that breaks the final symbol wins.
Maps: Hellgate * Terrible Quest

Scoring Rules

Each player gets a rating and then will be told the rank they are for all players, their server, their channel, their level and their class.

  • Your win/loss ratio is a big factor in your rating.
  • You start with a basic rating, which you can raise or lower depending on performance.
  • Being on a winning team gives you points, while being on a losing team loses points.
  • You get more points for winning a battle in a channel higher than where you belong.
  • You lose more points for losing a battle in a channel lower than where you belong.
  • Your ratings decay over time based on your proper channel. Players in the Bugbear and Ogre channels must play 10x per week to maintain their ratings, or 4x per week in a higher channel. Players in the Succubus and Baphomet channels must play 7x per week in their channel to maintain their ratings, or 2x per week in a higher channel. Players in the Death Knight channel must play 7x per week. Playing in a lower level channel doesn't matter.
  • The type of game you select, as well as the number of people involved, also factors into how many points you get for winning/losing. Bonus points for winning on a team that is outnumbered.
  • If you d/c while playing, you forfeit your match and lose rating points.
  • Your rating will only start showing after 20 matches. Prior to that you are a "beginner".
  • Rating and win/loss ratio should be used to judge players. Neither is meant to paint a complete picture alone.
  • There are 32 shades of red in the rosters, with 50 players having each shade of red. The more red your name is, the higher your rating. If you are not in the top 1600, your name will be white.