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* Character Level-Up Calculator * Goal Calculator * XP Combiner *

This calculator calculates the amount of time it takes to get to your desired level, given your current rate of hunting.

That being said, this tool is also more useful for high level characters (40+) than low level. The reason is that at low levels, you are still working up to the toughest monsters in the game, however, at high levels, you pretty much hunt at full speed for the full time at a constant rate. Thus, the daily % won't change.

Also note, that the hunt % is constant for your level. For example, if you are level 45, and you say that you hunt 30% per day, this is around 15% per day at level 46, around 7% at level 47. Not 30% per day at level 45, 30% per day at level 46, etc. If you have any suggestions on how we can improve this tool, please shoot us an email at

 Your current level: (a number like 47.6026) 
Your target level: (a whole number like 50)

Same % every day Different % on weekends/weekdays
You currently make % per day (a non-decimal number like 30)

You currently make % on Mon-Fri (a non-decimal number like 30)
You currently make % on Sat-Sun (a non-decimal number like 30)