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   Jan 2003
January 31, 2003 04:32 pm ET - research by Dlirk
One Flew Over the Death Knight

An ancient Chinese Proverb says that, “the more tests of hardship one passes, the greater he will become.” Nothing could be truer for the knight commonly known as WhiteHand on Depardieu. Everyday he gets stronger, but not enough that he’ll give up trying to reach his goal of 65. He is really looking forward to the Aden update because if the dungeon is really for players level 65 or higher he will level up even higher.

Most of Whitehand's family plays lineage: Fantasia, Whitehand and elf DarkYojung. It’s very hard to talk to someone like Whitehand and not come away impressed. This knight gains anywhere from four to twelve percent a day but averages seven to eight. He has only died four times since gaining level 52 but those deaths didn’t bother him that much since it’s just two more days, even though he has not died since level 54.

He has some very good tips for NCSoft saying that places like Fire Valley are too crowded with knights because that is the only place with good experience and money for the time you put in. Oren Wasteland is also too crowded with elves for the same reason. He proposes that NC make the other areas such as Silver Knight Town Dungeon and Giran Dungeon more like Fire Valley. Then people would hunt there too, and let people have room to breathe. He says that Dragon Valley Cave floor six would be greatly improved if Succubus dropped enchant scrolls, because right now the drops are too low to make it worth hunting there.

There are some things he’d like to say to someone in particular. "Go level up more, is cancel all you can do; you can't fight alone can you?" He also says that many people are simply afraid to let their enemies know their level, but anyone who wants to know already knows anyway. Currently he only has one real enemy and plans to stay neutral for a long time to come.

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January 31, 2003 04:31 pm ET - research by amateras
1/29 - Korean Test Server Publish Announcement
Lineage - Korea announces the following updates ( to the Korean Test servers:
  1. Lindvior has begun to spawn.
  2. Quest related monsters cannot be tamed any more.
  3. Added merchant, teleport and storage NPCs to the City of Aden.
  4. Added new graphics to the throne room.
  5. Castle outer doors can now be broken again, however inner doors cannot.
  6. Aden castle owner will be reset to Ken Rauhel for every siege, while testing is in progress. In addition, Ken Rauhel and Kerenis will drop incredible items.
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January 31, 2003 12:25 pm ET - research by Lineage - US
Arena Rankings
Have you tested your skill against hordes of monsters in the Arena Deathmatches located throughout the world of Aden? And if you have, are you one of the strongest skilled fighters in the land? Keep track of your rankings compared to your fellow players in the newest addition to LinWeb – Arena Deathmatch Rankings!
Thanks NC, less hassle for us ^^ Effectively immediately, LC will no longer post the top 10 for the Deathmatch, however, we will offer details on what deathmatches are and how the work, as well as the monster lists that you can expect at the Deathmatch link to the left.
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January 31, 2003 02:28 am ET - research by WaterElf
Yet another Death Knight for the Hall of Fame!

It's been a long time since we heard of SONAR on Lineage Compendium. It was quite a pleasure to interview SONAR and he did have some interesting information to share.

SONAR has been playing for Lineage for quite a long time. He's been on Ken for most of his time in Lineage. He did play Depardieu during the time when US Lineage was still in the beta testing period. His friend from college showed SONAR Lineage and he's been playing it ever since that day.

SONAR did have good experiences on both Dep and Ken that he wants to share. SONAR has a mage named Spellman and a knight named Knightofhell on Dep. He was in the pledge "Playboy" owned by the prince ThugLife. His most memorible moment on Dep was when "Playboy" beat "MilsFamily" during a pledge war. Personally, I remember those fights near Gludio. When ThugLife quit when the commericial period started, he moved to Ken. He wanted a fresh start and was determined to be the strongest.

SONAR moved to the NON-PK server, Ken Rauhel. He has many characters on this server and some of them were: Orcide,Belive,xfusionx and of course SONAR. His favourite moment on Ken was siege based. Him and Sesame camped under Windawood castle for two hours. At the same time, Windawood was being defended by over 70 Design Dragon allies & members. At the last moment, both of them crept under the noses of all the defenders and wore the crown with success.

Besides all these stories, SONAR did tell me some hard facts. He's a CON knight that added +2 to STR during his 2 level ups from 50. He has -6x AC, a Blessed Tsurugi and a good ol' Mail Breaker. SONAR didn't want to share their enchant levels and I'm sure he has his reasons. His favourite boss is Demon, but he did love the drops Fafurion gave him. His most memorible drop was a +50 HP belt from Faruuk, during the Gnoll Event. He plays 15 hours a day and he has 693 hp with items. He didnt like his past 2 level ups, because he gained 10 and 9 HP for a CON knight.........

"Ask him when did he realize he was a babo?"- Drakenmoor

"I noticed I was a babo when i started to hang around you!" -Sonar

Special thanks goes to his real life brothers, Sledgehammer, Waltz, Taeback, HERC and all people who skinned him in Fire Valley! SONAR also wants NC to take a look at their D/C timer. (I think he means the time it takes to fully d/c from server)

I remember having a war with Playboy when I was in Taera's pledge, Cubed o.o!

Heine does look pretty! :P

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January 31, 2003 01:00 am ET - research by Lineage - USA
Lands of Aden LinWeb
The Lands of Aden LinWeb is now available for public testing! To help us test this addition to the Lineage website, please visit and log in to adjust display settings on your Lands of Aden characters. Please let us know if you encounter any bugs, missing graphics, or other errors by reporting on the Lineage Message boards in the Lineage Testing discussion topic.
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January 31, 2003 12:59 am ET - research by Lineage - USA
Lunar New Year

Celebrate the Lunar New Year!

The Lunar New Year dates from 2600BC, when the Emperor Huang Ti introduced the first cycle of the zodiac. The Lunar Calendar names each of the twelve years after an animal. Legend has it that the Lord Buddha summoned all the animals to come bid him farewell before he departed from Earth. Twelve came to bid him farewell and as a reward he named a year after each one in the order they arrived. Febuary 1st, 2003 marks the beginning of the year of the Ram or Sheep.

So what does this mean to you?

It means we’re having an event! During the weekend of Jan. 31st to Feb. 1st, various polymorphs will be available to all levels of players. These include Beleth, Baphomet, Dark Elf, Demon, and DeathKnight. In the tradition of celebration, NPCs will be setting off fireworks throughout the game. The event will begin with a brief server reset at 10:00 AM CST on Friday, January 31st and conclude on Monday, Feb. 1st with another server reset at 10:00 AM CST.

We’ll see you there!

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January 28, 2003 04:07 pm ET - research by Lineage - US
1/29 - Publish Announcement
The following items will be published to the US Lineage servers at 10:00am US Central time on Wednesday January 29 2003:
  • Fixed a bug with siege times causing the client to crash.
  • The speed of summoned lesser elementals has been increased.
  • Approximately 10 megabytes of Episode 12 specific content will be published, but will remain inactive until the actual publish of Episode 12 at a later date.

The following changes will be published to the Lands of Aden server ONLY:

  • Fairy Queen spawn time and location adjusted.
  • Orim now buys the mystery crystal ball.
  • Vergil buys the helms of magic
  • Reduced the weight of Engraved Armor and Visor
  • Reduced the Mithril Robe Weight, and increased the AC.
  • Corrected the list of ingredients for some new items.
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January 27, 2003 10:26 pm ET - research by Lineage - US
Q & A: Budkin
Q & A with Seth “Budkin” Scoville is here!

The guidelines to remember before starting:

  1. Post only two questions. There are bound to be repeats, and we are only taking about a dozen or so.
  2. The questions need to be directed toward the subject person and their duties. This isn’t the same as the Veteran Questions, since it is not to answer specific gameplay questions. It is a chance for you to interact with this particular person and ask them something about their duties / position / department.

The question thread will be closed on 1/31/2003.

This session’s subject is the Web and Multimedia Developer for the Lineage site, Seth Scoville. Seth handles the Lineage web site’s changes and additions. The Q & A thread where you should post your questions can be found at This location.

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January 26, 2003 01:34 am ET - research by Lineage - US
Fan Art Winner
The latest winner of the Fan Art Submissions has been chosen, and the winner is ZSithornZ on Ken server !

The winning fan art can be viewed by going Here.

Thank you to all the players that have submitted a fan art so far. There have been many wonderful art submissions. The art pieces submitted will be included in the next Fan Art Submission automatically.

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January 26, 2003 01:33 am ET - research by amer
Download Section
I added a download section to the site to have a central storage place for the many downloads people have made/found for Lineage. We've posted many files since LC started, so I have a lot of catching up to do. The page is small now, but it will grow and contain all the movies we've posted as well as all those comics that we stopped updating. ^^


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January 25, 2003 06:53 pm ET - research by Qwazin & NEO
Kannabis is smoking levels

Who doesnt know Kannabis in Depardieu? The evil, the bad Kannabis for some; the Leader of PALDO and a good friend for others. Well now he reached one of his goals, the so awaited Death Knight morph at level 52.

Living in Toronto (Canada) he started as a CON knight and added 1 stat point to STR and the other one in DEX bringing his stats to 17str 13dex 18con. Since I'm not a good interviewer, I let him talk about all he wanted (which took 1 1/2 hour), and I tried to retell all in few parts.

Act I/ Paldo and kannabis

You ask what was PALDO? Well, it was a friends pledge, yes, a true one. back in old days that pledge killed Fafurion and Antharas once.. all of them remember that. And yes, Kannabis was there, as their leader.

Kannabis: I don't really get why people talk so much about me and Paldo. I believe that we made this server active. Back in old times all sieges were like: go , hit, kill, get throne. We changed that, I did the pot supporting while defending in outer gate and the welliknown COI blocking (that annoyed a lot of people in Kent sieges). We made fights go in other ways with the cCOI-back stabbing. People called that..COI hack. It was just targetting one guy in pledge chat, surrounding him, and getting out of COI and hit.

He had lots more to say but I'll cut it there and resume it in one sentence.
Kannabis: I loved paldo and the people who were inside. It was well organized. They didn;t like to give UP in fights like other pledge, even when we weren't winning. I respect a lot all of my people.

Act II/ Paldo and the Alliance

Kannabis: There is no good side or evil side in this game. I have fought with SOL (SoulOfLineage) or enemies for one year and I did what I had to do as a leader of Paldo. As a leader of one side that goes against the alliance, I might be looked as an evil or bad ass for enemies, but might be looked as a hero for my people.
Qwazin: People hated Paldo because of the cancel spree, being racist, etc. etc. Any comments?
Kannabis: I didn't care about those, I only accepted people who can follow me and listen to me. That's why Paldo could survive against so many enemies. Lots of people think Paldo is for Koreans but frankly...2/3 of Paldo people were not Koreans. I made no rule for fighting, which means do whatever to stop enemies only no bad-talking. Canceling was one of the ways, though lots of people hated it. But cancel always follows during fight or field. I didn't stop that cause it will happen anyways if I tell people to stop.

Act III/ Why is Paldo no more?

Kannabis: lots of ppl call Paldo to help for fight and when they went to fight all other people just left was always my people doing all the dirty work for others. This made me mad and sad so I dismissed Paldo. I want people to feel that they really need Paldo now. Lets see how other people can handle SOL etc. without us.
Qwazin: That means Paldo won't be back soon?
Kannabis: someday...

Act IV/ To NCI

Kannabis: First potion delay it made people who had the most people win, and second, COI delay? To stop PKing? It's a PvP server, that means there should be lots of fighting in the field that was like the only way to keep Paldo alive against 200 people. NC should know this. Third is about soft AC...what the hell is this for? Don't classes who have less HP need stronger AC? Well I play knight...but I feel so mad about soft AC.

Act V/ "few" thanks here.

He has the following people to thank...take a deep beath, because this is long:

His roommates(Astier, Damaccuzzi, xDacomeon), his manager Jeff, PC room friends, all the Paldo people, Tommy, Sado, Heukpung, Whitehand family, hotpepper family, RedRose pledge, Bulsapa pledge, old Tuscani and boys, Pro brothers, NEO , TwinkleStar, Virginia family, Startsnow couple and pledge, hamberger pledge, Ora pledge, Hansolo(Tony), Peacev(Vin), Sasa, Sevenmage couple, Bam, FCA pledge(thx alot), Wareagle, Spanish family, json, ran7942, sweetlady, lineagekhan, demandz, changbogo, luvluv, Red Pegasuses pledge, BBknights, sol ppl for all the cancels, Random, JPG and last but not least his girl, Aerith,(thx alot)

Act VI/ the conclusion

Qwazin: So now what's your goal?
Kannabis: for me lineage is still fun. I want to level up more, take a rest from fights for the moment. I dunno what level I want though, but keep in mind that I'll be back in fights one day. Thats for sure!

If you guys are still alive after all that, i hope it helped you to know more about him and his pledge, about Depardieu (for Ken/LOA/Test people). Hope you liked it!

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January 25, 2003 01:30 pm ET - research by Lineage - US
Internet Outages
The US Lineage service was shutdown tonight from approximately 2:18am CST to 5:10am CST as a result of the denial of service attack that affected a large number of sites across the entire Internet. Information on that attack can be found here and on other news sites. The servers have been returned to service at this time and no further downtime is expected as a result.
That attack got LC's ISP too :( -amer
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January 24, 2003 03:02 pm ET - research by amateras
Level 45 Prince Quest - Alliance
Lineage Playforum ( did a write up of what it takes to do the Level 45 Prince quest. If you haven't noticed, we've been putting quests in links off of the main page so people who don't want it "spoiled" for them can ignore it. Those people should probably stay away from the comments to :)

Level 45 Prince Quest

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January 24, 2003 02:21 pm ET - research by amateras
1/24 - Publish to Korean Test Servers
Lineage - Korea ( announces the following publishes being made to the Korean Test server on 1/24:
  1. Alliance is a privilege, not a right. As such, the privilege of being the head of an alliance will be a level 45 Prince quest. To begin, you must speak to Masha in Werldern town.
  2. A level 45+ prince can have an alliance equal to 6xCHA members. A level 50+ prince can have an alliance with 10xCHA members.
  3. A new menu interface has been added to handle the new features of /pledge.
  4. There are 4 ranks in an alliance - Alliance Prince, Elite Member, Regular Member and Recruits.
  5. The Alliance prince can accept other princes as pledge members.
  6. Elite Members and the Alliance Prince will have an "Alliance Chat" which can be used by prefacing your text with %.
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January 24, 2003 02:09 pm ET - research by Lineage - US
System Restoration and Event
At approximately 9:10 AM US Central time on Thursday, January 23rd, a majority of users on the US Lineage servers experienced disconnects due to an ISP switching failure.

As a result, we have examined the server logs from this time and tracked the loss of dogs during the 9:10 AM – 9:25 AM time period on the Ken Rauhel, Depardieu, and Lands of Aden servers. During the maintenance period on Wednesday, January 29th, we will be restoring the lost dogs to their owners.

In addition, during the weekend of January 31st to February 3rd, we will be holding a polymorph weekend. Various polymorphs will be available to all levels of player, including Death Knight, Demon, Dark Elf, Baphomet and Beleth. That weekend also happens to mark the Lunar New Year, so expect more details on the festivities during the upcoming days!

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January 24, 2003 11:45 am ET - research by Lineage - US
Unscheduled Maintenance
The Texas.Net data center will be performing an unscheduled maintenance at 3 am Central Time on Friday, January 24th to address the connectivity issues experienced earlier this morning. The maintenance is expected to be very brief, but please be advised that Lineage customers may experience intermittent latency and/or disconnection during this time.
Here's a post from Leilo, Lineage-US Community Manager, on this issue on the forums:

Hi everyone -

I wanted to stop in and bring you some news about the connection problems many players experienced this morning on the Lineage servers. As announced earlier, it was an ISP-related problem - and in a few minutes, I'll be posting a news announcement about maintenance to fix the problem. As several players noted, this affected other sites on the Internet, and not just the Lineage servers. But it did have disastrous effects for some players who were online this morning.

We've been reading the posts today - here and on other boards - and we've spent most of the day working on a way to deal with the situation. Primarily, we've been exploring how to restore experience to those players who died as a result of the disconnect. Our QA and Operations teams have been working out all sorts of scenarios, and the end result is that while we could do it, we can't do it without causing problems for some of the characters that would affect their future character development. We don't think that's acceptable, and we expect you wouldn't either.

So, what can we do? There are a few other things we're considering. And we're still working here in Austin and testing things out. We won't be restoring experience, but we are going to do something. And we didn't want you to spend the evening tonight thinking we were unaware or not working on it.

We'll make a news announcement in the morning with details about what we have planned.

-Susan "Leilo" Kath

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January 24, 2003 12:55 am ET - research by Maja
LoA Prince Set
LoA's new Prince Set is an Engraved Breast Plate and an Engraved Visor, which when used together provide a AC (including set bonus of -5) of -12. The combined weight is 400, but CaptSturm has said on the forums that he plans to lower that weight.

The Engraved Breast Plate requires 100 Rough Mithril, 200 Pure Mithril, an Iron Plate Mail and 10,000 adena. The Engraved Visor requires 20 Rough Mithril, 100 Pure Mithril, an Iron Visor and 5,000 adena. You must be level 30 to use the set.

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January 23, 2003 11:44 pm ET - research by Basilisk
Super Ettin!
Soon after we reported about Basilisk taming the Mage Quest super-zombie, he tamed the Mage Quest "super" ettin too. It's better than your garden variety ettin, too!

According to Basilisk, it self hastes at random and can kill an Elmore Soldier in 5 hits. It hit for an average of about 20HP with a decent chance of landing a 60HP whopper. It also behaved like the quest monster when tamed (cancelling it turned it into a skeleton), however while in Ettin form, it could be healed (unlike the super-zombie).

Looks like the latest server update fixed this little exploit, these monsters cannot be tamed any longer. Hope you had fun while it lasted ;)

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January 23, 2003 11:34 pm ET - research by Kirby
AMD thinks Lineage is in the top 64!
From "AMD is conducting a Breakout Performance Survey with 64 choices, 64 first prizes and one grand prize desktop AMD Athlon™ 64 processor-based system."

On the second question, "What do you think is the all-time greatest breakout performance in Arts and Entertainment", Lineage is actually a choice! Good to get some well-deserved recognition for once :) Right up there with "Leonardo da Vinci paints the Mona Lisa" and "Star Wars introduces the world to Jedi and the Empire".

Here's the link for the survey:,,3715_8211_8212,00.html?1042648913

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January 23, 2003 09:33 pm ET - research by amer
Fan Item Winner
The winner of the LoA Server Item Design Contest has been chosen!

The winner is KillGlance!

You can read more about KillGlance Here.

The chosen fan item design will be appearing on the Lands of Aden server soon in the near future. Want to know what it is? Keep watching – more details, and the story behind the item, will appear soon!

Thank you to all players that submitted their ideas for the contest. There were an overwhelming number of great ideas from you!

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January 23, 2003 03:31 pm ET - research by amateras
1/22 - Korean Test PvP siege
Lineage Playforum did a report ( on the second Aden siege (the first one on PvP servers).

There are still problems with the Aden siege system. Players were able to walk through gates which were supposed to be unpassable, no one was teleported out of the castle when a pledge took over and various other smaller issues.

The siege ended in 4 minutes -- players went straight for Ken Rauhel, steering very clear of Cerenis. They compare her to a dragon and if she decides that you are the next one to die, there's really not much you can do about it. However, you don't need to kill her to win, so why bother?

Also, the tax system is not working (and it's unclear about how it will work, anyway). Still bugs to work out. :)

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January 23, 2003 03:24 pm ET - research by amateras
1/22 - Korean Test Server publish announcement
Lineage - Korea announces ( the following publishes being made to the Korean Test servers on 1/22.
  1. Korean siege times have been rescheduled. PvP server will be 1/23 at 18:05 and non-PvP will be 1/24 at 18:05. On the non-PvP server, the castle will start under the control of the pledge that was declared winner during the last test.
  2. Ettin attack range has been increased.
  3. Bug where /pledge was not functioning properly has been fixed.
  4. If a Prince moves after casting Call Clan, but before the pledge member has confirmed, the spell will be aborted.
  5. Miscellaneous bug fixes.
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January 23, 2003 12:33 pm ET - research by Lineage - US
Maintenance Shift
Due to an ISP outage along the backbone that serves the US Lineage servers and thus connectivity for a number of our customers, we are shifting today’s maintenance period to take place at 9:30 AM Central US time. We anticipate the servers will be available by 10:00 AM Central US time.
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January 23, 2003 03:40 am ET - research by amer
Item Creation Guide
By popular demand, I finally rewrote the Item Creation Guide. It's actually much faster now than it used to be (go PHP!). Currently, it only contains Elven Items, but we'll have every craftable item up soon.

Item Creation Guide

If you guys find any bugs or have any suggestions, please email them to me so I can fix em.

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January 21, 2003 11:55 pm ET - research by Lineage - US
Publish delayed
This week’s scheduled Server Reset/Publish has been moved to Thursday, January 23rd at 10:00am Central US time. The regularly scheduled Server Reset/Publish will not take place on Wednesday, January 22nd. More information regarding the contents of this publish will be posted on the Wednesday, January 23rd.
Depardieu and Ken Rauhel Servers will have server resets. Additional pre-episode 12 content patched, but will not be accessible until Episode 12 is released.

Lands of Aden server will contain the following changes:

  1. New craftable items:
    • Mithril Robe--for Mages, decent AC
    • Engraved Breast Plate and Engrave Visor--Armor Set for Prince/ess
  2. New dropped items:
    • Troll Ring--Knight only, +1HP regen
    • Ring of Protection--Prince/ess only, +1 AC
    • Mermaid Ring--+1MP regen
  3. A mithril craftsman will be added in Horun’s Lab and an armor craftsman will be added to Werldern.
  4. AC on several boss monsters will be lowered slightly to offset the class system/soft AC changes.
  5. Muryans will now drop adena.
  6. The hit penalty on the Staff of Mana will be removed.
  7. Guard archers will begin appearing throughout Talking Island.
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January 20, 2003 07:09 pm ET - research by Dlirk
Holy Dancin' DeathKnights

Greatness is not in where we stand, but in what direction we are moving. We must sail sometimes with the wind and sometimes against it- but sail we must, and not drift, nor lie at anchor. Fortunately, the great DSK understands this perfectly. This super knight has finally reached the first of many goals, level 52, but it by no means his last. He plans to get all the way to 60 and expects to be 53 by the end of next month.

Like many level death knights, DSK started with 18 constitution but added two points to dexterity giving him a grand total of 14. However, unlike most other death knights, DSK is proud to have done it with horrible items. Well, he was proud after I told him he should be, but proud none the less.

DSK hails from Taiwan but started his account back when Depardieu was in beta and besides, he hates the Taiwan servers because they are incredibly overcrowded. It only took him two months to go from level 49 to 52 despite four deaths, because he lost his job and had nothing better to do with his time. Now that he is 52 he plans on getting another job. “Lineage is just for fun, real life is much more important.”

While not affiliated with any pledge at the moment, he plans on joining CoD very soon, doubling CoD’s current Death Knight count. Other players describe DSK as a machine or a robot. Some even said, “Wow he talks?” But don’t let that fool you, this passionate death knight is one of the nicest around. You might catch him in dragon valley caves, where he got his best drop, an ROTC from a succubus queen.

This death knight who sneaks in the ever scrumptious Chinese Cabbage between hunts, says he’d much rather play his mage, but wishes NC would make it stronger. He feels forced into being a knight so he can hunt bosses, but none the less he enjoys the game, still playing his level 48 mage as often as possible.

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January 20, 2003 05:18 pm ET - research by Lineage - US
Trial Period Update

New Lineage accounts created from this point forward are eligible for a seven day free trial period. After the free trial period expires, billing will be applied to your Lineage account.

Question: If I’m currently in my trial period, will it be cut down to 7 days?
Answer: No. When we change the trial period, it will only affect accounts created after 2:00 PM Central US time on January 20, 2003. Accounts created prior to that date and time will have 30-day trial periods.

Question: Why are you lowering the trial period to 7 days?
Answer: When we increased the free trial period to 30 days over a year ago, we did so because we felt that potential Lineage players needed that amount of time to understand and experience Lineage before making a purchase decision. However, we’ve spent the last year adjusting our new player experience by releasing and updating the Talking Island and Hidden Valley game areas, as well opening the Lands of Aden server – a server designed specifically for players new to the Lineage world. We feel that with these changes to the new player experience, the learning curve of the game is not nearly as steep and gamers can make a swift, informed decision over whether the game is suited to their entertainment needs.

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January 20, 2003 05:17 pm ET - research by Lineage - US
Fan Art Request
Have a talent for drawing and the urge to reproduce one of your favorite monsters, places, or characters from the world of Lineage?

Submit your Lineage fan art! The art will be chosen Based upon it's relevant portrayal of the Lineage gameworld and/or characters and adventures. The artist’s chosen name (character or real) will be displayed near the fan art on our site.

Please use the following guidelines for submissions:

  1. The picture must be scanned into a graphical file format (Gif preferred, or jpeg)
  2. The scanned image must be 150k in size or smaller – 800 x 600 resolution.
  3. The image must reflect something related to Lineage. A player character, an action scene involving Lineage (such as a siege), a hunt within Lineage, or a Lineage monster are all examples.
  4. The image must not be sexually offensive, racially offensive, portray an image in bad taste (no gore or mutilations) or violate the Lineage User Agreement in any other way.

All visitors to the Lineage web site will be able to view this artwork and see the name of the artist that submitted it -- so this is your chance to display artistic talent!

Submissions should be entered via our Support Tool, found at This location.under the “ask a question” tab near the middle. Please be sure to select “Screenshots and Player stories” under the department tab and then attach your image file to the submission. Please be sure to include your real name, a character name and server to which the artwork may be credited. All submissions become the property of NCsoft and may be used for advertising or promotional purposes.

The deadline for Submissions for this round of Fan Art is this Thursday January 23rd..

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January 20, 2003 06:10 am ET - research by Basilisk
Tamed Mage Quest Zombie
Basilisk, on Ken server, made an interesting discovery. He tamed a zombie from the level 30 Mage Quest and found that it was level 6 with 800 HP. Which explains why you have to use turn undead on it, not just heal.

But even more interesting, it has amazing regen rates and can hit about 30HP per hit on -4x AC! (Basilisk says over 130 HP damage on -6 AC).

He then tested against Dwarf Warriors, Yeti, Lava Golems - the Zombie won every single time. It beat a hasted King Bugbear summon (it was unhasted) with 134HP left over and even the elven guardian, Arachne!

If you want to try this on your own, do it quick. Mages are probably not meant to have a super-zombie helper. :)

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January 20, 2003 12:57 am ET - research by LC Staff
Scavenger Hunt Winners!
Now that we've been able to contact all the winners, we'd like to announce the results of our contest!

NC was kind enough to provide a third month, so we are going to award a free month to the winners Dep, Ken and LoA. Sorry, not a single person participated on Test Server :(

So, without further ado:

Dep Server

The winner on Dep Server was B1ackShadow who won by a huge margin. He got 22 pts from Blinding Potion (62 = 5 pts), Scroll of Destroy Armor (16 = 5 pts), Elemental Stones (476 = 1 pt), Spirit Gems (911 = 3 pts), Hard Leather (348 = 3 pts), Old Scroll (15 = 5 pts). Second place goes to FoxyMage who had 10 pts from Elemental Stones (719 = 5 pts) and Spirit Gems (945 = 5 pts). Third place, HellChic, scored 8 from Elemental Stones (693 = 3 pts) and Silver Serpent Scales (470 = 5 pts).

2nd PlaceFoxyMage
3rd PlaceHellChic

Ken Server

The winner on Ken Server was GnomeArcher who won because he got to the reporter faster. There was a tie for 11 pts. GnomeArcher got his 11 points from Hard Leather (609 = 5 pts), Old Scroll (1 = 1 pt) and Scroll of Destroy Armor (7 = 5 pts). Arachnevil got his 11 points from Elemental Stone (32 = 1 pt), Old Scroll (40 = 5 pts) and Blinding Potion (208 = 5 pts). BlackHawkX came in third with Hard Leather (304 = 3 pts), Spirit Gems (354 = 1 pt), Elemental Stone (130 = 5 pts), Floating Eye Meat (174 = 1 pt) for a total of 10 pts.

2nd PlaceArachnevil
3rd PlaceBlackHawkX

LoA Server

Only three people participated, but that's enough :) The winner on LoA Server was Lindvior who won with 21 pts from Floating Eye Meat (33 = 1 pt), Blinding Potions (76 = 5 pts), Elemental Stones (46 = 5 pts), Spirit Gem (69 = 5 pts), Hard Leather (51 = 5 pts). Second place went to Spacebar who got 15 pts from Floating Eye Meat (139 = 5 pt), Blinding Potions (3 = 3 pts), Elemental Stones (44 = 3 pts), Spirit Gem (11 = 1 pt), Hard Leather (15 = 3 pts). Third place went to Zarovich who got 8 pts from Floating Eye Meat (70 = 3 pt), Blinding Potions (2 = 1 pt), Spirit Gem (54 = 3 pts), Hard Leather (14 = 1 pt).

2nd PlaceSpacebar
3rd PlaceZarovich

Just as a little commentary: Everyone who loaded themselves up with the Floating Eye Meat ended up losing. The Floating Eye Meat took up so much room that they had no room to carry anything else. All the items that the major points were scored with were very light. So, next contest we have, don't doubt us so quickly ;)

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January 18, 2003 02:05 am ET - research by Taera and Yeildarb
BBKnights, 52 and loving it!

On December 10th, 2002, a constitution knight from Dep who has been playing the game since beta finally hit his long awaited and well deserved goal of 52. BBKnights, loyal member and helpful second in the alliance-giant FirstLove, has a lot to do besides leveling, but sure as hell tries to put a hunk of his day into it. With a +9 blessed Tsurugi and AC in the –70s (-60s if he has his MR set on) he hunts Fire Valley and Dragon Valley Cave 6th floor.

At 51 he added to strength as most knights do, making his strength 17, but at 52 he added to dexterity, making it 13. though this only gave him one more AC point he is planning ahead. He plans to take dexterity up to 18 (that makes him 57 when he reaches that goal) before returning to strength.

BB is an avid boss hunter. He tries to catch Pheonix, Death Knight, Demon and Ice Queen when they are up. His best drop he isn’t quite sure of; perhaps it is his fire ring, or the 23 Top Quality Diamonds, or the +0 Tsurugi.

BBKnights’ luck extends to enchanting too; he made four, count em, four, +9 Tsurugis. One of these he traded for a +8 t-shirt; not sure where the other three went.

He is planning to (or perhaps has already done by the time this article is up!) the upcoming level 30 knight quest and hopes the shield is worth it. In other update news he is really looking forward to the Episode 12 marriage command, hint hint. BB is tall, dark, handsome and enjoys long hunts on the beach. You know where to find him!

He wants to give thanks to all his pledge, especially CCGirl and Pomme who have always been there for him. “Without them I can’t do anything in Lineage,” He says, and though I am sure he could still get as far as he got, it wouldn’t be half as fun alone!

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January 18, 2003 12:13 am ET - research by Lineage - US
1/17 - US Test Server update
The following has been published to the US Test Server on January 17th:
  1. The speed of Summoned Lesser Elemental's in-game movement has been increased.
  2. A large amount of additional Episode 12 preemptive content has been added. This content will not be accessible until Episode 12 itself is released.

I didn't notice any difference in speed. I globalled to see if anyone else had and the only one who noticed said that when the spirit is on greens and the player is also on greens, the spirit keeps up. But that's how fast they were before, so I dunno. However, they make noises when hit or attacking now. :) -amer
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January 17, 2003 04:29 pm ET - research by amateras
Castle Aden - First Siege
Well, today was the first Castle Aden siege on the Korean non-PvP Test Server. Lineage Playforum did a pictorial report on it, so we translate, add our own little comments and post. Enjoy!

Aden Siege - Korean Test Server - Jan. 17 ( also did a report and they posted some additional information:

There were some problems on this test. There are certain requirements to meet to take the castle (remember, your pledge has to disable *all* towers *or* kill the current Prince), however, the winning pledge didn't meet these requirements but the server awarded them the castle anyway. NC cancelled the win and delayed the PvP Korean Test server siege until they can get it straightened out.

Below is a picture of all the towers (from the Jude1004 article). From left to right, there is: Guardian Tower, Guardian Tower: Eva, Guardian Tower: Maphr, Guardian Tower: Sayha and Guardian Tower: Paagrio.

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January 16, 2003 10:04 pm ET - research by Taera
JaiJai hits leve 52 on Dep

The New Year is here and with it comes the age of death knights. Just look at how fast our HOF is growing and you will see what I mean! Now, one of the major contributors to the Dep HOF section just happens to be the pledge FirstLove; in fact, they have over seven known 52+ and three more on the way!

The newest Death Knight in the FirstLove collection is JaiJai, a strength knight (Now 22 strength with the addition of his 51 and 52 stat points) with a +9 blessed Tsurugi and –6x AC (base).

JaiJai hunts Fire Valley, Dragon Valley and Dragon Valley Cave 1-6th floors. He is excited about the upcoming Aden (Episode 12) and he thinks that his pledge, FirstLove, will get Aden Castle.

Jai has a lot of thanks to give. “Thanks to everyone who encouraged me to get Death Knight and all the mage and elf who healed and skinned me.”

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January 16, 2003 02:23 pm ET - research by amateras
Korean Test Server - new changes
Jude1004 reports (") that some changes have been made to Tower of Insolence 10f on the test server. It appears that they have removed all the "non Episode 12 mops" from 10f and replaced them with Episode 12 mops. So, on 10f, no more Death, Ghost or DV Skels, but they added Lesser Dragon, Lesser Demon, Chimera, Dire Wolf and Dancing Sword.

In addition, there is a small story about 2 players who went up to hunt Lich and were killed in 8 seconds. They mentioned that Lich uses a ridiculous amount of long-ranged magic attacks, so not even elves standing at the edge of the screen were safe. Also, Lich has some attack which can inflict 500HP damage. The writers kept emphasizing the importance of MR when hunting Lich.

On another report ("), Jude1004 mentions that in Fire Valley, just outside of Valakas's lair, you can bookmark your location. They suspect it's just an oversight and will be removed, but we never know ;)

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January 16, 2003 03:28 am ET - research by AlFansom
The Effect of MB on Spell Damage
AlFansom mailed me on Ken about a project which he was working on to catalog the damage of each spell. He even managed to get a pretty good estimate on what the effect of Mage stats are on the damage of a spell.

Here is the URL to his work in progress:

In summary, he seems to have demonstrated that the damage roll of a spell works by having a "base damage" (see the table below) and then your Magic Bonus (MB) determines how much extra damage you could inflict.

Spell Damage = Base Damage + (Magic Bonus x Level of Spell)

Here's an example. Call Lightning has a base damage of 26-73 HP per cast. If you have a MB of 3, since Call Lightning is a level 5 spell, you could inflict an extra 3 x 5 = 15 damage, increasing the range to 26 - 88. The minimum never changes though, only the maximum. This, obviously is NOT how a weapon works.

Now, pop a Potion of Wisdom, and you get +2 MB. This makes the damage range of Call Lightning expand to 26 - 98. An extra +10 per cast! So, the higher level you the spell is, the more a change in MB affects it.

Magic Bonus (MB) is determined by your INT and other items. However, it has nothing to do with your level. A level 40 mage with 18 INT has the same MB as a level 1 mage with 18 INT. Based on his results, it seems that level doesn't matter, only MB does. However, he only had 3 different levels in his results, and his research is directed towards MB not SP, so don't interpret anything too deep by that.

This is a work in progress (and determined by experimentation, so the numbers below may not be perfect. Don't read TOO much into it.) These are all corrected to reflect the effects on 0% MR. Remember that MR reduces this damage, and so does Elemental Resistance.

SpellLevelBase Damage
Energy Bolt11-13
Ice Dagger12-13
Wind Shuriken12-16
Fire Arrow22-12
Frozen Cloud314-26
Earth Jail416-24
Cone of Cold533-58
Call Lightning526-73

Good job, AlFansom!

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January 16, 2003 02:25 am ET - research by amer
Letters from FI
My little pledge hunted FI today and while restocking on pots, we starting wondering why in the world stationery was being sold at the FI merchant. It was overpriced and was there really anything so important that we couldn't wait until we were done with FI?

So, amateras (in a moment of brilliance), started a new FI tradition. He sent a letter to himself with "amateras was here" and dropped it by the FI teleport NPC so you could see it on your way out. The rest of us followed suit. :) I'm curious as to how long it will stay there on its own without some fools stealing it. (No monsters enter that area of FI).

So, if you see a couple of "I was here" notes on FI, go ahead and add your own. If it catches on, I'll post a screenshot next week of the exit island littered with landmarks. ^^

Oh, and please don't forget you can't take your summoned mops through the FI teleport. These poor elves didn't know and had to go without their spirits for an hour. :(

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January 15, 2003 11:42 pm ET - research by amateras
1/15 - Korean Test Server Publish Announcement
NC - Korea announces ( the following publishes to the Korean test server:
  1. Some of the ancient armors have been adjusted. Ancient Leather Armor and Ancient Scale Mail now also gives additional HP and MP regeneration rate. Ancient Robe now gives additional MP regeneration rate.
  2. Bugs in Troll and Titan belts have been fixed. Also, their drop rates have been adjusted.
  3. Giants in the Twilight Mountains can now see invisible and polymorphed players.
  4. Cerberus cannot be tamed any more.
  5. Castle doors cannot be broken any longer if it is not siege time.
  6. The drop rate of skeleton Mage quest items has been adjusted.
  7. Aden siege times have been set:
    • Korean PvP Test server: 1/17 22:05 KST
    • Korean non-PvP Test server: 1/17 18:05 KST
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January 15, 2003 10:28 pm ET - research by amer
Unannounced Changes
A few unmentioned changes went in today with the level 30 quests. It's possible that the server reset tomorrow is to undo these changes. The changes are the same as those posted on the Korean live servers when they got their Level 30 Quest update on Dec. 11 (

  1. There is now a Weldern Coliseum for levels 30-48 (yep, it's there I checked)
  2. If you die, when you restart, you will have LV+1 HP instead of just 1 HP. (also true)
  3. "Changes to the Cloak of Invisibility: Decreased delay before you can attack; cannot trade or attack undead while in COI; any other actions will take off COI." (This appears, for the most part, to be true. It also appears that there is some kind of bug? with the Invisibility Spell where you can't cast Detect. This could be by intention, but this means that it's next to impossible to become visible again without help from someone/something else.)
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January 15, 2003 10:23 pm ET - research by Lineage - US
Server Reset
The US Lineage servers will be reset tomorrow on 1/16/2003 at 10:00am US Central time. Players will be unable to connect to the servers during this brief unscheduled maintenance time.
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January 14, 2003 09:35 pm ET - research by Lineage - US
LoA Contest Reminder
As a reminder, the Lands of Aden Server Item Design Contest will be closing tomorrow! For more information on the design contest, please visit our news post at
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January 14, 2003 02:32 pm ET - research by Lineage - USA
1/14 - US Live Servers - Publish Announcement
The following changes will be published to the US Lineage servers, during the Wednesday 10:00am Central US time maintenance.

NOTE: A significant amount of data will be included in this publish, in part due to preparation for Episode 12. Players should prepare for a patch of over 40 megabytes in size.

The publish will include the following:

  • Graphical fixes.
  • Talking Island innkeeper now sends players directly to their purchased room.
  • The polymorph option list has been updated. You can no longer morph into certain dogs with Scroll of Polymorph.
  • The Pumpkin Helm ability has been adjusted. The speed has been reduced and items can no longer be picked up while the helm is worn. Also, there is a 5-second delay in equipping/de-equipping the Helm.
  • Dice dagger damage has been reduced.
  • The crafting system now checks against the weight amount a player can carry. Materials for the crafting process will not be consumed if an item is not crafted due to weight restrictions.
  • Disabled the spell “Return to Nature” on Ken Rauhel.
  • The Forgotten Island ticket seller, named Isvall, now knows the ship schedule.
  • Talking Island Coliseum has been added.
  • Level 30+ quests have been added:
    • NPC named Mark added in the desert by the Oasis (Knight Quest).
    • NPC Gereng on Talking Island has quests added/modified (Mage quest).
    • NPC Mother Tree in the Elven Forest has a new quest added (Elf Quest).
    • NPC Aria in Woodbec/Windawood has been added with a quest (Prince Quest). Currently, the Call Clan spell received as part of the quest reward is disabled. It can still be learned and will appear in the spell options, but will not function at this time. The other reward as part of the quest is still available to princes.
  • Lands of Aden Server Only: The Helm of Magic: Healing, Helm of Magic: Speed, and Helm of Magic: Power are now Prince only and will be dropped more frequently by monsters.
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January 13, 2003 08:04 pm ET - research by Byte, FatalSword, DroidMage, Everlastin, xxbeefyxx
Level 30 Quests

Byte on Test Server made us a nice guide on the Level 30 Knight Quest. It's missing screenshots though, so if anyone else wants to contribute the play-by-play screenshots, please do.

Knight Level 30 Quest

However, it seems to have been noticed that the Red Knight's Shield, like the Red Knight's Hood is safely enchanted to +6 (this is exactly the same as an Elven Shield, weight, material, everything). DooDad tried experimenting with all three items to see if there was a set bonus, but it looks like none.. yet. ;)

Here is FatalSword's Level 30 Elf Quest Guide.

Elf Level 30 Quest

Some more info on the Spirits that we've been messing with on test:
Wind and Fire both have 380HP, Earth has 410HP and Water has 450HP. Earth and Fire seemed to hit faster than Wind and Water have. I would say that Earth and Fire were about the same speed as a Rova/Atuba Orc and Wind and Water were the same speed as a Neruga Orc. It just seemed to have that extra pause that Neruga's spear has.

As for changing lines, Everlastin demonstrated that once you learn it, it's yours to keep (which is the OPPOSITE of what the NPC says). He changed his line like 3 times in front of me, and summoned a different Spirit every time. He did lose his other elemental spells, but no need to take the quest again.

Everlastin and I did some damage tests with Wind and Fire. Wind seemed to hit more often than Fire did, but Fire hit much harder. The range was something like 5-20HP per hit landed for Fire.

Everlastin expressed some annoyance at their pathfinding AI. They seemed to turn to Alert every time he went up or down a floor in Ivory Tower and he had to walk over to it to set it back to Aggressive. That was kind of frustrating.

Oh, and purely from an aesthetic point of view, the different spirits differ by more than just color. The Spirit of Wind was like a spinning flash of light when it hit, while the Spirit of Fire was more like a burning speedbag headbutting you. You'll have to see it for yourself. :)

DroidMage did a guide on the complicated Level 30 Mage Quest.

Mage Level 30 Quest

And rounding up the group, xxbeefyxx did a guide on the challenging Level 30 Prince Quest.

Prince Level 30 Quest

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January 13, 2003 06:40 pm ET - research by BlueMarlin
Ogre Belt Tests, Elven Spirits
BlueMarlin on Test server caught me while I was hunting for information on the new quests and helped me do the Ogre's Belt Test.

I'll just cut to the conclusion this time instead of boring you with the methodology. Same technique as last time, Ogre's Belt is +780 weight.

To resummarize, the ways to increase your carrying are:

Amulet of STR/Amulet of CON/ESS of CON/CON Helmet/RKS = +0 or +150*
Monarch's Cloak/Power Gloves = +150
Staff of Force = +150 or +300*
Decrease Weight = +180
STR spell = +300 or +450*
Troll's Belt = +540
Ogre's Belt = +780
* = depends on your STR/CON

Next stop: Titan's Belt.

Elemental Spirits
BlueMarlin is also one of the first few elves on Test to get the Elven Spirits. According to BlueMarlin, the test is easy (+8 Sayha, -60 AC), so if that says anything its that it's not impossible. She walked around a bit, the Spirit of Earth slowly followed behind. It's level 30, 410 HP and looked like a little yellow scribble following her. It seemed to be about the speed of an unhasted player. However, there are differences among the Spirits. For example, Water had 450 HP and Earth had 410 HP. However, in a duel between them, it was a draw. (This implies Water is slower).

Based on rumors we have heard, they all follow at the same speed (unhasted player), Water and Wind are a pair and Earth and Fire are a pair (5-10% faster at hitting).

(More details on quest specifics later)

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January 13, 2003 04:36 pm ET - research by Molindar
Troll Belt tests
Molindar, owner of a Troll Belt on Ken server, just gave me a hand testing the capacity of the Troll Belt, which will probably give us a good idea of what these capacity belts do.

Molindar is a STR 16, CON 18 knight. He had Power Gloves and an Amulet of Strength (which I had him unequip). His carrying capacity is 2700 at this point. I had him load himself up with Meat (weight 10) and Candy (weight 1) until he was at 100%. He couldn't pick up a single piece of Candy. Thus we knew he was at his maximum capacity.

Then, I had him put on his Troll Belt (it was already in his inventory, so it was occupying 50 weight, but its effect was off). When he put it on, he went to 82%.

He then tried to pick up as much meat and candy as possible. The total meat picked up was 54. Thus, we can conclude that the amount of weight that a Troll Belt adds is 540. This is consistent with what he saw on his screen. If your capacity was boosted from 2700 to 3240 (2700 + 540 = 3240), that would make 2700 be 83.3% which is close enough to the reported 82%.

This hints that the conclusions we drew from the PlayForum article about the Belt of Titan are likely incorrect. There is no way Troll Belt adds 540 and Titan's Belt slows you and only adds 200. So, we're just going to have to wait until one of our fellow Lineage players gets the Titan's Belt before we can conclude anything.

So for now, the ways to increase your carrying are:

Amulet of STR/Amulet of CON/ESS of CON/CON Helmet/RKS = +0 or +150*
Monarch's Cloak/Power Gloves = +150
Staff of Force = +150 or +300*
Decrease Weight = +180
STR spell = +300 or +450*
Belt of Troll = +540
* = depends on your STR/CON

Next stop: Ogre's Belt.

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January 13, 2003 03:10 pm ET - research by amateras
Tower of Insolence 9f - too easy? posted an article ( which says that Tower of Insolence 9f is too easy.

Elves are just cleaning up in there, with the help of Blood to Soul. Most monsters are slow. Nightmare doesn't attack SOSC. Bone Dragon and Lesser Demon are the only difficult monsters. Lesser Demon doesn't appear to have a significant attack in close range and their ranged attack has a 4 cell range, so elves stay 5 cells away (they're slow to move too) and they just fire away. Since these are high level monsters, you can just sit there and gain experience and using Blood to Soul, you pretty much never have to leave.

9F Drops: Magic Gem, Blank Scroll (Level 4), Blank Scroll (Level 5), Dice Dagger, Old Belt of Soul, Old Belt of Mind, Katana, Plate Mail, Blessed Plate Mail, Chain Mail of Magic Resistnce, Scale Mail, Two Handed Sword, Blessed Two Handed Sword, Haste, Greater Haste, Pine, Brave, Res, Blue, Wis, Tame Monster, Strength, misc level 4-6 magic books, Ring of Immunity to Magic, Scroll of Enchant Armor (blessed and neutral), Scroll of Enchant Weapon (blessed and neutral), Demon Set.

Bone Dragon usually drops potions and gems, including Highest Quality Diamond. They also drop enchant scrolls (blessed and neutral).

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January 13, 2003 03:05 pm ET - research by amateras
Elven Magic: Entangle
Lineage Playforum reports ( that the Elven Spell "Entangle" has been found on the Korean Test server. It works just like Slow does, except it doesn't slow by as much. It costs 20 MP and 1 Spirit Gem. It dropped from a specially summoned "Great Minotaur". (We don't know what exactly that means yet).

Also, it was mentioned in this article that the Aden Castle siege time has been changed to Jan 9, 2004, which probably is just a setting they put to indicate that it's still not ready.

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January 13, 2003 03:03 pm ET - research by Lineage - US
1/13 - US Test Server Publish Announcements
The following has been published to the US Test Server on January 13th:

New quests have been added to the In Testing server:

  • NPC named Mark added in the desert by the Oasis (Knight Quest). LC News #1098
  • NPC Gereng on Talking Island has quests added/modified (Mage quest). LC News #1099
  • NPC Mother Tree in the Elven Forest has a new quest added (Elf Quest). LC News #1105
  • NPC Aria in Woodbec/Windawood has been added with a quest (Prince Quest). LC News #1101

If you are on test and you complete the quests, please mail paper Amer in-game or email me at We'll interview you and how you did it for the news :)

These quests will be offered to players level 30 and above. However, due to overall difficulty, it is recommended that players be several levels above 30 before attempting the quests.

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January 13, 2003 11:26 am ET - research by Lineage - US
Episode 12 Information
The NC team is hard at work in preparing to release Episode 12: Aden!

Beginning on or after Wednesday, January 15th, players connecting to the US Lineage servers will experience some rather significant downloads. These downloads will be several megabytes in size, and will take place a few days apart from each other.

These downloads will contain Episode 12 content. However, to help prevent Episode 12 from being one large download on the day of publish, these steps will allow a gradual release of the necessary information.

This patched information will not be available within Lineage as playable items or areas until the release of Episode 12.

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January 13, 2003 03:48 am ET - research by amer
Forgotten Island Monsters
Finally after much data collection we've been able to determine the levels (and thus the experience level) of all Forgotten Island monsters. I've also added all the drops that I've gotten with my pledge during our weekly hunt (as well as any I confirmed through screenshots in the LC inbox).

Have a look: FI Monsters

If you have any blanks to fill in, please email me your screenshot. Thanks!

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January 12, 2003 08:00 pm ET - research by Taera
ZDarkAstZ, the Level 50 Elf

While I was standing at the Mother Tree trying to coax earth out of a bunch of water elves someone in Bapho morph teleported in. At first I thought it was one of your usual knights coming to get earth (like me) but then it cast water on itself. I blinked. I blinked again. Horrah! We had finally caught the allusive ZDarkAstZ!

DarkAst has been 50 for some time now but has always been too busy for an interview, or free when we weren’t, or something of that sort. The dexterity elf, with is +9 Yumi and –57 AC hunts Fire Valley a lot these days instead of his 49-50 spot, Oren Waste Lands. “And sometimes I hunt with my friends,” He adds, though did not tell me where.

Though he hunts Caspa and Ifrit a bit his best drops were nothing better then blessed enchant scrolls. It was in the Heine Event that he hit the big time with three rows of water rings! Nice!

He is looking forward to the Aden Update and thinks that GoodFriends will get the castle. Who knows, maybe he will dally in that siege, if he’s not busy!

He would like to thank a number of people: Jinroh, Avna, xAknex, LastSong, KnightRyduz (who’s that?) and all the wizards and elves who healed or enchanted him.

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January 12, 2003 01:31 am ET - research by Lineage - US
Fan Art: Winner
The latest winner of the Lineage Fan Art Submission has been chosen!

The winner is: Tiramizu

The winning art can be found here! Winning art.

Thank you to all who submitted fan art.
It was a very difficult decision, as so many excellent entries were submitted.

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January 12, 2003 01:30 am ET - research by Lineage - US
Jan 2003 - NCsoft HoC Log
The latest IRC HoC chat has been posted! If you were unable to attend the last NCsoft HoC Chat, or wish to review the chat log, please visit our site at This location for the log listing.
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January 10, 2003 11:46 pm ET - research by Melantus (Lineage - USA)
Baphomet News
This was posted by Melantus today on the Lineage Forums:
Some information on Baphomet. This wasn't planned to go in, and thus no inclusion into the publish post. But it did go in, and reverting it back then re-publishing it would be wasted effort. It works, so here is the info:

This is how the pressure plates *use* to work… A player passes over one of the pressure plate near Baphomets chamber and the door opens. The door would remain open until you or another player passed over the pressure plate again. This method allowed one (solo) player to enter Baphomets chamber through the back entrance.

New system:

If you have acquired a Gold Key, proceed as usual to Baphomets chamber and open the door. This can be done without the assistance of another player.

If you *don’t* have the Gold Key, you must take the long route and obtain a Pale Silver Key from the skeleton room (as usual), however one player will not be able to trigger Baphomets chamber door by passing over the pressure plate. The door will immediately close if somebody doesn’t remain on one of the two pressure plates. Basically, it requires that one player stands on the pressure plate while another passes through the door and stands on the other pressure plate to let him/her inside the chamber.

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January 10, 2003 02:17 am ET - research by amateras
Belt of Titan
Lineage Playforum ( reports that the new Belt of Titan is dropping in Episode 12.

The Belt of Titan weighs 50, is Knight only and has been dropped from Giants in the Twilight Mountains. However, the disadvantage is that when you wear it you are slowed.

Based on our calculations, you can't just undo it with a green. Slow reduces your speed by 25%, while hastes and braves increase it by 25% each. So, if you start at normal speed (100%) and wear the Titan's belt, you will be at 75% speed. Hasting yourself would put you at 94% and braves on top of that would put you back at 117%. However, a hasted, braved Titan's Belt wearing knight would still be slower than a knight on greens.

The advantage to this belt is that it seems to increase your carrying capacity by a full 250. (200 really since the belt weighs 50). A STR 18/CON 18 knight's weight went from 41% to 34% when equipped, and that's almost exactly a difference of 200 weight. More tests when it comes to the US and someone is nice enough to give us some info :)

Just spent some time experimenting with weight capacities. Turns out that the Decrease Weight spell increases weight capacity by exactly 180. I'm trying to collect people to help me get that info for Troll Belt and Ogre's Belt, but couldn't find anyone. If you want to help me, please let me know. It would involve either (a) letting me hold your belt (risky!) or (b) storing everything in storage except for your adena and using the patented Amer and Septonian Meat and Egg (TM) diagnostics.
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January 09, 2003 04:45 pm ET - research by amer
Scavenger Hunt scoring example
A quick note to address a point of confusion: "Can you take multiple trips to get your stuff?". The answer is no. I repeat: You can only use ONE TRADE WINDOW.

You cannot show your eye meat, then go back and get your spirit gems. One trip, one score. If you can't carry it, that's part of the contest.

Eye meat is heavy and you can buy it. Letting you show your eye meat and then go back and get other stuff wouldn't be a challenge. It would be a "let me buy eyemeat" contest.

Here is an example of what you should do. A single trade window with as much as you can fit on it.

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January 09, 2003 02:17 am ET - research by Yeildarb
Firmus? Firmyou! +9 Ancient Bowgun on Dep
On December 7th, 2002, Firmus recieved an Ancient Bowgun (on Dep)

On December 31st, 2002, Firmus is out hunting with a +7 Ancient Bow Gun. At level 49, a power outage can give quite a sting.

Ticked. Pissed. Rhayded-out. Whatever you call it, Firmus was it. What Firmus wasn't though was rational. He grabbed his +7 Bow Gun, along with a handful of NZels, and proceded to Giran Pot Shop to buy an NDai. First thing he would do is use the Dai on his Bow Gun. If anything were to happen, he'd use his Zels for his armor. One can only imagine the thoughts going through his mind. "Man, I should really just give Yeildarb all my items." "Yeildarb is so cool." "I can't believe how awesome Yeilda"-er, well, one can only imagine, right?

He proceded. Two seconds, three clicks of a mouse, probably never meant so much to him. What would he see in his chatbox?

Click-ity click. Click!

"Your +7 Ancient Bowgun glows blue for a moment."

The NZels dropped from the arms of this elf for sure.

He is still waiting for LineageII and wishes to hit 50 (and to finish architecture school in Texas).

When asked about the recent nerfs to mages, he replied:
This elf is definately fast (hahaha play on words for you whom speak latin) at ending the MOP and PCs with this neat new toy.
Update: I got this email from Firmus today:

Well, today I made my bowgun +9. I think it's pretty crazy. The thing is I started a new job and won't have the time to meet all my goals before Lin2 comes. This game is so time consuming for one user. So, frustrated, I decided to dai it AGAIN and it refused to blow. Alas, I am stuck with a +9 bowgun. I suppose I will level my con elf when I have some time. Poor me.

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January 09, 2003 12:23 am ET - research by amateras
Episode 12 Monsters
Lineage - Korea has posted most of the Episode 12 monsters and their levels ( ). It was integrated into our monster guide about 12 hours ago :)
Ken Rauhel (level 75) - NPC King of Aden castle. You will have to deal with him at the first Aden siege Kerenis (level 72) - Ken Rauhel's Merlin -- this sorceress never leaves Ken Rauhel's side Bandit Boss (level 35) Balrog (level 57)
Lindvior (level 87) Gargoyle (level 35) Nightmare (level 40) Minotaur Boss (level 53)
Dire Wolf (level 40) Lesser Dragon (level 45) Chimera (level 39) Bone Dragon (level 47)
Giant Boss (level 56) Lich (level 58) Lesser Demon (level 44) Dancing Sword (level 35)
Medusa (level 36) Gelatinous Cube (level 30) - more susceptible to magic than physical attacks Doppleganger Boss (level 50)
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January 08, 2003 11:57 pm ET - research by amer
Contest Scoring
Okay, scoring day for the scavenger hunt is tomorrow (which starts for me in 15 minutes.)

Here's the schedule of times to catch players. All time is in Central Time, which matches the TOP clock on the left. In addition to the listed time, LC staff will randomly log on, global their location and take scores too throughout the day.

Here is the schedule of where to find us:
Yeildarb5-6PMHeine GazeboDep
Silent6-7PMOren TownKen
LennoxSunder9-10PMHeine Gazebo Ken
Amer10-11PMGiran Dog RacesLoA
Amer11PM-12AMHeine GazeboTest
Random appearances: Rhayde (Test), Lugz (Dep), Amer (Ken), TikTak (Dep)

Don't forget: You have to show them all at once (no dropping stuff on the ground and having multiple trades).

Also, one little change from the rules. We may choose the 2 months to go to the player with the most points instead of the player on the server with most participation, or a combination of some kind. We'll see how the results first turn out before we give an explanation ;)

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January 08, 2003 04:15 pm ET - research by WaterElf
EcKs Brings Home the Death Knight This Winter Break

It all started from a friend on Depardieu. He introduced him to the MMORPG "Lineage The Blood Pledge". There was news about a new server, Ken Rauhel, a server where he still plays today. He started out on day 1 of the server. His first character was a mage. Many people know him as Pattycakes, his mage and some know his old knight, LethalWeapon. It's been a long time for my friend Ecks and he has finally met his goal.

Inspired by his prince "Marak2001", he had became envious of the new level 50's that were sprouting all over the server. EcKs had quit for about 8 months and he regrets it. He had given me some items before he quit too. Now EcKs is back and is leveling fast. He became level 52 just earlier today. EcKs also told me that Marak and him were racing to 52, but it seems Marak beat him to it.

EcKs also spent some time on Test server. It was the 3rd test server and his name there was Phoenix. You may remember him for being 1st on the Deathmatch scores for quite a while. He got -69 ac, +9 Tsurugi, +10 MB and many fire rings. He quit test server because it was too easy and it got boring.

If you don't already know, EcKs is a Strength knight. He added both of his stat points to strength, which gives him 22 STR (base). He uses a +8 Tsurugi, +9 Katana and a +9 Mail Breaker. He also has -6x ac. EcKs hunts in Fire Valley, but u can see him occasionally on a boss hunt. Check his website out for some of his screenshots.

I asked what kept him playing Lineage for all this time and he told me that it was the people. With that being said, here comes a huge shoutout to all his friends. Thanks to: Marak2001, zfighterz, Sexmonkey, Cronus, FyreBlade, Skada, ImNaked19, Chance, DNA, Havok, MaxRnzII, HERC, Vocabulary, WaterElf, Cruentus, Btsurugi, Taeback, Mixalot (that's you Pr0!), sas1osok and all the people that helped him along the way.

EcKs doesn't live in T.O., but in New Jersey. He's Asian and he keeps school as his #1 priority, but I don't believe him :P. He got from level 51 to 52 in 12 days. What did you do this winter break?

Tnx NC for a long-lasting game - EcKs

Here's a cookie for you BlackHawkX and EcKs.

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January 07, 2003 03:35 pm ET - research by Lineage - USA
1/8 - Publish Announcement
The US Lineage servers will be unavailable during their weekly maintenance reset on Wednesday, January 8 at 10:00 am Central US time. Players will be unable to connect to the US servers during this brief time.

Depardieu and Ken Rauhel

No new content will be published to Depardieu and Ken Rauhel servers.

Lands of Aden

Lands of Aden server will receive the following changes (ONLY the Lands of Aden Server on the items below):

  • Kennel Master Edward will be added to Silver Knight Town.
  • A Sorcerer will be added to the 1st Floor Ivory Tower that will provide Mages with Staff of Mana.
  • Staff of Mana now requires a minimum level of 24, is enchantable, and is transferable
  • Item drops on some monsters have been slightly increased.
  • The AC of some monsters has been adjusted to allow the monsters to be hit more often.
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January 07, 2003 01:04 am ET - research by amateras, Mike from Taiwan
Episode 12 Changes reported ( a few changes they noticed on the Korean Test server with Episode 12:
  • Random teleport has been disabled in the Tower of Insolence.
  • Lesser Dragon is stronger, but now drops more. An example of a single drop had High Quality Emerald, Highest Quality Sapphire, Wisdom Potions, Blessed Scroll of Enchant Weapon, Mana Potions, Magic Gems, Emeralds, Greater Haste Potions, Spellbook (Physical Enchant: Strength) and Highest Quality Ruby.
  • Gelatinous Cube now has its critical hit attack back and seems to have been made stronger.
Mike from Taiwan also noted that the first Aden siege has been postponed to Jan. 10.
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January 07, 2003 12:28 am ET - research by Taera
Playboss of Dep Sallies Forth to 52!

On December 5th PlayBoss, an amazing knight from Taiwan, hit level 51. Not a month later, on December 28th we find him as a Death Knight. Wow!

PlayBoss is a constitution knight (with 641 hp) who, as I mentioned before, is from Taiwan. “Too many people [on Taiwan server]” was his explanation for being on US. “And many speed hackers!” Added in his pledgemate, SuperQQ. Of course the real reason is that we are just super 1337.

At both 51 and 52 he surprisingly added his stat points to dexterity, making him a 14 dexterity knight. I guess he’s planning ahead for that 18 dexterity bonus!

Play hunts both Fire Valley and Dragon Valley…a valley lover, I suppose! The only boss he really dallies (that rhymes with valleys!) in is Ifrit. His best drop from Iffy is a Top Quality Diamond…that ought to rally (which rhymes with dally and valley) Ifrit-hunter spirit!

Congratulations to PlayBoss and good luck on tallying (…you know.) his experience up to 53!

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January 06, 2003 09:49 pm ET - research by amer
Help Wanted
It's been about 4 months since our last recruitment, so it's time again to see who can give us help with LC.

We're looking for two specific positions:

  • Test Server reporter
  • LoA Server reporter

This time we're only accepting one person for each position. We're looking for someone who knows the people on their server and who usually hears about what happens.

Duties will include:

  1. Awareness of server happenings
  2. Taking assignments like "SuperKnight has a +10 rap, find out more" and writing an article about it.

You'll be evaluated by the other reporters, so we're looking for energetic people who aren't afraid of criticism and who think this will be fun :)

Send an email to to set up an interview :)

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January 06, 2003 03:38 pm ET - research by amateras
Tower of Insolence - 8f - 10f monsters continued the list of the monsters (,, their speeds and the floors they spawn on. Here's the summary:

Lich: Tower Boss. Walks very slow, hits very slow. Casts magic attacks from up to 6 cells away. Can do 300HP per hit on -50 AC. Spawns 10f.

Lesser Demon: Walks slow, hits slow. Boss level monster like Demon. Attack causes fire to appear around the target. When you get close, it punches. Not as strong as Demon, but all over 9f. Usually accompanied by 2 Ghosts and 2 Death. Spawns 9f.

Bone Dragon: Walks slow, hits slow. Has the 1-hit kill attack. Spawns 7f, 8f, 9f, 10f.

Medusa: Walks slow, hits slow. Can cast Curse: Paralyze, takes a long time to set in and lasts a relatively short time. Sees SOSC and COI. Spawns 5f, 6f, 7f, 8f, 9f, 10f.

Nightmare: Walks very fast, hits very slow. Not strong. Spawns 5f, 6f, 7f, 8f, 9f. 10f.

Red Ghost: Walks slow, hit normal. Spawns 9f, 10f.

Blue Ghost: Walks slow, hit normal. Spawns 9f, 10f.

Death: Walks normal, hits very slow. Spawns 9f, 10f.

Skeleton Guard: Walks normal, hits normal. Spawns 10f.

Skeleton Fighter: Walks very fast, hits fast. Spawns 10f.

Skeleton Marksman: Walks normal, hits slow. Spawns 10f.

All maps are now in the Map Guide

There are also strange indications that there may be an 11f. Here's why we think that:

  • Nue mentioned on his page a "Scroll of Teleportation to 11f"
  • There are stairs leading to 11f on 10f, but it's not working.
  • Balrog doesn't have a home yet, but all other monsters have been accounted for (at least by description)..
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January 06, 2003 02:13 pm ET - research by Lineage - USA
January 2003 - HoC Chat
Come and join us for a Lineage HoC (House of Commons) Chat, Tuesday, January 7, at 5:00 pm Central US time! The chat will be taking place on Stratics IRC, in the channel #NCsoft. Members of the US Lineage staff will be on hand, discussing Lineage and answering questions.

The moderated chat will be held at in #NCsoft.

If you’ve never attended an IRC Chat before, just download an IRC client (such as mIRc) and connect to one of the following servers:

  • - Colorado
  • - Colorado
  • - Germany

(All on port 6667)

Once connected, stop by #NCsoft.

We look forward to seeing you there!

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January 06, 2003 02:10 pm ET - research by Lineage - USA
Fan Art Submissions

Have a talent for drawing and the urge to reproduce one of your favorite monsters, places, or characters from the world of Lineage?

We are displaying fan-created art pieces on the Lineage website in addition to our regular player-written stories. The art will be chosen from all of the submissions in the same manner in which the player stories are chosen. The artist’s chosen name (character or real) will be displayed near the fan art on our site.

Please use the following guidelines for submissions:

  1. The picture must be scanned into a graphical file format (Gif preferred, or jpeg)
  2. The scanned image must be 150k in size or smaller – 800 x 600 resolution.
  3. The image must reflect something related to Lineage. A player character, an action scene involving Lineage (such as a siege), a hunt within Lineage, or a Lineage monster are all examples.
  4. The image must not be sexually offensive, racially offensive, portray an image in bad taste (no gore or mutilations) or violate the Lineage User Agreement in any other way.

All visitors to the Lineage web site will be able to view this artwork and see the name of the artist that submitted it -- so this is your chance to display artistic talent!

Submissions should be entered via our Support Tool, found at This location under the “ask a question” tab near the middle. Please be sure to select “Screenshots and Player stories” under the department tab and then attach your image file to the submission. Please be sure to include your real name, a character name and server to which the story may be credited. All submissions become the property of NCsoft and may be used for advertising or promotional purposes.

The deadline for Submissions for this round of Fan Art is this Friday January 10 2003.

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January 05, 2003 05:43 pm ET - research by Dlirk
Trying is the first step towards failure

The strength of Lineage is in the player, and the strength of the player is in Lineage. It is not uncommon now to see a death knight who has been playing for months or even years, but what is truly great is the commitment they have put into this game. Some of them want to get to 52 and stop; others just want to be level 50, while others dream of the 60s and beyond. But many years ago when Depardieu first started there was one knight who stood out. One knight who was looked up to by the entire server. This was Kengi, but you may remember him as Depill, the first prince to own Kent Castle on Depardieu. Kengi was a level 48 knight on the 77 server, a level that not many could claim. At that time 49 was almost unheard of and yet, here he is again breaking bounds like never before.

With a host of shoddy equipment, +8rapier and -60ac, you wouldn’t expect this twenty year old to reach 52 by himself. Between work and college, where he studies to get a degree in Greek Mythology, it took him 4 months to go from 50 to 52. Being a death knight has inspired him though, because he now plays upwards of ten hours a day gaining 5% or more. He now is an 18 strength 18 constitution knight with high hopes for the future.

Given a bit more time he will improve himself, but he says he is very unlucky, his best drop ever was a cloak of invisibility that he dropped to a PK soon after. His favorite monster in the game is succubus because it gives the most experience for how hard it is to kill. Despite his trials with the game, it was all worth it when he became a death knight.

Other than that, this quiet knight who prefers boxers to briefs didn’t really have much else to say other than he would like to “lay the mackdown” on Kristen Kruek. Ah, such dreams we all have.

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January 03, 2003 01:19 pm ET - research by amateras
Episode 12 Features - NC

Lineage911 has informed us that we had a translation error and you can not use COI, hastes, braves and wafers. Sorry:(

NC - Korea posted some more details ( on all the new features to come in Episode 12. So, here's our translation. Have a seat, this is really cool.

Aden Siege
The Aden Siege is not like the standard castle siege. You win Aden Castle by either (a) killing the Prince which owns it or (b) taking control of the central marker. The central marker is protected by a field which can only be passed if the four towers at the corners of the castle are destroyed. (We're guessing the "elemental towers" we saw earlier are these towers.

In addition, the taxation system has been changed. All tax now will be paid to Aden and Aden will distribute tax moneys to the towns. (All towns will be guaranteed a bare minimum, and Aden can add to that).

This creates a new and interesting role for the King of Aden - an economic balancing act to keep towns happy and funded when combined with the Town system below.

Alliance System
Pledges will be able to form alliances with other pledges. Each alliance will have a "central pledge" with a head prince. The number of members in the alliance can not exceed four times the size of the prince's own pledge.

In addition, the alliance System introduces Alliance Chat. Princes can use alliance chat to have two membership levels. A normal level, where you are a member of an alliance, and an "elite" level, where you have membership to the alliance chat. It seems that the head prince actually decides who does and does not have access to the alliance chat, so he can choose to include only the captains of each team, or everyone, or just the princes of the allied pledges.

Town System
We mentioned that you had to pay to become a citizen of a town and that the best hunter of the town citizens would be declared mayor for a short time. It also has been hinted that when you teleport home, you would end up in your home town.

The prince of a particular town's castle will be able to set a tax rate just as before. However, the mayor can elect to discount the tax rate. For example, if a prince says that the tax is 15% for a town, the mayor can reduce this tax to 10% (the minimum rate). Obviously this low rate means less revenue to Aden and would probably cause the King to give less of the total collected tax to that town. (Hence, the balancing act).

In addition, all citizens of the town would get a share of the income (the benefit we've been looking for). Obviously, this share will be a small amount, but in times of prosperity, it might be a good thing. We're not sure if it's the share that the King gives to the town, or before the King gets the cut.

Marriage System
Players (they must be of the opposite sex) will be able to pay the church to arrange a wedding. There is a minimum combined level to get married (so low level characters can't marry each other). You can also pay the church to get a divorce.

The benefit? If a married couple is hunting and they are on the same screen as each other, their stats will be boosted. No details on how much. Just that there is a boost.

Trade System
Like our LoA server, towns will start to specialize in the goods they sell. Low level towns won't be selling high level goods and vice versa.

In addition, they are introducing regional items. Regional items are items that are not worth much in the town you are in, however, in other towns (and we're just going to guess here that the farther the town is, the more it will be worth) they are worth more than the purchase cost. So, if you don't want to hunt, you can shuttle these goods back and forth.

However, to make things interesting, there are some restrictions: These items are stackable, but they are extremely heavy. If you die or you use a teleport command, you will drop all of the items on the ground. You cannot morph, use COI, hastes, braves and wafers. In other words *you have to walk* between the towns.

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January 03, 2003 05:42 am ET - research by Taera
ChaoticFire hits 52

The last we saw of ChaoticFire, a knight on Dep, he was 50. Now somehow, in ways unknown to men and women alike, this crafty knight got by us for level 51. Luckily I caught him in Death Knight morph the other day though, or we might not have known till he was 60!

ChaoticFire hit the big 5-2 on December 28th. Like his 51 stat point this stat point was used in strength, making him an 18 strength,18 constitution knight. He has 644 base hit points and even more with his belt and amulet. He might even survive a few hits from a dragon!

His sword is a +8 tsurugi and his armor class is in the –60s. With these nice items he hunted Dragon Valley and Silver Knight Cave level 4 from 49-50 and Fire Valley alone from 50-52. He boss hunts a bit, sticking mostly to Death Knight, Ice Queen and Phoenix. His best drop so far, however, came from Forgotten Island: An ancient scroll, which he plans to sell to a pledgemate for 10 million adena!

He had three deaths at 49, 2 at 50 (4 to lag and 1 to a PK) and most amazing was over 10 47-46-47 transitions! It was because of these level downs, he states, that he has such a small amount of mana points. “I am less MP then other knights, only 40 MP at [level] 52.” Still, he gets along.

In Episode 12 ChaoticFire is really looking forward to Omen’s Tower for the extra challenge of a really hard hunt spot. For Aden castle he thinks that SOL(Soul of Lineage) on Dep will get it.

Congratulations to ChaoticFire, and see you at level 53!

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January 03, 2003 03:33 am ET - research by amateras
Tower of Insolence 2f-7f Monsters compiled a list of the monsters (,,,,, their speeds and the floors they spawn on. Here's the summary:

Nightmare: Walks very fast, hits very slow. Not strong. Spawns 5f, 6f, 7f.

Medusa: Walks slow, hits slow. Can cast Curse: Paralyze, takes a long time to set in and lasts a relatively short time. Sees SOSC and COI. Spawns 5f, 6f, 7f.

Bone Dragon: Walks slow, hits slow. Spawns 7f.

Lesser Dragon: Walks slow, hits very slow. Weaker than drake. Has a critical hit attack to worry about. Sees SOSC and COI. Spawns 4f, 5f, 6f.

Chimera: Walks slow, hits very slow. Poisons. Can't see COI, can't see SOSC. Spawns 2f, 3f, 4f, 5f.

Dire Wolf: Walks very fast, hits very slow. Very strong, can see SOSC and COI. Spawns 2f, 3f, 4f, 5f, 6f.

Dancing Sword: Walks very fast, hits slow. Strong. Cannot see SOSC or COI. Spawns 2f, 3f, 4f, 5f, 6f, 7f.

Ramia: Walks slow, hits very slow. Spawns 7f.

Maps are in the Map Guide :)

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January 03, 2003 03:05 am ET - research by amateras
1/2 - Korean Server update
Posted by NC (

On Jan. 2, the spell Return to Nature will be completely removed from the Non-PvP servers.

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January 03, 2003 03:01 am ET - research by amateras
Lineage Playforum reports on hunting Giants (, Twilight Mountains will probably be known as "the Giant area" since that's what spawns there in Episode 12. There are 3 Giants and a Giant Boss (the "Giant series") and they are all among the cliffs of the Twilight Mountains.

The Giant Series drop Belt of Body, Mind and Soul and give lots of experience while not being aggressive. They also drop Plate Mail, Enchant Scrolls and Magic Gems. In addition they can deal about 100-300 HP on certain strikes.

The Giant Boss causes an Earthquake with one of his strikes and actually shakes the ground (your screen). It's a prime hunting spot for elves since (1) Giants are slow (2) Giants are passive (3) there are cliffs you can shoot from.

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January 03, 2003 02:39 am ET - research by Nue
Aden Map
Nue also posted what will be the in-game map for Episode 12:

In this map, what we have been calling "Omen Tower" is the Tower of Insolence. We'll start calling it that now, so don't be confused.

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January 02, 2003 11:38 am ET - research by Nue
Episode 12 Items
Nue has identified ( several items and their potential(?) names for Episode 12:

Dragon Items:

Chimera Leather:

Ken Rauhel Armor Set:

Cerenis Armor Set:

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January 02, 2003 06:03 am ET - research by amer
LC Contest for December/January
Okay, it's that time of month again where I announce the contest of the month. This time, we're going to give away our January month as well as our December month so we can have winners on two servers.

Pay attention now, it's complicated :)

Scavenger Hunt

So here's how it will work. Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to collect 8 items (below) in as great a quantity as possible. They're all junk, and not all items drop any more. Consider it a reward for being a packrat. :)

Points: You will get points based on the items you collect. The points are as follows: If you have the most of a certain item on a server, you will get 5 pts. Second most will get 3 pts. Third most will get 1 pt. Theoretically, the highest score a player can get is 40 pts (having the most of every item for your server).

Tie Breaker: I will pick a number from 1 to 100,000. In the event of a tie, the closest guess to that number will win the tie. However, you must guess in adena. (More on that later).
If you tie with other players for "the most", the first person recorded by a reporter will get 5 pts. The second will get 3, etc. (You can't just pass the 1000 Scroll of Destroy Armor around your pledge to make a 30-way tie for 5 pts :-P)

Time: You have one week. On January 9, the scoring will occur.

Scoring: The way to get counted is to take all of your scavenger hunt items to one of the LC Reps. They will be available for scoring at various times in various towns on January 9. The schedule and names of who is an actual LC rep will be posted on January 8. You will show your items to an LC rep in a trade window (items dropped on the ground won't count), and they will take a few moments to make a note of the quantities of every item and will record it. They will not keep it. Any funny business and you will be disqualified from this and every future LC contest.

If you didn't realize it by now, you will have to be able to carry your scavenger hunt findings. Also, just being able to carry the most does not mean you are more likely to win. Plan wisely. Remember, you also do not have to have all of the 8 items. Showing us thousands of scroll of destroy armor and nothing else will probably guarantee you 5 points :)

To make your tie-breaker guess, make your guess in Adena, that is, if you guess 20, put 20 adena in your trade window. Once again, no LC rep will ever hit OK to the trade.

Items: Floating Eye Meat, Blinding Potion aka Opaque Potion, Scroll of Destroy Armor, Elemental Stones, Spirit Gems, Hard Leather, Silver Serpent Scales, Old Scroll.

Eligibility: You must have an active Lineage account. I suppose just meeting us means that you have an active Lineage account, but hopefully this prevents confusion.

Prizes: The top 3 scores of every server will be posted on LC in a news post. First place on every server will get a screenshot of them too. Also, if you have a registered LC account (why don't you?) your title will be different on your posts (just a little extra something :) And, the grand prize, the first place winners on the two servers with the most participants will get a free month of Lineage!

Please post questions and concerns you have to this thread and I'll answer them and possibly update this post. Good luck and have fun!

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January 02, 2003 04:31 am ET - research by amateras
12/30 - Korean Test Server updates
Lineage Playforum ( reports the following updates to the Korean Test Server:

  1. The Gelatinous Cube long-range attack (which was one of the 1-hit-kill attacks) has been disabled.
  2. Scroll of Teleport Home now takes you to the town you are registered in.
  3. Map bugs fixed with Aden Castle and Dock.
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January 02, 2003 04:25 am ET - research by amateras
Korean Test Server - Lich First Encounter
Lineage Playforum made a report ( about Bopvqod, the first player on the Korean Test servers known to have seen the Lich and survived..

When he saw the Lich, he was level 43 with -63 AC. However, that is not the beginning of the story. He started at level 47, and the journey to Lich stripped him of 4 levels! He was able to get three Omen 6f tele Scroll drops through hunting, but he died on each attempt. Finally, with his fourth scroll (at a cost of 500k), he was able to make it to the 10th floor.

On the 10th floor, there were DV skels and Bone Dragon, but he used random teleports until he saw the Lich (people had previously claimed Lich did not spawn, but I guess this proves otherwise).

He took 170 clears with him to start with and ended up using 136 of them to kill the Lich. His first hit took 200HP away. He used a +9 Tsu and had 2 of the +10% MR rings equipped. Lich dropped bzel, bdai, pm, kat, 2hs. The player commented that it was very much like Beleth in term of drops, but like Succubus Queen in terms of strength (a Succubus Queen that would not die, obviously).

His opinion on Omen's tower in general is that the monsters should be made stronger instead of having this 1-hit-kill attack. He also mentioned that he felt that dire wolf was the strongest of the 1-hit-kill monsters.

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